Why It Was So Easy to HATE On James Charles

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The beauty community has been on fire in the last couple of weeks, from Tati's video BYE SISTER to the cancellation and un-cancellation of James Charles and Jeffree Star's confusing involvement. Wilfur and I tried to make sense of everything and put all the puzzle pieces together for you guys.
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  • and yet everyone played Among Us and Minecraft with him when the games were trending in 2019-2020

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    • lmaoo now its only james in makeup community jefree and shane were always bad and racist i mean i am not in make-up youtube so idk

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  • are u romanian

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  • Pretty weird how people protested on 2020 because of one person instead of all those kids kidnapped killed and other stuff

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  • *"Was"*

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  • So if I get this right, I'm supposed to take YOUR word for this?

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  • < Give me a $5 Walmart coupon and you'll have to refer to me as SIR I laughed my butt off!!

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  • Is your bird ever happy?

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  • Tati s husband is basically the adult version of boss baby

    Saranya ManikandanSaranya Manikandan3 päivää sitten
  • I don't even care about all this drama crap, I just hate James Charles because he's weird

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  • Well I never knew Tati but I did know James Charles. The scandal is the reason I know Tati exists.

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  • Hey, I'm a sister

    Audrey D'amelioAudrey D'amelio5 päivää sitten
  • Hey, I'm a sister

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  • dont spread hate on James he's done nothing please

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  • i should make time machine

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  • 4:10 her under her wing

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  • I-

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  • considering gaming creators get paid less even though gaming is one of he biggest catergorys on all platforms

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  • Tati more like tatti. Btw tatti in Hindi means shit

    Ahnaf HasanAhnaf Hasan7 päivää sitten
  • Îmi plac foarte mult și mă bucur de videoclipurile tale! ține-o așa!

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  • What is your favorite Tea Andrei

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  • Boi James Charles isn't a wrong youtuber im not a hater but I defend people

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  • I don't know why but I hate james charles

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  • Because he's flippen gay

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  • I hate James charles

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  • James Charles is a she

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    • No HE is not

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  • Why would Tati do that I’m unsubscribeing to her

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    • Bro for one that was over a year ago and also it’s called teaching someone a lesson

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  • Are there any Beauty stories I can find?

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  • Tee und kaffee

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  • Honestly I HATE tati just shit up boo who if he used the other person's vitamins suck it up

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  • Damn didn’t know I live where James Charles lives all I knew is that his mom worked in my school that I’m in now.

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  • James is a SIMP

    galaxygamer10 showgalaxygamer10 show14 päivää sitten
  • sooo...james charles is a guy or a girl?

    chaton rouxchaton roux14 päivää sitten
    • Guy, gay guy, fem boy, flam boy, tomgirl.

      ImWithYouImWithYou13 päivää sitten
  • Can some one talk about the fact that people are mostly followed James for his controversy and there is not a lot of people who like beuty And yeah I watched it after a year

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  • wilfur? ceeeeeeeeeeee inspirational, cred ca ai ascultat ,,your new boyfriend,, la maxim

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  • Are u romanian? Your accent is perfect!

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    • He is

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  • what: Andrei?? Are u romanian? or ur parrents? cause' Andrei is an Romanian name

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  • I was eating crackers and when you where talking about the struggle of making a channel i laughed and my table got super crumbed up

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  • Bruh you can put that and replace the characters as obi-wan and anakin Skywalker it would be the same but better

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  • I love this guys animation he could legit make a great cartoon

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  • Bc he's gay

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  • 90 pounds(edit:sorry dollars) At least be greatful that you Got 90 pounds and thats a lot you know James is a spoilt brat fucking moron

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  • This is not theods1out

    Bow rifle and pcp shootingBow rifle and pcp shooting16 päivää sitten

    Da Lego fam's fan GUYSDa Lego fam's fan GUYS17 päivää sitten
    • hes a boy this was almost a year ago and ok he sucks more why tho?

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  • Ignore my comments

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  • 9:00 que juice wrlds part in Godzilla

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  • Me: im saing if u say that James charls is Bad i ame unfollo... You:soo yea James charls is spoijeld and Bad... Me: unfollows

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  • that Africa thing hit hit hard

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  • My sister like Jake Charles but I don't like Jake Charles

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    • Shore

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  • Salut bun video și video-ul despre canale cu povești false o fost comic când ai făcut partea cu povestea făcuta de tine despre cum ai devenit milionar la 2 ani lol

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  • why James looks like a girl

    Orestas ArvasevičiusOrestas Arvasevičius21 päivä sitten
    • @ImWithYou ik

      Orestas ArvasevičiusOrestas Arvasevičius13 päivää sitten
    • Make up

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  • Bruh , good video

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  • u give those degenerate too mutch credit

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  • I love when he goes: Ahem... like us pheasants

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  • Lots of 'Queens' in the beauty community

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  • he seems like anakin turning to darth Vader

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  • You scavengers are so weird...

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  • James is so annoying whenever something happened that he didnt want to happen he was just like "SO RUUUUUUDE YOURE CANCEEEEEEEEEEEELED"

    No OneNo One25 päivää sitten
    • @No One u sound dumb

      Ariola GranolaAriola Granola2 päivää sitten
    • @Yzabella Kho idc eho started it hes a spoiled brat who needs to be put down i hate him he and his "sisters" are FUVKING ANNOYING MAN LIKE WTF NO ONES RUDE YOURE THE ONE WHOS STUPID JUST BC UR GAY DOESNT MEAN EVERYONES HOMOPHOBIC U S.O.B

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    • But didn't Tati started it?

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  • #Haysistersmeme

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  • Are there some sisters here? (Ppl who loves James Charles)

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  • I really don't care about drama but I care about james charles cuz they my queen (( and that's my opinion :P ))

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  • How TF do yall give Jeffre the crown? Do yall not know who he is? lmfao

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  • Привет

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  • Why are guy makeup models few and far because it’s gay to do so and men agree that makeup is for women and other men

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  • Well this is one persons side of the story I disagree with half of what you’ve said this video. I’m sorry but this is the first ever video I’m disliking.

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    • Yes I turn captions on

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  • fun fact: Si eu sunt Roman

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  • This is fake whit Tati kinda Motherwell he has proof he always lives whit is REAL mom

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  • Tati is canceled she made up lies so most of what she said might have been a lie

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  • That is exacly me give me 10$ call me sir

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  • 3:57 There's a Easter egg when turn cc Well it's up to you to see it

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  • So james and tati westbrook is Jaime and cersei lanister? And james charles is joffrey? Hmmmm sweet home alabama

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  • Just like Anakin and Obi Wan but their’s a difference Anakin is the chosen one

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  • E

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  • I saw the binary flag on James Charles makeup so...

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  • Now i dont know how is right anymore

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  • Cause he gay

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  • why do i keep falling off of my chari and nearly breaking my BaCk

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  • Dude are u romanian ? Coaie

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  • Short answer: cause he’s gayyyy

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  • James Charles: Hi sisters Sistrrs: Bye James

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  • 1:50 more like among us.

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  • Cus he is g#y??? 😐

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    • Yeah

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  • Let's just appreciate how good he animates

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