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  • I would love to see you watch and react to Scott Pilgrim vs The World...that would be rather funny!

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  • This would be a bit different for you but First and Last of NBC's Hannibal. I think you'll like it.

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  • Yes Dylan, get that sponsorship 👌🙌

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  • Damn, this is going to be sooooo good. I need snacks 😁

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  • lest we forget when sue sylvester married herself and i totally get it now

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  • who's gonna tell him the "lead guy" died in season 4?

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  • Im sorry but when men unbutton the first buttons of their shirt IM WEAK

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  • okay I don’t know why but I thought he was wearing a tie like the part where his shirt is open 😂😂😂

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  • I know this is out of context, but can you please react to a Korean Thriller movie? Like the Call.

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  • Love these first last video!! make more :)

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  • The writers chose to not give an explanation to how Finn died in the show because a lot of tabloids in real life were judging Corey for overdosing. Kurt even had a line about it in the funeral episode where he said "Everyone wants to talk about how he died, too, but who cares? One moment in his whole life. I care more about how he lived.'

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  • You should do "Once upon a time" next it has 7 seasons and it's my favorite show ever !!

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  • ''He is A CHILDREN''

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  • the fact that the "extra" is finneas is the funniest thing omg

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  • Me giving up watching after 3 seasons because they kept losing everything and I wanted a happy ending

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  • He called Kurt a loser !!!!!!!!!!

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  • With all those open buttons Dylan's starting to look like someone I'd swipe left on Tinder.

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  • You should watch the first and last episode of Gilmore girls

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  • Corey passing away still hurts my heart, I haven't been able to watch glee since naya's passing in July 💔

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  • corey😭😭😭😭😭

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  • That was so funny!! Can you do Death to Smoochie? It’s such an amazing movie! Robin Williams kills it! (Obviously) and Edward Norton is so good!

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  • The last season of walking dead is coming out hopefully the end of this year and i cannot wait for your watching the 1st and last episode of the walking dead video. Manifesting that day will come iA

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  • not the glee wiki ✨🙌🏻😭

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  • When you said that you think Rachel and Finn would end up together, I almost started crying 🥺😭😭😭

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  • hahahah this show was also released in 2009 BUT idk how i watched all 6 seasons tbh! as a fellow gleek (not my proudest moment) I love watching people’s reactions

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  • im waiting for him to realize cory is dead in real life

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  • 16:16 uhm dylan i believe "this man" is literally Finneas O'Connell aka Billie's brother LMAOO

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  • Dylan..button ur shirt

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  • Rip Corey

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  • „Oh he‘s dating quinn febreze“😂😂😂

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  • here again

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  • It’s so sad that he won’t know the true legend and icon that is Santana Lopez 😭(RIP Naya)

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  • Fun fact: women have "Skene's glands" which are sometimes referred to as the "female prostate". There seems to be some discourse about whether it actually develops from the same embryological tissues as the male prostate and what its functions are but when people say that women do have prostates, this is what they mean.

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  • I was trying so hard to focus on the video but !! That beautiful chest is just so distracting 😍

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    • do The Office

      alida flusalida flus12 tuntia sitten
  • Dylan: "Oh I'm such a dark person!" Me: *thinks of every video he's ever posted* Uhhhh Dylan...

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  • "Now I understand everything" Buddy no. But it's better you don't.

    Lilly FaulknerLilly Faulkner13 tuntia sitten
  • I literally said oh my god when I read the title lol I am not prepared

    Marley TurpinMarley Turpin13 tuntia sitten
  • As a Gleek I was like you poor thing. "What do they do? Do they sing?" Oh honey, buckle up... THERE IS NO GENERAL PLOT.

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  • No one can UNDERSTAND Glee!

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  • you should do Never Have I Ever!!

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  • The fact that you didn't have to go through all those raps makes me quite upset

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  • Dylan watch deadpool

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  • I definitely want to do the purposely breathing on my hand and wiping it on someone else's germ paranoid surface once this virus is over

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  • *Dylan to sour patch* I hate you.. i love you, i hate that i love you~~~

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  • i never finished glee, after coy died i stopped watching.. so this last episode... what the heck?!?!?!

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  • Calling extra to Finneas O'connell XD

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  • Corey Monteith died of a drug overdose... That's why his character Finn has a plaque on the wall next to the old dead lady, because the character was killed off instead of being recast

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  • do The Office

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  • Plz react to kick ass 2010

  • Do Hannibal next omg

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  • Hey, please do a review on ‘Downrange’ -Horror, I feel like I wanna know your comments on this movie ^^

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  • I'm more intrigued by the cleavage

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  • does he know that cory monteith (finn) and naya rivera have actually passed away in real life, and not the show??

    RiaRiaPäivä sitten
    • well naya passed away recently, but i mean regards to cory's death.. his death was shown in the show bc he passed in real life.

      RiaRiaPäivä sitten
  • I've been avoiding to see this since it came out cause I know he's going to judge a lot and is my favorite TV show of all time...but sooner or later I would "have" to watch it so here we go(would=I'm curious)😣

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  • Can you do Switched at Birth next

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  • I'm watching Glee for the first time with Dylan as well because I ha e no intrest in watching it as a whole, but his reaction to that girl getting a drink thrown in her face by some random student walking by is my reaction as well with a lot of laughter.

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  • the funniest thing about watching your videos randomly is hearing all the different "movie commentary mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, sundays"

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  • The best thing about the show is The unholy trinity and he didn’t even get to know them 💔

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  • You should do a game of thrones video

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  • He's a children !! had me rolling

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  • Watch one the first episodes of Buffy the Vampire slayer, Roswell(the old 90s one not the reboot) and Skins UK

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  • imagine dylan reacting to jane the virgin, i would simply pass away

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  • I was not prepared for so many unbuttoned buttons.

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  • Have u ever watched Glee? U don’t know any of the actors...

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  • it’s nuts because after watching the entire series mercedes opening for beyoncé makes sense, sue becoming VP makes sense, rachel winning a tony makes sense...... it’s insane but like, of course that’s what’s gonna happen

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  • honestly i would kill for him to watch all of Glee. it’s just the right amount of chaos for him

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  • Do teen wolf please

    renata duranrenata duranPäivä sitten
  • Please please do teen wolf!!!

    renata duranrenata duranPäivä sitten
    • I'm so curious about your comment on a movie. Of course, I will not say its name because then you will never do it. So I'll wait patiently until then(:

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  • Why isn't he wearing a shirt?

    JonathonJonathonPäivä sitten
  • Are we not discussing this thirst trap?

    Mercury xMercury xPäivä sitten
  • Please do “US”

    Onices TorresOnices TorresPäivä sitten
  • Show: well, you look beautiful today. Dylan: it’s me😌

    Jaydee CaldwellJaydee CaldwellPäivä sitten
  • Ngl, when the video started I thought he was wearing a reeeeally thick skin colored tie...

    Andrea KyfiukAndrea KyfiukPäivä sitten
  • You should do Mamma Mia one and two

    Jaycie BadeyJaycie BadeyPäivä sitten
  • Glee may be a pile of burning trash, but it’s MY pile of burning trash

    Love, LanieLove, LaniePäivä sitten
  • Yh they never gave Flynn a death cause he really passed.

    Danzbantz 1Danzbantz 1Päivä sitten
  • Hi my names Dylan and I am here to tell you about my middle part...

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  • What in the open shirt...?

    Elle BellElle BellPäivä sitten
  • You should do The 100 then try to connect the dots. I tried to explain the show to myself but then got confused and I watch the show multiple times.

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  • dylan trying to watch glee with the eye of a critical filmmaker is infuriating and hilarious

    Kristen SimmonsKristen SimmonsPäivä sitten
  • Yh I subbed your jokes 🤣

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  • Esse é o pior vídeo que já vi em toda minha vida

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  • I'm so curious about your comment on a movie. Of course, I will not say its name because then you will never do it. So I'll wait patiently until then(:

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  • That extra you pointed out at 16:57 is Finneas... Billie Eilish’s bro...

    Sarah RobinsonSarah RobinsonPäivä sitten
  • Anybody remember "Once upon a time" TV Drama

  • Could you please watch the first and last episode of ”the 100”

    Signe RosenbladSigne RosenbladPäivä sitten
  • Why did this remind me to take my stuff out my high school locker o-O

    LuminosityLuminosityPäivä sitten
  • Honestly it is kinda good that he's only watching the first and last episode of Glee because I watched the whole series and it SUCKED.... sorry

    Kalia SiemensKalia SiemensPäivä sitten

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  • I just know Dylan would have had a love/hate relationship with Santana omg

    ashley chevezashley chevezPäivä sitten
  • That is not an emotional scene. That is just Rachel being Rachel.

    Sarah MarondelSarah MarondelPäivä sitten
  • please do one tree hill for your first and last series

    Haley KellyHaley KellyPäivä sitten
  • When you realise Finn is actually Troy Bolton

    Bobbi EMSBobbi EMSPäivä sitten
  • This is the first video of yours I’ve watched and my god I’m hooked.

    Bobbi EMSBobbi EMSPäivä sitten
  • I hope you know the guy closing his eyes with the long hair in the last episode is Billie Eilish’s brother FINNEAS!!💗

    Sofia PSofia PPäivä sitten