Tyyni 2019 | Round 3 Back 9 | McMahon, Lizotte, Oakley, Piironen

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Round 3 lead card consisting of Eagle McMahon (USA), Simon Lizotte (GER), Eric Oakley (USA) and Leo Piironen (FIN). Played at Sibbe DGP Course, Finland
Thanks to Natural Born Disc Golfer for hosting the tournament, and Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs and Ford for sponsoring this event.
Big thanks to Eric and Tina Oakley for doing the commentary!
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  • O Simon...crash and burn.

    cro4591cro45912 kuukautta sitten
  • Eric Oakley after every shot: That one really felt perfect

    Luke AllenLuke Allen10 kuukautta sitten
  • Great commentary from the Oakleys, haven’t heard them before, but wouldn’t mind hearing them again. I’m amazed how - as a married couple - they manage to go without arguing or undermining each others points. Obviously they’re both passionate disc golfers, really nice to listen.

    NaegimagguNaegimaggu11 kuukautta sitten
  • best production, graphics, and commentary!

    Gil GorhamGil GorhamVuosi sitten
  • Ouch....just....ouch.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • Eagle will simply not be denied this year. If he keeps up like this, he's going to be the top rated player in the world.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • I've started turning the commentary off and listening to John Lee Hooker or R.L. Burnside, as I watch. No offense, Eric and Tina.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • This course is BANANAS, in a good way.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • Simon, you're killing me. You gotta stop partying on Saturday night. When he starts flapping his arms after throwing, it's not usually a good sign.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • This coverage sucks, why don’t you say who’s teeing off?

    Shyam DhruvShyam DhruvVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage!!! Congrats Eagle!!! Amazing course!!! Where is this course located??

    Ed PepEd PepVuosi sitten
    • Thanks! All three courses is located close to Helsinki in Finland :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf ProductionsVuosi sitten
  • Didn't Simon and Leo throw the same number of shots on hole 18? Shouldn't they have had the same score? Seemed to be a difference of 2 strokes.

    Danny RichardsDanny RichardsVuosi sitten
  • The dynamics btw husband and wife commentary cracking me up. Tina so delicate with correcting her hubby and Eric suffers from male answer syndrome.

    Dusty T. HDusty T. HVuosi sitten
  • Dudes, new to your channel here and I really appreciate the content, but...I am watching on a decent size flat screen and I can barely make out your graphics. Of course, when I can I have to struggle to convert the metric into, well...non-metric. Little help here? PEACE!!!

    P. W.P. W.Vuosi sitten
  • Eric seems to make up every excuse in the book for his errant throws and putts. If you're going to commentate do it neutrally.

    Brandon315Brandon315Vuosi sitten
    • Hey hey, cut the guy some slack, he's married! lol

      Jeffro4kagJeffro4kagVuosi sitten
  • Who won the woman’s Tournament today for a disc golf tournament

    Louis BrownellLouis BrownellVuosi sitten
  • Love Eric's commentary!

    mscudde2mscudde2Vuosi sitten
  • when is oakley coming back to discmania ^_^

    Jason LloydJason LloydVuosi sitten
  • thank you editors, camera crew, commentators, everyone, from Tasmania Australia Thank you.

    Hilton BoothHilton BoothVuosi sitten
  • I bet you get a great deal for sunglasses...Sorry, bad joke.

    kanervatiekanervatieVuosi sitten
  • Yo Tina, get some croakies... they are dorky but they work

    Tyler BruceTyler BruceVuosi sitten
  • Tina and I tend to view shots the same way: more into the beauty of the flight than the practicality of a hyzer or a big forehand. Nothing more beautiful than watching a disc fly. 😻

    AJ BrownAJ BrownVuosi sitten
  • Is Eric Oakley's form good or bad? The skip step and early reach back look really odd, but it works for him.

    Daniel WillisDaniel WillisVuosi sitten
    • Wouldnt recomend trying to copy his form.

      Terminally ChillTerminally ChillVuosi sitten
  • Cant be in that spot taking pics w that kind of green...hole 13

    andrew scrivoandrew scrivoVuosi sitten
  • Best tournament to watch this year so far. Hope the play more in Europe forward. Think courses often are more entertaining than USA there.

    slangen808slangen808Vuosi sitten
  • Thanks for a great coverage!

    Christoffer WesleyChristoffer WesleyVuosi sitten
  • eagle is a chump and didnt deserve this win after wussing out at ledgestone

    Permaculture HomesteadPermaculture HomesteadVuosi sitten
    • Permaculture Homestead Amazing you're not a professional coach of some type. You would be awesome to play for.

      AJ BrownAJ BrownVuosi sitten
    • You clearly can’t afford free speech so why do you pay attention?

      Ryan GutRyan GutVuosi sitten
    • troll

      Jeremy BoydJeremy BoydVuosi sitten
  • Garbage

    Chad BoonChad BoonVuosi sitten
  • Eagle's glasses are sponsored by Gorilla Glue

    Vapor 9kVapor 9kVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage. However, maybe Eric should be a little more objective in commentary instead of focusing on his own score and making every excuse in the book on why he didn’t catch Eagle lol.

    8Ryanaugust8RyanaugustVuosi sitten
    • Agreed, his commentary was a little too focused on himself.

      Joe PassengerJoe PassengerVuosi sitten
  • Thanks again for doing this all parties involved. Way to go Eagle, keep tearing it up!

    predatorsilverpredatorsilverVuosi sitten
  • Congrats to Eagle for the win. Thank you to everyone involved in production and commentary.

    David2lj david2ljDavid2lj david2ljVuosi sitten
  • Congrats to Eric for the great tournament and commentary and also to Tina for great color commentary. Very entertaining coverage.

    Justin GillonJustin GillonVuosi sitten
  • Awesome round

    Zee DevilZee DevilVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage all around, yet again! Thanks! Maybe Eagle will wind up being an even better disc golfer playing a bit more conservatively? Congrats Eagle, you are my top pick for most exciting disc golfer to watch. Will miss the big throws til you get all better, but gotta protect that shoulder so you can keep bringing the next level play.

    dustmandustmanVuosi sitten
  • How is that not a 9 for Simon on 18? 4 tee shots ob then a putt. Throwing 1 then 3 then 5 then 7 then from ob putt for 9.. how is that a 7?

    Big Al 6Big Al 6Vuosi sitten
    • Because it was 3 tee shots, not 4.

      Juh0612Juh0612Vuosi sitten
  • Why can't the gallery get out of the way. On 2 holes (6 and 13), Eagle was saved a much longer look by hitting someone.

    notbhavnnotbhavnVuosi sitten
    • if a disc ever hits you I'll never let you live it down

      Joel LeonardJoel LeonardVuosi sitten
    • On 6 he hit a spotter

      Need More InputNeed More InputVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage and commentary. Congrats Eagle!! My man 💯💪🤙

    Aaron VickersAaron VickersVuosi sitten
  • Tina and Eric great commentary, you are a good (Married)team, 18 does need a drop zone, was Simon on speed this weekend, he never stopped running, great gallery and why does Ford not sponsor American Disc Golf, and WOW all the camping, spectators, just amazing, oh ya congrats Eric!!!!!!!!

    Marty SmithMarty SmithVuosi sitten
    • Frustrated simon=finish holes quickly and on to the next. But also hurts him not taking time on putts. Hes come a long way in a few years but still needs to settle himself at times. Eagle has learned that lesson quickly.

      Justin GillonJustin GillonVuosi sitten
  • Way to go Eagle!

    KT420ishKT420ishVuosi sitten
  • @11:22 Dancing rumble sighting! :D

    Henrik ÖsterbergHenrik ÖsterbergVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage, SMDGP. Thanks for sharing. A little request. A running score on screen would be a nice addition :o)

    Kasper AndersenKasper AndersenVuosi sitten
    • @SM Disc Golf Productions I hear you :o) I must be quite the puzzle putting it all together. Great job!

      Kasper AndersenKasper AndersenVuosi sitten
    • Thank you! We usually have, but decided not to do it this tournament to save time ;) we are only two editors

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf ProductionsVuosi sitten
  • Eagle for the Wynn! Thanks for the video, enjoyed the commentary.

    Doug EDoug EVuosi sitten
    • I see what you did there...

      dustmandustmanVuosi sitten
  • Anyone noticed that Simon sprints a lot in this video?

    INFJ-A MaleINFJ-A MaleVuosi sitten
    • I pointed it out to my 8 year old as an example of hustle-- he needs to pick up his pace of play in between shots!

      dan mahoneydan mahoneyVuosi sitten
    • He runs all over the place in round 1 too

      Need More InputNeed More InputVuosi sitten
  • Great commentary!

    Seven On EarthSeven On EarthVuosi sitten
  • "Simon doesn't believe in trees." Hahahaha

    Trevor RenigerTrevor RenigerVuosi sitten
  • Nice video!

    Mikael KannistoMikael KannistoVuosi sitten
  • Having already mastered the ill-timed double bogey and the dreaded tournament ending triple bogey, our boy Simon this time around explores the I've already lost so who cares quintuple bogey on 18. It ain't easy being Simon.

    zen babaloozen babalooVuosi sitten
    • ​@AJ Brown Discmania probably pays him quite well, and I suspect he's from a well off family, also, so the prize money is most likely not the big deal it is to most of these guys. I would have less issue with his approach if he wasn't such a high level player. Seems a shame to have that much ability and not take it to the limit. But if he's making a good living and just having fun throwing frisbees and living the life, more power too him.

      Phil JohnsonPhil JohnsonVuosi sitten
    • Need More Input yeah, simons entire approach to life is just having fun, no worries, easy vibes. I really think he could care less about winning, as long as Discmania is paying him to play.

      AJ BrownAJ BrownVuosi sitten
    • There's a vlog, I think one of Eagle's, where Eagle and Simon are talking about their disc golf goals. Eagle was all about winning, I don't remember what Simon exactly said but he didn't mention winning once. He's all about having fun and putting on a good show for the fans.

      Need More InputNeed More InputVuosi sitten
    • Simon has so much talent, and then stuff like this happens-hard to figure. When I first started watching disc golf in 2015, I thought he would be the best by now. Still waiting on that.

      Phil JohnsonPhil JohnsonVuosi sitten
  • With the name Eagle Wynn McMahon, what else was he going to be good at? 😂 Great tourney! Excellent coverage!

    Stevie B ComicsStevie B ComicsVuosi sitten
  • Hole 18 needs a drop zone, no doubt about it.

    Phil JohnsonPhil JohnsonVuosi sitten
    • Drop zone would be bogus. It just saves you from beeing bad. There should be no OB at (water of course) all and just let players play and see how they recover and choose lines.

      RoyalMelaRoyalMelaVuosi sitten
    • pretty surprised Eagle didnt throw a sidearm there, he is more than capable of reaching it with a simple hyzer and its inbounds way more. maybe the shoulder inj?

      stardustiestardustieVuosi sitten
    • U can kind of lay up to the left side and even go OB u just have 30-40m upshot to bogey. This hole is all about if u want birdie or play it smart... Players choice :D

      Matti IkäheimonenMatti IkäheimonenVuosi sitten
  • 5/5 content

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  • First

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