Tyyni 2019 | Round 1 Back 9 | Oakley, Nissinen, McMahon, Lizotte

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Feature card consisting of Eric Oakley (USA), Teemu Nissinen (FIN), Eagle McMahon (USA) and Simon Lizotte (GER). Played at Nevas Disc Golf Course, Finland
Thanks to Natural Born Disc Golfer for hosting the tournament, and Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs and Ford for sponsoring this event.
Big thanks to Eric and Tina Oakley for doing the commentary!
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  • teemu needs to be on the pro tour next season

    onebignonfishonebignonfish2 kuukautta sitten
  • It seems crazy to me not to have a mic in the crowd, to catch their reactions to great shots and bad shots and almost shots. That would add so much more to this experience.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • Really great coverage, y’all! Only small thing I’d suggest is to lower the camera audio when it’s rainy or windy. Tough to listen with headphones.

    Conner WilliamsConner WilliamsVuosi sitten
  • Great commentary from Eric & Tina! So knowledgeable and professional. Thank you both!

    MasterHatredMasterHatredVuosi sitten
  • Totally got the Mario Hop Off the Koopa reference...Eric and Tina are gems

    Mike FuscoMike FuscoVuosi sitten
  • Nice bro slap sound effect on 18.

    fuzzylosophyfuzzylosophyVuosi sitten
  • How the BLEEP are they throwing all that champion plastic in the rain like it's nothing? Wow I guess the rain doesnt bother em too much huh lol!

    Julian LangJulian LangVuosi sitten
  • Great job on this! My only complaint is the audio mixing. The rain was drowning out the commentary in a few spots.

    TK Disc GolfTK Disc GolfVuosi sitten
  • love the music.

    FrapsFrapsVuosi sitten
  • Great commentary Eric and Tina!

    Trent NichollTrent NichollVuosi sitten
  • 9:29 the force is with Eagle

    Josh FortneyJosh FortneyVuosi sitten
  • Oh I just realised they removed the golfcourse stones up on the green @ hole 13 (I assume those were for the golf tees). They were back next day when MA40/MP40 played, I barely missed one on my approach and counted myself lucky I didnt hit it and roll:D

    Henrik ÖsterbergHenrik ÖsterbergVuosi sitten
  • Hyvaa paivaa, mates! I got to get to Finland. Great commentary!

    Mike StrandMike StrandVuosi sitten
  • This coverage needs more scorecard views. I like to see where everyone stands after each hole! Too hard to keep up with to determine standings against the card.

    Jeff RodgersJeff RodgersVuosi sitten
  • Where are the other rounds? :)

    nico francknico franckVuosi sitten
  • Thanks for the footage, great work!! When are we excepting last 2 rounds to be published?? Waiting those like a dog for a sausage.....😅😎

    Petri KokkoPetri KokkoVuosi sitten
  • Incredible coverage, filming, and commentary.

    mtp9214mtp9214Vuosi sitten
  • Anyone else get the feeling that Teemu Nissinen is Europe's version of Paul Ulibarri?

    James SatchwillJames SatchwillVuosi sitten
  • Whoa, Eagle used a caddie

    Need More InputNeed More InputVuosi sitten
  • Great to see Simon execute on an epic drive! Past few times he’s had unbelievable shots, he’s flubbed the put

    Adriano RothschildAdriano RothschildVuosi sitten
  • Holy crap, Simon's roller on 18.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • I always root for Simon, and he nearly always breaks my heart.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • McMahon Dance #11. It's the latest craze.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • I know it blows to play in it, but the rain sounds so nice.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • Simon Eagles 18, incredible

    KT420ishKT420ishVuosi sitten
  • What course is this?!?

    Erno LahdenperäErno LahdenperäVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage! Love having Tina and Eric on the commentary also!

    QuantumFluxQuantumFluxVuosi sitten
  • Nice job. Excellent videos. Where is rd 2? All I can find is the back 9 Final. Is there a front 90 Final?

    NinefingersNinefingersVuosi sitten
    • Whoops. Meant front 9 final.

      NinefingersNinefingersVuosi sitten
  • Awesome coverage! If you could include a bit of information about each hole (number, par, length etc) in your graphic that’d make it even more awesome! Thanks :)

    RobocrumpRobocrumpVuosi sitten
    • Thanks! We usually do, but we had three different courses over the weekend, and not enough time to do all the info. Glad you enjoyed it :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf ProductionsVuosi sitten
  • Great job Oakleys! Welcome to Finland and all of it's beauty and querkiness!

    Charles PlagensCharles PlagensVuosi sitten
  • Sexy pants out there🙈

    KimballVisionKimballVisionVuosi sitten
  • You two are great together... Excellent commentary! Can't wait for the next one!

    Aaron VickersAaron VickersVuosi sitten
  • Easy on the eye. And easy on the ear. What more can you ask for? Thanks, SMDGP, Tina, and Eric.

    Chris DaviesChris DaviesVuosi sitten
  • Tina sounds so nervous lol

    Yakov KomanYakov KomanVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage all around. Subscribed!

    dustmandustmanVuosi sitten
  • Nice to see Oakley hanging with eagle and simon

    white deionwhite deionVuosi sitten
  • I wonder how Eric decides which pronunciation of Teemu's name he will use and when. Good golf!

    Tyler BruceTyler BruceVuosi sitten
  • “mario hop off the koopa” putt description is great 🤣 Excellent commentary and coverage!

    Hyzerman5000Hyzerman5000Vuosi sitten
  • Nice job, Eric and Tina! Great coverage too; what a sweet course!

    Thomas BertilssonThomas BertilssonVuosi sitten
  • thx for the content!

    nitbotnitbotVuosi sitten
  • I think Gladiator sales are getting a bump soon.

    mauno100mauno100Vuosi sitten
  • Finland looks like Oregon, right down to the rain.

    Bleu DiamondBleu DiamondVuosi sitten
  • Was wondering if any post production crew was out there, and booooom, SM Disc Golf Productions delivers! Awesome card to follow and good commentary by The Oakley's

    Kasper AndersenKasper AndersenVuosi sitten
    • Yes, we are here! What an awesome tournament :) round 2 and 3 is being commented next morning and uploaded as soon as possible.

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf ProductionsVuosi sitten
  • 😍 Love the Oakleys. Great commentary on a hell of a round.

    Trevor RenigerTrevor RenigerVuosi sitten
  • Thanks for getting coverage!

    James CallebsJames CallebsVuosi sitten
  • Oh dear, what a roller and what a way to finish that round! And little Anna caddying Simon again after EDGC 2018 in Croatia. A true fan and good player too.

    Birgit LBirgit LVuosi sitten
  • Nice roller on 18 Simon. A little mean to push Eric off the Lead Card though. :-)

    Dave LizotteDave LizotteVuosi sitten
  • Good job on the commentary, guys. Great coverage and awesome course. Would love to play there.

    Daniel WillisDaniel WillisVuosi sitten
  • Fantastic commentary, Eric and Tina!

    AJ BrownAJ BrownVuosi sitten