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Ultimate compilation of the best pro plays of 2018 - Aces, Clutches, 200 IQ Plays, Moves, simply, everything in this massive compilation. This christmas special is my thank you for your incredible support throughout the year, I want to thank you for each and every subscriber, view, nice comment or just feedback in general. I worked hard on this compilation and I gotta say I'm surprised I finished it in time. This is undoubtly the most work I've ever put into a single video, 18 hours in 2 days to finish everything before I leave for christmas holidays. I truly hope you will like this video, 2018 was packed full of great plays. What a great year for this game!
I also want to mention, Vegas was crashing alot and I tried to do my best not to mess anything up by putting the same clip twice or something, but I gotta say it could've happened without me noticing it. If so, I apologize for that. Nonetheless, I hope it doesn't matter that much! #best #plays #twitch
Special thanks to UnderKass for the thumbnail.
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  • I'm not gonna lie guys, this was the most work I’ve ever put into a single video. 18 hours in 2 days was ALOT for me.. Vegas was crashing alot and even though I tried my best to not mess anything up by putting the same clip twice into this video, it could've happened. I hope, if it did happen, that it doesn't matter that much. This massive compilation is my THANK YOU to all of you who supported me throughout this year. Thank you for every single view, like, positive comment or feedback in general. I hope you will have wonderful time with your friends and family. Enjoy.

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  • idk why im here now but the nostalgia is really nice

    jeni hernandezjeni hernandez18 tuntia sitten
  • Who’s the asshole host who just says the last player should die and has no faith in basically any players. Who hired him and why

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  • Una cagada el vídeo

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    • Will you also explain why or you’ll just leave an absolutely pointless toxic comment with no constructive criticism whatsoever?

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  • i once was a shit player 2 yrs ago nd i am still a shit player :]

    Devesh JaiswalDevesh Jaiswal2 kuukautta sitten
  • Watching this in 2020 brings back many cool memories surely one of the best years cs has ever had

    Terminator JunkieTerminator Junkie4 kuukautta sitten
  • 19:56-That`s a coach bug. Nice.

    R1valoffR1valoff4 kuukautta sitten
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  • Device dayn he is hacker is detriment

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    • Thanks!

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  • 12:59 why does it sound like hes rapping xD

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  • I am so glad that I woke up to this

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  • Wow That Crowd Is Awsome

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  • looool! this is not the best bro.

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  • Lit!

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  • no one has rated this video lol

    Joseph MulliganJoseph Mulligan10 kuukautta sitten
  • 30:05 I hate it when announcers say it's a noscope when it really isn't

    Solome6Solome610 kuukautta sitten
  • 1:35:35 Why does this sound so much like danny from game grumps

    HeavyHoldHeavyHold10 kuukautta sitten
  • 1:52 lmaoo those stats

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  • 22:06 That cheat 😂

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  • Can I use this video? With giving credits :D Thanks in advance

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  • 2:35 what happened to the communication between the OpTic players??

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  • Ножик каждому даром, чекай гайд у меня

  • 5:03 ow ban

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  • I watched it all, no skip. Amazing work!

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  • nice cheats

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  • 11:02 , 0.25 speed ... skills

  • You work so hard

    Arseniy KruglovArseniy KruglovVuosi sitten
  • Astralis FORVER

    FlyinC4TFlyinC4TVuosi sitten
  • Stupid question why can they see the other team or is that just the spectator mode

    Zani KoxhaZani KoxhaVuosi sitten
    • Just the spectator mode :)

      Snipe2DieTV - CS:GO ChannelSnipe2DieTV - CS:GO ChannelVuosi sitten
  • sick plays

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  • Właśnie przez ig dowiedziałem się że jesteś Polakiem 😂

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  • Can't watch this video without a like cause it may be a pain in the ass for snipe

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  • 47:21 360 no scope

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  • Btw, do the pros want new maps in the game? Or are they ok playing the same maps over and over?

    conspiracies are just great storiesconspiracies are just great storiesVuosi sitten
  • 38:00 is literally a flex off 😂 DLore VS Howl

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  • My personal favorite is Nifty 4K on inferno

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  • whats with the downvotes? this is super entertaining

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  • 4pm:tabseeeeeeen

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  • 1:13:10 Xeta is 100% AimLock cheat..

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  • Thank you for this bro

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  • i fell asleep

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  • the guy at 1:10:10 sounded kind of like doofenshmirtz

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  • I play csgo i have karambit crimson and dragon lore :)

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    • weird flex but ok

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  • How did they do for this inhuman aim, sometimes i play CS GO but i can't aim with the Ak so i play with the AWP. If someone has some helpful advice i'd be thankful.

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  • this nigga said oh mylanta like it's 1975 hahaha

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  • why so many dislike?!?!?!

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  • 2h30mins but the only thing I take out of this : TAAABSEEEEENNNNNN!!!!!

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      Oliver OlsenOliver Olsen8 kuukautta sitten
  • just woke up and im 2 hour into this video

    ConorConorVuosi sitten
  • I think the Guardian highlight at 30mins, should have been a Swag highlight. He made it extremely difficult for Guardian to kill him and he actually won the round. Was actually more impressive in my opinion than Guardians kills.

    DP GamesDP GamesVuosi sitten
  • how come the russian commentators didn't say any cyka blyat...

    3D Artcore3D ArtcoreVuosi sitten
  • It's very rare forme to see a highlights video with new clips tbh, and this was worth every second, most of the videos just replay the same clips over and over, and yours was great on that aspect, finally some "new" plays, congrats on the hard work

    Gustavo LeitãoGustavo LeitãoVuosi sitten
  • Seriously though, to a non CS:GO player... They all look like they're aimbotting to me. I know they're not, but the level of control they have is unreal xD I can see why people get unironically reported online for botting sometimes

    Jarod WalkerJarod WalkerVuosi sitten
    • You would be surprised by some player's in the cs community.Some have a reaction time below 100ms.Average is 250-300ms

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  • 11:58 kinda looks like headshot lockon

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  • The real Csgo frag movie..

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  • Five me sensibilitiiii please

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  • Stop wlh please lol is no pro player lol😂❤️ imm joookinnnnnnggg

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    • r/ihadastroke

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  • Sucks, these big highlights with insane casting are ruined and swaped with russian casters, WTF

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  • Cs:go is like standoff 2

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  • Probs one of the best cs vids ive seen in ages👍🏻

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  • live now

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  • 7:39 is he yelling for a taxi?

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  • Who else using it for sleeping music

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  • 22:07 wow he looks like he got an aimlock

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  • .

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  • great vid

    Joshua ForbesJoshua ForbesVuosi sitten
    • Thanks!

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  • 1:34:47, Ahahahhahaha like)

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  • 58:55

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  • i got to sleep then i wake up too this video out of nowhere

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  • Like aki nem nézte végig!

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  • The way the commentators pronounce ”bååten” is so fucking wrong and cringy

    Sajjad MokdadSajjad MokdadVuosi sitten
  • Лайкните, типо что то умное сказал)))

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  • 36:48 no reaction for this?

    יהלי לאוןיהלי לאוןVuosi sitten
    • There was but the video editor cut it out

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  • Respekt for u work. for real. So long video dayyyuuuuuum

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  • 25:25 Hampus cheating?

    Dexter BarcelonaDexter BarcelonaVuosi sitten
  • 23:04 reason why Astralis was top 1 2018 and sucks at 2019. They clearly cheated.

    uselessidbruselessidbrVuosi sitten
    • Yes. They totally suck in 2019. They won a major but they SURELY were hacking. They suck. Obviously. You are smart

      BrightBrightVuosi sitten
  • Sunnys 1v4 greatest play ever.

    Zeifen NarZeifen NarVuosi sitten
  • 𝓷𝓲𝓬𝓮 𝓿𝓲𝓭𝓮𝓸 𝓶𝓪𝓷! 𝓴𝓮𝓮𝓹 𝓰𝓸𝓲𝓷𝓰!

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  • 22:48 "S1mple steht aber auf dem Fahrrad, das heißt er radelt einmal weg" wtf is the commentary

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  • is Launders African is the real question

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  • highlight

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  • 14:49 literally the most satisfying CS:GO clip ever.

    Francis JingFrancis JingVuosi sitten
  • 58:20 JUDGEMENT 100

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  • 9:47 he ain’t aerial for nothing

    User_ MainUser_ MainVuosi sitten
  • Its like the community is paid to hak and everyone is legit cause their pros

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  • Sorry, S1mple that is cheating

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  • ESPIRANTO!!!!!!

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  • I sure love when playing in silver when a teammate picks up a deagle and does not reload it ever

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  • why the fuck does xyp9x look like fucking megamind with that bulging forehead

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