THE SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer (2021) Suicide Squad 2 Movie

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THE SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer (2021) Suicide Squad 2 Movie
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  • DC movie directed by James Gunn? This could never go south!

    AviatorAnimationsAviatorAnimationsMinuutti sitten
  • I guess the hope that Margot Robbie will carry..

    QuarantineAndChillQuarantineAndChill4 minuuttia sitten
  • I’m only watching for Harley

    Pink BettasPink Bettas22 minuuttia sitten
  • it seems like its trying to be funny but instead it's just really annoying

    maxmax28 minuuttia sitten
  • At least it looks better than the first one.

    nolanb052nolanb05235 minuuttia sitten
  • wheres the women???????

    Jordan MainJordan Main42 minuuttia sitten
  • Why does it seem like this movie is a disappointment already

    mo sohailmo sohail42 minuuttia sitten
  • I love suicide squad , and will def watch this. Straight up thought this was a SNL clip tho... And if it is I feel twice as dumb

    Taryn DanielTaryn Daniel44 minuuttia sitten
  • Am I the only one who noticed doctor who?

    Hamid ShahriariHamid Shahriari52 minuuttia sitten
  • Noooo not Pete Davidson 💀

    Abbey HummAbbey HummTunti sitten
  • still can’t believe that ariana’s ex is in this movie lmfao

    Jhay Mar PajaritoJhay Mar PajaritoTunti sitten
  • 1:41 Doctor who😳

    xMiyukiexxMiyukiexTunti sitten
  • looks shit ngl but then again u cant judge a movie by its trailer, im probs still gonna watch it tho

    witchy angelwitchy angelTunti sitten
  • This is not real right guys? Say it ain't so.🤭

    Indifferent IntrovertIndifferent IntrovertTunti sitten
  • Here for Miss Kate

    Ploychompoo InthajakPloychompoo InthajakTunti sitten
  • I found my favorite character already "Hand"

    Hisoka BungeecumHisoka BungeecumTunti sitten
  • I know im not the only one incredibly gay for Harley Quinn

    Gayyy FaithGayyy FaithTunti sitten
  • pete davidson = heart skipped a beat

    Ashlee MarieAshlee MarieTunti sitten
  • *HQ: Well I'd do you 2 many times too. Let's go back inside and we can still do it...* Swag

    Jerry SwagertyJerry SwagertyTunti sitten
  • *SS2! Black & White with Grey Matter Man is as good as it gets on the ground now...* Swag

    Jerry SwagertyJerry SwagertyTunti sitten
  • Joel Kinnamin is so fucking beautiful.

    househeadericmd Househeadhouseheadericmd HouseheadTunti sitten
  • I Cant Wait For This, It Looks Amazing, Harley Quinn Is Fucking Amazing !!!

    Scotland’s Smooth CriminalScotland’s Smooth Criminal2 tuntia sitten
  • Movies just aren't the same anymore.....

    JennaJenna2 tuntia sitten
  • Like angels are wHat now?

    NomadOne33NomadOne332 tuntia sitten
  • im sorry yall but this harley quinn will be my costume at one point

    Katie DiazKatie Diaz2 tuntia sitten
  • Didn’t Viola Davis Died in the first one or am I bugging ?

    Danie DanssDanie Danss2 tuntia sitten
  • Polka dot man is played by Dwight from Gotham yikes

    xd MelloRxd MelloR2 tuntia sitten
  • is this trailer meant to be a joke?

    zahare campbellzahare campbell2 tuntia sitten
  • O Will Smit onde está? Pk n entra? 😢

    Emanuel Graça FigueiredoEmanuel Graça Figueiredo3 tuntia sitten
  • Idris Elba 😍😍

    Feet GaloreFeet Galore3 tuntia sitten
  • This is real?

    Snatching CareersSnatching Careers3 tuntia sitten
  • it's a good idea to reboot the DC universe and I understand what they are trying to do... Suicide Squad is basically the guardians of the galaxy but from DC

    ITCHINYITCHINY3 tuntia sitten
  • What happened to original cast?

    Timere CephasTimere Cephas3 tuntia sitten
  • Can’t lie, when I saw John Cena I immediately doubted how good this was going to be.

    MeechMeech3 tuntia sitten

    Nicole DownsNicole Downs3 tuntia sitten
  • idk this isnt that good

    lollol3 tuntia sitten
  • Sooo no joker. 🥲

    Evelyn Van HoutenEvelyn Van Houten3 tuntia sitten
  • I’m here for Margot Robbie who else? 👇

    Og KillerOg Killer3 tuntia sitten
  • wait is this real?

    Isabella BeltranIsabella Beltran3 tuntia sitten
  • 🤨

    C. V.C. V.4 tuntia sitten
  • Not what I expected, I was disappointed. I don't like it, I'm sorry.

    mel Mellmel Mell4 tuntia sitten
  • No will smith Or at least a deadshot character cmonnnnn🤦🏽‍♂️😭

    ZonixxFNZonixxFN4 tuntia sitten
  • Smh. No comment. Don't think this is gonna be any good.

    Lone WolftressLone Wolftress4 tuntia sitten
  • I think chapters 1 is more interesting ☹☹

    TA tubeTA tube4 tuntia sitten
  • 0/10 not enough polka-dot man

    My DudeMy Dude4 tuntia sitten
  • Lol

    Darwisyya ButikDarwisyya Butik4 tuntia sitten
  • It feel weird to see Peter Capaldi here, like he's there because this is all somehow related to a doctor who episode with Clara

    AxemanAxeman4 tuntia sitten
  • Love this girl with my whole heart

    Laura RushingLaura Rushing4 tuntia sitten
  • Oh no. This looks crap.

    J NJ N5 tuntia sitten
  • Wait where tf is will

    Rama BreakRama Break5 tuntia sitten
  • This looks SO much better than the first one❤️

    AdeleAdele5 tuntia sitten
  • No Joker? This is so...sad

    bloo elfbloo elf5 tuntia sitten
  • Scooisquide squad

    Kassia AmaryllisKassia Amaryllis5 tuntia sitten
  • I see my fav villan l am in btch

    togenixtogenix5 tuntia sitten
  • dogshit

    Luka KljajevićLuka Kljajević5 tuntia sitten
  • i hope they don't fuck up the development that harley had on her solo movie

    PaintPaint6 tuntia sitten
  • I think idris elba would have made an amazing Green Lantern.

    PandoraSkiesPandoraSkies6 tuntia sitten
  • Absolutely digusting

    livinincalifornialivinincalifornia6 tuntia sitten
  • loving the Steely Dan song in this

    Isabella BrandtIsabella Brandt6 tuntia sitten
  • Ohne will Smith?

    Elena SchrammelElena Schrammel6 tuntia sitten

    Muhamad AbdilahMuhamad Abdilah6 tuntia sitten
  • No WIll Smith? You messed up bro....

    KhromaxKhromax6 tuntia sitten
  • Think I saw yondu in there.

    HusbandoHusbando6 tuntia sitten
  • It's merle from lovely

    Eileene NestorEileene Nestor6 tuntia sitten
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    Spontaneous MiraclesSpontaneous Miracles6 tuntia sitten
  • This high key just looks like Hollywood trying to milk and drag out a already good movie. Will Smith was smart not to join it

    MilkMilk6 tuntia sitten
  • I hope they keep harley in the feminine gaze like they did in birds of prey. I LOVED her in that movie

    Gidget10Gidget107 tuntia sitten
  • Holy hell they did the thinker, he looks so comic accurate as well

    PepegaPepega7 tuntia sitten
  • YAAAS king shark

    Sofia VSofia V7 tuntia sitten
  • I am going to make a new movie: * "STOP THE CRINGE" *

    Mr AnonymousMr Anonymous7 tuntia sitten
  • I wonder if the soundtrack from this one is going to be better than the Guardians soundtracks?

    Classic Movie BanterClassic Movie Banter7 tuntia sitten
  • our queen come back!

    gorgeous wagorgeous wa7 tuntia sitten
  • So does idris Elba say fucks sake or gods sake I’ve seen another trailer where he says gods sake

    Joshua AdamsJoshua Adams7 tuntia sitten

    BaDBaD7 tuntia sitten
  • *Sigh* YEESH. Hollywoodhollywoodhollywood 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Eren Stormborn AtreidesEren Stormborn Atreides8 tuntia sitten
  • I thought harley was rescued by joker at the end of the first one

    Yazzi DillardYazzi Dillard8 tuntia sitten
  • doctor who has depression knowing he about to be a woman

    AJA studiosAJA studios8 tuntia sitten
  • So they will be fighting Patrick. Great. I really liked the 2016 one. We'll see how this 1 goes.

    ~ Bright Romeo ~~ Bright Romeo ~8 tuntia sitten
  • 2:40 Godzilla: hold my beer

    2021 is Cool2021 is Cool8 tuntia sitten
  • Love this but I lowkey miss Deadshot

    Eikahk YhiEikahk Yhi8 tuntia sitten
  • I like it but where is dead shot 😐 &the fire guy will I'm kind of disappointed 😞although it seem like a good movie but it doesn't feel like suicide squad

    DeraDera8 tuntia sitten
  • Oh god this looks just as bad as the first one only part I like is the Harley Quinn parts 😰😰

    rachael Martinrachael Martin8 tuntia sitten
  • The casting is really bad in this film. Its going to be a flop compared to the first film

    chrischris8 tuntia sitten
  • 🦈🦈

    an actual dogan actual dog8 tuntia sitten
  • Why Doctor Who has a syringe in his head? 😒And where is the Tardis?

    LELALELA8 tuntia sitten
  • I believe James is a good director But we already have Deadpool

    詹立恆詹立恆9 tuntia sitten
  • I'll miss joker (jared leto)

    Hope WorldHope World9 tuntia sitten
  • Why the fuck is pete davidson in this

    Honey PatrolHoney Patrol9 tuntia sitten
  • Noooo I want an extension from the first no don't like

    Shana RidnerShana Ridner9 tuntia sitten
  • But i still want to see Puddin in any Suicide Squad Movies 🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏

    nelly redznelly redz9 tuntia sitten
  • This looks like it is going to be absolutely terrible.

    Vivian TerziarioVivian Terziario9 tuntia sitten
  • So as the scenes go on we can already see which characters die te soonest except Michael Rookers charcacter who most likely just turns on everyone

    Daniel The ZombieDaniel The Zombie9 tuntia sitten
  • Deviated from the first prequel completely this looks like shyt

    micahmicah9 tuntia sitten
  • Hey Pete 💘

    Zion ThompsonZion Thompson9 tuntia sitten
  • My god this gives off GOTG vibes, im already damned in love with it

    vomit cakevomit cake9 tuntia sitten
  • Will the Joker be in Suicide Squad 2?

    skittle wolfskittle wolf9 tuntia sitten
  • Villins become hero's, enemies become allies

    Terrance EagleFeatherTerrance EagleFeather9 tuntia sitten
  • no Will Smith?

    Glo SaeGlo Sae9 tuntia sitten
  • 😭

    Ashley NavyAshley Navy10 tuntia sitten