The ROAD TO HELL on a Honda CRF250L 🇿🇦[S5 - Eps. 23]

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In this episode, I am first conquering the Swartberg Pass, an amazing mountain pass, constructed by South African engineer Thomas Bain. A quick hop into Prince Albert go stock up on fuel and admire the little town, and I ride back towards the Swartberg Pass to get to the road to 'The Hell'. It's the only way into the Gambaskloof and the only way out. This is my Ride to Hell.
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  • You are wonderful! I hope one day i can be as adventurous as you!

    Rob KLR 650Rob KLR 65019 minuuttia sitten
  • How many kilometers do you average per day on all of your trips?

    charles millercharles miller5 tuntia sitten
  • (from Bolivia) please be careful riding in dark mornings / the Hell

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  • Lindas paisagens cuidado com estradas abraços de Portugal Manuel cotrim

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  • A little trick to make good eggs on a frying pan is to not salt the egg, but salt the frying pan itself, and then put the egg. I know it sounds weird and i have no idea how it works, but it makes the egg taste way better. It makes much more diffrence than you think it would.

    staviqstaviq7 tuntia sitten
  • Excuse me if someone`s already quoted the old saying... "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" Not an easy egg to crack, but visited the meerkats first for good luck and the view was heavenly.

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  • look there's Timon! where's Pumba?

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  • Only Naraly can ride a bike to hell and back!

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  • Hai madam super driveg lam indin.

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  • I just google earthed Price Albert town. Yes quite tiny.

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  • Does the O egg taste like an ordinary chicken egg?

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  • Meerkats are really cool.

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  • what is that? 14:48 thank u

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  • Ride safe ma'am...

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  • I looked and looked, watching the entire video on the Road to Hell. Never saw one, single good intention. Did see some terrific riding, however.

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  • Another great video. Thanks so much.

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  • I like lady bikers , but I really like lady dirt bikers

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  • But we miss himmy

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  • De echte hel is vele malen erger! Gelukkig hoef je daar niet heen als je gelooft dat Jezus je redder en verlosser is! God heeft jou ook lief Noraly 🤗✌🏻

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  • nice video noraly

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  • What an episode! When we think we have met Noraly, she surprises us by showing that her gifts to go to hell and back on a motorcycle are much more outstanding than being a housewife and of course ... always ready to travel roads not suitable for sissies!

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  • Have you ever considered getting an african twin?

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  • Your courage and determination is beyond anything I've ever witnessed. And you do it all with a big smile. Because you're such a good girl all the angels are watching over you including the ones that watch you on FIstream we're pulling for your safety,good health and just keep going don't stop thank you thank you thank you. From NY

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  • Love her videos... love to watch how she explores the country i live in

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  • Noraly, I noticed you filling a bladder with spare fuel...can you let us know where this can be purchased? Looks quite robust and with a large opening so no funnel necessary to fill...

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  • HOW MANY languages you know?

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    • @Toto Arriba wow awesome

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    • Languages She was taught *7 languages* at high school . 6 years Dutch, English, German, French and Latin. Spanish and Ancient Greek for a few years. It does not mean Noraly is still speaking, knowing or understanding all of them. While travelling and working in South America she has improved her Spanish learnt more Portuguese. She also learnt a little Russian while working in Kazakhstan. ● Please 👀 her livestream from 17.04.2020. ⏩ 1 h 24 min ● Or 👀 her Q&A from 08.11.2019. ⏩ minute 59

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  • I love watching your ventures Noraly! Very inspiring. That Ostrich egg could feed a family, wow. Need to try one now see you enjoyed it. It's so relaxing watching your adventures. Thanks Noraly x

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  • A Great Video. The road to De Hel brings back memories of my trip on that road back in 2012. That whole area is great fo exploring.

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  • This is the worst cooking show I ever watch. But thumbs up anyway

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  • Compare the market. Simple.

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  • I love you noraly😘😘😘i always watching your blog💕💕💕

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  • Excellent Noraly!!! Of the best South African chapters. Of the best South African chapters: Landscapes and fundamentally spectacular routes

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  • EGGCELLENT VIDEO!! 🤣😍 You delightful nut! Loved it ALL once again GF! ~Look at you! Out there in the wilds, up and down, all around, ending up in Hell and all so brave - you're the epitome of a true Bohemian spirit Noraly = wild and free. Fearless, confident, brilliant. ~~The scenery was once again fantastic, the eggstraordinary eggxperience was HILARIOUS, you and your one-handed riding on bumpy rds gave me my usual jitters and your bravado knows no ends. My goodness girl - thank you for another enjoyable journey! Meerkats are adorbs, Kudo are magnificent and I am glad your Savannah is taking it all so well! ~~~Thanks for you Noraly, our delightfully upbeat solo world traveling biker chick! You're an endless inspiration. Ride on, ride safe. God bless - all ways and always. 💛

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  • Hello Itchy Boots great video as always, I like to mention not all of your viewers see as well as you do, I had to slow down to 0,25 to see the beatiful kudu, do us a favor, next time you see a beatifiul animal tell us in which side of the road it is so we can quickly spot it, thank you very much.

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  • Spectacular features - some parts look like a giant's mud-sculpture garden!

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  • Awesome

  • What is this channel about ?

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  • Another different presentation. Well done. Crikey you go to some desolate places.Australia has some desolation, lots of it, but you seem to find similar places, in other parts of the world. Lance and Regina, regional Australia.

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  • My fantasy is to ride as well as you do with one hand holding a GoPro but me using two hands, lol. You amaze me......well maybe not the way you judge Ostrich egg volume, but in all other ways! Once again an excellent video, I really appreciate your work:). I didn't like this video.....I LOVED it!

    Neil MeiskeyNeil Meiskey3 päivää sitten
  • Hi Noraly. Greetings from Oz. What an interesting piece of road / track. Looked like great fun, riding the Swartberg Pass and then into The Hell. Thank you for taking us along on your South African adventure.

    rob keithrob keith3 päivää sitten
  • I have never seen eyes so blue. Very pretty

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  • Noraly...Glad to have you back showing us what we could never see for ourselves. Thanks for the adventures.

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  • Since you know how to ride a motorcycle, cooking is not a requirement to be a good wife!

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  • Congratulations on a great channel and excellent photographic work I would be interested to know which drone you are using as the stability and quality is excellent. As I live in South Africa I particularly enjoyed the South African content and Baviaans Kloof is still on my bucket list.

    Hogard GeversHogard Gevers3 päivää sitten
    • @Toto Arriba Thanks Toto

      Hogard GeversHogard Gevers2 päivää sitten
    • Drone: DJI Mavic Air 4k . She doesn’t use the follow me mode. One hand to ride the motorcycle, the other hand to fly the drone. Cameras: GoPro Hero 9 MediaMod and GoPro Max 360. Editing: Final Cut Pro on Apple Macbook Pro. Please check her homepage. Gear and equipment Season 5 and FAQ and her Facebook post from 19.08.2020 .

      Toto ArribaToto Arriba3 päivää sitten
  • Wow, such a beautiful landscape and what an epic journey! You are so lucky to be able to see all these great places and the sights in South Afrika. It is a great and exciting place for those who can wander and the motorbike is the way to do it. Best of luck. Stay safe.

    Oddbjørn GebhardtOddbjørn Gebhardt3 päivää sitten
  • 👍

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  • You should take a boat out and do some fishing might be the last time you get that far south....

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  • Have family that stay in Prince Albert, so go there often....awesome town.

  • Been watching u r volgs back from when u ride india with Basanti Huge fan Ride safe 🇮🇳

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  • Just a common Bulgarian road.

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