The Open 2018 | Round 1 Front 9 | Lizotte, Johansson, Ulvinen, Molin

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The Open is a European Pro Tour located in Ale Sweden.Feature card consisting of Simon Lizotte (GER), Dan Johansson (SWE), Carl ulvinen (SWE) and Melker Molin (SWE).
Thanks to Ale Disc golf center for hosting the tournament, and Latitude 64 for being main sponsor. Visit for info about the tournament.
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  • Dang this is a goregous course, I would hate to see it go

    Harrison BHarrison BUukausi sitten
  • RIP to this course

    Need More InputNeed More InputUukausi sitten
  • Is that Simons grandpa?

    SkillerManSkillerMan8 kuukautta sitten
  • 20:18 foot fault

    free37kevinfree37kevin2 vuotta sitten
  • Go Mets

    rodanzigrodanzig2 vuotta sitten
  • What a shot !

    rodanzigrodanzig2 vuotta sitten
  • Thank you :) for this great coverage. The only thing to mention would be the sound (music a bit too loud) but otherwise a big thank you. My bread and butter on holiday when I can‘t play cause there is no course around :(

    Alexander HorvathAlexander Horvath2 vuotta sitten
    • Yes, I have heard that from several people now. We'llturn it down even further in future videos :) glad you enjoyed it :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions2 vuotta sitten
  • Didn’t know Big Jerm was a Packers fan. Go Pack Go!

    cpnpmp94cpnpmp942 vuotta sitten
    • Go Panthers! Keep Pounding!!

      Chris WebsterChris Webster2 vuotta sitten
  • The "W" by the hole numbers stands for white course. There's also a "Y" yellow course as well.

    gbparks85gbparks852 vuotta sitten
  • Great job with the coverage!

    TheRavenMan13TheRavenMan132 vuotta sitten
    • Thanks man :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions2 vuotta sitten
  • "the open" is so fucking pretentious. either way. good coverage! thanks for this!

    Stephen QuevillonStephen Quevillon2 vuotta sitten
  • Music between holes reminds me of zero 7 - in the waiting line

    BlunderingKnifeReviewsBlunderingKnifeReviews2 vuotta sitten
  • Beautiful course! This is what Disc Golf should be. Is round two up? I'm only seeing rounds one and three.

    Aaron DooleyAaron Dooley2 vuotta sitten
    • Round 2 was never filmed... Check the description :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions2 vuotta sitten
  • Appreciate the effort in this. But the audio needs work, you need more ambient outdoor audio from the course mixed with the commentary. Listen to any other sport and you'll hear it.

    Christoph BruhnChristoph Bruhn2 vuotta sitten
  • These euro courses look so nice. Big Jerm’s audios seems low on this video, but the drone flybys and production value are top notch. Nice work SM

    Tom A.Tom A.2 vuotta sitten

    hypollahypolla2 vuotta sitten
  • Supert. Litt høy musikk noen ganger

    Kasper SkovlyKasper Skovly2 vuotta sitten
    • Jepp, det blir bedre i runde 3. Kommentator sporet var ræva, så prøvde å dekke over :/ sees på Stovner ;)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions2 vuotta sitten
  • This is a first class video production. I really like the diagrams and obstacle distance markers. Jerm sounds like he's talking from a closet, but this is overall excellent coverage. And good commentary from Big Sneaky!

    Ed NeelyEd Neely2 vuotta sitten
    • Seconded about the hole diagrams on the side. Nice.

      MoifMoif2 vuotta sitten
    • Sound is getting much better in round 3, and we publish that round pretty soon :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions2 vuotta sitten
  • Dan Johansson is who I am rooting for. Score one for us older guys! lol GO DAN! :-D

    Jim WaltsJim Walts2 vuotta sitten
    • Ditto that.

      mtp9214mtp92142 vuotta sitten
  • Are you kidding me with this course? Incredible! Hope to see more of it in the future.

    Michael MarshMichael Marsh2 vuotta sitten
    • Ye so the course and land owner just decided to Close the property.... Seriously THE best course in Sweden and it Will be completely gone in a couple of months.... 💔

      David GodalDavid GodalUukausi sitten
    • Aaaaaand it's closed

      SirClydesdaleSirClydesdaleUukausi sitten
  • jerm is a packers fan. UGH! And a panthers fan, how about you do like every other cheeseball two-team nfl fan guys and at least pick a team from the other division. oh right, you root for the tarheels too, that explains the wimping

    OberwaltersdorfOberwaltersdorf2 vuotta sitten
  • I agree with softening the music between holes. Otherwise, great content!

    Matthew HamptonMatthew Hampton2 vuotta sitten
  • What a beautiful course and great coverage! Subscribed

    pilsnerpopperpilsnerpopper2 vuotta sitten
  • Awesome coverage! Would like it if music was a little bit lower though.

    Kalle Sandell HafenscherKalle Sandell Hafenscher2 vuotta sitten
  • Please fix the sound. Really doesn't match the standard you have set with your videos.

    John RoworthJohn Roworth2 vuotta sitten
    • Yes we know, we messed up the sound on this one. We tried to cover up bad commentary track, but it didn't end up good enough. Next round is much better ;)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions2 vuotta sitten
  • well shot..great vid, keep them coming

    Tricia TigerTricia Tiger2 vuotta sitten
  • I see Faces in the rockery! 26:00 cool!

    Face ManFace Man2 vuotta sitten
  • SM, your coverage keeps getting better all the time! I LOVE the fly through that includes the left info box, right map overlay, and the distance markers showing key points on long holes. Great score layout and animations. Big Jerm sounds a bit far from the mic or like he's in a bathroom compared to his usual coverage, but that's easy to fix, and the score card has some mistakes at the end. Still, the videography and post-production are looking much more professional overall, and that helps elevate the sport. Thanks SM!

    John MarttilaJohn Marttila2 vuotta sitten
    • Thank you for the kind words :) yes, the commentary on this one was not the best. Our regular recorder was not available, so we had to make some adjustments right before the take. Score card is our bad ;) Glad you enjoyed bit, round 3 and final round gets even better :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions2 vuotta sitten
  • Emil Dahlgren speaks much better English than Jerm! (at least makes much fewer errors). hehehe

    Greg H FarleyGreg H Farley2 vuotta sitten
  • Wow. Happy i found this vid! Subscribed lol. Thanks

    John EvansJohn Evans2 vuotta sitten
  • Love the coverage regardless and I watch everyone of the videos, but just curious why are the videos post after we already know who won?

    Zed LeppelinZed Leppelin2 vuotta sitten
    • SM Disc Golf Productions ahhhh gotcha! I’m not trying to complain, just curious! Great coverage! Keep it up🙌🙌

      Zed LeppelinZed Leppelin2 vuotta sitten
    • Because it takes a lot time to edit them for a smaller crew like us. Ccdg and Jomez have more people and more routine than us, so they can put out the videos at a much higher rate :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions2 vuotta sitten
  • Course looks awesome! Looks like a true jem. Pretty work!

    Tyler HoganTyler Hogan2 vuotta sitten
  • People give grief to Jerm, but his voice has an energetic, fun quality that is more enjoyable to follow than most other commentators. For edited videos, he and Nate really are the best in the business. Nice drone work too, btw.

    blueboyblueboy2 vuotta sitten
  • I hate to complain about it but the only thing that's wrong is the commentary being a little muffled, doesn't help that I can't hear worth a fart too, other than that great coverage and thanks, it's a treat.

    Marshall SheltonMarshall Shelton2 vuotta sitten
    • Yep, something happened with the commentary track. My bad about the music Levels.. the next rounds are much better :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions2 vuotta sitten
  • Great work, but the music is too loud on the hole preview.

    Ivan HedlundIvan Hedlund2 vuotta sitten
    • Yep, sorry! Round 3 and final round is much better :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions2 vuotta sitten
  • Better music than jomez and ccdg

    Yolaus KriffYolaus Kriff2 vuotta sitten
  • Beautiful course! Audio quality and leveling definitely a bit messy in this video though.

    Muffinman012Muffinman0122 vuotta sitten
    • Yep, sorry about the music! Something happened with the commentary and it got muffled. Tried to turn the music up slightly to cover it, that was probably a mistake.. the next rounds gets better :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions2 vuotta sitten
  • I'm just gonna say it: Most beautiful disc golf course I have ever seen. I'd love to see it in person!

    PapigringoPapigringo2 vuotta sitten
    • This course is insanely beautiful :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions2 vuotta sitten
  • SM, graphics are sweet. Love the quality of the footage too. Thanks so much for putting this up!only note I have is to turn the volume of the music down on the initial fly-through with commentary overview for each hole. But seriously, awesome coverage Big, you the man, and other guy too! Great commentary, straight forward and quick. Thank you thank you

    Sobaka The HuskySobaka The Husky2 vuotta sitten
    • Thank you Shane :) yes, the commentary on this one is not good :/ I tried to mask some of it with slightly higher music, but maybe I should have kept it at normal levels. But I can promise you that round 3 and final round is significantly better :D thanks for tuning in -SM Disc Golf

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions2 vuotta sitten
  • Beautiful course and awesome coverage! Great work!

    DiscGolfLoverDiscGolfLover2 vuotta sitten
  • The after front 9 scoreboard for Simon is wrong, Its displaying 3 bogeys and 3 birdies for a total of 0 when he is at -2.

    KotomaKotoma2 vuotta sitten
    • Please tell us more.

      Mike KMike K2 vuotta sitten
    • Ahh, not good.. well spotted! We'll try to not have those in the future :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions2 vuotta sitten
    • Mattias Ahlin its not that big of a deal lol

      DoobiejimbobDoobiejimbob2 vuotta sitten
    • Kotoma Why reveal Simons score in the comments? Thanks!

      MattiasMattias2 vuotta sitten