The CRAZIEST Follow Flight Throws of 2019 | Best of Disc Golf | Jomez Highlights

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Eagle McMahon, Anthony Barela, Chris Dickerson, Joel Freeman, Kevin Jones, Andrew Fish, Paul McBeth, Garrett Gurthie, Nikko Locastro, Chris Clemons, Simon Lizotte, Nate Sexton, Matt Bell, Austin Turner, James Conrad, Alex Russell, Calvin Heimburg, Ricky Wysocki, Jalle Stoor, Emerson Keith
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    JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • To me disc golf is the greatest sport ever..thanks

    John ChappellJohn ChappellUukausi sitten
  • 4:03 foot fault?

    BoW SkittlezBoW Skittlez2 kuukautta sitten
  • How does the follow flight work? I’m amazed at how well it’s able to account for the camera movement

    BoW SkittlezBoW Skittlez2 kuukautta sitten
  • What technology is used to track the discs?

    bromezbrobromezbro2 kuukautta sitten
  • 10:52 Paul McBeth +8??

    RockiGRockiG3 kuukautta sitten
  • Where is the Stroke my ego followflight? like clips of uli throwing a disc into a tree 5ft in front of him.

    lackofcompany Pklackofcompany Pk3 kuukautta sitten
  • You grab my friends, I ain’t doin that

    thebluetarpthebluetarp3 kuukautta sitten
  • Damn double G with the 3 eagles on 5 holes @ 3:58

    Jussi SaloJussi Salo3 kuukautta sitten
  • You should've seen mine I'm not kidding I hit a tree and it landed like 15 feet behind me

    Tyler LucasTyler Lucas3 kuukautta sitten
  • Complete nuts......... Love watching the pros. 3 hadi ball golf. So good!!!!!!!!

    Damon DunawayDamon Dunaway4 kuukautta sitten
  • Conrad’s Ace... almost

    Cody CaseCody Case4 kuukautta sitten
  • Just world class commentating for world class disc golf. You guys are the best in the biz. Thank you for your part in growing disc golf.. Everytime I hear the jomez intro jingle it completely fits the feel of how the coverage is going to go. Keep it up boys, great work

    Jake MiillerJake Miiller4 kuukautta sitten
  • We need more multi-disc follow flights

    James Reid Jr.James Reid Jr.6 kuukautta sitten
  • Nikko's albatross attempt

    codey Taylorcodey Taylor7 kuukautta sitten
  • never felt like such a piker in my life

    Woodworker AnonymousWoodworker Anonymous7 kuukautta sitten
  • Everything about this channel is superb. Great video work , excellent sound and really good editing . 👍👍👍😎

    Sirios StarSirios Star7 kuukautta sitten
  • At 7:05 Paul McBeth throws one of the best shots I’ve ever seen.

    Cole MartinCole Martin8 kuukautta sitten
  • I think you saved the best for last! The quad follow flight was SO sick!

    Brian LammersBrian Lammers8 kuukautta sitten
  • The only thing that’s holding DG from going big are these bogus announcers.

    Jackson RossJackson Ross8 kuukautta sitten
  • Just mesmerized by follow flight. Great stuff! Of course the golfers were good too😎

    TonyTony9 kuukautta sitten
  • Anything Paul McBeth and a great Nate Sexton shot

    Kyle BeardKyle Beard9 kuukautta sitten
  • WHY???? Why do video makers feel the need to put unnecessary, distracting, and nearly always incongruous "music?" in their work?

    cro4591cro45919 kuukautta sitten
  • Not gonna lie, James's shot that hit the chains and pole and still bounced out pissed me off 😂

    Daniel TuttleDaniel Tuttle9 kuukautta sitten
  • James "the hair" Conrad

    Michael LiuMichael Liu9 kuukautta sitten
  • Whats that course at 1:56

    Ruupert JylhäRuupert Jylhä10 kuukautta sitten
  • What kind of tool is being used to display the track in video?

    nikatapinikatapi10 kuukautta sitten
  • I've been golfing for a couple years now and I seriously do not understand how these guys bomb 500 & 600 feet... Freaks!!

    Tony MartinTony Martin11 kuukautta sitten
  • That one guys eagle from 320' was incredible! Conrads failed ace-run was killer to!!😊

    Tammy RogneTammy Rogne11 kuukautta sitten
  • Westwood Wildwedge here

    Duvitgor HamboneDuvitgor HamboneVuosi sitten
  • You answer me this, how in the hell is this channel not subbed by more people? This channel is, in my opinion, the best disc golf coverage channel on the net today!! always providing great commentary, great angles, great slomez shots, followflights, and incredible videos and edits this side of the galaxy!! If anyone is a disc golf fan, this channel should be subbed! Always great work Jomezpro!! Thank you and look forward to more great coverage throughout the 2020 disc golf season!!

    Billy GrahamBilly GrahamVuosi sitten
  • Howw? This is crazy. Don't get how they turn mid air and be predictable. Crazy cool though

    chino beatschino beatsVuosi sitten
  • How long has this been a actual sport? Me and my buddies used to play ultimate frisbee but I don’t remember hearing about this

    Mike RoseMike RoseVuosi sitten
  • I thought the 4 follow flights on a star frame in the last clip was badass!

    Mike PittsMike PittsVuosi sitten
  • I lost my ROC :/ crai

    BerringerVidsBerringerVidsVuosi sitten
  • Where is Simon's hole 9 skyball from the skins match at fox run meadows?

    asdfadsfrerasdfadsfrerVuosi sitten
  • I too vote for McBeast 555 over the trees. Insane.

    Garrett RussellGarrett RussellVuosi sitten
  • I Need Friends Before I Can Grab Them First...

    Jay UtzJay UtzVuosi sitten
  • Is this really a fucking thing? LMFAO 😂😂

    AlexAlexVuosi sitten
  • 13:29 chump spotted

    Khotta BogardKhotta BogardVuosi sitten
  • So I saw Nikkos almost albatross...where was his actual albatross??? For sure deserving of a best of 2019

    Kyle RicheyKyle RicheyVuosi sitten
  • Mcbeast 555 with a putter. Sick

    Badge304Badge304Vuosi sitten
  • What is the exact definition of 'follow flight' shot?

    JobsonJobsonVuosi sitten
    • An exceptional shot that we tracked with our FollowFlight shot tracker.

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • James Conrad near ace!

    Jim FornoffJim FornoffVuosi sitten
  • 7:12 what are these guys talking about😂

    bamadeadheadbamadeadheadVuosi sitten
  • P McB’s park from over 550’ away. Was the farthest one and no kick.

    Speedy.NathanSpeedy.NathanVuosi sitten
  • Jalle's Throw in is 100% the best shot. No question about it.

    Joshua ReinaasJoshua ReinaasVuosi sitten
  • JC shoulda been in at Worlds. And Pablo 555' park job.

    Tony LooperTony LooperVuosi sitten
  • Where's that crazy skip shot across the parking lot into the basket??

    Simon LaroucheSimon LaroucheVuosi sitten
  • McBeth’s 550+ bomb over the trees. Amazing.

    ryan haggertyryan haggertyVuosi sitten
  • Nice to see so many highlights from the Open Women's players...

    Ryan OldhamRyan OldhamVuosi sitten
  • McBeth 555 over the top. Nikko's near skip in and kiss the chains.

    Eric RobbinsEric RobbinsVuosi sitten
  • That mash forehand by Eagle is easily one of the biggest forehand park jobs ever.

    Jeremy McdonoughJeremy McdonoughVuosi sitten
  • Curious to know who had the most follow flights for 2019?

    Mr CleanMr CleanVuosi sitten
  • Matt Bell in the Rain at De La

    Dom OshanekDom OshanekVuosi sitten
  • Gotta love the quad on 15 at worlds but either of the Conrad would-be aces are a close 2nd.

    Mike SchroederMike SchroederVuosi sitten
  • Jalle Stoor field ace, on the hardest hole in disc golf.

    Brendan LivingstonBrendan LivingstonVuosi sitten
  • Early: Eagles nearly 500' forehand around tree. Mid-Vid: Paul's 555 over tree. Throughout: All the candy striper multi-flights. Great job.

    Robin McleanRobin McleanVuosi sitten
  • James Conrad almost ace must have been the best!! !

    DafttruiteDafttruiteVuosi sitten
  • Conrads near ace at the worlds. Thx for all the hard work everyone at Jomez Pro!!!

    Daniel DavisDaniel DavisVuosi sitten
  • Multiple Follow Flights are always fun to watch.

    Tapani VaahervaaraTapani VaahervaaraVuosi sitten
  • I’m starting to take Jomez for granted. The fact that you can see every aspect and nuance of these shots is just incredible. This channel makes disc golf so much more fun to watch, ESPECIALLY with big sexy giving he commentary. Thank you so much for the video and the season of excellent coverage

    sam21ynwasam21ynwaVuosi sitten
  • all of Eagle's flicks and the first was totally a "C'mon man"

  • Paul’s 555 yard drive right to the bucket. Insane power.

    Steven CarrollSteven CarrollVuosi sitten
  • 🤩

    pizza4lifepizza4lifeVuosi sitten
  • Jalle Stoor’s eagle hole out was incredible, especially on that hole. Definitely one of the best of the year, easy.

    Brotha ReeceBrotha ReeceVuosi sitten
  • Where is Nikka Locastro? Albatross?

    Denis PimmDenis PimmVuosi sitten
  • Can we call it a "Roller Rewind" 8:06?

    Guelph DGCGuelph DGCVuosi sitten
  • Gotta go with Simons 400ft+ Roller I think it was at the Portland open.

    Tyler SwansonTyler SwansonVuosi sitten
  • One of the shots I was expecting: James Conrad throwing the Thunderbird into the tunnel 200' to 250' feet away and penetrating a couple hundred feet. Anyone remember the tournament? Was Jomez not covering it?

    Disc Golf 4 EveryoneDisc Golf 4 EveryoneVuosi sitten
  • Great highlight reel! But how is Simon's 500ft putter park-job over the water on #18 at the Beast not in here?!?!!?

    Ben BolognaBen BolognaVuosi sitten
  • Paul's Kong over everything is just too perfect.

    Jukka AlanenJukka AlanenVuosi sitten
  • McBeth 555 footer in the air for days.

    outlookgrimoutlookgrimVuosi sitten
  • Jomez killin' it in the off season!

    Trevor RenigerTrevor RenigerVuosi sitten
  • The multiple follow flights were good but simons roller was the best!

    Ilpo TolonenIlpo TolonenVuosi sitten
  • Paul over everything, 550 ft, absolutely pinned was insane. Double G throwing a leopard 450 on a rope. What a perfect throw

    rhinofist1rhinofist1Vuosi sitten
  • I don't get how these guys are so precise. . . or is it luck.?.? I would like to see a compilation of hard smacks up against the trees that go just a few yards or the long-gone OB shots for a little comic relief...ok, that is more like my game

    -RAM- M-RAM- MVuosi sitten
  • Hey, I know it wasn't on Jomez, but Nikko Locastro's pavement skip albatross was crazy.

    Some Dude On The InternetSome Dude On The InternetVuosi sitten
  • All great, but McBeth at 7:05 - un real. Stoor. Amazing - Going with James Conrad basket hit duo tho.

    Al LagoonAl LagoonVuosi sitten
  • Where’s the NHM FRF9 hole 8 G. Gurthie ace run? My vote all day

    gymsashgymsashVuosi sitten
  • Love the follow flights! Jalle’s Eagle shot on par 5 at worlds wins it for me. That was crazy!

    Benjamin YoungBenjamin YoungVuosi sitten
  • James spitout ace on 14 somewhere

    BirdmanFSUBirdmanFSUVuosi sitten
  • noob question: In one Follow Flight's path, does the changing colors signify anything? ie, change in velocity or concavity of the path? Or is it just a design choice?

    dougdevine27dougdevine27Vuosi sitten
    • Just a design choice...for now!

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • Jalle Stoor all the way.

    ErVi E-10ErVi E-10Vuosi sitten
  • No 450 Luna shot??? Big Jerm “That is a Put.ter”?????

    Michael RocheMichael RocheVuosi sitten
  • Paul's 555

    Dax BDax BVuosi sitten
  • James Conrad's near ace at Northwoods = #1

    JamesJamesJamesJamesVuosi sitten
  • Jalle Stoor's eagle, the almost ace from the Man of the woods, Locastro's almost albatross

    Janimatti EllonenJanimatti EllonenVuosi sitten
  • I was so engrossed for the whole 17 minutes while I sat here that I forgot to poop! Well done 👍

    FractaLens PortalsFractaLens PortalsVuosi sitten
    • Mission accomplished.

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • No nikko albatross at usdgc?? That was the shot of the year! A 2 on 888!

    David NapierDavid NapierVuosi sitten
  • 555 to parked, over everything, on a line only a handful of other humans could even attempt.

    David MooreDavid MooreVuosi sitten
  • McBeast 555 over the trees for sure!

    TimoTimoVuosi sitten
  • Is speed related to the color of the flight path???

    Will PleinWill PleinVuosi sitten
  • The Paul McBeth insane over-the-top 555 foot park job. Ridiculous!!

    Patrick TreudePatrick TreudeVuosi sitten
  • I think it's pretty impressive that Eagle throws pretty much the exact same shot at both the Skins match and at Master's Cup. The guy's a forehand wizard, which really isn't fair considering how good his backhand is. 😂

    Nick LarssonNick LarssonVuosi sitten
  • Paul McBeth on hole 1 of the KCWO final 9 has to be the best.... full backhand anny flex was so damn pretty

    Tim BohanTim BohanVuosi sitten
  • Reid Frescura skip across the pond?

    Sam ThomasSam ThomasVuosi sitten
  • Every time I see Emerson Keith it reminds me of WORLDS and that makes me happy

    Richard SwiftRichard SwiftVuosi sitten
  • Macbeth 555 over the trees and simons roller through the woods

    Aaron SAaron SVuosi sitten
  • Roller followflights are just so fun and bouncy. More of those in 2020 please!

    Fred-Erik TehvanFred-Erik TehvanVuosi sitten