The ALPHA Wolf's FAMILY In Minecraft!

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The Alpha werewolf has BABIES now! 🐺
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  • I love the first part

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  • Funny hahahahahahaha

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  • Ooo cool I love all the things Aaron and Aphmau got so good together I ship it :3

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  • What were the werewolves brothers .called? THE WHENWOLF THE WHATWOLF AND THE WHYWOLF😂

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  • I fell embarrassed for Aaron for what he says on here 😂

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  • And who is the kid that’s playing is it your real kid

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  • What did you name your babies and every video when you have a baby

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  • Why are you following my name aaron that’s my name

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  • This reminds me of my craft

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  • 6:52 baby arron gets hurt

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  • 6:35 cute 😍

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  • I got sad news

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    • Your werewolf pups, well, passed away, because they were hit by a speeding train, so I need you to do a funeral video for them

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  • ein and pierce are dum

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  • Me: yea no one in this house is getting eaten..... Except Erin and pierce

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  • Is not fair how Pierce and ein don't have any power they are in the family anyways

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  • i like the part when arron throw ein in the window

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  • I can not stop laughing when those two wolf's are around not the mini ones

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    • Me too

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  • Pireas:gets blown in the air Me:laughs so mush then dies from laughing to hard

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  • Whats bief and chickan

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  • PS -If you ever make another for this series CAN YOU MAKE OLDER SIBLINGS :> Voiced by Katlyen, Noi, Travis, and Lucinda (I JUST MISS THEM SOOOOOOO MUC)

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    • Yea

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  • Ein and peirce “So like more mini snacks” Me “Be careful or you’ll end up as food for the pups (Aphmau and arrons Uncannon Oldest daughter -2021

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  • I like Alpha

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  • i like the part that ein fell from high places

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  • This would give reminders that after Aaron and Aph together after marriage for 2 years, would show us there kids. Heh sometimes I watch this and reminds me of mystreet 😂😅

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    • Yes yes yes yes yes!!!?

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    • Omg yes it dose u watched it ?

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  • I love the howling part

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  • What no one has mentioned that PrestonPlayz doesn't have kids but aphmau and Aaron have kids

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  • We all love Ein's girly scream 🤣

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  • Y is there bedrock in ur house like HOW?!?

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  • There’s so many werewolf videos of you and in everyone Pierce And Ein always try to eat Aphmau

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  • how dumb are these big pup even ok let me get this straight * sigh * Aaron's and aphmau's kids are smarter then Ein and pierce. how about making a scool for ein and pierce so they, can learn to finally learn manners and respect and what beEf and chikan is, like jeez

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  • Ian and pierce wanna eat babys and Hausmanns

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  • Every single video that is always has jason dating aph and stuff it has peirce and ein asking to eat everything

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  • They are so cute❤️💜

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    • ToT right

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  • The adoring at the table,WHY!😄🐺 I could watch this 10 times in a row

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  • 'the bees nees'

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  • Can you do one of dis

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  • After 17:07 Aaron said "now they've done it" like Aphmau just goes FULL OVERPROTECTIVE ALPHA/MOM MODE🤣🤣

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  • I’m bad at Minecraft I keep breaking things

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  • Her kids sound like her real kids when they giggle

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  • EINS screaming sound like a girl

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  • If babysitters were fake they are KILLERS

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  • After when pierce and ein ate the dessert Aaron:WHY DID YOU MY WIFES DESSERT I CANT BELIEVE IT. Her:it’s ok it’s ok *leads them Ein and pierce : *crawls so fat*

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