Sula Open 2019 | Round 2 Front 9 | Piironen, Lätt, Jarnes, Håland *English*

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European Pro Tour from Sula Open, Norway. Feature card consisting of Leo Piironen (FIN), Silver Lätt (EST), Håkon Jarnes (NOR) and Knut Håland (NOR).
Thanks to Langevåg Disc Golf Club for hosting the tournament, and Discmania Discs for sponsoring this event.
Big thanks to Gregg Barsby for doing the commentary.
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  • 14:10 thank me later 😎

    BrageBrage6 kuukautta sitten
  • Great video and good commentary, but I just can't get over Gregg pronouncing Knut's name like canoe. :D Waaay too much attention paid to that.

    Joonas KaukorantaJoonas Kaukoranta11 kuukautta sitten
  • what a shot on hole #4!

    Hatchet HarryHatchet HarryVuosi sitten
  • Great commentary by Barsby

    lowelltedescolowelltedescoVuosi sitten
  • Awesome coverage! Beautiful course! Thanks for the footage and the English commentary!

    T. Noel Trudell-KaysT. Noel Trudell-KaysVuosi sitten
  • watching round for 2nd time just to see scenery again. this has to be most beautiful course in disc golf. Leo threw Primal Run Instinct on hole 2, not Md.

    brian6speedbrian6speedVuosi sitten
  • Awesome coverage and what a beautiful course!

    Emanuel GammelgårdEmanuel GammelgårdVuosi sitten
  • It’s Knut (kNoot) not Kha-noot😫

    PenkkuthehotdoggPenkkuthehotdoggVuosi sitten
    • I was wtf it that name. Had to pause and look what is exactly that guy first name because it sounded like canoe.

      Mr. WizeguyMr. WizeguyVuosi sitten
  • Amazing course. Shocked this doesn’t have more views

    LordThreeLordThreeVuosi sitten
    • lots of jomez fanbois who won't watch anyone elses coverage.

      brian6speedbrian6speedVuosi sitten
  • Great commentary too!

    Graham FoxGraham FoxVuosi sitten
  • nice radio voice barsby

    agnaeusagnaeusVuosi sitten
  • Silver is one of my three favorite players. Great eagle on hole 4! Hope to see him in the states 2020!

    ChNgChNgVuosi sitten
  • I did not see that eagle coming! WOW!

    Graham FoxGraham FoxVuosi sitten
  • Euro Rising, y'all, and they WILL be making their presence felt here on the good 'ol disc golf links more and more. On this measure, which I'll abbreviate, should outline the reality and fundamental reason why this is - Factor the average skill level and Rating of those that even play disc golf in Europe vs that of the West and they're already better than us ( the West ). Way better! And it's only snowballing and ramping up fast. I believe it's the cultural thing. Which is to say - being half-ass at something here, and it's difficult to even argue that being half-ass isn't encouraged and promoted currently, doesn't work over there. They don't do the ' participation trophy ' thing. They simply don't have that luxury and the hard realities of life unfold as nature intended. For the most part anyway but the results can't be argued - KJ Nybo, Simon Lizotte ( Let us be grateful he hasn't applied his full potential. He plays for fun and is still one of the best in the world ) , Seppo Paju, Henna Blomroos, Eveliina Salonen, Väinö Mäkelä, etc., it's as if a Country over there has 15 people playing disc golf somehow one or two of them are professional caliber, over 1000 rated, kicking our butts, and only getting better by the day. It's beautiful of course, they genuinely love and are highly passionate about the sport. Furthermore, each and every one are ( and this an important and highly noble attribute ) bewilderingly awesome ambassadors of their Countries and Disc Golf. Thank god we have Gregg Barsby!

    seti111seti111Vuosi sitten
  • First Barsbarian. Let's GO!

    marscruzmarscruzVuosi sitten