Sula Open 2019 | Round 2 Back 9 | Piironen, Lätt, Jarnes, Håland *English*

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European Pro Tour from Sula Open, Norway. Feature card consisting of Leo Piironen (FIN), Silver Lätt (EST), Håkon Jarnes (NOR) and Knut Håland (NOR).
Thanks to Langevåg Disc Golf Club for hosting the tournament, and Discmania Discs for sponsoring this event.
Big thanks to Gregg Barsby for doing the commentary.
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  • that was some of the most entertaining golf I've seen in a long time! thank you

    Hatchet HarryHatchet HarryVuosi sitten
  • Silvers play is something of the most awesome after hes insane +6 bogey. He ran everything after that. Was awesome!

    DroneJonDroneJonVuosi sitten
  • I don't always make memes, but when I do, it would be 22:42

    seti111seti111Vuosi sitten
  • Great camera work and editing and a top notch commentator, the champ, 3G Barsby. These Euro guys are putting on a good show. Thanks SM DGPro. I like this course. The Sula course has some unusual terrain and lots of clear danger with a minimum of artificial OB lines. Love that long hole #11, 300m of power and control. Beautiful layout and use of elevation.

    marscruzmarscruzVuosi sitten