Sula Open 2019 | Round 1 Back 9 | Piironen, Lätt, Carlsson, Kveseth *English*

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European Pro Tour from Sula Open, Norway. Feature card consisting of Leo Piironen (FIN), Silver Lätt (EST), Linus Carlsson (SWE) and Håkon Mathias Løvenskiold Kveseth (NOR).
Thanks to Langevåg Disc Golf Club for hosting the tournament, and Discmania Discs for sponsoring this event.
Big thanks to Håkon Mathias Løvenskiold Kveseth and Øvind Jarnes for doing the commentary.
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  • Kveseth got a arm, but not as good a close game, and putter game! Need to get does 60-80 meter within 5 M with that little wind! Steady!!

    GramaldGramaldVuosi sitten
  • Was round 2 covered?

    Kyle HoltKyle HoltVuosi sitten
    • Yes, it's covered. we were unable to do it on site, due to computer issues, but we hope to have it clippet during the weekend :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf ProductionsVuosi sitten
  • Jävlar Linus fem över par på hål 16 förstörde en annars kanonrunda! In english = Damn Linus that 5+ on hole 16 destroyed a super round!

    slangen808slangen808Vuosi sitten
  • Great coverage, SM Disc Golf Productions. Thanks for doing an English version. Such a beautiful and crazy difficult course. Solid play by Piironen

    Kasper AndersenKasper AndersenVuosi sitten
  • Sweet coverage and commentary! Kiitos! Tack!

    TobyTobyVuosi sitten
  • Thank you for the English commentary. I've watched the Sula Open 2 or 3 times before. I like the course and recognize several of the players from your tournament coverage and the European Open. I'm on the west coast of the US and like watching disc golf from Europe. I've been watching Seppo Paju at the Beaver State Fling in Oregon. It's good to see European players competing against the best in America and being on the top two cards so that we can watch them on FIstream. Simon and Seppo are always near the top. Thank you for this video.

    marscruzmarscruzVuosi sitten
    • That's nice to hear. Sula open is one of our favourite tournaments to film. Beautiful course and the unpredictable weather makes it very exciting to film :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf ProductionsVuosi sitten