Sula Open 2017 | Round 2 Front 9 | Koivu, Paju, Schusterick, Lätt

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Round 2 Front 9 Coverage from Sula Open 2017. We are working on commentary and will hopefully have that soon :)
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Enjoy :)

  • Ok i kinda like how they have fence walls in between trees making obstacles. thats awesome.

    C BC B3 vuotta sitten
  • A thought to make the videos better. I found many times that the little flag that would raise up from the bottom left along that title bar you have there would come up and go away before I could switch my focus from the play to it. I would suggest moving that flag that tells us if it is OB, birdie and so on, to the bottom part of the upper right quadrant of the screen. Or at the very least let it remain on the screen longer and perhaps make it a more attention grabbing color. Personally I think moving it to closer to where the focus is is the better option however. Another suggestion, when possible on the long drives, if you can swing from where the disc falls and give us a look at where the basket is, it orients us as to how far the drive is from it and what direction. Overall the production here is good. I know you already know that commentary would be a good addition.

    Javaman92Javaman923 vuotta sitten
    • Thanks you for the input, and glad you enjoyed the videos :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions3 vuotta sitten
  • I don't understand their thought process on #3... its maybe 430-440 to clear it and it's wide open. why would they not go for it all of them have the arm to make it.

    alightenedalightened3 vuotta sitten
    • SM Disc Golf - SimenDiscGolf I just saw them go OB and I'm thinking, they have to hit a landing area either way, may as well go for the one next to the basket lol but what you said makes sense. I wish I got to play there

      alightenedalightened3 vuotta sitten
    • +alightened that was up for discussion in our group as well. I think it's because you can easily go Hazard long when you throw that far. and the eagle is still hard to get even though you clear it. I guess they figured it's more safe just to lay up ;) But ye, those guys can easily make that green :)

      SM Disc Golf ProductionsSM Disc Golf Productions3 vuotta sitten
  • lätt might do a bad drive or 2. but Man, his puts are spot on

    Richard PalmRichard Palm3 vuotta sitten
    • for sure , he does smash on that forehand though

      DropzzDropzz3 vuotta sitten
  • Awesome job guys! Really well done and put together video! A+

    Down South Disc GolfDown South Disc Golf3 vuotta sitten
  • This place is absolutely beautiful!!!!

    Gibney MichaelGibney Michael3 vuotta sitten
  • Seppo's drive on hole 4! :O :O

    Sami LaitalaSami Laitala3 vuotta sitten
    • Insane!!

      Gibney MichaelGibney Michael3 vuotta sitten
  • De er de fineste kurvene jeg har sett..

    Magnus RøldalMagnus Røldal3 vuotta sitten