San Francisco Open 2019 - Men - Round 1 of 3 | Front 9 - McBeth, McMahon, Wysocki, Paju

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The AbsoluteXtracts presents the San Francisco Open driven by Innova disc golf tournament is the 4th stop of the season on the 2019 Disc Golf Pro Tour.
Tournament Directors: Sean Jack & Shawn Mercy
Title Sponsors: AbsoluteXtracts & Innova Discs
Location: Gleneagles Disc Golf Course in San Francisco, CA.
Course Designer: Leonard Muise
Scores & Stats: UDisc Live
Round One | Front Nine Holes
Men's Feature Card
Featured Pros: Last year's reigning champion Paul McBeth, along with last year's second place finisher, Eagle McMahon, plus Ricky Wysocki and Seppo Paju are the featured players for the first day's card.
Commentators: Nathan Perkins & AJ Risley
Motion Graphics: Kraig Stenzel
Editing: Nate Gray
Graphics Design & Catch Camera Operator: Chris Lundquist
Slow Motion & Reaction Camera Operator: Jack Dalleywater
Drone Hole Flyovers & Throw Camera Operator: Joey Temali
Advisor to Par Save Productions & Behind the Scenes Tournament Assistance: Danielle Charlier
Recorded: May 10, 2019.

  • Can I borrow some of your subscribers please..

    Tee BOX MediaTee BOX Media2 kuukautta sitten
  • 29:00 I don't understand the OB graphics on this hole at all. It doesn't match up with what's actually going on.

    KallaMigCPKallaMigCP8 kuukautta sitten
  • Can’t even watch because of the wind. Audio guy needs to step it up

    Alex BurgettAlex Burgett9 kuukautta sitten
  • With the 2020 DGPT on shutdown...time to dig back into the video files for events & early rounds, I haven't watched...

    Roger ShepardRoger Shepard10 kuukautta sitten
  • Where can I get information on advertising with you?

    Carl MarksCarl Marks10 kuukautta sitten
    • Email us at!

      Par Save ProductionsPar Save Productions10 kuukautta sitten
  • Visual production is great, but I miss the constant full card graphic, like JoMez at the bottom of the screen. Other than that, and sound, good video.

    punkleruckuspunkleruckusVuosi sitten
  • Graphics on point! Thank you for including throw count.

    GoodwijeGoodwijeVuosi sitten
  • They’re not beating around the bush. They are hammering into the bush. lol

    Alaskan Real NewsAlaskan Real NewsVuosi sitten
  • I love the production on these broadcasts - the shot trackers after the holes, the little graphics - really nice.

    JoelFishesJoelFishesVuosi sitten
  • Eagle McMahons Dad: we'll call him Eagle Eagle: bogey's everything

    Jesse CJesse CVuosi sitten
  • Mcbeth flies coach

    dirty kitchen kidsdirty kitchen kidsVuosi sitten
  • I love the icon that’s shows what throw and really love the after after whole images. Well done 👍

    Karl StreamsKarl StreamsVuosi sitten
  • Doesn't Eagle McMahon look like wii character?😂

    Esa NahkaEsa NahkaVuosi sitten
  • First time watching, the graphics are awesome! Great coverage overall. As others said, the wind noise was a bit too loud.

    Zack GoddardZack GoddardVuosi sitten
  • Make all those action stills above the scores different for each individual hole. It’d be amazing

    PimpernickelPimpernickelVuosi sitten
  • Great content!

    Andrew BrewerAndrew BrewerVuosi sitten
  • Shit production. Bring back Jomez!

    Kade MatyisKade MatyisVuosi sitten
  • If I was new to the sport I would really want to hear the commentary. I prefer the wind drowning out the grass is green and the sky is blue commentary.

    Travis CTravis CVuosi sitten
  • I love the all the graphics, especially the throw counter and the shot trackers after each hole. However, the wind gust sound gave me quick headache, you can either put a windscreen cover on the mic, or do some post-recording editing to the sound.

    MeateusMeateusVuosi sitten
  • very cool on how you show how each made their score for the hole.

    mark humphreymark humphreyVuosi sitten
  • Edit the audio!! Get rid of the wind sound. This is unbearabe to watch...

    Anton HöglinAnton HöglinVuosi sitten
  • Pop filters and Wind Socks are a must....

    Saba I amSaba I amVuosi sitten
  • Awesome coverage and graphics! Please do find something to knock down that wind noise :)

    Timothy MussonTimothy MussonVuosi sitten
  • Nice coverage. Loved the graphics!

    tjaedertjaederVuosi sitten
  • Thanks for bringing more Disc Golf to my eyeballs and ear holes

    Nick FuriouslyNick FuriouslyVuosi sitten
  • First time watching Par Save coverage. Awesome graphics! Good professional coverage.

    DrPotsRsDrPotsRsVuosi sitten
    • Agreed, first time watching and solid stuff

      busch4405busch4405Vuosi sitten
  • Par Save Productions coming in with the abosolute Xtracts sponsor.. Love their products! Great footage guys!

    TJ BraleyTJ BraleyVuosi sitten
  • If the wind is gusting that bad, cut out almost all the audio when we don't need it (most of the time). Bring it up if the players are saying something we can hear, or for the chains, but off the drive we don't need that much audio from the players.

    Andrew ArnoldAndrew ArnoldVuosi sitten
  • Camera mics off for sure. cant really watch this with sounds on

    Leeksi ALeeksi AVuosi sitten
  • Nice graphics!

    T. Noel Trudell-KaysT. Noel Trudell-KaysVuosi sitten
  • Dude! The camera mics add nothing good to this production. Every NLE I've ever used gives the ability to edit the audio as well. TURN IT DOWN or OFF. You could also add a high pass filter to eliminate the boomy bottom end.

    Chuck LeamonChuck LeamonVuosi sitten
  • Great to see more coverage of Disc Golf!!! Here's to getting better in the future!!!

    John WillisJohn WillisVuosi sitten
  • Despite having to wait, this definitely beats the live coverage. Great work on the graphics. I like the course graghics between holes, showing the player's route to the basket.

    John KJohn KVuosi sitten
  • Good video but you missed a couple shots from the players

    James WhitakerJames WhitakerVuosi sitten
  • Nate and aj really good commentators

    sphdgsphdgVuosi sitten
  • I really don’t like the graphic looming over the players head

    CanadianMagicCanadianMagicVuosi sitten
  • Looove the graphics and the flight paths on the score cards. Great production!

    Daniel TruongDaniel TruongVuosi sitten
  • Video resolution is way too low.

    Levi DavisLevi DavisVuosi sitten
  • I love the Par Save post hole throw graphics! About the wind can possibly EQ out some of the low end to help with the crushing wind noise. I do it a lot when I'm doing live sound. Just roll off the low end until you don't hear the wind noise anymore. At some point the sound source will either sound too thin or there might be so much wind there is only so much you can do with EQ. That trick will definitely help though.

    Jason BlackburnJason BlackburnVuosi sitten
  • Thank you for getting your shit together.

    Louis OlivieriLouis OlivieriVuosi sitten
  • I would like to hear the wind more clearly...

    Kalle Sandell HafenscherKalle Sandell HafenscherVuosi sitten
  • Why didn't you pull the volume down of the wind? Hard to hear the commentary over the wind. Other than that, great coverage.

    netposernetposerVuosi sitten
  • AJ pronouncing Seppo's name is impressive!

    Simo AholaSimo AholaVuosi sitten
  • Nice production. Thx guys!

    Janek B.Janek B.Vuosi sitten
  • No one comments on the missed shots I counted at least 2 missed drives missed Eagles putt on 7 you don’t see discs land but everyone says great coverage no no it wasn’t🤦‍♂️😂. But the commentary was great.

    Michael JarnaginMichael JarnaginVuosi sitten
  • Ok negative Nancy I guess but how many shots did you guys miss? Did you pay some people for good comments? Coverage was lacking but you got time.

    Michael JarnaginMichael JarnaginVuosi sitten
  • Holy crap! Par Save is in the game ! Coverage was fantastic! Great graphics and music!

    John MarchettiJohn MarchettiVuosi sitten
  • I’ve watched a lot of DG coverage, and have yet to see anybody that did it as well as Jomez, until I found you guys. Great job.

    kenny wheelerkenny wheelerVuosi sitten
  • Please remove wind the commentary

    NosferatuKnowsNosferatuKnowsVuosi sitten
  • McMahon must be going to the movies tonight. He was picking his seat!!!

    Don AlexanderDon AlexanderVuosi sitten
  • Love all the details in the graphics. Looks like yall put a lot of effort into these videos!! It’s great! Sound mixers need to be paid more tho..

    micah_leemicah_leeVuosi sitten
  • 747 feet.... and they all were putting after their drives. Insane

    Javaman92Javaman92Vuosi sitten
  • Commentators, especially AJ...humor is always better when you let it flow naturally, and don't try too hard.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • Nice coverage and a great card!

    Yava-Coco ProductionYava-Coco ProductionVuosi sitten
  • Bravo to whoever is handling the cameras!

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • Any info on how long Eagle's first drive was?

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
    • @sphdg of course! It's Eagle!!!

      John WillisJohn WillisVuosi sitten
    • Over 500 foot

      sphdgsphdgVuosi sitten
  • Need some professional windshield. I like to hear the commentary not gusting wind!

    ChNgChNgVuosi sitten
  • Slick lookin coverage guys! 💯 🙌🏼🤙🏼

    Adrian NewmanAdrian NewmanVuosi sitten
  • Nice coverage Par Save

    Keith FeetKeith FeetVuosi sitten
  • Thanks for the video. I am having trouble hearing commentary over the wind at some points though. Heading to the B9

    James LaneJames LaneVuosi sitten
    • James Lane had to be 660. He was putting sideways from left of the pin which is even farther. If you find out let me know :D

      alightenedalightenedVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage, thumbs up!

    Gunnar FoleyGunnar FoleyVuosi sitten
  • Too much wind noise. Its unwatchable....

    David JohnDavid JohnVuosi sitten
  • Nice work guys.

    Terrence RoddyTerrence RoddyVuosi sitten
  • You guys need to put some socks on them microphones

    Jesper ÅgrenJesper ÅgrenVuosi sitten
  • Wind was a little too much. Couldn't watch on my TV with sound. Drowned out the commentary.

    tyler barnestyler barnesVuosi sitten
  • Jomez set the bar, and Par Save/CCDG met the challenge. Great coverage, great commentary, great time to be a fan of disc golf! Thank you so much!!

    jason porterjason porterVuosi sitten
  • enjoying the coverage. Thanks for the hard work and time put in. If I may, the exposure seemed a little off. the quality could have been even better with less blacks/shadows and also taking down the highlights in post. (maybe just generally less constrast). I feel like that would make the video much cleaner and give the viewer a much better experience

    Jason CarrollJason CarrollVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage, great commentary.

    C HiebertC HiebertVuosi sitten
  • I clicked on this, then realized you guys are affiliated with DGPT. Now I'm leaving and down voting your video.

    geargearVuosi sitten
    • jomez, ccdg, and smashboxx are also affiliated with dgpt now because they got a clue. pull your head out of your ass.

      porchporchVuosi sitten
    • Cody Drake Hired BY the pro tour if I'm not mistaken. Fuck you anyway. You fuckin suck.

      geargearVuosi sitten
    • It wasn’t produced by DGPT. Yes, if this was bad coverage you should downvote it. But it isn’t.

      micah_leemicah_leeVuosi sitten
    • That is probably one of the worst reasons to down vote a video, especially a video of high quality. BTW, ParSave is hired to produce these videos. It is a DGPT event so it should be expected that the DGPT logo is on the coverage.

      Cody DrakeCody DrakeVuosi sitten
  • Good production. I was worried that we wouldn’t get quality post round concise coverage.... thanks pro tour for listening to the fans!

    Chill OkapiChill OkapiVuosi sitten
  • Great footage. great commentary, great disc golf. Thanks!

    Eric BeichEric BeichVuosi sitten
  • I love the graphics, just wish the video was produced a little faster. But good coverage!

    Doug TyasDoug TyasVuosi sitten
  • Dang I love this coverage! You guys have really upped the quality to compete with jomez! I love the attention to detail in showing the throw # and routes each player took. 👍 👍

    JP ErasJP ErasVuosi sitten
  • you could mute the wind ya know.

    Bleu DiamondBleu DiamondVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage! Really wish the OB graphic would drop down below the hole info though. I didn't even know it existed until hole 7

    Baysinger's Disc Golf ChannelBaysinger's Disc Golf ChannelVuosi sitten
  • Don’t know what happened to Jomez, but you guys came through beautifully! Thus the name “Par Save”.

    Everett McDonaldEverett McDonaldVuosi sitten
    • they've already filmed one dgpt event this season, they're back on board as well as ccdg and smashboxx, because dgpt finally got a clue.

      porchporchVuosi sitten
    • Their Co-operating ended last year

      helsinki vantaa spotterhelsinki vantaa spotterVuosi sitten
    • Jomez doesnt have permission to film DGPT events

      helsinki vantaa spotterhelsinki vantaa spotterVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage. Commentary was on point shout out to Nate the snake mr. AJ Risley

    tony currytony curryVuosi sitten
  • 1st?

    Noah RobinsonNoah RobinsonVuosi sitten