Perseverance sees Jezero Crater rim in 360° Mars panorama

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The Perseverance rover's Mastcam-Z captured 142 images that were stitched together to create a 360° Mars panorama. Jezero Crater's rim can be seen in the imagery. -- Wow! See the Perseverance rover dangling above Mars in this amazing landing photo:
Credit: | footage courtesy: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS | produced & edited by Steve Spaleta (
Music: "Transcendence" by Saul Guanipa (ASCAP) via

  • Here on earth we are fighting for land.

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  • Wonder what the temperature is outside the Perseverance rover. I cannot fined it anywhere on FIstream or the regular internet.

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  • Man is sure to be there tomorrow....

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  • Amazing that Even found the Mars Rover MIllions of miles away but cant find Missing MH370

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  • Amazing that Even found the Mars Rover MIllions of miles away but cant find Missing MH370

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    • vehicles. ☮️

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  • опять небось в павильоне фотки натёпали, а в ютубе миллионы просмотров гробастают, как говорил знаменитый: "не верю"

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    • America before Roswell with our own Government officials and military forces. 4 It takes you less time and leaves you feeling secure to remain within your chosen boundaries

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    • @Lumalee for fuck sake. Enjoy fantasy land! I would give anything to be there the moment and see the look on youre face when you people realize youve all been lied to. When i was 6 i believed santa was real

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    • @Derek Kelley oh right, because thats definitely where these were taken. Can you prove that?

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    • @Lumalee if you hurry and run to devon island you can get in a photo bomb

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  • And just to think if you were standing there like you stand on earth, you would pass out instantly and die shortly after.

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    • I can't believe we are looking at images from another world.

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  • Jethro Crater! Thats over in Bevey Hills...

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  • Cool, Arizona s Desert looking great

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  • Bleak....Desolate..... and not a single Starbucks in sight.

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  • Maybe one day, one of my grandchildren would be there

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  • Magnifiques photos de la Planète Mars !

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    • Australia

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  • Temp Consider the logistics of this amazing achievement. We send a Robot rover with a mini helicopter attached to it 140 million miles away. Thats over a tenth of a billion miles. Traveling around the sun first at over 25000 miles an hour. Thats almost 400 miles a minute or 7 miles in a second. You could go from NY to FL in under 2 minutes. Now think about this craft has to meet the planet at exactly the right time within a second or so while the planet rotates around the sun in an elliptical orbit. Then finally landing on the surface inside the center of a crater only 4 miles wide. Yet we can’t count election votes accurately.

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  • Great. Mars a giant pile of dirt.

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  • So beautiful! Look up into the night sky. All those stars are sun's. 40 billion in our tiny Galaxy. Trillions more galaxies out there. Why do people think we are the only, oldest, and most advanced beings? 1 Ego 2 most of our religions seem to pressure us into blindness. Though a few years ago Catholics added a clause- other beings can exist in a universe made by an All powerful God. 3 There is a pervasive, prevalent, long term global bullying and stigma attached to admitting seeing, or meeting alien life. This started in America before Roswell with our own Government officials and military forces. 4 It takes you less time and leaves you feeling secure to remain within your chosen boundaries even if these boundaries cause you pain or limit your life greatly. I'm grateful for these images and I hope we don't kill ourselves off before we can create better outer space travel vehicles. ☮️

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    • Fantastic!

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    • Уникальные кадры.Кажется,что это где-то у нас, в пустынях Африки или Южной Америки ... Вот вот пробежит кто-нибудь живой :)) А нет, это другая планета. Фантасти

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  • I can't believe we are looking at images from another world.

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  • Mars looks just like California.

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    • @Robert Jensen IQ is for losers.

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    • Except the IQ of Mars is much higher.

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  • One thing i can say after seeing it that our earth is millions of times better than it

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  • We are just an atom in an endless universe that is never ending Imagine what else is out there

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  • Is the planet Mars an oblate spheroid ?

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    • @vbddfy euuyt what is the point with our question ? No offense, sorry, ahah

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    • Amazing that Even found the Mars Rover MIllions of miles away but cant find Missing MH370

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  • I'd love to know who the 903 people are that disliked this video, what on Mars is their problem...

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  • Elton John got it right...windy and cold as hell...not a place to raise your kids. And no magnetic field= DEAD PLANET

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  • This is one super big LIE¡¡¡¡¡

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  • A marvellous achievement. The astonishing power and ingenuity of the human mind and intellect. What next?

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  • Уникальные кадры.Кажется,что это где-то у нас, в пустынях Африки или Южной Америки ... Вот вот пробежит кто-нибудь живой :)) А нет, это другая планета. Фантастика ! Unique frames.It seems that it is somewhere in our country, in the deserts of Africa or South America ... Just about to run through someone alive :)) But no, it's another planet. Fantastic!

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  • Amazing that Even found the Mars Rover MIllions of miles away but cant find Missing MH370

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    • That’s cuz they don’t want it found

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  • Will they ever release video, pictures are amazing but technology must allow for videos surely 🧐

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  • "Wow !!!! Did you SEE THAT" ???? "What ??? ...where" ?? " Ohhhh sorry......fuck all...but sand and rocks". AGAIN.

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  • Its obvious that if you look closely at those rocks some are not rocks and appear to be remains of machinery. I mean nature doesn't put holes in rocks or stones. Have you ever seen any at the edge of a river ? Well if you did not many and if you did that was caused by what ? Very long term water erosion. See any water on Mars ?

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  • If you did not know before, this picture probably has shown you what a planet with no life looks like, with no oxygen, atmosphere, or water - Boring, dead, quiet, mainly useless or if it had riches, it would be for no one and of no value - I think you understand now, that LIFE Created by the Almighty is SOO Much more Precious, EARTH is so much more precious, water, oceans, mountains, fertile earth, animals, humans, bugs, birds, plants all bring so much beauty to our earth because it is a living BEING - so much to appreciate, so much to love, so much to cherish - YET we take it for granted and spoil its oceans, pollute its atmosphere, kills its animals and wildlife, destroy its forests, abuse it in any way and the possible way... HOW horrible are we? THINK about that! It will be a matter of time that Earth too will be like a Mars - Mysterious and DEAD - there will no you, no me, no birds, no animals, no water, no life, no grass, no plants - just silence and filled with garbage and skeletons - WAKE UP!!! TAKE care of our EARTH - start by looking in the mirror as to who to start with !!

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  • Rubbish dead planet full of dirt and rock's no water and no vegetation a waste of money and time on this planet.

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  • I thought it was a Red Planet?

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  • Wow who would have thought Mars was a baron rocky planet incredible .

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  • Humans cannot space travel. there is no technolgy intelligent enough to even distinguish between star or expo or intra planets..... this illusion is mischeivous to say the least......everything in the universe is measured in lightyears.... that is beyond mortal intervention. but babylon makes the rules. for now

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    • When I see ... I always think "I want to try the drugs you've been taking"

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  • i can see my house from here

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  • Hello! Is anybody out there?!

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  • So similar to what I see through my room's window!

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  • The Bible says that God created life. We don't know if He also created life on other planets, but the Bible says that the entire universe suffers the consequences of man's sin (Revelation 6; 12-14). If there is extraterrestrial life, its nature is also fallen.

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  • Congrats, NASA! You've confirmed rocks & sand on Mars & NO water! Who wants to go die on Mars?!

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    • Actually - the water part has not been confirmed yet.

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  • Amazing images.

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  • So he is in a crater?

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  • photoshopped images

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  • Who down votes this?

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  • First porn star on Mars. Jezero Crater rims in a 369.

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  • So my curiosity Q is the hypothesis in why we see rocks of various sizes. What planetary (or extraplanetary) caused those to occur?

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    • There is an image on the internet taken from an orbiter that has been animated from a number of images showing a landslide on Mars. That, meteorite landings, wind erosion and extreme temperature variances will cause rocks to fragment.

      Chris P. Coff33Chris P. Coff33Uukausi sitten
    • There is a German professor called Beer. He wrote a computer program to determine what happens when you drop rocks down a 2/3 of a mile hole. He's your man.

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  • Oh hey...more boring pics of the Martian surface. Don't we have these Viking? Why do they continue to pretend these are so amazing. Meh.

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    • @John Hazenhousen Not sure how many fingers you have on your hand, but I doubt you have anywhere close to 49. Hardly "a handful". Not to mention the surface has a dearth of personality. Rocks and sand. Seen it once, it looks the same in every image. It's like being in the desert and saying "hey we have more pictures of the sand dunes!!".

      Todd FarkmanTodd FarkmanUukausi sitten
    • @Todd Farkman Right... 49 times it has happened - including orbiters and _unsuccessful missions._ Are you just a troll, Todd?

      John HazenhousenJohn HazenhousenUukausi sitten
    • @Chris P. Coff33 Yes, hopefully the next cool images will show buildings being erected and plants growing. Or bodies of water liquefying.

      Todd FarkmanTodd FarkmanUukausi sitten
    • @John Hazenhousen We have images in color from Viking 1 in 1976. They aren't as nice, but it's the same barren sandy planet images. As for "just a handful" this is a list of the 49 (and counting) spacecraft missions (including unsuccessful ones) relating to the planet Mars, such as orbiters and rovers.

      Todd FarkmanTodd FarkmanUukausi sitten
    • @Todd Farkman what is amazing is the resolution of these images, and the sheer number of cameras on the rover, not so much the actual subject. There are a lot of firsts for the this mission, and that's really the things that everyone is so happy about.

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  • amazing

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  • israel : ok , now we can destroy earth with only 5 nuclears bombs

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  • Low gravity, only very tiny trace amounts of oxygen, and no magnetic field to protect you from radiation and solar flares. A lot different than Earth. They are going to have to send many supply missions there before humans can land there and live.

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  • is it me but this looks so fake

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    • Yeah it does look fake , that's why it's probably the real thing ;-)

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  • I'm so out of shape, I feel like the Roswell alien autopsy video

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  • What part or Arazona is this lol

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  • Devon Island Canada. Lovely isn't it ? NASA LIES

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    • nasa in hebrew (too decieve)

      it's 1984it's 1984Uukausi sitten
    • 👍👍👍👍it certainly does

      it's 1984it's 1984Uukausi sitten

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  • Well at least they have good music on Mars. I thought they'd be more into rock, though.

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  • Fake Nasa 🤥

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  • Meanwhile in Sahara desert

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  • 360°? Yeah right.. I don't know how they "got to mars" if they don't know what 360° means.

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  • И что там делать человеку???

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  • Aucun respect pour la musique du vent sur Mars! élémentaire mon cher Watson...

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  • Человек никогда не сможет жить на Марсе: покинув энерго-информационные поля Земли, он потеряет разумность, т.е. полёт землянина на Марс - это путешествие в один конец! В условиях, когда на Земле с невероятной скоростью нарастают климатические и социальные потрясения, мы тратим колоссальные средства на несбыточные проекты. Разумно ли это? Барановский В.В. на канале "Перспектива" открыто и честно говорит об этом.

    Надежда СмирноваНадежда СмирноваUukausi sitten
    • I didn't understand, but I completely agree.

      Moises GoncalvesMoises GoncalvesUukausi sitten
    • Yep.

      Moises GoncalvesMoises GoncalvesUukausi sitten
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