OTB Tour Skins #13 | F9 | Hornets Nest

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OTB Sponsored Tour Series Skins #13
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2020 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship
Disc Golf Pro Tour
Hornets Nest DGC
Charlotte, North Carolina
Hosted by Luke Humpries
Kevin Jones
Chris Dickerson
Calvin Heimburg
Simon Lizotte
Patreon: www.patreon.com/GKpro
Facebook: GK Productions
Insta: gk_productions918

  • kevin always having so much fun

    prod botprod botUukausi sitten
  • Kevin saying he was playing Catan made my day. What a human

    Jack MurgasJack MurgasUukausi sitten
  • @ 17:32 great balls of fire

    Stephen KestellStephen KestellUukausi sitten
  • Really engaging content. It’s fun to see these guys out here razzing each other

    BlackHawk10000BlackHawk10000Uukausi sitten
  • Love these videos. Honestly a great intro song. It's a bop

    Asa SmithAsa SmithUukausi sitten
  • Nice as always!! Love hearing and seeing players relaxing and razzing and having fun. I gotta say GK Pro merch with Hogan on it would be awesome.

    Justin SextonJustin SextonUukausi sitten
  • Chris Dickerson is shockingly hilarious

    David BeadleDavid BeadleUukausi sitten
  • great card ! there having a cool time, good banter!!

    Jr 07fotoJr 07fotoUukausi sitten
  • "Calvin's got a flick left so statistically he's screwed" ~Kevin Jones~

    KT420ishKT420ishUukausi sitten
  • Great line up!

    Omnibus NemoOmnibus NemoUukausi sitten
  • Hogan, the goodest disc golf boi.

    hobbsgoblin15hobbsgoblin15Uukausi sitten
  • The foreshadowing of Kevin smacking Chris tho👀👀

    luke hesseluke hesseUukausi sitten
  • KJUSA def ripped a fat dab of live resin before this round that’s why he’s cheesing so hard

    Christian MurphyChristian MurphyUukausi sitten
  • Hey McDonald’s call Kevin Jones , we need a new happy meal toy ! And a commercial

    Aloeocpm ErfgAloeocpm ErfgUukausi sitten
  • Chris reminds me of Phil Collins in the late 1970s for some reason....all fun guys to watch

    Cody FortenberryCody FortenberryUukausi sitten
  • dickersons first putt"almost like maple hill". a true boss

    slmnmndr coslmnmndr coUukausi sitten
  • Who covered USDGC?

    Alex MertensAlex MertensUukausi sitten
  • 2:54 Kevin Jones with his Trusty 750 M C-2 . Great for starting your day off with an approach.

    _ Moses__ Moses_Uukausi sitten
  • Dude this is the best quality video I've ever seen. I've never seen these guys in such nice hd. You've stepped up your game for real. 10/10 content.

    Donald StonerDonald StonerUukausi sitten
  • Kev’s Calvin face is gold.

    K guK guUukausi sitten
  • Wow never realized how childish kevin is

    James ScottJames ScottUukausi sitten
  • 36:43 You know if Big Jerm is there, he's waiting for that machine to go by, then complaining about it after...

    TheSunbeamsBerlinTheSunbeamsBerlinUukausi sitten
  • Kevin is the funniest dude on tour. Love that man

    Luke MillerLuke MillerUukausi sitten
  • enjoyed the round, especially the energy and commentary!! Need more shots of Hogan!!

    Justin LongleyJustin LongleyUukausi sitten
  • Kev is on the bus!

    Jeremy KnightonJeremy KnightonUukausi sitten
  • Lol I don't drink coffee, but clearly the subtitles dictated the types of ads I get this round. Thanks for that Kevin. Big Google is Watching!

    Jeremy KnightonJeremy KnightonUukausi sitten
  • Can we get the camera guy at 41:15 a raise?

    Damon MundayDamon MundayUukausi sitten
  • Hogan at the end there made me melt a little

    StealthyGolemStealthyGolemUukausi sitten
  • Was it just a few years ago we asked, who’s gonna win this week, Paul or Ricky? Now we just ask who’s gonna win this week? Does anyone else miss Nate Sexton?

    Everett McDonaldEverett McDonaldUukausi sitten
  • well we all know kevin has no chance cause he sucks at this course

    Sam HoefertSam HoefertUukausi sitten
  • They need to keep having more events, the weathers still nice

    G StatG StatUukausi sitten
  • 31:50 man they are just hating on chris dickerson so bad

    Benjamin LinnBenjamin LinnUukausi sitten
  • I love on hole 1 how Calvin drives and then CRACKKK against a tree, and Simon says "that tree is the worst." LOL. Love these Skins videos, you guys have done such a fun thing with these. Also I think you have the best music of any disc golf channel, so good!

    dr05guitardr05guitarUukausi sitten
  • "you gotta wake up, i stayed up late last night...." "playing catan?" "catan.. yeah, actually a lot of catan." "yeah, well, that's what happens." "heck yeah" dang i wish i was a pro disc golfer so bad lmao, that sounds like the life

    Benjamin LinnBenjamin LinnUukausi sitten
  • Hell yeah Catan!!

    chameliozchameliozUukausi sitten
  • Poor Hogan got put in jail this round. BOOOOOOO

  • Yo kevin jones with the Catan!. I feel like board games and disc golf go together so well!!

    Andy AndersonAndy AndersonUukausi sitten
  • Why are people complaining about who won championship? It's been a while since that aired already

    bbnzorbbnzorUukausi sitten
  • KJ with the chicanery on hole 2.

    Michael JonesMichael JonesUukausi sitten
  • Really enjoyed watching all of these, is there going to be some Winter Edition Skins during the off-season?

    CopperHail69CopperHail69Uukausi sitten
  • Shout out to Calvin for the Kevin Garnett reference! Like if you caught it.

    Jarred WingJarred WingUukausi sitten
  • ouf FACK... havent been used instagram for 3 weeks, all cuz i dont want to get spoiled " USDGC " thank youuuuuuuu

    Tommy ErikssonTommy ErikssonUukausi sitten
  • USDGC Spoilers throughout the whole thing. Ignore this video until after USDGC release.

    Josiah LonswayJosiah LonswayUukausi sitten
  • pretty sure the on-screen website for harpoon larry is wrong. www.harpoonlarrydiscgolf.com/

    Kevin HerringtonKevin HerringtonUukausi sitten
  • Four of the most likeable elite athletes going. I just love disc golf.

    Bro HemeBro HemeUukausi sitten
  • Awesome as always, but spoiling the USDGC for everyone waiting for the CCDG post coverage :(

    tothartotharUukausi sitten
  • I would love to see one of the guys show up with a circular saw blade in their bag!

    Ulrich Von StompUlrich Von StompUukausi sitten
  • I want 10:20 as the sound for every time I get a text

    David M CarterDavid M CarterUukausi sitten
  • JK's kick on Chris's putt on hole 2 was priceless what.

    Cale DaviesCale DaviesUukausi sitten
  • Definitely going to miss these more than the tournament coverage

    R. WagonerR. WagonerUukausi sitten
  • Coming in HOT with the usdgc spoilers 🔥

    Shiva BestShiva BestUukausi sitten
    • Yes I had managed to avoid them and was looking forward to watching it without knowing. Oh well

      Daniel AdderleyDaniel AdderleyUukausi sitten
  • KJ in the intro comin' in with those low key washed-up-old-chipmunk-whos-seen-some-shit vibes

    Shiva BestShiva BestUukausi sitten
  • Hoagie is the real MVP ❤️

    Lavajava100Lavajava100Uukausi sitten
  • Where'd Calvin get that shirt?!

    Spencer WayneSpencer WayneUukausi sitten
  • It's funny that shot KJ had on 8 with the A3 was one his his best shots on the final day.

    Brian SanchezBrian SanchezUukausi sitten
  • Gonna miss all these guys. What a great season!

    Brian SanchezBrian SanchezUukausi sitten
  • I knew there was a video missing.🤗

    MrBeastx6MrBeastx6Uukausi sitten
  • Was this filmed before the tournament?

    Darric ObingerDarric ObingerUukausi sitten
  • Luke, I'm glad the Ranger called you out on Hogan being on a leash. I had two pit bulls run up on me last weekend on the course and i'm not a dog person. Everyone please be a responsible pet owner. Not all of us are dog people.

    Clay ParkerClay ParkerUukausi sitten
  • Great coverage! I’d say it needed at least 5 more commercials though! 😂

    _D_Loera_D_LoeraUukausi sitten
  • 31:20 Hogan kills stick

    Jon HeyeJon HeyeUukausi sitten
  • Luke always looks like he's laid back and enjoying the buzz.

  • 14:30 Simon “was that German?”. Incredible.

    Andrew JoelsonAndrew JoelsonUukausi sitten
  • 🚨 I’m just going to say it LOUD and PROUD... Calvin J. Heimburg for PRESIDENT! 🚨 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 now drop a like 👇 👊😎👊

    Chris HerberChris HerberUukausi sitten
  • Fuckimg catan so much fun

    Brian BeaulieuBrian BeaulieuUukausi sitten
  • These things are so well done. Really glad the players open up, wouldn't be the same if they tried too hard.

    smtxsmtxUukausi sitten
  • Hogan with best best razz of the round.

    J.T.J.T.Uukausi sitten
  • Kev, get an eagle and you can do it too!! (Referring to hole 8 drive) EagleL the sickest hyzer flip disc ever made!

    JSozKVBFJSozKVBFUukausi sitten
  • Poor Hogan was put on a leash. Mean old park ranger.

    TheUnderScoreTheUnderScoreUukausi sitten
  • “High turn over? Disc will be a PD2”...wow, Simon doing Simon things.

    Tanner Allen Disc GolfTanner Allen Disc GolfUukausi sitten
  • @14:21 is the best. Simon: "Was that German?"

    Robert PageRobert PageUukausi sitten
    • @Deston Bailey yeah it really sounds like a genuine question haha

      Big BobBig BobUukausi sitten
    • yeah that leads me to believe that simon legit thought he spoke german by accident and has done it in the past hahaha

      Deston BaileyDeston BaileyUukausi sitten
    • i say things like that to my girlfriend when she’s on the course with me lol humphries nailed the response

      eric parzycheric parzychUukausi sitten
  • I really do wish you'd keep a collar on your dog at least. You should leash the good boy too, if only to make sure he never darts in the street after a squirrel. I live next to a disc golf course and I've seen 2 dogs get hit next to it doing exactly that. Keep up the great entertaining videos. Love the look behind the scenes at everyone's personalities during the round.

    Matt ClementsMatt ClementsUukausi sitten
  • I should have known they would spoil who won the USDGC. I had gone this long without finding out. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Michael JarnaginMichael JarnaginUukausi sitten
  • Geez Simon on hole 3...insane

    Alex HeimbergerAlex HeimbergerUukausi sitten
  • Lizzotte backs out of quarters, just to play skins?

    AbhorSHUN1AbhorSHUN1Uukausi sitten
    • AbhorSHUN1 Simon decided to back out of the event before it ever started, after having to abort a practice round due to pain. But this skins match was filmed before all of that.

      Jim Whitaker MusicJim Whitaker MusicUukausi sitten
  • Hogan moment at the end was my favorite part

    Goose BiscuitsGoose BiscuitsUukausi sitten
  • Crazy to think Simon was probably playing this round in so much pain

    glamm7runnerglamm7runnerUukausi sitten
  • Calvin on hole 4 with sarcasm as both struggle: wonder who’s playing better now Kev, you or me. Tournament spoiler below. Calvin shoots course record. Kevin wins the tournament.

    Rob LovvornRob LovvornUukausi sitten
  • Calvin is a straight up legend. Oh my god.

    Maxwell SuperMaxwell SuperUukausi sitten
  • Nice 3 out of the top 5 players in World plus Simon Lizotte.

    brian6speedbrian6speedUukausi sitten
  • I could see it in kjs eyes he played alot of video games last night

    Tom BrockhoffTom BrockhoffUukausi sitten
  • Hogan at the end made my day.

    Brendon BaileyBrendon BaileyUukausi sitten
  • Talk about the best line up for this format. Laughed the whole time! Awesome sauce 😝

    Alex PetersAlex PetersUukausi sitten
  • Yes! With KJ (and his razzing), this should be fun. Excited to watch. 😊

    Diana StojkovicDiana StojkovicUukausi sitten
  • Hornet's Nest!! I had the pleasure of meeting these guys again as a spotter during the tournament. Great weekend of disc golf!

    Theron HobbsTheron HobbsUukausi sitten
  • KJUSA plays Catan!!?? If he wasn't my favorite player before he definitely is now lol. Kevin if you read this I have an entire boardgame room in my house and you're welcome anytime brother

    CashCat 4LyfeCashCat 4LyfeUukausi sitten
  • If you find the road on hole 1, that's a skin in itself haha

    Theron HobbsTheron HobbsUukausi sitten
  • so you're telling me Kevin learned how to throw the a3 that basically won him the tournament right here on hole 8?

    LimeLimeUukausi sitten
  • Great

    xxfaction6xxxxfaction6xxUukausi sitten
  • “Guess I’m just gonna go home, no reason to be here”😂

    Logan JohnsonLogan JohnsonUukausi sitten
  • Next skin order...lowest to highest point total after a game of Catan.

    Earl ThomasEarl ThomasUukausi sitten
  • You really shouldn't spoil the winners of tournaments that haven't been posted up on FIstream yet. I daresay most people didn't shell out for the PPV and were waiting for CCDG's coverage to be posted. Now, thanks to Luke, it's been spoiled for anyone who decided to watch this beforehand.

    Bryan FraserBryan FraserUukausi sitten
    • I agree. I literally yelled “f*ck” when he spoiled who won the USDCG. Not cool...simply not cool. My favorite tournament. I’ve been avoiding my local dubbz scene for that exact reason. Ultimately, I’m just sad. I usually watch the USDCG live, it’s one of my favorite tournaments. Damn.

      MaicoMaicoUukausi sitten
  • Hey guys please don't spoil the outcome in the comments section 😃 Singed, Karen

    Richard PhillipsRichard PhillipsUukausi sitten
  • Are you kidding me with this card? Doesn't get much better. Great stuff and thanks to OTB.

    Jason HarpoldJason HarpoldUukausi sitten
  • Maybe next season if these continue we can get Luke to play in one of these bad boys. He is a great host but I would like to see him play a round. Have KJ host that one.

    Brandon HarrBrandon HarrUukausi sitten
    • This is happening at VPO later this year 😉

      GK ProGK ProUukausi sitten
  • 9:56 the first time kevin has ever said a swear word in his life

    DevinedDevinedUukausi sitten
    • Lol... Don't think so!!!

      Leon PuzonLeon PuzonUukausi sitten
  • Why did Kevin win? Because of the awesome dance on Hole 7 and petting of goodest boy Hogan.

    travis williamstravis williamsUukausi sitten
    • Pretty sure it was a Jake Lauber impersonation: fistream.info/work/videot/oqumcanZhWfGknk

      NathanNathanUukausi sitten
  • dang, could have used spoiler warning for USDGC! was waiting for the free coverage...

    Keenan TrollKeenan TrollUukausi sitten
    • I was thinking he exact same thing. Kinda pissed me off a little

      Kelly PerryKelly PerryUukausi sitten
    • Yea we almost made it too lol

      flyingpersianflyingpersianUukausi sitten
    • YES! Jesus Christ, the vast majority of disc golf fans probably didn't see the PPV coverage and are waiting for CCDG's coverage to go up. And fucking Luke spoils the whole thing. What a jackass move.

      Bryan FraserBryan FraserUukausi sitten
  • I love seeing the more relaxed side of Calvin. Super fun to watch all these guys.

    FlyinPhynix FPVFlyinPhynix FPVUukausi sitten
  • 34:08 Calvin is like a Seinfeld character

    Alli BosakAlli BosakUukausi sitten