NDGC 2019 | Final Round Front 9 | Lunde, Kveseth, Håland, Hakstad | Sexton Commentary!

18 206 Näkymät

The Norwegian Disc Golf Championship 2019, Final Round lead card coverage. Watch Peter Lunde [NOR], Knut Håland [NOR], Håkon Kveseth [NOR] and Ståle Stai Hakstad [NOR] compete for the title.
Big thanks to Nate Sexton for doing the commentary!

  • Wow, Sexton is probably the only person who can commentary on a course he's never been at and still make it seem like he knows whats needed about every hole. Amazing

    Mathias LaustrupMathias LaustrupVuosi sitten
  • Great production & commentary. I really like the hole map on drone flights.

    Fred-Erik TehvanFred-Erik TehvanVuosi sitten
  • Beautiful course, great players, and great commentary by Nate. Nothing like a good round of disc golf!

    Eliot JohnstonEliot JohnstonVuosi sitten
  • 1:00 imagine the biggest grip lock straight to the not so cheap bumper

    mosk11ttomosk11ttoVuosi sitten
  • As always, great commentary by Nate!

    Conny SandströmConny SandströmVuosi sitten
  • Such a beautiful course great coverage!

    Ryan WrightRyan WrightVuosi sitten