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  • Who's here when the Leafs were eliminated by Columbus and the cap will be flat for at least 2-3 years

    ekenpwnekenpwn5 kuukautta sitten
  • Wasn’t he always a leaf?

    Coasterhocky Gaming BoyCoasterhocky Gaming Boy5 kuukautta sitten
  • That Holl take lol

    The Wandering BudThe Wandering Bud8 kuukautta sitten
  • The cap goes up... *laughs in social distance*

    Anni LaufeysonAnni Laufeyson8 kuukautta sitten
  • Steve just chugged an entire red bull

    Ice711Ice7119 kuukautta sitten
  • i thought he was about to burst a vessel 🤦

    dark1cadark1caVuosi sitten
  • Boston!

    Tancosteel FornicationTancosteel FornicationVuosi sitten
  • $ 95 mill lol

    Tancosteel FornicationTancosteel FornicationVuosi sitten
  • Where did you get the mask

    Travis SkinnerTravis SkinnerVuosi sitten
  • The intro is satisfying

    Alberta GamingAlberta GamingVuosi sitten
  • Turning red assuming anyone listens to the podcast, Steve this is your good channel. Forgive anyone for not knowing your take on Marner bcause they choose to view your worthwhile content

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  • If you think spending half your cap on 4 players is going to win you the cup, ask Chicago how it's going.

    David OhDavid OhVuosi sitten
  • This video gave me heartburn.

    Joey Di FrancoJoey Di FrancoVuosi sitten
  • Steve - what are your thoughts on the Leafs potentially making a trade for Christian Dvorak from the Coyotes? I watched those two when they played for the London Knights together and the chemistry they had was just ridiculous. I know defense is the main issue for Toronto to figure out right now but I can't help but wonder. Also, Dubas would have to worry about Dvorak's $4.45 mill AAV cap hit, and not to mention that Dvorak would have to embrace the idea of playing LW instead of C and I know this basically gives Hyman the boot from that line but I'm just saying it's some food for thought. I know it's highly unlikely and probably won't ever happen, but one can dream right? lol Dvorak - Tavares - Marner ...... pretty scary trio right there.

    Reggie HowserReggie HowserVuosi sitten
  • Dope Ass Team! Love it, Steve!

    Anthony LarsenAnthony LarsenVuosi sitten
  • Steve you bleed blue and white ! The underground leader of Leaf Nation ! Love it ! 🏒 🇨🇦

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  • I see 2 or 3 years to make that cup run, but get out of the first and looking like turds

    Jason BroadbentJason BroadbentVuosi sitten
  • Having not much of our defencemen signed for next year with 15 mill to play with will be our next biggest problem!

    Paul VardonPaul VardonVuosi sitten
  • So...this guy is almost 40...?

    Tom BradyTom BradyVuosi sitten
  • Two year window to get it done, and get it done with a mediocre defense. Way too much money tied up on 3 players. All forwards by the way. Three great players no doubt, outstanding players, but it will be hard (if not impossible) for Toronto to build a complete team. In other news the sky is blue. As an outside observer I don't see this as good for Toronto. I have been happy for them to have a contender the past few years. Lord knows their fans have been through enough, and they deserve some joy. However I see this falling apart now - GM is too starstruck with big names.

    Edward SchmidtEdward SchmidtVuosi sitten
  • fire dumbass dubas , guys a fucking IDIOT thanks for the 50 more years of not winning shit ! guy fucked up keeping sparks , getting matthews for 5 years , way over paying nylander , and now vastly over paying marner. Dubas is a fucking clown knew we were fucked when they let Mark Hunter walk.

    Jaerock ChalkJaerock ChalkVuosi sitten
  • hey steve where did you get that wooden leafs logo on the wall??

    Chrisd5341Chrisd5341Vuosi sitten
  • Technically he was always a Leaf. Now he's a Leaf that can play.

    Andrew PersaudAndrew PersaudVuosi sitten
  • So 40 million dollars for 4 players? Wow! I’m so happy it isn’t Pittsburgh.

    Daniel H.Daniel H.Vuosi sitten
  • Do you wear depends ? Freaking like that you must shit your pants

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  • I absolutely love Mitch Marner! So happy he is signed and I get to continue watchi ng all of his games. You will see that he is worth every penny and more.........An asset to this team that they just could not afford to lose. Thank you Kyle Dubas!

    Diane MoncionDiane MoncionVuosi sitten

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  • *Talks about the coincidence of numbers* ... makes video 16:34 :O

    Adam TaylorAdam TaylorVuosi sitten
  • Hey Steve, huge leafs fan and I love your channel and podcasts. I’m in the middle of a Leafs cave Reno just wondering where you got your Leafs sign on the center of your back wall. Cheers go leafs go

    I am BatDanI am BatDanVuosi sitten
  • LOVE IT! Cannot wait for this year! I will miss Kadri and Gards... but this is ALL GOOD!

    Christie CChristie CVuosi sitten
  • St Louis defense was good but they had played bad early on. If you go back to the beginning of last year some said they would be in the Stanley Cup finals. So to say fan in Toronto shouldn't worry about the blueline is just something that we will have to agree to disagree on! I don't see you winning a cup without 6 solid guys on your blueline!

    Chris NurnbergChris NurnbergVuosi sitten
  • I'm happy he is playing for the Leafs but now he is eating up the cap space fans have the right to be critical of his play. If he isn't living up the that $11M then fans have the right to judge him and lash out about him. Sorry when you want 13.4% of the team cap you better meet those expectations. Best of luck to Mitch and the group. No excuses this year. Win or this core must be split up moving forward!

    Chris NurnbergChris NurnbergVuosi sitten
  • "I watch, I yell. That is my relationship with the Toronto Maple Leafs..." Someone put that on a T-shirt ASAP! Pure GOLD!!

    Kelly RutitisKelly RutitisVuosi sitten
  • You’re literally 15 million dollars over the cap. 😂 Have fun getting penalized for that.

    Koby SchechterKoby SchechterVuosi sitten
    • Lol really? Do some research and watch ....

      Chris FosterChris FosterVuosi sitten
  • Steve "ARE YOU NOT UNTERTAINED " Hi from An Edmonton Oilers fans

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  • Man if ever there was a guy I wanted to have a pint with it is Steve Dangle

    Will ParkerWill ParkerVuosi sitten
  • First 20 seconds was my reaction to Ash Ketchum finally winning a championship. Okay, maybe not THAT crazy.

    808sNLimitBreaks808sNLimitBreaksVuosi sitten
  • Mitch is a ghost in the playoffs! He’s not built for it

    Michael ReyesMichael ReyesVuosi sitten
  • Steve's neighbors (down the street) had 911 on speed dial for this one (which is a weird move cuz it's only 3 numbers)

    ImpuhlzImpuhlzVuosi sitten
  • Bruins will knock them out again. Book it.

    Sanjay BakshiSanjay BakshiVuosi sitten
  • Are NHL teams allowed to carry less than a 23 man roster? I thought someone else would have thought of this hack already? I think allowing smaller rosters gives another unfair advantage to teams with their affiliate teams in the same city.

    Joachim HackshawJoachim HackshawVuosi sitten
  • overpaid, pettersson is better

    dsrevo79dsrevo79Vuosi sitten
  • 12:30 best 60 seconds of leafs hype ive ever heard!

    Spencer DavisSpencer DavisVuosi sitten
  • Leafs have a lot of great trade bait to fill in the defence over the next few years.

    BubblesBubblesVuosi sitten
  • Mitch Marner is my favorite Leafs he sees the ice like the great one. When i watch Marner on TV it's like having a controler in your hand and he does what you asked him to do. I wouldn't be surprised to see a big injury happen with Marner this year hope he keeps his head up it's good thing he has eyes in the back of his head. Go Leafs Go !

    BubblesBubblesVuosi sitten
  • Wow leafs are screwed time to root someone else

    R DubyaR DubyaVuosi sitten
  • I feel like if Steve would yell at you in real life, you wouldn't be able to take him seriously haha

    FineMan31FineMan31Vuosi sitten
  • I. Love. You.

    Deborah TorokDeborah TorokVuosi sitten
  • Can they resign Barrie, Ceci, and Muzzin? the defence core for the next year may be hard to keep with the limited cap space. I'm interested to see what Dubas will do next year with around 16m in cap space! Congrats on the signing though, good offensive core for quite some time!

    Jeremie SavoieJeremie SavoieVuosi sitten
  • The Leafs this year have a sick team lol. Lets hope we can go all the way!!!!

    Nagato UzumakìNagato UzumakìVuosi sitten
  • I am happy that this is all finally over now the trolls on S.N can troll about something else. Go Leafs!

    Nagato UzumakìNagato UzumakìVuosi sitten
  • damn all the money damn Bruins out....

  • The most annoying man on the Internet. I’m a leafs fan and I hate this idiot.

    MartinMartinVuosi sitten
  • SB stands for signing bonus

    Alex Di SeraAlex Di SeraVuosi sitten
  • Sad that he got overpaid

    Tom SandholmTom SandholmVuosi sitten
  • Well said steve

    Derrick BouchardDerrick BouchardVuosi sitten
  • Lmfao over paid for marner leafs are a joke there still losers like this guy Steve lmao

    Joe Auger-GladueJoe Auger-GladueVuosi sitten
  • You are hands down my favourite leaf fan of all time

    alexander percyalexander percyVuosi sitten
  • Hey, Steve, I assume you're going to continue the Marner Jar, or maybe it becomes the Freddy Jar, or the we-have-no-defense jar. It would be nice if the Jar had a running tally next to the link in the info panel, so we can see how it's going. I don't know if it's possible, just an idea...

    Windwalker57Windwalker57Vuosi sitten
  • None of the leafs top players are great two way players and Marner is the ultimate cream puff. You need your top offensive players to be great defensive players also in the playoffs. See the Raptors in the same building. Avoiding another first round exit will be an accomplishment. No chips

    M MM MVuosi sitten
  • Marner is a small assists heavy wing cream puff and not worth that kind of money. Leafs overly offensive no defence system is really hurting them and it has been proven in effective in the playoffs despite having to pay for it regardless come UFA time. There is real value in instilling and developing defensive argument and habits into your top prospects than just letting them run and play pond hockey. Develop your prospects to play defence even if it sacrifices 15 points from their overall total pts per year compared to if they played pond hockey like in Toronto

    M MM MVuosi sitten
  • Steve really sounds like Charlie Day from "It's always sunny" when he's yelling.

    Ke GKe GVuosi sitten
  • theey should of let him go marner is over glorified

    N3xtF00lM4RTYRN3xtF00lM4RTYRVuosi sitten

    Daniel DossoDaniel DossoVuosi sitten
  • Steve... I'm drunk right now and you had three eyes throughout this entire video

    Nick MooreNick MooreVuosi sitten
  • Steve,, you bring a smile to my face every time you are on my screen. 11/10 legend, keep up the great work!

    Arie Van HarenArie Van HarenVuosi sitten
  • Well said .

    Mike PointMike PointVuosi sitten
  • The best intro I have ever watched. Period.

    Tj LeClairTj LeClairVuosi sitten
  • Who here is not even a leafs fan and is just here for Steve?

    Aiden NicholasAiden NicholasVuosi sitten
  • With marner deal what do you think brock is asking n worth

    Joshua AlecJoshua AlecVuosi sitten
  • Leafs defense is much better then last year. Reilly/Barrie, Muzzin/Ceci or Muzzin/Dermott(Always played on the right side, including jr., AHL) or and Dermott/Liljegren/Ceci/Sandin. Dermott will be a top 4. Hopefully Liljegren sticks and Sandin looks really good as well. Lindgren/Kivihalme/Harpur/Duszak/Hollowell/Schmaltz ect. Mikheyev might be or should be, the sleeper this year. He had similar numbers as Panarin and Dadonov, but didn't have the luxury of playing with powerhouse St Petersburg in the KHL. He played for a much worse team and over 20 other teams were trying to sign him. Next year barrie, Ceci and Muzzin are up. That leaves almost 10 million to sign Barrie. Thats without the cap going up. When Seattle enters the league, New U.S T.V deals and gambling % recieved, the cap will go way up. It went up over 4 million, when Vegas joined, so not including the t.v deals and gambling %. When the cap was at $71 million, Chicago had 4 players at 33 million. Pittsburgh had 36 million and Washington had 35 million. 5 cups. Dubas and Pridham are not stupid. If not for lamarelo signing zaitzev and the 3rd year for Marleau, not trading Gardiner when he had a chance, he hamstrung Dubas more then people think. This is Dubas's second season coming up. After next season. Because he had to give up a pick for marleau, trade zaitzev because hes zaitzev and not able to trade Gardiner because of a back injury, until dubas starts on July 1st, with a fresh slate, all picks, his team, then starting his 3rd year. Then we will see what he can really do. Hes already turned an already offensive machine into an offensive juggernaut and the defense is much better then last year. I would rather have Reilly/Barrie, Muzzin/Ceci Demott/Liljegren, then Reilly/Hainsey, Muzzin/Zaitzev and Dermott/Gardiner. Ottawa way overplayed Ceci. Less minutes could really help his game. Maybe Bracco turns out to be a top 2 or 3 line winger. He finished second in the AHL in his second year. We have 2 of the best Goalie prospects in the game. Scott and Woll.

    Joey PereiraJoey PereiraVuosi sitten
  • what a pinhead

    Day LateDay LateVuosi sitten
  • Panarin is number 2 on the cap hit :( haha go Rangers

    Vin ChiofaloVin ChiofaloVuosi sitten
  • so why hasnt anyone called the hyman tavares and marner line the GTA line

    frankie rizzifrankie rizziVuosi sitten
    • Greater Toronto Area? but their initials r HTM, now if it was Mattthews, Tavares, Marner line u cud have an ATM line (UK / US name for ABM) they certainly have plenty of cash!

      Joseph KingJoseph KingVuosi sitten
  • Idk why everyone says we have bad defense. Our top 4 is reilly Barrie muzzin and dermott when healthy. That’s better than like two thirds of the teams in the nhl

    BlapBlapVuosi sitten
  • Still wont pass first rd of playoffs

    Combs AlexCombs AlexVuosi sitten
  • Matthews, Tavares & Marner have a bigger cap hit than Crosby, Malkin, Letang & Guentzel combined. Nylander, on top of that, is almost being paid the same as Letang. And even the Penguins are having cap troubles.

    Z SmooveZ SmooveVuosi sitten
  • Love your rambunctiousness. Even though the I’m a diehard Habs fan I enjoy your rants. I’m happy you get to keep marrner. I watch him in awe and wish he was on my team. With that being said half of the cap on 4 players.- still need to sign all your D next year (except for Reilly). Gonna be tough signing other free agents knowing they won’t get paid. Better hope you got some gems in the system. And on a separate note any thoughts on what’s gonna happen during the Seattle expansion draft in regards to who they have to protect

    Tango9mmTango9mmVuosi sitten
  • Allot of these players are like a Russian bride who's only in it for the money.

    Wayne IhamakiWayne IhamakiVuosi sitten
  • So what happens when the Bruins eliminate the Leafs in the first round, again?

    John GerraughtyJohn GerraughtyVuosi sitten
  • Look, I'm not knocking it, but I don't like this personality for news and discussion. Have at it leafs fans, is there another leafs analyst who won't yell at me for no reason?

    mthiesemthieseVuosi sitten
  • best rant ever!!!!

    Phil CurrahPhil CurrahVuosi sitten
  • 11:32 _EPIC rant time! Yes! God, Dangle is just the best._

    McDavid Deserves BetterMcDavid Deserves BetterVuosi sitten
  • I jumped and yelled like he scored a goal last night. Love it

    Kyle MorrisonKyle MorrisonVuosi sitten
  • 4 players half the salary cap, good luck with that. By the way I am a Senators loser fan so I can't complain but I have to state the obvious.

    HockeyPlayoffRunHockeyPlayoffRunVuosi sitten
  • I actually have no idea whether or not he will get booed on opening night.

    Jacob B.Jacob B.Vuosi sitten
  • I'm in.

    Josh ScheererJosh ScheererVuosi sitten
  • Rielly has 3 years left on this contract buds

    The Dirty NorthThe Dirty NorthVuosi sitten
  • Boston is ready to fall.........the Leafs are primed to make a deep run.........pace yourself man!

    hoffy1955hoffy1955Vuosi sitten
  • Ah Steve you never disappoint... Now let's get going and enjoy the ride... 💙💙🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 MITCH MARNER IS A MAPLE LEAF...

    Lesley DaviesLesley DaviesVuosi sitten
  • Best. Video. Yet.

    PaddyPaddyVuosi sitten
  • next is The Barrie Jar?

    MetalBuds GamingMetalBuds GamingVuosi sitten
  • Red Bull is horrible.

    XerdozXerdozVuosi sitten
  • Steve Dingles (berry) I had a dream last night. Lil’ Mitch is skating in the neutral zone along the boards and his defender absolutely cranks the wee lad. Broken clavicle, hurt feelings, bruised ego and the squirt who all GM’s may have put a hit on is done for the season.

    dnoz13dnoz13Vuosi sitten
  • He a grown man

    BUBZ 1981BUBZ 1981Vuosi sitten
  • People gotta give credit to Dubas here. He didn’t cave to the short-term demands and he was able to keep our core together. He did well.

    Anthony VariAnthony VariVuosi sitten
  • Kiss that cup goodbye marner lmao

    Vincent McLeodVincent McLeodVuosi sitten
  • Dude, why aren’t you a Bruins fan? No one like you out there, life would be so much better if you had a twin that liked the Bruins. Listening to you almost makes me want to cheer for the Leafs. Almost. Go B’s!

    Paul LjucovicPaul LjucovicVuosi sitten
  • So, you're saying the top 9 players are tied up for at least 2 years? I didn't catch that, sorry.

    Andy DenialAndy DenialVuosi sitten