Minecraft: Escaping Herobrine's Prison

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I was put into prison by Herobrine but I planned an escape...
#Shorts #Minecraft
Music: RYLLZ - Nemesis

  • Love it

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  • Cringe🙄

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  • can anyone tell me whats the song is ?

    bryo milebryo mile45 minuuttia sitten
  • Cringe

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  • when I was a kid I didn’t sleep at night because of herobrine and now he became a fucking prison guard just why

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  • Whats the music

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  • Lava guy you are nice

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  • La musica es monita

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  • El herobrine le puso al pricio 😢

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  • I saw escape heroine's prison I can never unsee that

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  • Que proooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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  • Escapes Herobrines prison, and straight into his mansion. I’m sure things won’t go wrong!

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    • Yep

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  • Wow

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  • lOl

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  • I swear if I hear this is rather be on online school now

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  • what is the name of the song

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  • This is a copy of a video I saw

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  • That is Soloinstrument cool👌

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  • That’s not herobrine, he has red eyes and herobrine has white eyes

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  • Him : GOGOGOGO The bridge: yez im just taking my time

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  • Oh nop that is his evil more evil side thingu adopted brother

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  • I managed to escape with little life man vey top

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  • Last time i checked herobrine’s eyes are white

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  • Sooo cool

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  • 💓😎😎😎😮

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  • That aint herobrian Thats heroine

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  • Thank herobrian

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  • you saved

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  • what is this song??

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  • Songs ?

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  • L4l

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  • Çok çok güzel valla

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  • Thats cool

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  • Omg

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  • Pls this music

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  • اش اسم الاغنية

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  • Can we just take a moment and realise that he ate rotten flesh and did not get a affect

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  • Op

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  • Legend will come for sound

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  • What is sound name bro ?

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  • Nota 10+

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  • Owt hepen

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  • i love Will COOL

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  • Wath is the name of the music?

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  • Big cap he can do anything

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  • It was great but I see in Minecraft Steve is normal but Herobrine eyes is white not like that and the red stone block guy has a diamond sword not a pickaxe and he switches the level and I think It's the command block that the flooting blocks and the last who is behind the character?

    Syuenielianchoo LianchooSyuenielianchoo Lianchoo17 tuntia sitten
  • I love this video

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  • i hate this song, omg

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  • That looks Dream’s prison

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  • Hay

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  • what is the name of music

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  • Did anybody realize that he escaped with half a heart?

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  • Музыка крутая

    стив playстив play20 tuntia sitten
  • Cool👍👍👍

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  • If i hear this song again AM GONNA KILL MY SELF

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  • How to tnt explode d is a fall

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  • God these are stupid

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  • Fucking music

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  • Good

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  • I have a couple of questions for the email that I sent to the email oh now so that I will have the correct details as soon as possible?

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  • Edited

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  • Herobrines eyes are not red they are Full white

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  • OMG

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  • Amazing ping pong is the best

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  • so we gonna ignore that he ate rotten flesh and didnt got hunger?

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  • Pls tutorial of this bridge

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  • Super

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  • What is the song? Please say name of song.

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  • No es tan facil escapar de herobrine's

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  • No way how did you survive sceape wow cool

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  • Dang thats some skill

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    • BTW thats castle is so awesome

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  • Que mod usa para agacharse de esa manera el hombre de restone? pls ayudenme

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  • Megusto

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  • how do I click “never recommend this channel” from here

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  • If I hear this sound again I’ll bite me hand Hard

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  • That is so creative

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