Masters Cup 2019 - Men - Round 1 of 3 | Front 12 - McBeth, McMahon, Kajiyama, Bell

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The Santa Cruz Masters Cup presented by Innova disc golf tournament is the 3rd stop of the season on the 2019 PDGA National Tour.
Tournament Director: Matt Beatty
Title Sponsor: Innova Discs
Location: Delaveaga in Santa Cruz, California
Course Designer: Tom Schot
Scores & Stats: UDisc Live
Round One | Front Twelve Holes
Men's Feature Card
Featured Pros: Paul McBeth, Eagle McMahon, Manabu Kajiyama, Matt Bell
Commentators: Nathan Perkins & AJ Risley
Motion Graphics & Catch Camera Operator: Kraig Stenzel
Graphics Design: Chris Lundquist
Editing, Slow Motion & Reaction Camera Operator: Jack Dalleywater
Editing, Drone Hole Flyovers & Throw Camera Operator: Joey Temali
Advisor to Par Save Productions & Behind the Scenes Tournament Assistance: Danielle Charlier
Recorded: May 17, 2019.

  • Holy production value! Easy sub.

    JohnnieTech2JohnnieTech2Vuosi sitten
  • Loved watching Matt Bell throw that direct line to the basket on hole 4, such a sweet shot.

    dr05guitardr05guitarVuosi sitten
  • More stellar coverage from Par Save! Great work!! Keep 'em comin'!!

    Scott LeeScott LeeVuosi sitten
  • Here’s the math for hole 2: Average is total shots divided by number of players. A = Total shots / # of players On hole 2, total shots must be 3 times the number of players, or 3*81= 243, so when calculating the average - totalling shots and dividing by the number of players - result is 3. A = Total shots / # of players = 3 * 81 / 81 = 243 / 81 = 3 Nothing special about 3, so there’s a new disc golf average theorem: When total shots on the day of a hole is par times the number of players, the average will be par.

    James McGrawJames McGrawVuosi sitten
  • All of the disc golf channels have parroted this top of the world change, as a "safety" issue. This hole has been in the long position for decades, and never been a problems. All of the changes to the course this year are complete shit. Until they change top of the world, and I5, I will boycott this event.

    Just Some NerdJust Some NerdVuosi sitten
    • @Ed Korczynski they also changed hole 6's basket position, and the basket position for 22. At least half the time I go to Dela TOTW is in the long position. If they want to change the positions to make it hard, that is great, but stop changing it for the sake of change or this fake "safety" concern. I will continue to play Dela, I'm a local, but this really diminishes the spirit of this being one of the hard courses on tour.

      Just Some NerdJust Some NerdVuosi sitten
    • Meh. TOTW has often been in short position for non-tournament play since at least 1996 (when I started) and can be more challenging there. I5 only change is calling it "Par 4" instead of "Par 3" with exact same layout, so what's the drama? And locals having fun have often opted to start by going up to TOTW first... None of the changes diminish the awesomeness of playing Dela.

      Ed KorczynskiEd KorczynskiVuosi sitten
  • Think it would be fun to have a guest local rube on each hole to help show off the pros. Might get a bigger crowd going at the events. Just have one noob per hole so 18 could participate on noob day.

    John MerckJohn MerckVuosi sitten
  • That Matt Bell frog hop putt on hole 9 was disgusting. Those are some of the most exciting shots to make.

    Jack HeintzJack HeintzVuosi sitten
  • Love the coverage! But please, think about a pop filter for the commentary.

    Tim KoppangTim KoppangVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage. Love the graphics - better than Jomez. Keep up thr good work.

    Mathew J WallisMathew J WallisVuosi sitten
  • Really like the map on each hole showing where each player went. Great addition to the coverage

    Ross BattenRoss BattenVuosi sitten
  • The greatest compliment I can give you, I forgot this wasn't Jomez. Can ya boost the mics for us old guys watching on phones? Thanks.

    Javaman92Javaman92Vuosi sitten
  • Why wouldn’t you throw the shot with the highest percent chance of birdie in a tournament? There are plenty of chances to throw the fun shots in practice rounds. A birdie is a birdie

    Bird in FlightBird in FlightVuosi sitten
  • Hole 9, Matt Bell had a stance violation on his putt and no one caught it. He had no supporting point when he released his shot. He was airborne.

    Lowell DietzLowell DietzVuosi sitten
    • I thought he held his supporting point until barely after he let go. It is rather hard to say, but it would throw off the technique and the putting form if he was actually airborne before releasing.

      Last firstLast firstVuosi sitten
    • Man I really don't understand how they didn't catch that one especially seeing it on slow mo oh my goodness which I realize slow mo was after but I just can't unsee it now

      riley mooreriley mooreVuosi sitten
  • Does anyone know if manabu is using light weight discs?? Who doesnt love watching this guy

    dan schriverdan schriverVuosi sitten
  • 9:11 Did the mob get to Mcbeth to fix the point spread?!

    SurfingKookSurfingKookVuosi sitten
  • Great work on the coverage! So glad to see manabu play. Keep up the great work!

    Chris MooneyChris MooneyVuosi sitten
  • Almost grade-A coverage, good job

    JiusoniumJiusoniumVuosi sitten
  • Awesome work!

    Joe BrannonJoe BrannonVuosi sitten
  • So glad we got per-krisley commentary again. You guys do a fantastic job!

    phathead797phathead797Vuosi sitten
  • par save has been coming up big time with the awesome 2nd card coverage. Nate and AJ really keeping it interesting and fun.

    micah landolfimicah landolfiVuosi sitten
  • Matt Bell's form/technique is up there with Eric Oakley and Matt Dollar in terms of not looking too good lol. Really good coverage tho, keep em coming!

    NicKZoneNicKZoneVuosi sitten
  • All it took was some coverage of a Japanese guy throwing to get my Woman to watch 😆 She's Japanese so she finally is interested in learning more about the Sport. Thanks

    Papa RoachPapa RoachVuosi sitten
  • Other than some dizzying catch cam this is some outstanding coverage and graphics. Looking forward to more from Par Save.

    seemurfseemurfVuosi sitten
  • What a great card. We don't get to see Manabu on this side of the pond very often. These guys are really ripping up DeLa. Can't wait to see the wet Saturday round.

    marscruzmarscruzVuosi sitten
  • What a great card. All playing well. Good coverage and commentary. Thanks guys!

    Kasper AndersenKasper AndersenVuosi sitten
  • is matt bell wearing the shoes we see on facebook ads where they are stepping on nails and getting run over by a truck?

    Jason LloydJason LloydVuosi sitten
  • You guys are killing it

    Martin RiggsMartin RiggsVuosi sitten
  • No one called Matt's *blatant* foot fault at 25:40 ? That doesn't even need slow no to see both feet airborne.

    Trevor RenigerTrevor RenigerVuosi sitten
    • I found it. 802.07: If the lie has been marked by a marker disc, then when the disc is released, the player must: Have at least one supporting point that is in contact with the lie; and, Have no supporting point closer to the target than the rear edge of the marker disc; and, Have all supporting points in-bounds.

      marscruzmarscruzVuosi sitten
    • @Trevor Reniger -- He does the same sort of putt several times on the back 12. I don't know the rules that well. Where is it in the rule book?

      marscruzmarscruzVuosi sitten
    • @Trevor Reniger I slowed it down and at 25:36 and 1/2 right toe looks to be on ground with disc just out of his hand....def close

      Bobby SwainBobby SwainVuosi sitten
    • @marscruz doesn't matter if he's in or out of the circle, you cannot throw with both feet off the ground.

      Trevor RenigerTrevor RenigerVuosi sitten
    • He may have been outside the circle... so no foot fault.

      marscruzmarscruzVuosi sitten
  • Someone should try putter on three. No need to worry about picking a side

    alightenedalightenedVuosi sitten
  • Hah, everyone knows the hole that has a real golf shot or the boring hyzer.

    loopghostloopghostVuosi sitten
  • Par Save > Jomez

    Phil JohnsonPhil JohnsonVuosi sitten
    • Nah. Not yet.

      DonJuan LeBronDonJuan LeBronVuosi sitten
  • Really nice production, giving jomez a run, nothing like a little competition to push everyones game. An idea I had, the map during the flyby is awesome, putting a moving dot where drone is on the map would be some next level touch.

    Chris KChris KVuosi sitten
  • May I just say Perkins probably has the smoothest DG voice. Not to mention top-notch commentary.

    Dan ProDan ProVuosi sitten
    • He really does a great job, heck, most of them do a really good job. I personally am really enjoying when Kevin Jones is commentating. Very smooth and just happy for everyone and you can just tell he genuinely loves the sport.

      Joshua NJoshua NVuosi sitten
  • Hope person at 26sec is okay haha.

    Alex HeimbergerAlex HeimbergerVuosi sitten
  • graphics were a bit inaccurate.Also missing throws and upshots. Decent Coverage. Needs some fine tuning video editing.Thanks for the coverage! :)

    Abe HasinskiAbe HasinskiVuosi sitten
    • also, SOOOOOOOOO happy to finally see Manabu play again! it's been so long!

      Abe HasinskiAbe HasinskiVuosi sitten
  • Thanks for the coverage guys

    Nick FuriouslyNick FuriouslyVuosi sitten
  • Cool to see Kajiyama playing.. Haven't seen him in these cards for long time :)

    Joka toinen AlarautaanJoka toinen AlarautaanVuosi sitten
  • And also thanks for the nice coverage!👍

    Isiah DarkIsiah DarkVuosi sitten
  • Have you noticed that an unshaven P Mcb looks like Zlatan?😂😂😂

    Isiah DarkIsiah DarkVuosi sitten
  • Great job onthe production here Par Save. You guys are really stepping up your game. You guys are now definitely in the same league as Jomez and CCDG. Well done!

    Brian McNayBrian McNayVuosi sitten
  • Got to cheer for Manabu the way he runs putts and so far is keeping up with the best in the world

    Brian TaylorBrian TaylorVuosi sitten
  • Matt Bell's face at 25:45 putt.

    T. Noel Trudell-KaysT. Noel Trudell-KaysVuosi sitten
  • Four big forehands

    Tyler BruceTyler BruceVuosi sitten
  • So stoked to have so many cards covered! thanks

    Tyler BruceTyler BruceVuosi sitten
  • Sweet graphics and coverage, good comments, ty

    Jenn GJenn GVuosi sitten
  • Really been looking forward to this coverage! Many thanks!

    Chris PfeifferChris PfeifferVuosi sitten
  • Super impressed with the quality of this companies video and graphics used for the information. Up there with Jomezpro. Keep it up!

    Matthew ParrishMatthew ParrishVuosi sitten
  • first

    Colby KellerColby KellerVuosi sitten