If I Hadn't Caught It On Camera You Wouldn't Have Believed Me

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Another awesome day in North Alabama today friends. After really rough day yesterday, with tornadoes running all through the state, we are out catching a huge honeybee swarm from a cedar tree.
I can't believe it myself that this is the second swarm I've caught so far and both queens were captured before I ever shook the branch. This is really making swarm catching fun.
I hope you all are enjoying my 2021 Bee season kickoff with these swarm shakes. I sure am. I believe it puts me ahead of my buddy's Jpthebeeman, 628DirtRooster and Jeff Horchoff. Although I know they will catch up quick, it's nice to lead the race at some point.
Enjoy everyone and I hope you enjoyed a little fun from Yappybeeman.
I get calls like this all the time, something flying in a small hole and it looks like bees or yellow jacket wasps. sometimes even for a squirrel or a raccoon. I enjoy every new experience when it comes to removing bees from structures. Construction obstacles always seem to challenge me with every job. As a bee remover, I find the good and bad in construction design. Some things look great but make it easy for bees to set up shop and call it home also. Other times, bees move in due to a lack of home maintainace. But no matter the reason, Yappy Beeman is ready to come rescue the honey bees.
Check out my friends video channels also. Jpthebeeman , 628Dirtroosterbees and Jeff Horchoff for some more great honey bee videos.
Yappy Beeman is a professional bee remover performing live honey bee removals in Alabama as "Alabama Bee Rescue" and relocates them to apiaries away from residential areas so they can rebuild and thrive as a honey bee colony producing honey. Yappy is an Alabama Beekeepers association member that has performed over 500 live bee removals. Yappy with the help of his great friend and mentor; JpTheBeeman, a professional beekeeper , has learned many skills to remove bee swarms and honey bee colonies safely for the bees and homeowners alike.

  • I’m glad I read the video description. The idea of “Bee rescue” is awesome.

    ZulmokaZulmokaPäivä sitten
    • @Yappy Beeman And thank you for what you are doing for a critical species.

      ZulmokaZulmoka14 minuuttia sitten
    • @Yappy Beemanetweetee 3a

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    • @B K I always check descriptions because it’s just the polite thing to do if they’ve left something

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    • @opportunesky Thanks! Used it for years

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    • @Kuroi Ame Wa Hidoi cry about it

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  • It’s so uncomfortable to wear headphones TwT

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  • Queen bee has more simps than belle delphine

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  • Bro j can't the fuckin bee sounds are horrifying I had to turn the volume all the way down

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  • The title should have been Beelieved me not believed LOL

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  • now i bee-lieve him

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  • *Respec to the guy who had no bee equipment while doing this*

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  • this guy loves this and i now do too this is so intresting hopefully he makes more videos like this

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  • Wow

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  • grabbed that nest by the nut sack. haha real man shit 💪

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  • Don't watch this video with headphones. Lol

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  • I'm Glad I am Here

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  • This is gold. I wish I can test the bees temperament without any suit. Bruh I literally panic whenever there’s one bee nearby

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  • Man you literally slammed those bees onto your truck damn.

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  • bruh wtf are you doing

    Cheezy MondaysCheezy Mondays13 minuuttia sitten
    • Having the time of my life honestly

      Yappy BeemanYappy Beeman7 minuuttia sitten

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  • Bitch, I got scared of the ant that was on my arm the other day.

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  • The sound in my ears is scary I can’t imagine being there

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  • Heckin bees

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  • Why didn’t they sting?

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  • *Staring at a well-beyond lethally large swarm of bees* "So far I've been stung twice"

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  • I D I O T

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  • 6:33 Wasp: I think I’ll go That one bee: FOR THE QUEEN

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  • Rip headphone users

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  • Your brave or crazy.

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  • "No smoke no suit I'm an idiot " No! You're not an idiot man you're a legend

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  • i cant watch this is so shaky

    Med DemMed Dem25 minuuttia sitten
    • Try making a video during an earthquake of a swarm of bees with only 1 hand and you.left the gopros at home. It happens.

      Yappy BeemanYappy Beeman5 minuuttia sitten
  • *videos to feed my anxiety

    CeltyCelty26 minuuttia sitten
  • These bees are like flies. They rarely if ever sting you.

    New Chaotic OrderNew Chaotic Order26 minuuttia sitten
  • "I hope their not gonna be mad at me!" XD bro you just shook them out of their home xD

    Tord VibesTord Vibes27 minuuttia sitten
  • Yappy, get a chest harness for your phone. You could build one easily enough with a yard of 1-1/2" elastic and a gummy phone cover. Leave it in your truck for quick use, like this. Awesome video, by the way.

    LJ PrepLJ Prep27 minuuttia sitten
  • You wouldn’t bee-lieve it

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  • That first part were he’s touching the bees like no I could never I would run away😫

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  • Mad man would love to see more

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  • Do not watch with headphones LOL

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    • I wish I had seen this comment before I started 😅 On the plus side it's a testament to how good my headphones are that I was flicking my head and dodging imaginery bees in my room

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  • I live in the southern TN area and to be honest I’ve only seen about 4 or 5 honey bees and I was born and raised here. I wish we had more natural honey bees.

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  • This is definitely something with headphones on

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  • Goodbye the bees pls no especially big mom bee pirate

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  • Thank you for saving them! Honey bees are so very important for our ecosystem and our own lives.

    Mary JaneMary Jane34 minuuttia sitten
  • Bees are dope

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  • Imagine the neighbors watching this man just getting a handful of bees and then shaking them all off the tree with no suit standing on top of his truck while recording himself

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  • This dudes too excited to get stung by a bunch of bees 😂😂

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  • I feel like I just peered into a different reality.

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  • am I the only one to have itchy face and watering eyes ???

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  • 2:27 " God, look at all these bees!" I don't think even God would want to see a pissed off bee swarm...

    [ Dragonheart Edits ][ Dragonheart Edits ]50 minuuttia sitten
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  • Pretty cool stuff .

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  • My black ass would never even think of this

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  • I got a honey ad before this... I don’t want honey after seeing this video.

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  • Sooooo, wait ✋ bees don't sting????? How did he touch those without PPE?

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    Łukasz RusińskiŁukasz Rusiński58 minuuttia sitten
  • I've never seen a bigger set of testis than this man right here. I would die.

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    Godly GamerGodly Gamer59 minuuttia sitten
  • This is incredible. You need to be going to Vegas on a day like that. The odds of that queen showing her self like that must be astronomical. Be safe out there.

    Elusive Snow LeopardElusive Snow LeopardTunti sitten
  • How did you spot the queen and just reach for it and grab it without getting stung?

    Victor KunchevVictor KunchevTunti sitten
  • That happened on a tree in my backyard once

    BoomsticksBoomsticksTunti sitten
  • Wait... Aren't they all related to each other? Is it ok to simp? What if a bee got stuck or something?

    Freaker FakerFreaker FakerTunti sitten
  • This gave me so much anxiety😬. Is cool though😎.

    Dense CabbageDense CabbageTunti sitten
  • Press E to Equip Bees

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  • He loves his job.

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  • How did he grab bees bare handed

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  • This man loves his job, that's absolutely awesome!

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  • You missed a opportunity to say you wouldn't beeeelieve

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  • I felt physical pain when he touched the bees bare handed

    King of CATSKing of CATSTunti sitten
  • Lunatic

    Mikelitoras izichyMikelitoras izichyTunti sitten
  • I am absoloutely terrified of bees, for you to not only get stung twice but DROP AN ENTIRE SWARM OF BEES ONTO YOUR TRUCK is outstanding. Amazing job man :D

    ExplorersmadExplorersmadTunti sitten
  • 2:28, I can already feel the bees striking on my eyes and face, and hence I'm feeling itchy. Plus those sounds make me feel like I need to keep my hands moving near my ears to keep them away.

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  • 3:05 “so far I’ve been stung twice”

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  • While watching this I was asking myself why I was watching it because I’m allergic to bees. that it made me kind of uncomfortable

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  • The buzzing noise is enough to make me hide under my bed

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  • That is Beautiful how they know where they are supposed to be in with the queen bee.

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  • I'm curious about the male bees. I see all the workers but how does one differentiate the male bees from the rest? Are they the ones that are gathered around the queen normally?

    Uncle WileyUncle WileyTunti sitten
  • Well done! Beautiful!

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  • Dude is handling these bees as if he’s catching Pokémon on Pokémon Go lol.

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