How to Make Carbon Fiber Quarter Panels for 240z (Ep #7) (4K)

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Ok so we lay the first layer of carbon on the Datsun rear quarter panel, cleaned up the rust on the doors and we bond one of the carbon skins too the door as well. The goal is to have the quarters and roof bonded together next to show unity between the two.
If you guys don't know already this vehicle is solely going to be a track car and we are currently preparing for the GTA New Jersey Motorsports Global Time Attack. So if you go we will most likely see us there in June.
Some other great news is we finally surpassed the 1k mark with subscribers and this couldn't be done with out you guys and just was to give a huge thanks it means a lot!!!
In this video I also test out my new sigma 16mm 1.4 lens paired with my Sony a6300. Great lens and for any of my camera guys who are watching its a must buy I love it lol.
Ok enough talking from me enjoy the video and we will be back soon with more updates.
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    Eiko DunnEiko DunnUukausi sitten
  • Am I missing something here or is this dude really creating a carbon “skin” on top of a steel quarter panel. Should have just wrapped it

    Popeye TheSailorBoyPopeye TheSailorBoy2 kuukautta sitten
    • 4:38 they are talking about the release agent, so it will be a panel in itself and release for the steel quarter panel

      GeertGeert15 päivää sitten
  • This video was a huge waste of time

    Shawn HollahanShawn Hollahan4 kuukautta sitten
  • Next time don’t use the $.99 Home Depot brush I’m just saying good job there

    Mike vukMike vuk6 kuukautta sitten
  • Time to get that RTX Voice, so when the compressor turns on in your future videos, it won't affect the audio.

    Azim PetraAzim Petra6 kuukautta sitten
  • Holup pickle Rick is 2 years old

    Jansen HobbsJansen Hobbs6 kuukautta sitten
    • Need to figure out where he went lol

      Street BanditoStreet Bandito6 kuukautta sitten
  • Do you guys offer discount codes for fiber glast? I have a project I need supplies for..I'm ordering from them regardless but I didn't know if you had a commission code.

    sguanzon1987sguanzon19877 kuukautta sitten
  • Why not use epoxy primer instead of self etch? Epoxy also sticks really well to bare metal

    Rafael ZamoraRafael Zamora8 kuukautta sitten
  • question I am considering attempting to make carbon door cards from a 89 MK3 supra. The old panels were made from like a card board composite. Does the origonal viny need to be ripped off to make the fiberglass mold? I can not find much info on it. I figured they would need to be because the vinyl will leave a texture in the mold right?

    Dustin NallDustin Nall8 kuukautta sitten
  • Maryland gang💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    Hayden 910Hayden 9109 kuukautta sitten
  • What did you use to bond the two parts together...

    Lets MakeLets Make9 kuukautta sitten
  • 0:01 funniest shit ive ever seen

    Total MotorsTotal Motors9 kuukautta sitten
  • An awful lot of talking for such a little bit of work. 13 minutes should show all layers and how to tke it off.

    louisxiiiilouisxiiii10 kuukautta sitten
  • did you get the cf fabric from fibre glast? trying to find some

    Skylar McCuistionSkylar McCuistion11 kuukautta sitten
  • This is just a wrap...

    Lord Of KeebsLord Of KeebsVuosi sitten
  • Time: 10:38 (I'm so excited, I watch Tim there and I want to do this for such as very-very long-time. My car has been in the garage on stands for a year, making my quarter Panel form on top of the real panel. The form I am making is with a form board 1/8 thickness, which will be 1-1/2'' outer from the real panel. I already purchased my carbon fiber, from what I see here is a thickness of 4-layers, so 3-layers can be a cheaper price range, whereas then my final top finishing layer I can choose, where it will cost more.

    PhantomPhantomVuosi sitten
  • Hey, guys, it's Sam here wondering how many layers of carbon fiber is that door skin? Just wondering as use were carrying it to set on the frame, looked pretty solid.

    PhantomPhantomVuosi sitten
  • Hey man I subbed to your channel and I hit the Bell it's what I call "The FIstream Trifecta" and I am going to share it with a buddy & we do car's together. We just got burned by guy in Newark DE on a Datsun Roadster! He wants to go to the DIY carbon fiber route and trying to get the 411 from people who are actually doing and not just riding the couch! I looked up your address on Google Street View and any of Sisson Street near the Harbor ain't gonna have a John Deere backhoe and a billboard post! I got on the Map and I'm clocking you at 28th and Sisson Street by the long reptile mural on the bridge! I'd been looking at the block wall in the part of the shop most of the work was being done and I knew that I knew that place! I've worked at Baltimore Auto Body back in the day! The old owner had a POS basket case 356 by that post! The DC Sniper & Boy Robin were in the parking lot of the double D across the street and BCPD didn't run tag, just moved 'em along until a trucker at a prayer meeting in Frederick was not sitting on his hands, but he didn't get none of the reward 💰! Do you still have anchor pots in floor? We used a power tower to great effect before I-CAR standards were a thing or even the Internet to let you know when it was! I'd used my first plasma cutter there! Putting Mobtown on the map for something good! So is Tim Hicks the customer & the fabricator? Can an old skool guy drop in with coffee?

    Shawn JenkinsShawn JenkinsVuosi sitten
  • 6:00 minutes of random fucking filler

    thomas oliverthomas oliverVuosi sitten
  • Christ, this is horrible. Adios

    Pat HaskellPat HaskellVuosi sitten
  • He's actually right about etch primer, found that out through fucking up an SS chrome bumper lol

    james Delrayjames DelrayVuosi sitten
  • Hey man! Great video quality... what type of camera did you used for recording this video?

    William CalderonWilliam CalderonVuosi sitten
    • Street Bandito, thanks sharing the info! You guys are Dope!

      William CalderonWilliam CalderonVuosi sitten
  • Editing is immaculate

    Kahlil GarciaKahlil GarciaVuosi sitten
  • What kind of liquid you guy using on the quarter panel the one with the brush before using the carbon fiber ?

    Raymen MelecioRaymen MelecioVuosi sitten
    • Resin

      TherieMadeTherieMadeVuosi sitten
  • That isn’t making a carbon fiber panel, that is wrapping a panel in carbon fiber

    Lolatyou332Lolatyou332Vuosi sitten
    • @real genericuser Shameily that's what I'll be doing very soon, to my 2012 Dodge Challenger Sxt. I don't have videos only pics.

      PhantomPhantomVuosi sitten
    • Until he cuts out the metal quarter panel and replaces it with the carbon fiber.

      real genericuserreal genericuserVuosi sitten
    • Watch farther in the series. He's using the car as a mold to make carbon panels

      Cain LawsonCain LawsonVuosi sitten
    • Yeah this was a waste of my time.

  • Que chingon contenido

    Marco MAAP carshopMarco MAAP carshopVuosi sitten
  • Its just skinning not making a mould.... So why would you put PVA on the panel when you are NOT making a mould???? A mould is to MAKE the actual part... There is so much wrong that this is either not funny or its a bad joke...

    Richard VanagsRichard VanagsVuosi sitten
  • If you're carbon skinning, why would you add more than one layer?

    Gary EnglandGary EnglandVuosi sitten
    • theyre not skinning it, theyre using the fender itself as the mold

      Wildcat66Wildcat6611 kuukautta sitten
  • planning on doing my 88 Supra body in carbon, so he fixes the body panels sands it smooth and then puts resin over the panel let it dry and then waxes it and then more resin to a tack than the carbon fiber? what does the first layer of resin do over the panel? What type of UV resin is he using?

  • Sub par composites work.

    Jason ZayasJason ZayasVuosi sitten
  • You introduced the oil from your hands into the carbon fabric. Should've been wearing gloves any time you touch the fabric. That carbon is contaminated.

    Jason ZayasJason ZayasVuosi sitten
    • It isn't structural. They still have the heavy stock panels under the carbon. They just want it to look light I guess. A fake carbon vinyl wrap would be lighter than what they are doing.

      v12tommyv12tommyVuosi sitten
  • What epoxy did you use to bond the carbon to the door?

    Yoyodyne Propulsion SystemsYoyodyne Propulsion SystemsVuosi sitten
  • Dopest channel on FIstream

    WetfingersWetfingersVuosi sitten
  • epoxy 7:40 very stong glue ..

    XmGoblin KanalXmGoblin KanalVuosi sitten
  • Those arches were cut crooked as fuck...

    Mustang BossMustang BossVuosi sitten
  • such a sick video man!

    Peter NyiriPeter NyiriVuosi sitten
  • Had to subscribe once u said "dmv". Dope ass datsun!

    troy denttroy dentVuosi sitten
  • rewatching this amazing series, missing the lexus project btw. where is itt Greeeg??

    Sérgio DuarteSérgio DuarteVuosi sitten
  • And not even using Pickle Ricks song on this vid. Missed opportunities xD.

    ThatDutchguyThatDutchguyVuosi sitten
  • Which type of Resin are you using from Fiber Glast?

    George CGeorge CVuosi sitten
  • i’m thinking about doing this on my conquest TSI

    Michel AngeloMichel AngeloVuosi sitten
  • What’s the song @5:41 ?

    Isaiah RiveraIsaiah RiveraVuosi sitten
  • You forgot to show the quarters LOL

    Kurt SumthinorotherKurt SumthinorotherVuosi sitten
  • This way do you get a noticeable increase in the dimension of the car?

    GBnutrainerGBnutrainerVuosi sitten
  • This isn't how to make carbon fiber quarter panels this how to cover your quarter panels in carbon fiber smdh👎🏼

    ricky's track pantsricky's track pantsVuosi sitten
  • This is extremely impressive! How is this possible without vacuum sealing the carbon fiber?

    • @Strictly Come Driving Plus it's a waste of money. Idk why but I only see Americans wasting their money doing hack job carbon like this. Anywhere that has any proper racing heritage knows how to lay carbon

      gin forkgin fork3 kuukautta sitten
    • It's not. The quality is shit. Laying carbon fiber without an autoclave and/or without proper resin infusion using vacuum is a waste of time. The end result looks crap, the quality of the carbon fiber is atrocious, and the fact that he laid the carbon directly over the existing panel means the carbon fiber part is actually bigger than the original. Cutting corners just to make something look cool is stupid.

      Strictly Come DrivingStrictly Come DrivingVuosi sitten
  • Where do you buy your carbon from?

    Will MacCoyWill MacCoyVuosi sitten
  • Dudes eye brows look like a chicks

    Kris ChuppKris ChuppVuosi sitten
  • If you need some carbon fibre panels for you project, just check this out

    Krzysztof KrukKrzysztof KrukVuosi sitten
  • Just curious as to why you let the first layer of resin tack before adding the carbon rather than doing "resin - carbon - resin" all at once like with fiberglass?

    Jayden TarnowskiJayden TarnowskiVuosi sitten
    • @TrueMenImproveDaily with dry cloth putting carbon over a tacky surface will only lead to weave distortions (you can see them clearly in other videos) and this is usually done after the suface coat has lost its tack and keyed so the carbon can be laid and moved to try and remover or minimise distortion then resin is put over the top as this is a wrap/skin and not a carbon part. They should have pigmented the surface layer black too and the PVA coating is a total waste of time unless they ARE making an actual mould.. Its wrong in so many ways,..

      Richard VanagsRichard VanagsVuosi sitten
    • Jayden Tarnowski allowing the resin to get to a tacky state allows him to lay the carbon EXACTLY where he wants it so the weave lays in the way he wants it. Doing wet resin - carbon - wet resin on a vertical panel would allow the weight of the carbon to pull the weave down and mess up the straight rows

      TrueMenImproveDailyTrueMenImproveDailyVuosi sitten
  • hate to tell u dude regular primer will stick to the meta just as well as etching primer

    Andrew MurphyAndrew MurphyVuosi sitten
  • DMV Represent! Moco!

    Joe KazadiJoe Kazadi2 vuotta sitten
  • What resin have you guys used to mold the 1/4?

    joseph inzurriagajoseph inzurriaga2 vuotta sitten
  • Dude so sick!!! Datsun is def on my list. After this polar vortex is over I’m starting my e90 2jz swap, convertible and 2 door conversion. Basically going to be my version of the super car I have in my head (visually) come check it out dude!!! Keep up the good work!! 👌

    Robb’s worldRobb’s world2 vuotta sitten
  • 3:13 so satisfying

    Dylan WhittenDylan Whitten2 vuotta sitten
  • So guys, I did watch this 3-times but how many layers total? And how layers of Resin including your very first coat? I haven't seen yet a reply from use, to my question short time back yet. I mentioned a have a Dodge Challenger 2012 and wished to get to guys insight who did all the work. I would like to show him my car pics. I could email him or use the pics? Plan on not removing the quarter panel as use didn't either I noticed. After all, layers have been applied, I'd tape off as use did a perimeter and then cut inside what would be kept off. [I don't have a paint booth, so use have one over me there.] My intentions are the finished product look would be carbon Matt look as I recall later in your video so parts were glossy and other as door handles were glossy but others weren't just flat appearance. Question, this carbon fiber would hold up if it wasn't painted yes? I'll watch for your reply, thanks for your time. Great job on this car, I've seen all the videos.

    PhantomPhantom2 vuotta sitten
    • I don't understand the email address, or I would have emailed him showing my pictures.

      PhantomPhantomVuosi sitten
    • Hey guys Happy New Year. Anyway, I don't have videos, but I do have pictures. I would love the guy that has been doing all the hand-on work, could he look at my pics? And hoping he could advise his insight?

      PhantomPhantomVuosi sitten
    • @Street Bandito Confused a little? Tim @ IndustryGarage ?

      PhantomPhantom2 vuotta sitten
  • what's the size of the rear rims?

    samouilsamouil2 vuotta sitten
  • What's the title of the song on 5:58 man?

    Pu NxPu Nx2 vuotta sitten
    • O come on man, i really do like the work you guys do and i promise ilearnt alot, and is taking it deep doing my own panel, but what's the title of the song???? It's tearing me apart not listening to such sexy music while working

      Pu NxPu Nx2 vuotta sitten
  • Any details on those wheels? Are they 17INCH BBS style 5 3-piece conversions ?

    KopiwerksKopiwerks2 vuotta sitten
  • Carbon skinning looks good but its a little gimmicky in my opinion. Make gel coat molds of the panels and make real carbon parts. Takes forever and is expensive but it actually reduces weight and improves stiffness. Your title should be changed to laying carbon fiber on steel body panels. Just saying. Cool build though.

    The Art of GNARThe Art of GNAR2 vuotta sitten
    • @My Opinion yeah my bad figured that out later. Not optimal but I have done it and it works.

      The Art of GNARThe Art of GNAR2 vuotta sitten
    • They are using the steel body panels as a mold, they then take the carbon off, cut out most of the steel (just leaving a "frame") and using epoxy to attach the carbon to the "frame"

      My OpinionMy Opinion2 vuotta sitten
  • this makes no sense at all. You are not even infusing it... voids.... loss of ridigidty

    Gonzalo Venegas GomezGonzalo Venegas Gomez2 vuotta sitten
  • Good

    mian Adnan Ansarimian Adnan Ansari2 vuotta sitten
  • Wish you would've made the rear quarters extra wide so you didn't have to run ugly over fenders.

    GMC SycloneGMC Syclone2 vuotta sitten
  • New subscriber. I FUCKS with this. Legit man! STAY SAVAGE

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  • good videos man, i'm crushing this series

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  • AT 11mins it looks like he’s on that A1 🔥 👃🏼 his jaw tho 😂

    Pablo TorresPablo Torres2 vuotta sitten
  • loving this! looking at doing this to my 16 Miata

    Cameron NurcombeCameron Nurcombe2 vuotta sitten
  • I love the work it awesome, I will not subscribe due to the use of foul language as I watch videos while with and near my children and they can hear it. Everything can be said and explained just as well without the use of foul language, it does not ad anything of value or emphasis. Just speak without it and the exact message will result.

    MurciemeMurcieme2 vuotta sitten
  • how about epoxi sealer primer? epoxi sealer primer is aplied directly to bare metal with a 80 grid sand off first.

    Rafael ZamoraRafael Zamora2 vuotta sitten
  • Not sure I get what you guys are doing, but are you just epoxying CF to the existing body panels for strength and look? Or what is the goal?

    TheShaddixTheShaddix2 vuotta sitten
  • Do you work with carbon fiber professionally? Or is this just a home job? And what's the point of the carbon fiber skin?

    Mike on a BikeMike on a Bike2 vuotta sitten
  • Wait hold on, if you’re laying carbon fibre on top of the original body, will the fitment still be correct?

    Automobili PhotographerAutomobili Photographer2 vuotta sitten
    • @Lon Don Theyre laying it on the outside, removing the molded carbon fiber, then cutting all but the very edges of the existing metal panel out. Then they epoxy the carbon fiber panel to the remaining edge of that cut metal. So yes, the CF panel is a millimeter or two bigger than the original.

      Robert PaglinawanRobert Paglinawan2 vuotta sitten
    • Automobili Photographer I’m confused are they just skinning the car with Carbon or are they actually replacing the panels?

      Lon DonLon Don2 vuotta sitten
  • Great job... I've loved watching the project

    Aaron JohnsonAaron Johnson2 vuotta sitten
  • hahahaha....I've watched a number of your vids...this dude LOVES talkin about etched primer...LOL. Every time...."etched primer, gotta be etched primer for bare metal, no other primer, etched primer" Need a screen alert for the "etched primer" talk every time he gives it...haha.

    KnightDriveTVKnightDriveTV2 vuotta sitten
  • get a better brush.

    TedlasmanTedlasman2 vuotta sitten
  • my eyes are feasting on this.

    tikki voltatikki volta2 vuotta sitten
  • I would have used epoxy primer on those doors.

    PainterFROPainterFRO2 vuotta sitten
  • liked the carbon door skin but what a waste gluing real carbon on top off a panel.

    Bryan SavageBryan Savage2 vuotta sitten

    cyrus gikonyocyrus gikonyo2 vuotta sitten
  • WEAR A RESPIRATOR!!!! The dust coming off carbon fiber is one of the most carcinogenic things you can inhale, it also of course can tear up your lungs like little nano-razor blades. I work sanding and working with carbon fiber on a weekly if not daily basis and use a full tyvek suit and respirator, they cost very little and can really protect your health and btw love the vid but PROTECT YOURSELF!

    TheStudioTheStudio2 vuotta sitten
    • Not true according to U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH). Now, the epoxy resins used are a different story; unless they are allowed to fully set (dry or become non-reactive) before sanding, epoxy resin dust can do serious damage to the lungs. Take the exact same precautions you would take when working with fiberglass and you will be fine. Carbon fiber dust is not toxic or any more dangerous than common household dust, but you do have to respect the epoxy resin.

      George FordGeorge FordVuosi sitten
    • Which equipment/manufacturer do you recommend? Thanks

      Caner GuenerCaner GuenerVuosi sitten
  • Nice to see the DYI carbon work going on with your 240 build. Curious what clear you intend on sealing it up. ive done a few wet layup, vacuum bagged carbon hoods and trunks over the years and have had mixed results depending on the clear. Make sure you seal the underside with a coat as well engine temps seem to cause aditional off gassing with Westsystems epoxy. helps to heat up the part and make sure its fully cured before you clear it.

    Brad ReynoldsBrad Reynolds2 vuotta sitten
  • Pickle Rick!

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  • Subscribed!

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  • This is the video that I found you and jumped in and Subscribed. Now I clearly need to do a little bit of review.

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  • If you use scissors with serrated edges the fiber will cut better and not push the fabric as you cut it.

    Don BartonDon Barton2 vuotta sitten
    • Ok, I was remembering what we used when cutting the fabric for the Space shuttle in the 80s. I had a pair of scissors that had a shorter rounded blade like these with the bigger handles it made cutting less of a strain on our hands. Cool looking car

      Don BartonDon Barton2 vuotta sitten
  • you need to increase that Fstop ti like 3.5 it will look better

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  • just came across your the title and subbed. This is radd, approx how much would you expect to pay for a roll of carbon fiber like that?

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  • So you are just laying carbon over the steel?

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  • Was the carbon fully wet out and consolidated??

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