HOUSE SWAP! Moving into our Tiny Home on Wheels

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This week was Stephen's 30th birthday and to celebrate, I surprised him with an exciting adventure of moving into a tiny home on wheels.
Big thanks to Scott at RV Solutions
Ever since I've known Stephen he has spoilt me on my birthday, especially for my 30th by doing an incredible birthday week and surprise baby shower...but every year we somehow don't tie up his birthdays...with most of them spent on a bus...but this year would change.
Our friend Scott had the best idea, lend us one of his demo RV tiny homes for us to drive all the way up to Exmouth...Stephen had NO idea what was about to happen.
As we adjusted to our house swap and trying out van life to see how we would go with our tiny home on wheels we made our first stop at Jurien Bay where we swam with wild Sea Lions:
Who we used: Turquoise Safaris
Next up we went to Hutt Lagoon aka the Pink Lake of Western Australia before stopping over for the night at Wooramel Station - a cattle farm were we could have our morning swim in natural heated baths.
The final stop was Exmouth where we swam with Humpack whales and Whale sharks to end part 1 of Stephen's epic birthday week.
Who we used for our Humbpack whale tour:
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Hi, we are Stephen, Jess and little Hunter, an Australian travelling family documenting their lives as travelling around the globe. We want to inspire others to venture out, explore, take risks and go on our own adventure!!
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