Hockey Players try Red Bull Crashed Ice Track for the first time WITHOUT Practice!

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Red Bull invited us to try the Crashed Ice Track. Here's the video of our first run WITHOUT Practice!
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  • This is foreign territory for any hockey player a completely unique animal. Only thing remotely close to this that I've done is downhill and then you are landing on at least 3" wide skis and not sheer ice.

    GoonGoonVuosi sitten
    • Actually i only play hockey and i complete crush the course it wasn't easy but i definitely did alot better

      GOLDFORDAYS6033GOLDFORDAYS6033Vuosi sitten
    • Completely agree. Especially with the words on “for any hockey player” it was so hard! So much credit to the athletes that do this daily. It’s another level. Easy for people to criticise who have never been on a real RedBull track. The thing is a monster.

      Hockey TutorialHockey TutorialVuosi sitten
  • I would love to try that. Lol

    Some GuySome GuyVuosi sitten

    WideolinkWideolinkVuosi sitten
  • Is that sweden i seee (swede)

    Tilde StenquistTilde StenquistVuosi sitten
  • How good are these videos?

    Julian VorosJulian VorosVuosi sitten
  • Awesome

    Tulley NovielliTulley NovielliVuosi sitten
  • 4:22 did i hear "Leeroy Jenkins!"? :D

    kjn5991kjn5991Vuosi sitten
    • You did :D

      Hockey TutorialHockey TutorialVuosi sitten
  • Finnish referee dancing. Ice Hockey referee dancing to 70's style disco. The actual hand signals are turned into cool dance moves.

    Roy - txt. blog HakanenRoy - txt. blog HakanenVuosi sitten
  • This is one of my favourite sports to watch, its so insane how good to experts are! Flying through corners without fear. So cool to see you guys do it.

    sunflowersunflowerVuosi sitten
  • Where is Mitch Mariner when you need Him

    Tracy BrassTracy BrassVuosi sitten
  • Fuck yeah Perth Thunder.

    MMVuosi sitten
  • Get some prorollerbladers to go. Its not about the ice. Its about the slopes and dropsss

    Luka VrkicLuka VrkicVuosi sitten
  • Song???

    Volde mortVolde mortVuosi sitten
  • that poor transport viechle, just pinned

    Tim KTim KVuosi sitten
  • I'm sure these guys are good skaters... but once you start bombing tracks and going off drops.. you're in extreme sport territory now.

    HxCjaviHxCjaviVuosi sitten
  • 2:48 is that Ty from Dude Perfect?

    RicardoAvocadoRicardoAvocadoVuosi sitten
  • Awesome to see a guy repping Perth thunder!

    Marley NugentMarley NugentVuosi sitten
  • Deffinetly should all be goalie races!!!

    Chubby HubbyChubby HubbyVuosi sitten
  • Prestige Worldwide!

    Karam SinghKaram SinghVuosi sitten
  • Anybody know which remix to the Smokey Robinson song is !?

    Nicholas BrandleNicholas BrandleVuosi sitten
  • Crashed Ice man in hockey game?

    Vadim KolosovskiyVadim KolosovskiyVuosi sitten
  • these hockey players now understand what a first timer feels like when they step onto the ice rink.... the fear of slipping.

    soju69jinrosoju69jinroVuosi sitten
  • Should of brought your sleds😂

    Nick LookerNick LookerVuosi sitten
  • No lie.. that shit would be kinda freaky..

    Chinou VueChinou VueVuosi sitten
  • Saw the guy from Auburn, War Eagle my friend!

    Stephen Tyler BoniellaStephen Tyler BoniellaVuosi sitten
  • #sweden

    CLKCLKVuosi sitten
  • Intro song?

    Grazeannn11Grazeannn11Vuosi sitten
  • Man that looks easy too. But when you see fear in those boys eyes you know it ain't llf 👍👍👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😎✌️

    chopperhehehechopperheheheVuosi sitten
  • This makes me wish Aggressive Ice Skating was a thing, skate park made out of ice would be SICK

    Reuben KneippReuben KneippVuosi sitten
  • My hands were sweating so bad just watching this.

    IAmMinnianIAmMinnianVuosi sitten
  • Completed it

    krytie Tvkrytie TvVuosi sitten
  • Not gonna lie this look fun as hell

    Big BoredomBig BoredomVuosi sitten
  • Who’s the guy with the Auburn helmet on? War Eagle

    Coleman MorrisColeman MorrisVuosi sitten
  • I wanna see the zamboni do the course

    Dingle Berts Amateur HourDingle Berts Amateur HourVuosi sitten
  • Where they at Fenway park??

    layne gruverlayne gruverVuosi sitten
  • Guy with the bike was the highlight

    GifasGifasVuosi sitten
  • Who’s the Hughes guy from Minneapolis at 10:01

    TylerTylerVuosi sitten
  • Who is the guy with the Panama flag in his helmet at 10:15

    Ivan VillarrealIvan VillarrealVuosi sitten
  • So jealous of the “prestige Worldwide” jersey

    ChrisChrisVuosi sitten
  • I thought it was going be NHL players. I saw Elias and I thought it was Patrik Elias

    M.F. LuderM.F. LuderVuosi sitten
  • You know this is a serious sport when the most experienced dude coaching everyone is wearing a Prestige Worldwide jersey

    Jesse RockwellJesse RockwellVuosi sitten
  • Congratulations

    Not InterestedNot InterestedVuosi sitten
  • I have whole new respect for the racers now

    ColineireColineireVuosi sitten
  • Give me that Prestridge worldwide jersey that’s sick

    Gabe LedfordGabe LedfordVuosi sitten
  • Praying that crashed ice gets a video game in a couple of years

    ItMeChimmyItMeChimmyVuosi sitten
  • All these people talking shit wouldn't go near that fuckin thing

    MemelordeMemelordeVuosi sitten
  • Hockey players try crashed ice in a baseball stadium, I like it

    Zach AvilaZach AvilaVuosi sitten
  • Wait a minute that's Fenway park! I could have totally gone to see this

    AwgolasAwgolasVuosi sitten
  • All of you guys are hating but you don’t realize that these guys play a sport, they don’t go down hills of ice a lot

    DPS BeatsDPS BeatsVuosi sitten
  • They should make this hockey

    Odin OldmanOdin OldmanVuosi sitten
  • This better be In the next Winter Olympics

    Moisty MangusMoisty MangusVuosi sitten
  • What is this stadium originally intended to do?

    takasi saitoutakasi saitouVuosi sitten
  • Two words... fuck that

    LtSheppardLtSheppardVuosi sitten
  • whats the song in the beginning?:)

    Baked Butt NakedBaked Butt NakedVuosi sitten

    Chris HansenChris HansenVuosi sitten
  • I think the major problem they have is caused by the fact, that hockey has horizontal oriented environment. To avoid falling down on the ice, they should lean towards the slope. I experienced the same, years ago, learning how to use half pipe while being on my rolleskates. When you are on the top, you have to lean forward, otherwise you land on your butt, I think its very similar here. Leaning towards the edge is against your body balance, and routine, because mostly your body recognize that as a painful fall, which is about to happen. I remember that overcoming your fear was the hardest thing to do before i successfully learned the trick.

    Kacper DrozdKacper DrozdVuosi sitten
  • How odd that going from totally flat ice to something more like a skateboarding flow course would be difficult.

    Cough It UpCough It UpVuosi sitten
  • Just here because of Leeroy Jenkins ❤️

    Philipp Lukas MasztakowskiPhilipp Lukas MasztakowskiVuosi sitten
  • Madness

    Looch Mind ReaderLooch Mind ReaderVuosi sitten
  • The best part is that all of this takes place at Fenway Park

    MotionMotionVuosi sitten
  • 👋

    Jesus LovesJesus LovesVuosi sitten
  • Would love to see Bill Stoppard do this!

    BAT manBAT manVuosi sitten
  • We need more of these videos!

    JSJSVuosi sitten
  • Guys... try it yourself and then say things like "they can't even skate". The ice is different, the terrain is different and they are not used to this kind of skating (you use your knees much more etc). So shut up with these insults, thanks

    Su Hyeon MinSu Hyeon MinVuosi sitten
  • What was the song played in the beginning?

    Juan GonzagaJuan GonzagaVuosi sitten
  • Teamate:Dude why do you have such wet gear Dude:......Sweat

    BenBoiBenBoiVuosi sitten
  • 11:03 omfg thats soo high!!

    Ongama MafenukaOngama MafenukaVuosi sitten
  • Gotta lower your center of gravity. Bend the knees and lean slightly fwd on the landing. Also speed is the key here because slowing down and stopping is what was preventing them from clearing the gap cleanly.

    Martin ColleranMartin ColleranVuosi sitten
  • FIstream are you happy I watched it

    G MillsyG MillsyVuosi sitten
  • Wow that looks like fun imma bout to go slide down that hill with my ass

    Joe HahJoe HahVuosi sitten
  • i used to play hockey when i was young and i remember goalies being crazy lol and that goalie went full yolo haha 11:30

    astronaut dolphin detectiveastronaut dolphin detectiveVuosi sitten
  • Prestige Worldwide!

    Hototo ManyGoatsHototo ManyGoatsVuosi sitten
  • id be terrified of that very first part- id fly right over and hit the pavement

    SuperSuperdude88SuperSuperdude88Vuosi sitten
  • i wanna do this soo bad!

    joseph dragojevichjoseph dragojevichVuosi sitten
  • How do I get a go at this?!?!

    Danno's AdventuresDanno's AdventuresVuosi sitten
  • The guy driving the Zamboni is the real extreme sports professional.

    Jason MartinJason MartinVuosi sitten
  • I probably couldnt even walk through this course with slip resistant boots on! Sucks that the camera doesn't do justice on the grand scale of this! This is insanity! How did they even freeze the ice like that??!!

    Tarman The ChampionTarman The ChampionVuosi sitten
  • I participated in Red Bull Crashed Ice Quebec in 2009. Nothing prepares your for skating on slopes. Huge respect for the athletes that compete regularly in the Red Bull Crashed Ice events. Being a good skater doesn't have any correlation to staying on your feet. It was an amazing experience and I definitely utilized the Crashed portion when competing.

    Devin HomickDevin HomickVuosi sitten
  • Suicide...#hellnopedo

    Taupe GaleuseTaupe GaleuseVuosi sitten
  • Finland has better tracks

    allurudsallurudsVuosi sitten
  • Prestige worldwide

    Kyle BurksKyle BurksVuosi sitten
  • This is more like skiing on ice skates. It’s not something you can try once. You have to train for it and build up the confidence to do the jumps. Just like skiing you start with the small jumps and move up to the next level. I think it’s very dangerous for these hockey guys to try it without proper training. Many took head hits on the ice. Now you see the skill needed for the guys that race in the Red Bull circuit.

    dphotosdphotosVuosi sitten
  • Love all the comments from people who clearly never tried action sports of any kind. Skating isn't hard. Throwing your weight around to compensate for your angle to the ground is a lot harder.

    John ChapmanJohn ChapmanVuosi sitten
    • Plus friction. We're all very used to plenty of friction, you'd be surprised how unsteady you feel when you take that away.

      John ChapmanJohn ChapmanVuosi sitten
  • Wow....lmao..scary af...wouldn't do way lol...if they're falling you would croak....

    Keith WKeith WVuosi sitten
  • Dude!!! I would love to do!

    Mr ALFMr ALFVuosi sitten
  • Looks fun

    Pretty NaturalPretty NaturalVuosi sitten
  • This is easy for me I've played Mario 64

    Adam 330Adam 330Vuosi sitten
  • Can anyone actually do it?

    Christopher CouplandChristopher CouplandVuosi sitten
  • Competitive hockey pretty much my whole life. Its just like anything else, you get used to it and gradually get better and better with practice. One thing I will say/type is, I think the guys in the video spent too much time over thinking it. Its really NOT thattttt hard. Don't psyche yourselves out lol. Just take it easy and have fun with it. During actual races you don't have any time to slow down and freak yourselves out, you just GO FOR IT! That's what makes it work. There's not much that can really happen on that track anyways. It looks pretty safe. Fun vid tnx for sharing it.

    Karson FentonKarson FentonVuosi sitten
  • You need skate park experience. Hockey has almost zero translation to this.

    Kyle WarrenKyle WarrenVuosi sitten
  • This looks like a great way to break my ankles.

    Amy PennebackerAmy PennebackerVuosi sitten
  • “You’re human instincts tell you not to” that’s what it felt like when I went to the skatepark for the first time when I was riding the ramps

    Evan McnamaraEvan McnamaraVuosi sitten
  • His fuckin jersey says “prestige worldwide” hahaha I need that!!!

    Corey DavisCorey DavisVuosi sitten
  • Respect but it looks like a great way to snap an ankle

    Ed FarrellEd FarrellVuosi sitten
    • All the best/most fun things are inherently dangerous.

      djjazzyjeff123djjazzyjeff123Vuosi sitten
    • Not if your skates are laced and tightened properly.

      J WhiteJ WhiteVuosi sitten
  • I like the Flat Earth map jersey get the truth out 200 proofs we dont live on a spinning testicle

    jeffrey bailjeffrey bailVuosi sitten
  • Yes we are insane. -Canadian

    Tom SwoddyTom SwoddyVuosi sitten
  • Who is the swede🇸🇪🇸🇪??

    Jonathan RappJonathan RappVuosi sitten
  • Super dangerous and risky

    Evan E. RogersEvan E. RogersVuosi sitten
  • So much informative video.. Thanks for this informative video.. I've been ibspired by you to create more videos in my channel.. Thank you..!!

    Technical PortalTechnical PortalVuosi sitten
  • Love all the "pros" in the comment section with their critiques and criticisms. If you think you can accurately judge how they skate in such a small amount of time and in a situation that is unfamiliar to them, you are sadly mistaken.

    whoopdeedoowhoopdeedooVuosi sitten