Game Theory: SOLVING POKEMON'S BIGGEST MYSTERY - Where They *Really* Come From...

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Happy 25th Birthady, Pokemon!
I have been studying the Pokemon video game franchise for decades right, and have finally found the answer to Pokemon's greatest unanswered question:
Where tf do all those new Pokemon keep popping up from?
Who cares about $1,000,000 pokemon cards and Logan Paul, that's for children; this is a video for SCIENCE! I am now Professor Oak.
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Summary: Pokemon game theory that will blow your pants off.

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  • gen 5 literally has dna splicers as an item

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  • 14:01 is basically the nazis did after WWII

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  • still flawed wheres the resoning for pepole to duplicate pokemeon

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    • Well maybe pokemon scientists were experimenting with other pokemon to see if evolution to the race could happen

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  • You literally create a Pokemon out of a fossil and generation one and and people are questioning how the fuck their gene splicing like we can't even do it right now with our current technology

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    • We never knew what year pokemon was set in tho

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  • There's a flaw to your theory good sir. You would need millions of Pokemon to be spliced to do this. I mean you would have to have an army of trainers collecting Pokemon and sending them in to get spliced. And I mean, this would provably be a messy en devour leaving all kinds of byproduct. But if maybe you rolled all the left over product to a small type of , lets say pill, and turned it into Pokemon food...Holy $#!***!!!!

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  • Bellosom is an oddish evolution

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  • Even in gen3 emerald you can clone pokemons

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  • Well actually ho-oh is introduced in the first gen, sooo...

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  • This is... a pretty damn sound theory. Fucking gene splicing explains it all.

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  • He really went game theory on us 💀

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  • Once again, Pokèmon lore has become darker

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  • I literally like the fact that u actually know how to propose a an argument 😂 When u threw in the fact that all the theories are flawed which included yours, you slapped us with the viability😂😂😂😂

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  • a the king is back!!!!!! Ps: at 12:44 it’s all so in the first Pokémon game so it makes even more sense

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  • Hey, I've always kinda believed something like this was going down. I mean, look what was happening with mew/mewtwo.

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  • Or maybe the wild pokemons just bang each others so much that new cross bred species appeared

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  • I’m not a big Pokémon fan but yeah this actually sounds pretty plausible and all

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