Friday Night Funkin' - Vs Whitty Bonus Week (Back Alley Blitz) - Hard Difficulty + Dialogue

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Made by Sock.clip (artist and song composer), Nate Anim8 (Note charter, secondary animator and play tester) and KadeDeveloper (coder)
Creator links:
Nate Anima8:
Kade Dev:
Download the game and support the devs:
I love this mod. Can I even call it a mod? From the cool character design, to the inclusion of cutscenes and the boping soundtrack, especially the 3rd song, I love it, it's chaos in its purest form. It really feels like an official Friday Night Funkin' week.
Featured songs are Lo-Fight, Overhead and Ballistic (or how I like to call it, Arthritis with a Vengeance).
0:00 - Intro
0:33 - Lo-Fight w/ Cutscene
3:07 - Overhead w/ Cutscene
5:40 - Ballistic (aka Arthritis with a Vengeance)
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  • (edit) If you want to see the Vs Whitty mod in clay animation form, then please watch this video: Time stamps for convenience 0:01 - Intro 0:33​ - Lo-Fight w/ Cutscene 3:07​ - Overhead w/ Cutscene 5:40​ - Ballistic (aka Arthritis with a Vengeance)

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  • 5:48 same

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  • Is this game is on xbox one s

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  • How do ya put mods on

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  • Ballistic es la mejor canción de toda la puta historia

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  • I've seen other youtubers that don't miss most of da notes, but u still did AWESOME!

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  • Everybody gangsta 'till whitty says: سوف آكله لكن أقبله

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  • 5:44

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  • Fun fact: When Whitty was a kid, he had a heavy metal guitar and accidentally ate it This is why he has a heavy metal voice

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  • Shitty- I MEAN WHITTY PLS: Having a mental breakdown Gf:is scared asf Bf:This is fine

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  • 5:55 “PlayStation eye”

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  • Someone: That's not a hood it's a sleeping neck

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  • So cool

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  • Cooooooooool !!!!!!!!!!

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  • whitty be like: imma show you some real speed

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  • I can feel Whitty's pain and annoyance in the first music tho.. :(

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  • I liked when Whitty goes mad

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  • When my recomendations are full of amogus: 5:44

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  • This small one is so cute

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  • Wtf

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  • Why does whitty look like spider man

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  • La voy a poner en mi vídeo a ver si no me pegan copyright

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  • Fun fact: Whitty’s voice sounds robotic because the origin of whitty shows he’s a robot bomb according to sock.clip’s sketches.

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  • The bomb guy is like really good to sing

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  • Yooo! What if you can play FNF on DDR!

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  • Who else notices whitty had play station controls shapes in his eyes

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  • Wow

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  • E

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  • among us when someone clicks the emergency meeting button at the start of the round 1:07 someone is following you but your not sure if its the imposter 3:23 during the meeting the imposter is making some good points and then you get voted of then the imposter wins 5:43

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  • 5:48 When I eat broccoli

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  • 1:14

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  • Why does this video of a stepmania copycat game have 15 million views?

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  • My sister when I beat her in any video game: 5:41

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  • Vídeo lixo

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  • This is my calm. Music

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  • My mom when I talked back at her at an argument: 5:40

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  • 5:48

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  • Whitty: going insane. Car drivers on background:this is fine

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  • Boa😍

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  • man this dude is skilled

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  • The bf is robot?

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  • at 5:56 dialog starts

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  • me when I get a shot 5:48

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  • I feel bad for this person's poor fingers.

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  • Why do I listen to this daily

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  • this whitty guy has a plane down his throat

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  • Girlfriend when getting death threats: :D Girlfriend when Boyfriend misses a note: 😔🔫👈

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  • 5:37 Whitty says A

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  • BrUh looks like wihty had bomb head

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  • I was playing fnf and I got so many adds I got anger issues

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  • Is there a story behind this? Is there a reason why the boyfriend and girlfriend are bothering this guy when all he wants is to be left alone?

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  • Hope this game wont be like Fall Guys and Amoung Us they died so young

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  • 6:10

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  • alternate title: basically a toxic player vs a calm player

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  • Mom: I’m the hardest song Whitty : hold my beer 🍺

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  • Me arguing with my sister: 6:13

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  • Boyfriend: beep boop Whitty: *-and i took that personal*

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  • 0:44 cute sound :з

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    • Beep

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    • Almost exactly what I thought

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  • 5:41 When you are stepping on a lego

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  • I ... I just want the same hoodie as whitty...

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  • When I do ballistic : I just missed one...

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  • Who play this game until 12:00am -> 6:00am

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  • como ganas

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  • Ese soy yo cuando no puedo ni hacerle ni un poco de daño a mi rival en clash Royale 😠

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  • And so he left: with a new desire: to be left alone.

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  • 🎤⚫️

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  • that must take weeks to master :0

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  • i just realized that girlfriend is a lot taller than boyfriend, I thought they were the same height

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  • I want to know the songs they sing 4 the first one...

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  • I love whitty’s voice

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  • Ballistic in 1.25× speed would be a real challenge

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  • 5:41

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  • Same

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  • I like phase 1 song the best

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  • I like how his eyes show triangle🔺,❌, and ⭕️ Reminds me of the the PlayStation buttons

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  • 6:11

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  • bEEpo bAp sKeEBoP lel

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