FREEDOM TUNE: ACTIVATED - Ruby's First Power Wheelie Ends With a MESS!!!

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Boy oh boy is Ruby freaking RIPPING!!! So pumped, gotta weld up her oil pan and we're good to go!
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  • RUBY SEVENS shirt and much more freedom merch available here. Thanks guys 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarlandUukausi sitten
    • @mashed potatoes cool neither do i... lifted pickups are cool the first thing u said is not... if you're gonna flex your Prius why are you here

      M EM E11 päivää sitten
    • That's some minty merch and a cool intro

      TheRust BucketTheRust Bucket16 päivää sitten
    • Can you get some more piston rods and dad bods i really want to get my dad one for his bday

      Phonice_flickedPhonice_flicked22 päivää sitten
    • Need more Piston rods and Dad bods, they were sold out of my sizes the same day!!! Please!

      Robert FakeRobert Fake26 päivää sitten
    • I have found and saved the rarest Mazda FC RX7 ever made!

      Joe MaddoxJoe Maddox26 päivää sitten

    Marcin RedlinMarcin RedlinTunti sitten
  • yk heady kids get high on NOS at Dead shows

    Michael NicholsMichael NicholsPäivä sitten
  • Aren't bars allowed in the class ruby races?

    keith carpenterkeith carpenter4 päivää sitten
  • James changed axle supplier? They normally break!

    keith carpenterkeith carpenter4 päivää sitten
  • It's flipping season! Amen brother. Trump 2020.

    keith carpenterkeith carpenter4 päivää sitten
  • Would love to see a race between Ruby and this golf.

    Anders QvistAnders Qvist9 päivää sitten
  • 9:45 the way he said, i did a wheelie sounded so funny

  • the nitrous in the beginning had me rolling 😂

    The fire penguinThe fire penguin13 päivää sitten
  • Time for a wheelie bar

    Car Hunter’s RepoCar Hunter’s Repo14 päivää sitten
  • Anyone else notice James' eyes where red any time he got a close-up? No? Just me? Oh... Ok

    trey McFarlandtrey McFarland18 päivää sitten
    • That's how some cameras work

      Roshi SamaRoshi Sama18 päivää sitten
  • Holy s... motherf.......... HELL YEA BROTHER

    coolbjergcoolbjerg20 päivää sitten
  • Time for ruby to get some shiny wheelie bars😂😂😂

    Michael AltamiranoMichael Altamirano23 päivää sitten
  • Where’s the dad bods shirt

    Jordan HershJordan Hersh23 päivää sitten
  • Drain the oil, JB Weld it, refill the oil and go again!

    Bill KoskieBill Koskie24 päivää sitten
  • EASILY my favorite video this channel has ever produced

    Reid107Reid10724 päivää sitten
  • James you don't deserve to touch the nitrous bottles put it down you're a traitor

    Maidenlord 666Maidenlord 66624 päivää sitten
  • James needs a flat spoiler for stability down track.

    Scott ClarkScott Clark24 päivää sitten
    • Like two feet off the back.

      Scott ClarkScott Clark24 päivää sitten
  • Might want to make Ruby a GASSER CORVETTE.

    Brandon RuanoBrandon Ruano24 päivää sitten
  • Hey, you need to look at Toby price madest fastest mullet to ever be, and he's a seriously hard bastard too, trust me you' will appreciate

    glenn forsythglenn forsyth25 päivää sitten
  • @10:23 Hah, even his eyes are red, white and blue.

    Volare318Volare31825 päivää sitten
  • i love vice grip hes funny af

    cali on firecali on fire26 päivää sitten
  • I have found and saved the rarest Mazda FC RX7 ever made!

    Joe MaddoxJoe Maddox26 päivää sitten
  • Definitely need more Derrick on this channel

    Walter JoyWalter Joy26 päivää sitten
  • Ruby needs a skid plate

    nicole collinsnicole collins26 päivää sitten
  • Just looked and no pistons rods and dad bods or ruby shirts on your merch site

    Jimmy FordJimmy Ford26 päivää sitten
  • cleetus in the car yelling "i did a wheelie" had me laughing

    N1MC_OG_STYLAHN1MC_OG_STYLAH27 päivää sitten
  • Cleetus is on cloud 9 after that intro LoL hook it up bruuthaa

    superlintransuperlintran27 päivää sitten
  • I can’t stop laughing at the merch announcement with the Nitros 😂

    Dujo N54Dujo N5427 päivää sitten
  • Put a piece of steel slightly lower than the pan to prevent the pan hitting.

    josh33025josh3302527 päivää sitten
  • Trump 2020 hell yeah brother!

    EMFEMF28 päivää sitten
  • was the NOS making you loopy? lol

    neige81neige8128 päivää sitten
  • Whyyy is it so glitchyyyyy

    Thomas JohnThomas John28 päivää sitten
  • Why must the screen freeze every time i try to watch the wheelie!?!!!?

    Thomas JohnThomas John28 päivää sitten
  • I love James' 240. I have had 2 240s one with an sr20 and my second had an ls1 and the potential is amazing with these cars. Unfortunately a dying option when it comes to building something these days.

    merc6merc628 päivää sitten
  • I still think you should give that car to you subscribers like you said you would in the beginning.

    merc6merc628 päivää sitten
  • You got a like just from the intro

    merc6merc628 päivää sitten
  • I want to see Ruby and Leroy go up against a 7 second blower car

    Ryan WillisonRyan Willison29 päivää sitten
  • GTA-Achivement Complete✔⚃⚄

    SargeanttheVRSargeanttheVR29 päivää sitten
  • I wanna see leroy just run a 7 doing a wheelie

    Adam MitchellAdam Mitchell29 päivää sitten
  • I want to know freaking fast james is going!!! COME ON PEOPLE LOL nice job making ruby fly her eagles cleeter!!!

    GearWolf 91GearWolf 91Uukausi sitten
  • Cleet is a HELL OF A DRIVER!!!! I would have crashed the shit out of that.

    zeake13zeake13Uukausi sitten
  • Congrats on your first ever wheelie!

    Brian BrammerBrian BrammerUukausi sitten
  • This video is gunna hit 2 million views in the end..hell ive already watched it 6 times

    j marbj marbUukausi sitten
  • 9:45 was amazing 😂😂😂

    Josh WynnJosh WynnUukausi sitten
  • You got Vise Grip in here to hell yeah

    J.D.J.D.Uukausi sitten
  • Moon tune! Hell Yeah!!

    ERCAERCAUukausi sitten
  • I'm srry anyone else tripping over the way the camera makes his pupils look

    michaelseptmichaelseptUukausi sitten
  • Wheelie ruby tshirt?

    Rac6699Rac6699Uukausi sitten
  • The 240 is working excellent work jimmy.

    hondatech5000hondatech5000Uukausi sitten
  • Dang

    Bros Numeral DosBros Numeral DosUukausi sitten
  • Vice Grip Garage was there, too cool! Love that guy.....

    Lost In EuropeLost In EuropeUukausi sitten
  • New cages and wheelie bars are a must for future endeavors in the future racing business meetings for topics of discussion.

    GaryLordsWayMinistryGaryLordsWayMinistryUukausi sitten
    • Wheelie bar is unnecessary. Just tune the suspension

      Adria nAdria n29 päivää sitten
  • I was dying during the merch ad. Something about then spraying nitrous at cleet during an ad was killing me

    ‘Murican‘MuricanUukausi sitten
  • Vice grip garage cleetus team up id sorly needed

    whats really going onwhats really going onUukausi sitten
  • What kinda man wears another man's record on their body. Feels super weird. You ladies have fun though.

    Ryan SpringerRyan SpringerUukausi sitten
  • I didn't realize James went turbo on the 240. Now he just needs to put a flat hood back on it. I obviously missed the turbo build but what manifolds is he running? I wonder if they'd work on a 2001 Silverado with stock location truck accessories including the AC compressor.

    ChesspieceChesspieceUukausi sitten
  • you now need wheelie bars

    Laurent BeaulieuLaurent BeaulieuUukausi sitten
  • Only can say one thing "Sick!"

    tiffinaltiffinalUukausi sitten
  • That was the best Merch plug ever!

    FirstGenDieselFirstGenDieselUukausi sitten
  • Derrick from Vice Grip Garage! I freaking love his channel! I'm so glad hes been getting so much attention and promotion!

    meatloaf666999meatloaf666999Uukausi sitten
  • I cant skip around. In out, lost me as a subscriber.

    TheRealChetManleyTheRealChetManleyUukausi sitten
  • She comes down hard. Fast

    Ray WilsonRay WilsonUukausi sitten
  • Sooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Charles GarbenusCharles GarbenusUukausi sitten
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the meme you added killed me

    BlakeBlakeUukausi sitten
  • Next shirt “ I did a wheelie”

    Josh IvyJosh IvyUukausi sitten
  • Someone needs a wheelie bar

    Michael NicolettiMichael NicolettiUukausi sitten
  • Loved the cameo by Derek @vicegripgarage.

    Bill DingBill DingUukausi sitten
  • That lil bitty hole just needed JB weld quick dry to get you through One race! I have it in a similar crack to the case on my Harley and it’s been a year.

    terry fonzterry fonzUukausi sitten
  • Them eagles flying

    Blaine MitchellBlaine MitchellUukausi sitten
  • Sick!!!!!

    HUGH PAGEHUGH PAGEUukausi sitten
  • Love seeing James get to be the star with his OWN car! The whole Cleetus team has really come a long way over the last few years!

    Lucore Auto and LucoreRacingLucore Auto and LucoreRacingUukausi sitten
  • So happy to see vice grip out there lmaooo live that guy u guys need to make a video together

    Dakota ArsenaultDakota ArsenaultUukausi sitten
  • Sweeet Wheelie I remember my froride used to hang wheelies in his Pinto. Badass Ruby Baby

    Brian MorganBrian MorganUukausi sitten
  • What's happened to this channel, haven't watched for awhile and it seems like the quality just isn't the same.

    TwentySixHundredTwentySixHundredUukausi sitten
  • james the devil ahaha

    SillyGuyMediaSillyGuyMediaUukausi sitten
  • 1:53 is pure ear rape with headphones on

    dion759dion759Uukausi sitten
  • breaking every few passes doesn't win races either ;)

    throttle bottlethrottle bottleUukausi sitten
  • 1st Wheelie 🤙 it looked sick. Luckily it's an easy fix.

    Adam LoaderAdam LoaderUukausi sitten
  • You need to make a shirt of ruby doing the wheelie with a mullet flying behind it and a bald eagle in the background.

    DaxtalDaxtalUukausi sitten
  • @1:53 when she blows a piston but keeps on going.

    DaxtalDaxtalUukausi sitten
  • DONT change the set up, just add wheelie bars dude! Launch that hard 💪 every time! 👍🔥👌

    BoneheadBoneheadUukausi sitten
    • @Adria n true but i just love a good wheel stand on launch! 👍

      BoneheadBonehead29 päivää sitten
    • Suspension tune would make more sense

      Adria nAdria n29 päivää sitten
  • I’m starting to learn that “we’ll see what she does” is the main drag racing term 🤣

    dene phillipsdene phillipsUukausi sitten
  • You say mullet as if your saying mollet instead of mullet

    BWG_SpencéBWG_SpencéUukausi sitten
  • The way you say mullet is a lot different to an Australian

    BWG_SpencéBWG_SpencéUukausi sitten
  • Guy's you're excitement and happines on this video makes me happy. #wheelsup 🦒

    Adam TadlockAdam TadlockUukausi sitten
  • Time to add wheelie bars!

    Lee ChaveroLee ChaveroUukausi sitten
  • Isn't Nitrous asphyxiant

    Lando shawnathonLando shawnathonUukausi sitten
  • Hey Cleet. Plz plz stop saying "tune up" this is not the discovery channel. It's just "tune"

    tbsst56tbsst56Uukausi sitten
  • I want the Ruby 7 second shirt.

    Dustin GordonDustin GordonUukausi sitten
  • Go Ruby go.

    Lamar LenhardtLamar LenhardtUukausi sitten
  • Put some bars on her keep her to ground

    brianbrianUukausi sitten
  • Wheelie bars

    Mark GrantMark GrantUukausi sitten
  • Does James have a you tube channel if so what is it?

    jnewvjnewvUukausi sitten
    • It's his name. (James Taal) However, don't expect him to upload anything there. You'd be better off following his Instagram account: taal_james

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Uukausi sitten
  • Wheelies are cool looking but it always makes me cringe because you know something's going to break when the car does come down! Just a matter of how many things.

    JP ManJP ManUukausi sitten
  • Budget:wheelie bar ✅

    CK OutdoorsCK OutdoorsUukausi sitten
  • I’m honestly surprised closer wasn’t trippin out of his mind after getting sprayed with Nos (which is essentially laughing gas) so many times

    Lord NorixLord NorixUukausi sitten
  • I'm dreaming that Cleet buys the C3 from Derek.

    Daniel BonnerDaniel BonnerUukausi sitten
  • Damn the torpedoes were goin full wheelie!!! Sweeet!

    David BigarDavid BigarUukausi sitten
  • Holy bald eagles Batman!!!!!!!! Sick!!!!!

    Jason SelfJason SelfUukausi sitten