Form critiques ep. 2! All of the rounding.

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Hi y'all I hope you enjoyed this video critiquing form from my page! Thanks to everyone who sent videos, I got to what I could but I didn't have time for all I would have liked. Thanks for your patience!

  • What is the best way to fix your shoulders pulling your arm

    Josh PhelpsJosh Phelps3 kuukautta sitten
  • As always, thanks! Currently feeling for mini-homie. I too demolish shoes because of toe dragging. womp.

    MatthewMatthew4 kuukautta sitten
  • You should still critique the dudes bowling form

    Blutige TränenBlutige Tränen2 vuotta sitten
  • I'm glad I subbed a while ago.

    Tom AhoksTom Ahoks2 vuotta sitten
  • Thx Danny😀😀

    Disc Golf Bradin reviewsDisc Golf Bradin reviews2 vuotta sitten
  • From 14 to 48 patreons as of this comment. Smart to do those giveaways Danny! Keep up the good work!

    Dean WillisDean Willis3 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks for the critique. Im at 2.27 and trying my best to get that reach back fixed. Remember to subscribe and watch my videos.

    Ismo JääskeläinenIsmo Jääskeläinen3 vuotta sitten
  • is anderson cooper your daddy

    Kuhlyedascope69Kuhlyedascope693 vuotta sitten
  • Thank you for the form critique! It's very much appreciate! Good to know I've just got to tweak some things. I'm from Conway, and attend Arkansas Tech 😁. Ice actually seen you at the Beaverfork course!

    Camdyn AshcraftCamdyn Ashcraft3 vuotta sitten
  • New mnemonic: "Keep it tight and nipple height!"

    siddacioussiddacious3 vuotta sitten
    • We all got 'em, might as well use them to line up throws.

      seymourglass26seymourglass265 kuukautta sitten
  • That was awesome.....

    Simon ShawSimon Shaw3 vuotta sitten
  • Awesome video. The footage looks really sharp, did you upgrade your camera?

    Drake EvansDrake Evans3 vuotta sitten
  • Nice work Danny. I think that your right-angle-shoulder thing is the single key thing to emphasize.

    Chris DaviesChris Davies3 vuotta sitten
  • I died at stop toe dragging for your dad's sake another great video the new desk setup is nice

    B.B.3 vuotta sitten
    • Mom's sake, too. It's a family budget.

      seymourglass26seymourglass265 kuukautta sitten
  • When you say keep your arm in front of your shoulders, do you mean fully extend the arm before the shoulders start to turn, or does the shoulder turn once the disc gets to the 'hit zone'??

    Mark HenryMark Henry3 vuotta sitten
    • I think he means keep forearm in front of chest and don't let it lag off to the side(behind)

      B.B.3 vuotta sitten
    • I think it's another way of saying "elbow forward" so you don't lag/hug yourself with the arm while coming through

      CSG1027CSG10273 vuotta sitten
  • For Carlos, correct me if I’m wrong Danny, but his left heel is planted and his toe is pointing forward instead of away from the target. I tend to do the same thing. I’ve found while doing the “X step” to stay on the balls of your feet and it should help this.

    Jon ZerbaJon Zerba3 vuotta sitten
    • Jon Zerba I think it's what seabass would call classic horse stance idk I'm pretty noob though

      B.B.3 vuotta sitten
  • 🍕🍕

    pizza4lifepizza4life3 vuotta sitten
  • How the heck do we sign up???? Killer episode like always

    steveoace1steveoace13 vuotta sitten
    • Website in description

      Ben JacksonBen Jackson3 vuotta sitten
  • What is patrion, or however you spell it.

    Daniel JonesDaniel Jones3 vuotta sitten
    • Click on website in description

      Ben JacksonBen Jackson3 vuotta sitten
  • His throw actually reminds me of Alex Geisingers.

    Alex PadillaAlex Padilla3 vuotta sitten
  • Danny please post a link to your patreon site. Thanks dude

    Jeremy MirkenJeremy Mirken3 vuotta sitten
    • Theres a "Show More" thing at the end of the text and clicking that expands the area and exposes the link

      DarkMage530DarkMage5303 vuotta sitten
    • Jeremy Mirken Haha. Idk, must be your app. I've got a link.

      Adam BarnettAdam Barnett3 vuotta sitten
    • I found the link on FB. Still don't see it in the description here, just a short paragraph of text. Haterzzz

      Jeremy MirkenJeremy Mirken3 vuotta sitten
    • Ben Jackson eye roll worthy indeed

      Adam BarnettAdam Barnett3 vuotta sitten
    • But of course! lol I was bored. Also I eyeroll at questions already answered in the basic description. "Answer my question, but I can't be bothered to read the info posted with the video first."

      Ben JacksonBen Jackson3 vuotta sitten
  • How do you keep your hand on the outside of the disc? It seems physically impossible for me to do it. As soon as I load up and start my pull, my hand jumps to that comfortable front of the disc lol.

    Todd LewandowskiTodd Lewandowski3 vuotta sitten
    • Todd Lewandowski start with your disc in front of your right pec, assuming you are right handed, standing still, get used to the reach back and pull back to that spot standing still, its easier to keep your hand on the outside that way, from there incorporate a slow walk up xstep with the same movement and follow through, practice at about half speed/power until you get comfortable with your hand being on the outside then try regular speed and good luck buddy

      Mark HenryMark Henry3 vuotta sitten
  • You suck!!!!!!!

    E HE H3 vuotta sitten
  • Slow is Smooth. Smooth is Far. Keep it nipple height.

    Frank ReynoldsFrank Reynolds3 vuotta sitten
  • The video you posted highlighting Paige Pierce is as you know from a video where she is talking about what she's doing with her legs. She talks about creating the power; you talk about the power pocket. I think the two ideas mesh well together. Sometimes when I'm trying all the things you say about throwing I get all messed up instead of flowing smooth. Today was nice enough out I played in the mud and had some straight shots. I was focusing on Ms. Pierce's leg-teaching and letting my upper body use the muscle memory of what I've learned from you, from others, and from practice.

    Sleepy AlligatorSleepy Alligator3 vuotta sitten
  • Simon ftw!!

    Mark HenryMark Henry3 vuotta sitten
    • All of the rounding!

      Ben JacksonBen Jackson3 vuotta sitten
  • Lol, the disc can't go through you, cuz you'd die.

    Eric BestEric Best3 vuotta sitten
    • This is why we love Danny... Closet comedian.

      ZachyattackyZachyattacky2 vuotta sitten
  • Viewer number 89! Yeah baby!!!

    Kaevek PlaysKaevek Plays3 vuotta sitten
  • I spy a maverick...

    Anony DuceAnony Duce3 vuotta sitten