Form Check Friday!

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Welcome to Form check Friday! If you missed this time, jump in Discord at so you don't miss the next one! Check me out after this on twitch at! I will timestamp below when each critique is.
Aaron Tom: 2:10
Martin 6:48
Sean: 16:20
DrSlug 24:25
Glenn: 34:00
Nifty 38:00
Mike 44:00
Roger 46:34
Austin 54:00
Tyler 59:00
Connor: 1:02:00
Sonny 1:07:00
DrDaddie 1:15:00
Philip 1:19:00
Keefe 1:30:00

  • This is HUGE! So helpful!

    Eben D'AgostinoEben D'Agostino10 kuukautta sitten
  • Hey Danny Really appreciate your vids 👍. any chance your still doin form checks currently? I could really use some tips on some things im doing wrong.

    Justin RossJustin RossVuosi sitten
  • Keep you headphones away from the mic- this will correct the static when you stand up

    Jay PenceJay PenceVuosi sitten
    • That's what it sounds like to me. When I used to record music if the artist would turn their head on the side with the playback earbud it will make that same sound.

      Jay PenceJay PenceVuosi sitten
    • Thank you! So just take them off and set them to the side before standing up? I guess it's from the drivers in the headphones?

      Danny LindahlDanny LindahlVuosi sitten
  • Anywhere we could send you a slow mo video of a drive for form critique?

    haveatasteofthishaveatasteofthisVuosi sitten
  • Danny can you help me to improve my form because i feel i cant get enough distance on my drives?

    Leevi VironenLeevi VironenVuosi sitten
  • Hey Danny. Do you know what is wrong with my technique as usually my elbow starts to hurt after maybe 1 hour of throwing?

    ExemptExemptVuosi sitten
  • I think a soul patch should be your next step. Those wings need landing gear!

    Tom DillonTom DillonVuosi sitten
  • 20:15 happend all the time..

    Poker FacePoker FaceVuosi sitten
  • Danny, what is the brand and model of the containers you are using to store your golf discs? I see them behind you on the floor.

    Tommy HodgesTommy HodgesVuosi sitten
    • Tommy Hodges I talked about it at one point but they’re just the 20qt bins from Walmart. They work well but wear out and break quick. If I were traveling I’d get the nicer DD ones but these are cheap and they hold Discs!

      Danny LindahlDanny LindahlVuosi sitten
  • 47:45 If you have an Android phone, when you're in video mode, swipe the screen from the left to the right and it will pull up a menu that allows you to shoot silky smooth slow-motion videos on an Android.

    I Own Me - You Own YouI Own Me - You Own YouVuosi sitten
  • Yeah that could be Firefox if you're using Firefox it's known to do thatjust to lose its ability to stay connected or be coherent for some reason even know what's a browser it's almost like it's it loses its way for I like Firefox but it don't don't use it

    Lj DemarisLj DemarisVuosi sitten
  • Might not have too many tasks running in the background let alone probably over half full hard driveif not for who knows anything over half from slowing it down any chance running for them further anyting open in the background that's running will slow down call certain things to crashnot quite sure about that what that blue screen thing said I've never had that happen to me could see good enough for my phone that I'm watching you Natalie that Windows 10 sucks

    Lj DemarisLj DemarisVuosi sitten
  • Hey

    SqueezySqueezyVuosi sitten