Form Check Friday ep: 2!

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I received submissions to my Google form and I am here to break down their form! I'll have examples of what to do correctly and how to improve. Come on by and hang out!
------SPOILERS BELOW---------

Marc - High reach back causing a dip and a nose up release
Bill Volz - Not committing to his reachback causing rounding
Samuel Tyskling - Not pulling the disc tight to his chest also footwork and a proper brace
Jordan Hoglund - Two hands on the disc during the reachback. Pull isn’t bad just a bit rounded.
Jordan Como - Not bracing, just following through
Collin Dyer - Shoulder bounce VERY BAD GOING TO CAUSE INJURY
Chris Sleeman - Not pulling the disc tight and low follow through
Shane Harbeson 3:35 - Great form just a little nose up

  • Can you upload link to Luke’s video of the follow foot slide before it swings back around?

    Alex chiLLiumAlex chiLLiumVuosi sitten
    • Or post in description

      Alex chiLLiumAlex chiLLiumVuosi sitten
  • at 4:30, instead of "matches the height" you could say "matches the upward trajectory"

    Michael JamesMichael JamesVuosi sitten
  • Hey Danny! Thanks as always for the awesome work you do to grow the sport and help others improve. The explanation you are looking for in describing nose angle of the disc vs the angle of flight is “resultant relative wind” “angle of incidence” and “angle of attack”. Angle of incidence is going to be the angle the disc leave the hand, and the wind direction relative to the path of the disc alters that angle to the angle of attack. You could maybe pull up an Aerofoil depiction of this out of google. If you want more info I can PM you some screen shots of the texts from the basic aerodynamics of flight manual. The theory is the same. It’s a wing moving forward through the wind and producing lift.

    Zach ColeZach Cole2 vuotta sitten
  • I’m learning more from you all the time. I also like how you give us a chance to critique the form before you comment on it.

    mrjiveturkeymrjiveturkey2 vuotta sitten
  • Well dang. Thanks for the info, I'm definitely going to rework my form from the ground up. I had no idea I was straining my shoulder so much.

    powerhouseguitarpowerhouseguitar2 vuotta sitten
  • I liked your video very much!

    ToivoToivo2 vuotta sitten
  • Great video. But what causes to tennis elbow from disc golf. I got it pretty bad last year and it’s not healed still 😔

    kevin bechtel jrkevin bechtel jr2 vuotta sitten
    • James May how long did it take it to heal. I still have pain and quit playing all the time in September. I play once in a while now. It has gotten better. Before I couldn’t even squeeze the disc anymore. I think my problem is the same. I think I stop my follow through and it makes my arm fully extended. I got it before from so that when I was putting

      kevin bechtel jrkevin bechtel jr2 vuotta sitten
    • Hey man, I had a similar issue a while back. Mine was from me unconsciously kind of snapping my forearm back after I threw. I was kind of trying to whip the disc by pulling back at the last second with my arm and my bicep and this gave me hella pain every time I played. Follow through intentionally should help.

      James MayJames May2 vuotta sitten
    • Well thanks I don’t use forehand for power shots. Thinks it’s from not following throw and bad form. And playing to much

      kevin bechtel jrkevin bechtel jr2 vuotta sitten
    • Overusing it and bad form. Usually it comes from throwing a forehand without following through enough and jamming those joints open. Check out Disc Golf Strong for ways to work on that though! Also Physics of Flight 3.1 on the Dynamic Discs channel can help with forehands and Seth is featured at the end!

      Danny LindahlDanny Lindahl2 vuotta sitten
  • Fun. - - Go boy.

    Kristopher JenneweinKristopher Jennewein2 vuotta sitten
  • Despite the fact you butchered my name I still love you man, thanks for the review and keep that upper lip warmer growing

    jordan hoglundjordan hoglund2 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks, Danny! Love your enthusiasm and comments. Been playing for a long time and never thought of a 3 finger grip, but changing to that after you commented on it has helped me get a more consistent nose down angle. Keep up the great work and thank you so much for taking your time to do this and your other videos. It's a great time to be a new disc golf player with so many people giving good technique training and so many great players to watch.

    Dave MichaelsDave Michaels2 vuotta sitten
  • I appreciate your work on all this.

    John Clark IIIJohn Clark III2 vuotta sitten
  • Uh Danny.... It shows this camera is 1080p. But you may need to invest in a logitech Webcam. This one is not great quality wise

    djjolly 037djjolly 0372 vuotta sitten
    • Yeah I think it may have something to do with the focus as well. It looks like the closet doors are in focus but I'm not... I'll work with that some. Thanks! This camera was a starting point to see if I'll continue live streaming and I'll step it up to a nicer camera at some point!

      Danny LindahlDanny Lindahl2 vuotta sitten
  • 8:39 Point where Danny came out of closet. :)

    Mr. WizeguyMr. Wizeguy2 vuotta sitten

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    • @C Hileman are you throwing LHBH then dont touch the disc with your right hand

      ShezmuShezmuVuosi sitten
    • @Danny Lindahl yeah

      C HilemanC Hileman2 vuotta sitten

      Danny LindahlDanny Lindahl2 vuotta sitten
  • Is there a link to the submission form for this? I have a video for you

    Paul SpoonPaul Spoon2 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks Danny! Great stuff! Love all the insight & info!

    Ron MarxRon Marx2 vuotta sitten
  • Danny please shave the stache're starting look like Larry Bird 😂😂 keep up the good work you're awesome

    Kyle KincadeKyle Kincade2 vuotta sitten
    • I think he looks like a cop

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  • Thanks for the tips! A video on reach back would definitely help! I had thrown a Discmania P3 with a power grip so that may also have added to the wobble! Plenty of work to do and thank you again for all the work you do to help Ams like myself!!!

    Shane HarbesonShane Harbeson2 vuotta sitten
    • Interesting you’re getting wobble on a p3. I throw a p3 and find it to be the most comfortable putter to power grip I have ever thrown. But to be fair I don’t get wobble on putter throws except when throwing a nova. But keep with it. The P3 is an amazing disc for driving

      Zach ColeZach Cole2 vuotta sitten
  • Yes

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  • Please shave

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    • Reido50 i want a ballista pro with Danny’s custom stache stamp. 1st!

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    • This is the new Danny. All of his custom stamped discs are gonna have the golden stache.

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  • thanks bro

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