Forehand only round at Flint Hills! (With Pushups on the line!)

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Hope you enjoyed this video! Thanks for watching and I'll see you next week!

  • 4:06 The sun is big

    Mattias EislerMattias EislerVuosi sitten
  • #sorechesttomorrow 😎

    Nicolai KarlsenNicolai KarlsenVuosi sitten
  • “Don’t want to let it get lifted at all so I threw it super high” the story of my disc golf life😂

    Zachary LeeZachary LeeVuosi sitten
  • i use a short course to work on forehand only shots now that i'm finally able to overthrow most of the holes. I usually just use putters on it now.

    Doc XenDoc XenVuosi sitten
  • Geat video. You've been a big help to me, and I've really enjoyed your videos all year. Regarding puting - if I could share a REALLY old video (10 years!) that you may have already seen...although it's aimed at newbies like me, and it might cause veterans to laugh a bit, it really makes the point about the role of CONFIDENCE in good putting...Best wishes - and thanks again for the efforts you've put in to making others better at the game.

    Hugh MacNivenHugh MacNiven2 vuotta sitten
  • make sure to tighten up your stomach so you dont hurt your back

    Morten KristiansenMorten Kristiansen2 vuotta sitten
  • Emac Truth only round. Even for putting

    The Legendary EThe Legendary E2 vuotta sitten
  • Some ideas for flint challenges: rollers only; upside down discs; throw two discs at once (take best lie); play a round with someone else’s bag; safari round; tomahawks and thumbers only; non-dominant hand only; spin around 5 times before each throw; tee from the previous hole’s basket; throw with eyes closed only.

    Moriah SeamanMoriah Seaman2 vuotta sitten
  • Lefty round for sure. Comes in handy if you ever sprain anything and need to get through the last few holes. Putting is the hardest part again...

    Zip CaseyZip Casey2 vuotta sitten
  • Hey Danny! I have am idea for one of these. A round using only a Lat 64 Bite!

    kilohousekilohouse2 vuotta sitten
  • Can you do a video on the differences between release angles with different discs? For example if you have a stable disc that if you release at a certain velocity it will fly straight. But if you release it on the same straight line at a higher velocity it will turn over. If you release the same disc on a hyzer line that it will flip up to flat and then hyzer finish. can you explain in a video what cause's that to happen and how you can consistantley make the same disc either finish right or left?

    Dalin FarrenDalin Farren2 vuotta sitten
  • Do left hand only.

    Jamin SchmittJamin Schmitt2 vuotta sitten
  • Left hand challenge next?

    Stefan LindbladStefan Lindblad2 vuotta sitten
  • Do only high-speed drivers for off the tee and putts.

    Jacob MolinaJacob Molina2 vuotta sitten
  • Loving my suspect also. What would u say is a little bit longer suspect. More like mid range distance the suspect is more like putter distance for me with how over stable it is.

    Renegade BowlingRenegade Bowling2 vuotta sitten
  • Only anhyzers, backhand or forehand.

    phalle32phalle322 vuotta sitten
  • Pull those elbows in, squeeze the glutes and tighten up the abs and you'll be perfect on your pushups. (Look up "hollow" position)

    Seth HeasleySeth Heasley2 vuotta sitten
  • Dude straighten your back more on the push ups. And quit looking down, look forward.

    Harry BallzacHarry Ballzac2 vuotta sitten
  • Flint hills with your flippiest putter only

    dalcowboizdalcowboiz2 vuotta sitten
  • Danny, try a round where shadows are O.B.

    Jake WJake W2 vuotta sitten
  • I started disc goal recently. Really like the way you talk through things. THANKS for taking me golfing. Nice form

    A LightworkerA Lightworker2 vuotta sitten
  • Keep your head/chin up and remember to breathe. Back straight, elbows at 90 degrees, Feet together (or within 1 foot apart). For the most part, you got the form down lol besides the nose bumps on the ground. Whoever told you that should never teach anything, ever again. Good work! Wish I had your touch for forehand.

    cutsautoamcutsautoam2 vuotta sitten
  • Your back is nowhere close to straight on pushups. You need to do them in front of a mirror.

    white deionwhite deion2 vuotta sitten
  • Roller challenge please

    frank bennettfrank bennett2 vuotta sitten
  • Chest mounted go pro, putter only, speed rounds. 3 laps. Rest between.

    Will CarpenterWill Carpenter2 vuotta sitten
  • Upside down throws only (no grenades allowed either). Including putts because some people do putt that way from 15 ft or so.

    pjsb1pjsb12 vuotta sitten
  • Keep your head up on those push-ups

    AJ BrownAJ Brown2 vuotta sitten
  • what do you use for camera setup???

    Simon GomezSimon Gomez2 vuotta sitten
  • I vote either forehand roller only round or grenade only round or backhand roller only round! Love these videos!

    Alex DAlex D2 vuotta sitten
  • I would love to see a roller from the tee only if the wind was cooperating.

    Pierre TellierPierre Tellier2 vuotta sitten
  • This course looks really boring, do you have fun playing this course?

    Eric DunthorneEric Dunthorne2 vuotta sitten
    • Yeah! It's purpose is more to go toss a bit and see which holes I birdie that time. If I want a challenging course with harder shots, I've got plenty of options. But the idea here is to have a control. A course I can shoot 6-7 under at and see what changes when I mix it up some.

      Danny LindahlDanny Lindahl2 vuotta sitten
  • Roller only, can be. BH or forehand tho.

    Anony DuceAnony Duce2 vuotta sitten
  • Turnovers only challenge!

    Trey GTrey G2 vuotta sitten
  • Opposite arm challenge

    disc ninja Sdisc ninja S2 vuotta sitten
  • The way you snatched those sunglasses off before making that putt on 6 was scary.

    Charles WillardCharles Willard2 vuotta sitten
  • Every time you make a bogey, baby Jesus cries.

    Jason NonnJason Nonn2 vuotta sitten
  • love this video Danny! not just for punishing you'r self for doing ''misstakes'' but for trying out a forehand round ;) keep up the good work man..... :D

    Crow HagenCrow Hagen2 vuotta sitten
  • As a European, your meters looked really short at 5:25. I bet that disc was inside the 10m radius because your steps were something like 80cm long.

    osmoduhosmoduh2 vuotta sitten
    • @Danny Lindahl Haha I was kinda happy you miscalculated the distance so we could all see that beautiful putt!

      osmoduhosmoduh2 vuotta sitten
    • Maybe, I usually take 10-11 steps to be the circle. Also, I had to get a forehand putt in there somehow!

      Danny LindahlDanny Lindahl2 vuotta sitten
  • Overhand thumbers only round.

    Joey CryselJoey Crysel2 vuotta sitten
    • Lucid Defender thumbers only.

      Nathaniel HeathNathaniel Heath2 vuotta sitten
  • Your forehand technique is a lot better than your push-up technique. Careful you don't hurt your elbows Danny!

    Nelson Van AldenNelson Van Alden2 vuotta sitten
  • Military ranks a push-up as the elbows breaking the plain of the back.

    Donovan CreamerDonovan Creamer2 vuotta sitten
  • That turbo was pretty ugly (although, credit, it did go in). So on that note, All turbo putt flint hills challenge? Even off the tee! ha

    Zack PagacZack Pagac2 vuotta sitten
  • Hole 5 foot fault xd

    ekkujuekkuju2 vuotta sitten
    • Okay! It seems I didn't know the rules that well then. Thank you for the correction!

      ekkujuekkuju2 vuotta sitten
    • Looks alright to me. Even if my foot was past the front of the teepad, it would have to be touching the ground to be a foot fault. Good eye though! Keepin me honest!

      Danny LindahlDanny Lindahl2 vuotta sitten
    • 3:37 it looks to me as the ball of your foot is just over the concrete and touching the grass. But now that I look at it, it might be the camera angle....

      ekkujuekkuju2 vuotta sitten
    • Where? I demonstrated balance behind my lie before continuing forwards. You might call the tap in on 4 a foot fault but c'mon man, it's a tap in lol.

      Danny LindahlDanny Lindahl2 vuotta sitten
  • roller only

    brandon schuttebrandon schutte2 vuotta sitten
  • Backhand, forehand worst shot challenge

    Sike MilerSike Miler2 vuotta sitten
    • I like that! Worst shot doubles with myself!

      Danny LindahlDanny Lindahl2 vuotta sitten
  • My teacher use to offer push-ups as an alternative punishment to demerits/detention but for each to count you have to use your nose to ring a bell and he had to hear it.

    ShealoacShealoac2 vuotta sitten
    • My nose would been ringin! But, my arms weren't workin haha.

      Danny LindahlDanny Lindahl2 vuotta sitten
  • Purposely bonking your head on the ground.

    FearTheWeird300FearTheWeird3002 vuotta sitten
    • Them teepads smelled...interesting.

      Danny LindahlDanny Lindahl2 vuotta sitten
  • You should do lefty only challenge! Or maybe a driver inside the circle and a putter outside the circle

    Kester GrimmKester Grimm2 vuotta sitten
  • Forehand is my jam

    Kester GrimmKester Grimm2 vuotta sitten