Finnish Nationals 2019 - MPO Final Round, Front 9 (Vikström, Heinänen, Räsänen, Nieminen)

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The SpinTV is proud to bring you the action from the final round of the 2019 Finnish Nationals from Iso Heitto, Keuruu.
The 4th and final round lead card consists of Oskari Vikström, Joona Heinänen, Mikael Räsänen, and Jesse Nieminen.
Commentary by Nate Sexton.
© The SpinTV 2019
Made possible by Innova Champion Discs
Cover and video photos: SFL / Tomi Mäkipää

  • Now I understand Simon

    Ben DeCookBen DeCook2 kuukautta sitten
  • Im living in Keuruu lol

    WeetiWeetiVuosi sitten
  • this course is insane... the play was fantastic as well.

    ItsneightItsneightVuosi sitten
  • I was surprised to not see our seasoned veterans Seppo Paju and Teemu Nissinen in the lead card. Nicely played by these young guns 👍

    Mikko SaarinenMikko SaarinenVuosi sitten
    • Seppo ei osallistunut

      Juho HeikkiläJuho HeikkiläVuosi sitten
  • Nate did good considering he was alone. :) gj Nate

    WiggersARTWiggersARTVuosi sitten
  • What is the average age of the lead card??

    Jaakko AJaakko AVuosi sitten
    • About 19

      Juho HeikkiläJuho HeikkiläVuosi sitten

    Uncover The TruthUncover The TruthVuosi sitten
  • You said (Oskari) is possibly the best 16 year old on the planet, but you failed to mention the newly minted open player Zach Arlinghaus (also 16) who shot -8 at Idlewild. That kid is also very impressive.

    Brandon BeyerBrandon BeyerVuosi sitten
    • No doubt about Zach being impressive, but Oskari is just on another level.

      Samuel HänninenSamuel HänninenVuosi sitten
  • Jesse "Meltdown" Nieminen, he just doesnt do good with cameras on him.

    YlliksenMummoYlliksenMummoVuosi sitten
  • beautiful course.

    Lyndon DimondLyndon DimondVuosi sitten
  • Joona looks like AB!

    Donovan LivingstonDonovan LivingstonVuosi sitten
    • Exactly who I thought it was on the thumbnail.. Lol

      Scott WrightScott WrightVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage! Tought you should change birdie to green, par to gray and bogey to red.

    Joel KaarlelaJoel KaarlelaVuosi sitten
  • the family man sound effects in the bathroom really make the video :P

    ScoopScoopVuosi sitten
  • I think Vikström is best player under 18

    Mikael KannistoMikael KannistoVuosi sitten
  • ok the person that has their phone on during the commentary needs to go away lol, I was looking at my phopne so confused!!!!!!!

    Tony MacDonaldTony MacDonaldVuosi sitten
    • It sounded more like washing machine taking more water. And that's really confusing, like where are you doing this commentary 😄

      Mikko SaarinenMikko SaarinenVuosi sitten
  • Beautiful course! Sexy is back!

    Christopher NgChristopher NgVuosi sitten
  • Hole 6: shouldn't Räsänen have +3 and not +2. He throws it 6times

    Linus BoströmLinus BoströmVuosi sitten
    • 2. shot was provisional. He continued with the first shot, so +2 is correct

      SurzXSurzXVuosi sitten
  • Birdie as red colour...NO...Has to be green, red is and always has been negative compared to green☝️

    DG DenmarkDG DenmarkVuosi sitten
    • A birdie IS negative. -1

      Brandon BeyerBrandon BeyerVuosi sitten
    • @Alex The Grey ...that's not how colorblindness me :) I'm colorblind.

      Lyndon DimondLyndon DimondVuosi sitten
    • unless your colorblind, then they are both just gray

      Alex The GreyAlex The GreyVuosi sitten
  • Why you didnt use the Disc golf Finland's drone montage?

    ProoMaunoProoMaunoVuosi sitten
    • @loossi kuski en oikein tajunnut :D

      ProoMaunoProoMaunoVuosi sitten
    • @ProoMauno no ei tietenkään, se oli "vitsi".

      loossi kuskiloossi kuskiVuosi sitten
    • @loossi kuski en usko, kyllähän se nyt jäätävän hyvää ajamista oli kun spin tv.n kuski vaan pyörittää muutaman asteen kameraa joka ei ole niin hieno.

      ProoMaunoProoMaunoVuosi sitten
    • them drone flying skills got too much attention from commentators i guess :D

      loossi kuskiloossi kuskiVuosi sitten
  • Nate you are so boring alone

    Juho LoukkoJuho LoukkoVuosi sitten
    • @Birgit L I love Nates commentary everytime, but this was boring.

      Juho LoukkoJuho LoukkoVuosi sitten
    • I don't agree. True, this commentary is differing from the ones we are all used to with two people doing a sort of conversation commentary. Also bear in mind that Nate obviously could not compete and contribute insights from his own experience. I appreciate a lot the work he did.

      Birgit LBirgit LVuosi sitten
  • Must say, only one guy at commentary is kinda boring.

    Mr. WizeguyMr. WizeguyVuosi sitten
    • Nate is the best one-man-team we have!

      The SpinTVThe SpinTVVuosi sitten
    • I agree but he did the best with what he was given, I think.

      ScoopScoopVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage, Such talented young players!

    Joka toinen AlarautaanJoka toinen AlarautaanVuosi sitten
  • Oskari Vikström🇫🇮🇫🇮💪🏻💪🏻

    uppo nalleuppo nalleVuosi sitten
  • That random hazard near the basket on hole 3 is so stupid...

    mohamohaVuosi sitten
    • There were a lot of stupid basket placements. Way too many baskets way too close to OB line.

      laserbeamhorselaserbeamhorseVuosi sitten
  • Back 9?

    Leevi VironenLeevi VironenVuosi sitten
  • 3rd round lead card and final round chase card coverage at our channel. No spoilers!

    Disc Golf FinlandDisc Golf FinlandVuosi sitten
  • Thank you!

    Jan Terje MoenJan Terje MoenVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage again. You are the best thing for the sport after McBeth.

    RO IHURO IHUVuosi sitten
  • That wasn't my phone...

    Eel HeadEel HeadVuosi sitten
  • No doubt in my mind.... within 1 to 3 years, some of these Finnish players will be in the top 10 on the U.S. Tour.

    Dana LawtonDana LawtonVuosi sitten
    • 11 months later... Väinö mäkelä and oskari vikström are some finnish names to keep in mind. They have a great potential to perform well on us tour

      Otto VäänänenOtto Väänänen4 kuukautta sitten
    • @Dana Lawton Seppo Paju has had top 5 finishes in US tournaments, but on A tier events, not on the National Tour

      BaikoBaikoVuosi sitten
    • @Nathan P Its nice to say that Nate.... but they still need to do it. Currently the U.S. Tour is the top one in the world. If some of them can go to the USA and start to place in the top 5 to 10 consistently... then yes, that will be the proof. I'm quite impressed by Tamm... hopefully he plays in the U.S. next year.

      Dana LawtonDana LawtonVuosi sitten
    • Are they not already?

      Nathan PNathan PVuosi sitten
  • Thank you!!

    Janne SuonpääJanne SuonpääVuosi sitten
    • You´re welcome!

      The SpinTVThe SpinTVVuosi sitten
  • First

    Casper FlyktCasper FlyktVuosi sitten
    • @Disc Golf Finland Hold your young horses. Team 1080p since 2013.

      The SpinTVThe SpinTVVuosi sitten
    • @Casper Flykt Ok. We will give you a head start. -Team 1080p

      Disc Golf FinlandDisc Golf FinlandVuosi sitten
    • Disc Golf Finland yea

      Casper FlyktCasper FlyktVuosi sitten
    • Team 360p?

      Disc Golf FinlandDisc Golf FinlandVuosi sitten