European Open 2019 MPO Lead Card Final Round Front 9 (Wysocki, McMahon, McBeth, Tamm)

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Pure Disc Golf history in the making! Here's the coverage from MPO lead card Final Round Front 9 of the 2019 European Open, featuring Ricky Wysocki (USA), Eagle McMahon (USA), Paul McBeth (USA) and Albert (EST).
Commentary by Jeremy Koling & Nate Sexton aka Iso Seksikäs.
Made possible by Innova Discs
Produced by The SpinTV

  • We need more young players like Tamm with signature celebrations like the bazooka. He is probably my favorite new young player. So awesome.

    MBMB4 kuukautta sitten
  • Bazookas don't have recoil. Get with the program

    go catsgo cats5 kuukautta sitten
  • Europe’s parks are packed with people in general. It’s a different culture than the US and partly why we are more obese.

    Sue In RaleighSue In Raleigh5 kuukautta sitten
  • I didn’t notice, but this is filmed in 50 fps. Did they use Finnish cameras, or did they tune their cameras to European frequency.?

    PFunk _PFunk _6 kuukautta sitten
  • I first thought the applause was added in post production. I never heard that many spectators as a DG event!

    Erik DresnerErik Dresner6 kuukautta sitten
  • Perfect card would be Wysocki, Beast, McMahon and Simon. Big Sexy on commentary!

    Neo WickNeo Wick6 kuukautta sitten
  • 13:25 legendary

    RiverwoodHoodRiverwoodHood7 kuukautta sitten
  • I know we are late to this but my wife and I have been playing disc golf the last 10 years but have only recently discovered these videos. Thank you for posting them on FIstream! The filming/commentating is great and the play even better! Big ups to Finland for putting on an incredible event, thanks again for all the hard work, you have provided us with amazing entertainment during the Covid quarantine!

    Hawk BulletProofHawk BulletProof7 kuukautta sitten
  • 8:16 I'm sorry but does anyone else see how soft he throws his forehand? They bomb, with no visible power. Insane

    CMW MichaelCMW Michael7 kuukautta sitten
  • 12:15 walking dead horde coming through

    Stephen GefellStephen Gefell7 kuukautta sitten
  • "European Open" top 3 players representing USA.

    Isaac WoodIsaac Wood8 kuukautta sitten
  • So nice to have the Beast back. ( the course, Paul is okay too )

    JMRSplattJMRSplatt9 kuukautta sitten
  • you ever just jizz ur pants.

    Adam ShepardAdam Shepard10 kuukautta sitten
  • 28.54

    Trevor TammTrevor Tamm10 kuukautta sitten
  • Ricky rollin' it up on Hole 4!!!

    Doron BlakeDoron BlakeVuosi sitten
  • dj

    Brandon FlynnBrandon FlynnVuosi sitten
  • Paul is the man !!!

    ruben saldanaruben saldanaVuosi sitten
  • why do they all look like golfers and not like respectable humans in the way they dress? none of them are told that piquets looks like shit compared to normal clothing?

    Espen JohansenEspen JohansenVuosi sitten
  • Why is Mcbeth dressed like he’s playing with Tiger?

    James McCabeJames McCabeVuosi sitten
  • I really miss Jamie Thomas, there is a reason that other pro sports do not have current athletes commentating the events. We want to hear someone that is a fan and just excited to be a part of something. Some player insight would be cool on the side but there’s just too much talking and breakdown and not enough letting us enjoy the shots and good commentary.

    Cameron McGowenCameron McGowenVuosi sitten
  • god I love big sexy commentary

    Black DiamondBlack DiamondVuosi sitten
  • Bazooka!

    Ron MarxRon MarxVuosi sitten
  • That focus st just sitting there, enjoying disc golf.

    BringMeThyPizzaBringMeThyPizzaVuosi sitten
  • Is it a typo on Hole 7 for Eagle?

    Mitchellz8Mitchellz8Vuosi sitten
  • Also did Albert’s bazooka move on hole 9 just begin a new era of creative big putt celebrations? Because I really hope it did.

    Conner WilliamsConner WilliamsVuosi sitten
  • Getting jiggy with it with his piggy with it, too tight just right. Love the commentary lol

    Matthew de RykMatthew de RykVuosi sitten
  • That roller shot from Rick on 4 was absolutely incredible. To have walked the hole and seen the gap in person, that was just unreal.

    Conner WilliamsConner WilliamsVuosi sitten
  • 2:28 steve writes articles that NOBODY under 45 reads. cute Eagle shorts joke btw

  • Insane 🔥

    Moriah SeamanMoriah SeamanVuosi sitten
  • Why is the commentary SOOOO loud?

    Dan TraubDan TraubVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage guys!

    Ben EllingtonBen EllingtonVuosi sitten
  • This is one of the most exciting rounds of dg I've seen in a while. Amazing stuff!

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonVuosi sitten
  • Wow, there at the end... The Running of the Finns?! Lion attack?!

    AJ BrownAJ BrownVuosi sitten
    • Actually there's only a short walk to the hole 10's tee, but to get to the perfect landing spots kinda makes you go through the fairway and the TD is very eager to forbid you to do so, once the players are ready ;)

      Mikko SaarinenMikko SaarinenVuosi sitten
  • Big Sexy all the way. Great commentary.

    laughatmydeathlaughatmydeathVuosi sitten
  • best round of disc golf in last 5 years

    Quin NapierQuin NapierVuosi sitten
  • This is one of the first rounds where I'm back a day later to watch it again! Quality!

    Theron HobbsTheron HobbsVuosi sitten
  • I'm grateful for the coverage....but the quality isn't that great. I mean let's be phone records 4k 60fps. I know they can do better

    Michael KingMichael KingVuosi sitten
  • great coverage of an amazing round. thanks spinTV. hole distance on the banner that runs from the players tee shots would be really nice to have.

    NyquistLPNyquistLPVuosi sitten
  • you wont be seeing 3500 plus at worlds. illinois is a shithole because state is run by corrupt liberals. europe also takes disc golf more seriously than the US which just considers it an activity for stoners to do so their parents dont yell at them for smoking in house.

    brian6speedbrian6speedVuosi sitten
  • Tamm looks like he's been doing this his whole life, no biggie. I'm rooting for him.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • I think the most amazing thing about Wysocki's roller on 4 is that he didn't seem to even set up, he just stepped up and 'felt it'.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • I think the most amazing thing about Wysocki's roller on 4 is that he didn't seem to even set up, he just stepped up and 'felt it'.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

    Marius LuovulaMarius LuovulaVuosi sitten
  • Paul's roller on pretty. And then Wysocki does it too! "Fly to Finland, go to that spot, get your best roller..." and throw it a thousand times, and you'll never come anywhere near as close as R.W. Holy mackerel these guys are astounding. #4 was its own little melodrama, all by itself.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • I agree with Nate and Jerm... the crowd at this tourney was huge!!! There needs to be big crowd at worlds and dgc

    Rob MitchelRob MitchelVuosi sitten
  • The Simon video made me well up a little.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • That Gallery! Stick a few mics in among them.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • 2019 European Open is the high water mark in disc golf. Excellent job to all involved!

    Scott WhiteScott WhiteVuosi sitten
  • P mc B's caddy with the Glow UP!

    Donovan LivingstonDonovan LivingstonVuosi sitten
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but Albert Tamm is the first discgolf player I see who has on his shirt, in addition to his disc team name, sponsors that have nothing to do with discgolf. Have to admit, I find them kinda random - there's a furniture company and a beauty shop, but also a physiotherapy clinic. However, I don't mind the notion of using outside sponsors, since it's the logical next step in the development of a sport. When discgolf becomes so popular that big companies start pouring money into tournaments and coverage, the whole game is going to change. I think it's inevitable and we can only hope that commercial success will not ruin discgolf for us, true fans.

    pelletlikepelletlikeVuosi sitten
    • seems to be common in Europe

      Jeremy BoydJeremy BoydVuosi sitten
  • 13:22 roller shot of the year

    agetori77agetori77Vuosi sitten
  • Thanks for cooling down on the over zooms.👍

    Levi DavisLevi DavisVuosi sitten
  • 28:52 the bazooka!

    Cooper AndersonCooper AndersonVuosi sitten
  • Paul putted like crap this tournament and still pulled it out . Sickness

    MastashakeMastashakeVuosi sitten
  • Shootout to the Sexy Germs!

    MastashakeMastashakeVuosi sitten
  • 28:53 the bazooka. Legend.

    Corn on the cob BobCorn on the cob BobVuosi sitten
  • song?

    John AniansJohn AniansVuosi sitten
  • 13:23 - ordinarily, we'd dismiss a commentator when they say "That's the best shot I have ever seen", as being pure hype. But on this occasion, I not only think Nate is telling the honest truth, but it also might be the best shot anyone watching has ever seen. That was simply outrageous! From a patent-pending stance! Under a low ceiling! Rolling! On a hillside! Parked! What the? How the? What's going on???? As Big Jerm once loudly exclaimed after hitting the same branch twice, "HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?"

    Chris DaviesChris DaviesVuosi sitten
    • The quote was "WHAT ELSE CAN POSSIBLY HAPPEN?!" and it was after consecutive parked shots rolled away down a mountain (the second resulting in a lost disc rethrow) in the pouring rain, without my discs, an umbrella or a towel because my caddy abandoned me up the hill thinking I had what I needed, while losing a 6 stroke lead on one hole with only 3 holes to play in the tournament. But you almost got it!

      Jeremy KolingJeremy KolingVuosi sitten
  • YES!! OB GRAPHIC!! Thanks for adding it!

    Alexander BivolcicAlexander BivolcicVuosi sitten
  • Big Jerm "every round of their career" huh? I have seen YT tournaments with almost no one sir!!

    Greg HanecGreg HanecVuosi sitten
  • OB graphic ! Thanks.

    Chad SmoliakChad SmoliakVuosi sitten
  • Ya bazooka celebration. Winner winner chicken dinner.

    Squirrel GraySquirrel GrayVuosi sitten
  • I love to hate Paul, but build a fucking statue of this guy. Goddamn the balls on this guy. Incredible golf from the top 3 in the world.

    iwaspromisedbeeriwaspromisedbeerVuosi sitten
  • Way to go paul!!!!!

    Mario ChavezMario ChavezVuosi sitten
  • This is the greatest tournament of all time so far!! Can't wait for the back 9!! #Bazooka 🚀

    DG GODDG GODVuosi sitten
  • Eagle actually got a par on hole 7 go back and watch it 😂

    Trevor KingTrevor KingVuosi sitten
    • Noticed that too :-), he was -29 on hole 7, next hole (8) he was still -29 so the birdie was not counted.

      Radek BěhavýRadek Běhavý7 kuukautta sitten
  • Big Sexy at the mic calling a ghost of a disc game with shots so imaginative the fawna and the trees seem so impenetrable yet the disc spirited it's way to first circle. What a round guys my jaw dropped to the professionalism of players, commentary and fans ability to avoid, evade and support to a level us Americans need to step up amd support.

    The Art Of Moore artofmooreinstagramThe Art Of Moore artofmooreinstagramVuosi sitten
  • The bazooka!!!

    Austin BottcherAustin BottcherVuosi sitten
  • Ricky’s putts are so clean! Thank you for the coverage spintv.

    Paul CusackPaul CusackVuosi sitten
  • This is some spectacular stuff. It seems like every time this tournament has a great final day.

    Brad RomansBrad RomansVuosi sitten
  • I love the camera motion on the spin back putts! So professional!

    Theron HobbsTheron HobbsVuosi sitten
  • Bazooka on point

    tony currytony curryVuosi sitten
  • You guys gave away the winner with how much you were pushing the player charging. Another player was even closer or as close during the round and you didn't even mention anything about them.

    Jacob RuschJacob RuschVuosi sitten
  • How did Eagle get Par on hole 7, was he using a different counting system?

    Karl LavenderKarl LavenderVuosi sitten
  • Ummmmm-Hmmmmmmm sexys common reaction to some of jerms attempt to make up words, while in the process of not being able to just call the shots! 😃. Seriously- . All good. Thanks to everyone for the coverage.

    KimballVisionKimballVisionVuosi sitten
  • Does anyone know what disc Ricky rolled on hole 4?

    Jgar GarciaJgar GarciaVuosi sitten
  • Is McBeth's caddy the same caddy he's always had for the European Open?

    Jgar GarciaJgar GarciaVuosi sitten
    • Yes

      Kari ToivonenKari ToivonenVuosi sitten
  • Don’t call us out for not showing up. Hell you can drive all day and still be in Texas. They can drive for an hour and be in a different country.

    The Broadway SceneThe Broadway SceneVuosi sitten
    • Well, that part being in another country after one hour driving is not actually true in Finland unless you live near the eastern border and want to go to Russia :) In central Europe that is true but we have to pretty much take a boat or a plane when going abroad. But I admit that it is easier for the Finns to go to see these tournaments. Long holidays and relatively short distances in the southern half of the country.

      Kari ToivonenKari ToivonenVuosi sitten
    • The Broadway Scene and a lot of people within Europe have paid vacation days during these summer months. Much easier to travel in Europe and plan for stuff like this. So yea, I agree with you for these reasons and more.

      ZLRZLRVuosi sitten
  • I think eagle didnt take birdie on hole 7, he took par right?

    PerslepiPerslepiVuosi sitten
  • One of the best rounds of disc golf I've seen in awhile! Thanks Spin TV, great coverage, great commentary, great tournament.

    KT420ishKT420ishVuosi sitten
  • Wtf that roller on 4 by Wysocki was ridiculous.

    David DodsonDavid DodsonVuosi sitten
  • Just finished watching paige destroy and now its time for a close round

    Nick VNick VVuosi sitten
  • Way to call out the USA crowd... booked my VIP pass to worlds!

    Christopher HendersonChristopher HendersonVuosi sitten
  • We've seen this movie before.

    Doug EDoug EVuosi sitten
  • Albert Tamm you iceman, nice work. Huge thriller one of the best finals ever. 3500 people watching. Holy shit!!! Thank you BigSexy and SpinTV!!

    Janne SuonpääJanne SuonpääVuosi sitten
  • Has jerm always had a tooth whistle ?

    sandy shoressandy shoresVuosi sitten
  • Torille

    EeppazEeppazVuosi sitten
  • It seems like ever since Ricky went to innova that the only time he is doing really good is when he gets lucky a bunch of times throughout the tournament, exept for putting of course.

    Torque MonkeyTorque MonkeyVuosi sitten
  • Shout out to some of the female Finnish spectators,damn

    Jayrock 11278Jayrock 11278Vuosi sitten
    • Marc Winer Exactly

      Jayrock 11278Jayrock 11278Vuosi sitten
    • cutie on hole 4 tee, wow!

      Marc WinerMarc WinerVuosi sitten
  • McBeth in the process of putting these guys firmly in his rear view mirror again.

    zen babaloozen babalooVuosi sitten
  • Thank you, what a show.

    perssekyllperssekyllVuosi sitten
  • is the blonde guy with Paul Eunice??

    ThomasThomasVuosi sitten
  • Excellent!!! Four stars.

    Jim PlattesJim PlattesVuosi sitten
  • Had to come in and like for adding the OB graphic, thanks Spin TV crew :D

    Bj VarneyBj VarneyVuosi sitten
  • Too many ads

    loopedmessloopedmessVuosi sitten
  • Spin TV with some of the best coverage ever!

    dalcowboizdalcowboizVuosi sitten
  • I’m going out to my practice basket right now to practice 40 footers with the bazooka celebration so when I pull it off in leagues, I can look half as badass as Albert on 9.

    SurgeSurgeVuosi sitten
  • eagle was charging the whole time with McBeth as well...!!!

    TobyTobyVuosi sitten
  • Nice, the Bazooka Claim from Albert on 9.

    netposernetposerVuosi sitten
  • Wauw what a great battle. And good to see Tamm doing his thing, well played. Jeeeeeeez SpinTV, it's really getting downright annoying to "NOT SEE" the total score after each hole, and especially after the 9th hole. You had a whole minute of video left to show the total score, but didn't. Such a shame for an otherwise great postproduction with nice graphics. Love it anyways but hope you take it to haert and progress to the next level ;o)

    Kasper AndersenKasper AndersenVuosi sitten