European Disc Golf Championships 2018 Lead Card, Final Round, Front 9

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Once every two years, the best players in Europe gather to settle the European Championships titles. 2018 Championships were held in beautiful Croatia. This video features the first 9 holes of the MPO final round.
The SpinTV is bringing you the Play-by-Play action from the Final Round of the event. Our MPO lead card features Simon Lizotte (GER), Väinö Mäkelä (FIN), Seppo Paju (FIN) and Teemu Nissinen (FIN) battling against Sveti Martin Na Muri Disc Golf Course.
Commentary by Nathan Sexton & Simon Lizotte
Filmed by SM Disc Golf Productions:
Edited by Esa Arokki & Aappo Kirkko-Jaakkola
Made possible by Innova Champion Discs
© 2018 The SpinTV. All rights reserved.

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    JukkaraineJukkaraine5 kuukautta sitten
  • I love watching europeans putt since the spin putt is so prevalent. It looks amazing.

    Jeb WatsonJeb Watson2 vuotta sitten
  • I think if it were me on that first hole, I'd put the disc just under the banner and park it under the basket or ace it.

    Kirk MeyersKirk Meyers2 vuotta sitten
  • Can anyone explain to me what the putting rule is about the putt at 16:48? I''m not sure why he's allowed to step in front of his lie, and am hoping for some clarification on that. Does it change in regards to your location to the putting circle? Thanks!

    bosoxdancbosoxdanc2 vuotta sitten
    • bosoxdanc yes if you’re outside of the circle 1, 10m, you can jump ahead of where the disc was lying

      BirdmanFSUBirdmanFSU2 vuotta sitten
  • Lizotte is awesome. Great englishskills to.

    Stefan JohanssonStefan Johansson2 vuotta sitten
  • I'm just glad Seppo has realized having both elbows over your wrists is not he best putt. He only did that like what, 4-5 years?

    BelmiorBelmior2 vuotta sitten
  • What song is playing while they discuss the up coming hole. It's like some euro trance but it's a banger.

    eric walkereric walker2 vuotta sitten
  • You know I wounder why we are not seeing the same with USA and the players from the States they represent in a USA Disc Golf Championships?

    Casey smithCasey smith2 vuotta sitten
  • oh no not finland

    freddie crunkfreddie crunk2 vuotta sitten
  • btw. they need to make camera with dual eyes! Like humans, to be able to see the grades better! Just look with 1 eye and youl understand i hope!

    GramaldGramald2 vuotta sitten
  • Good thing that Seppo is trying something else for his putts. Like Nate and Simon Said, Being Able to change your game when you're that good is A mark of a true Champion. He was already a Threat, now he'll be even more!

    Maxime FortinMaxime Fortin2 vuotta sitten
    • It's good to experiment, but I don't know why anyone would choose to straddle putt from range if they don't have something in the way. Paul and Ricky make long putts look so much easier with their stagger putt. Obviously it's their skill, but they clearly get lots of power from their legs in a controlled fashion, which is a big part of what makes their spinny push putts so smooth. Even the best pure straddle putters (Barsby, Niko, etc.) have more wobble in their putts, which can't help. Plus when they add power with their jump putt, it just looks less controlled. If you're newer and not seriously considering a stagger putt, ask yourself why you're handicapping yourself for longer putts unnecessarily. Unless you have a pure spin putt, a stagger putt seems like a no brainer to start. Obviously everyone should do something they are comfortable with, but I think you get an advantage on long putts with the stagger and no disadvantage from closer. A stagger putt is for going around obstacles and still needs to be practiced, but I think this is worth it to get more consistency on 40 ft+ putts.

      illegitimate0illegitimate02 vuotta sitten
  • Never seen so many beech trees in my life. Someone needs to go in there and fell all those things replacing them with oaks and maples.

    FaceFace2 vuotta sitten
  • Simon thinks Nate has a 480 foot sidearm lol.

    brian6speedbrian6speed2 vuotta sitten
    • The hole does look like it is downhill, so possibly...

      Jeremy BoydJeremy Boyd2 vuotta sitten
  • Nate "Which Fin is that" Sexton. Love it!

    JKKJKK2 vuotta sitten
  • I just bought my first Sexton Firebird and i absolutely love it and glad I can help support Nate

    Jeff BeckerJeff Becker2 vuotta sitten
  • Love the coverage! IF you ever want to do follow flights on SpinTV, I can help you out with that.

    Jeff DeRisoJeff DeRiso2 vuotta sitten
  • Nice

    NarNar2 vuotta sitten
  • Wow i didnt know my county has a disc golf course haha

    Republika DugaveRepublika Dugave2 vuotta sitten
    • But is it a real course?

      slangen808slangen8082 vuotta sitten
  • Can Simon and the kids come back to the much bigger, more lucrative American market for worlds and the USDGC, or are they all your prisoners now? Is the period of disunity over yet, or are we going to do this again next year? FTR, I loved the Euro tour in the past, but whatever threw it off this year cannot be repeated.

    blueboyblueboy2 vuotta sitten
  • I aced hole 5

    Charlie O'BrienCharlie O'Brien2 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks for coverage.

    Alex HeimbergerAlex Heimberger2 vuotta sitten
  • Thanx SpinTV, Nate and Simon!👍

    Jouni SalminenJouni Salminen2 vuotta sitten
  • If you want a European player to win, just make sure you only want Europeans to compete. Several of the US players have always wondered why we allow Europeans to compete in the United States Championship, but US players aren't allowed to compete in the European Championship. I'm sure there will be alot of negative feelings based on this comment, but unless you have a good explanation, just skip it.

    Dickie BrewerDickie Brewer2 vuotta sitten
    • makes sense. thanks

      Dickie BrewerDickie Brewer2 vuotta sitten
    • We have european open too.. and yeah thats open for all 😀 we have finnish championchip and finnish open etc. Thats just how it is. Peace

      portsamagicportsamagic2 vuotta sitten
    • That's the most plausible reason I've heard of and it does indeed make sense. Thanks Krpi.

      Dickie BrewerDickie Brewer2 vuotta sitten
    • I'm sure there are others out there, but only concerned about disc golf. Your point is good one. Thanks.

      Dickie BrewerDickie Brewer2 vuotta sitten
    • Why would your comment raise negative feelings? It is a valid question. There are several US championships where only Americans are allowed, for example athletics. There are also tens or hundreds of European Championship events where only European countries participate. That is why it is called European Championship. ' I think this is a wrong place to wonder why Europeans are allowed to participate in USDGC. You should ask from that PDGA or people who organizes USDGC. I don't think you get an answer to your wondering from FIstream. My proposal is to ask from PDGA. Europeans would definitely understand if they were not allowed to participate, because it is US championship. Or maybe they want to keep it similar to US masters in golf where all the best are present.

      Kimmo MatikainenKimmo Matikainen2 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks Spin!

    John EvansJohn Evans2 vuotta sitten
  • Kus on Silver Latt?

    j hORnj hORn2 vuotta sitten
  • It doesn't seem right to hear that music, and it not be followed up by Jamie Thomas' voice.

    Mike AucoinMike Aucoin2 vuotta sitten
    • The music is really odd for me. Feels like a rave or something. lol

      James McGrawJames McGraw2 vuotta sitten
  • 22:30 "couldn't see it Finish" HA I get it. Cause he's from Finland.

    Elijah MillerElijah Miller2 vuotta sitten
  • I wish we could see more of Seppo on the U.S. courses. Dude has mad game.

    RJGRJG2 vuotta sitten
    • @H K ...and now he has learnt some serious putting during the winter. Expect to see him top10 in many competitions 2019

      Christian LångforsChristian LångforsVuosi sitten
    • His shots just keep flying longer.

      H KH K2 vuotta sitten
  • Tykkää jos oot suomalainen!

    Discgolf. jjDiscgolf. jj2 vuotta sitten
    • Juu oon.

      IsoEIsoE2 vuotta sitten
  • Look, anything above 90 is hot. But come to Oklahoma. Where we play in 100+ temps with humidity sitting at a lovely ball soup level.

    ElectricEndeavorElectricEndeavor2 vuotta sitten
  • Wasn’t expecting coverage of this

    Nick VNick V2 vuotta sitten
  • Hole 1 just seems like it had one too many things going on. Drop the tee pad to an open, flat area then you have players more tempted to unleash into the mando. Take out the mando and people will risk the OB to get a huge shot off the elevated tee. Or take out the OB past the mando and players will be more tempted to get creative with power or a roller maybe. All 3 of them just seemed to bottle people into taking an easy par and move on.

    Matthew BertramMatthew Bertram2 vuotta sitten
    • I think if it were me on that first hole, I'd put the disc just under the banner and park it under the basket or ace it.

      Kirk MeyersKirk Meyers2 vuotta sitten
    • That elevated tee box looked pretty dangerous too. Step off the front and screw up a ankle.

      mtp9214mtp92142 vuotta sitten
    • Agreed. The rest of the course seemed great though.

      Jeremy AHJeremy AH2 vuotta sitten
  • Are they gonna post rd 1 and 2?

    Chris JacksonChris Jackson2 vuotta sitten
    • there is a video on facebook... hole 15-18, round 2 - 3

      Robin BinderRobin Binder2 vuotta sitten
  • What did Simon throw on hole 2? Almost looked like a midrange with a bead but Discmania doesn't have that.

    Tinker TownTinker Town2 vuotta sitten
    • Yeah, looks like the Ana stamped FD3.

      PapiChulloPapiChullo2 vuotta sitten
    • FD3

      Seppo PajuSeppo Paju2 vuotta sitten
  • toni korhola where u at?

    ArttuArttu2 vuotta sitten
  • Any other rounds???

    TortatoTortato2 vuotta sitten
  • 34 C = 93 F

    Risto SalonenRisto Salonen2 vuotta sitten
  • So excited for this! I was wondering were the EDGC coverage was! SexyLizard commentary? Check. Awesome course? Check. Bomber card? Discount double check!

    Trevor RenigerTrevor Reniger2 vuotta sitten
    • Ya for sure. Sexy Lizard is solid commentary. Know you're in for a good one right away.

      Squirrel GraySquirrel Gray2 vuotta sitten
    • No joke. Killer card!

      Trevor RenigerTrevor Reniger2 vuotta sitten
    • Theres nothing wrong with the card...

      eminenceeminence2 vuotta sitten
  • first

    Jaakko MäättänenJaakko Määttänen2 vuotta sitten