European Disc Golf Championships 2016 Final Round, Front 9 (Parviainen, Piironen, Hakulinen, Tetzel)

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The best players in Europe gathered to Meri-Toppila DiscGolfPark in Oulu, Finland to settle the European Championships titles over the course of 4 rounds on the very challenging 18-hole Par 61 course.
The SpinTV is bringing you the Play-by-Play action from the final round of the event. Our lead card features Juho Parviainen (FIN), Leo Piironen (FIN), Lassi Hakulinen (FIN) and Marvin Tetzel (GER) battling against the harsh conditions with extremely high winds pushing from the Gulf of Bothnia.
The final round was played in the worst storm in some time, with falling trees causing power outages around the Nordics and winds gusting at up to 18 m/s or 40 mph.
This video features the first 9 holes of the final round. Commentary Jamie Thomas.
Filmed & Edited by Aku Franssila.
Additional footage by Epic DG films.
Made possible by Innova Champion Discs
© 2016 The SpinTV. All rights reserved.

  • Miksei isokädet heitä ykkösellä hyssepommia? 120-130m ei luulis olevan mikään amerikan temppu vaikka vähä tuulisikin.

    NotoriskNotorisk2 vuotta sitten
  • Why are the playing so aggressively on hole 1? It looks like you can just lay up on the left and then throw a fairly easy upshot to the basket. None of them are actually going for the 2, so why throw so long and tangle with the trees? Am I missing something?

    FizzyPFizzyP4 vuotta sitten
    • Hyzerbomb 120m should be easy for juho and leo.

      NotoriskNotorisk2 vuotta sitten
    • VERY confused about this myself...

      Travis GrahamTravis Graham3 vuotta sitten
  • 😂 its very hard to play in the wind

    Yeah buddyYeah buddy4 vuotta sitten
  • 11:54 Lassi is not quite sure about the wind direction yet.

    Arzie Van DeeArzie Van Dee4 vuotta sitten
  • I played in 50 mph (80kph) gusty winds earlier this year, and it was the most surreal experience I've ever had at disc golf. I totally empathize with these players.

    allaboutthegyroallaboutthegyro4 vuotta sitten
  • Great coverage!

    Noah RobinsonNoah Robinson4 vuotta sitten
  • I've played in conditions like this...Monterey California, Otter Open. It's just not fair, it's tourture!

    Cassidy HoudeshelCassidy Houdeshel4 vuotta sitten
  • I just started and I'm missing Simon already :/

    Aaron SAaron S4 vuotta sitten
    • +Aaron S Yeah he is my favourite player. But i didnt know about a knee injury. well that sucks...

      Jan UschnigJan Uschnig4 vuotta sitten
    • +Jan Uschnig I think he got a knee injury or something. I just enjoy watching him play

      Aaron SAaron S4 vuotta sitten
    • whats with simon?

      Jan UschnigJan Uschnig4 vuotta sitten
  • anyone who plays disc golf knows how wind effects flight. the trees whipping around indicate 20+ sustained winds . . . every throw - very challenging.

    wacky295wacky2954 vuotta sitten
  • Like the energetic intro! but the right flow isnt really there yet, transitions should be bit smoother.

    Rivo RahuojaRivo Rahuoja4 vuotta sitten
  • shame it was so stormy for europes biggest tourney. well done to the guys though.

    SpierSpier4 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks for the coverage! Next time maybe give a proper camera to the poor guy filming. Video looks choppy and the focus pumping (with a DSLR?) doesn't really help. Expectations are high from watching CCDG and Jomez. =)

    JRapidsJRapids4 vuotta sitten
  • Definitely feeling the intro music! Might want to tone it down a bit as it was a little tough to understand you talking over it.Great coverage though!!! Disc Golf Show approves!

    nickas78nickas784 vuotta sitten
  • When this tournament was played Finland actually had one of the biggest storms we've had in a long while. Massive props to these guys for managing to play so well even in these crazy conditions. Plus the course is right by the ocean, which makes the wind even worse because there are no trees blocking it.

    SuruSuru4 vuotta sitten
  • I feel proud of my home country :3

    Eemeli PaavolaEemeli Paavola4 vuotta sitten
  • Dat drive from Leo at 26:56 is a beauty!

    JaoipJaoip4 vuotta sitten
    • Jaoip close to 200m i would quess

      NotoriskNotorisk2 vuotta sitten
  • These are some gnarly winds for sure

    nitbotnitbot4 vuotta sitten
  • The U.S. would be so lucky to have galleries like these in Europe.

    TruthAlwaysWinsTruthAlwaysWins4 vuotta sitten
    • Its true, but I would rather watch McBeast and Wysocky crush on some discs

      spliffwizard420spliffwizard4204 vuotta sitten
  • wow, managing to play in this wind is insane!

    Patrik ZPatrik Z4 vuotta sitten