Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Throwing Basics

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Pro disc golfer and coach Scott Papa walks you through the essential motions and concepts of the disc golf throw.
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  • Newbie here. Video is just what I needed to learn it right the first time!

    UncleWillie88UncleWillie88Vuosi sitten
  • LMAO @ "its a moon shot"! great video, thank you. I spent 30 minutes with a hedgeclipper trying to0 find my driver today after horribly failing and throwing my disc over a fence, into a heavy thornbushed forest. NOT FUN! Then proceeded to throw incorrectly with all my other shots because my mechanics were so off. I don't watch videos. I just wing it. I found out, that without a skilled partner, or video help, playing disc golf will be very miserable. SO, here I am watching vid after vid trying to improve and start over. This vid helped so much, THANK YOU! I might not suck so much tomorrow.

    Mantis AOMantis AO2 vuotta sitten
  • Thank you for this great video. It is very helpful with great instructions and tips.

    Rachel MeekRachel Meek2 vuotta sitten
  • I just start playing disc golf and I love it!! thanks for the tips!!

    Ale AvalosAle Avalos2 vuotta sitten
  • For a first timer. It helped me a lot. Best instructions so far.

    Antworld studioAntworld studio2 vuotta sitten
  • This is the greatest sport!!!!

    MCM Studios Pittsburgh Recording StudioMCM Studios Pittsburgh Recording Studio2 vuotta sitten
  • Does Scott Papa have a signature disc or if nothing else an autographed disc because I want it. This guy is an amazing instructor!

    Tommy HodgesTommy Hodges2 vuotta sitten
  • 3:18, Sorry I loled

    Jari-Pekka WillmanJari-Pekka Willman5 vuotta sitten
  • This is the best guide to what to do as a new player. I recommend it all the time. I still visit for a personal reminder. I'm always telling myself, pull the string! Great job Scott.

    Noel DukeNoel Duke5 vuotta sitten
  • Stopped a quarter of the way through to like this video. Excellent job, great video.

    Chaos FragrancesChaos Fragrances5 vuotta sitten
  • Inventor of the whip right here ^^

    Charlie GoodwinCharlie Goodwin5 vuotta sitten
  • Hi, I'm extremely new, and want to get into disc golf. I've played only a handful of times using my friend's discs. When buying disc's it seems that there are a lot of different weight options, how do I know which one is best for me?

    Tyler MTyler M5 vuotta sitten
  • "You're gonna follow through. . " Ha. . Awesome!!

    Spaceship DaliborSpaceship Dalibor5 vuotta sitten
  • Also, what is a good beginner run up I cold work on? Basically right now I'm just rhwoing from a baseball batting stance to help keep control. Another thing is release points, where in terms of your body is the release point? Or is it different for everyone's swing? extremely new here sorry for the questions

    David MilesDavid Miles5 vuotta sitten
    • Not as much as I needed when I posted the original comment haha. I still have only been playing for like 3 months tops but I've made a bunch of progress. I've been working my ass off at it and it has definitely paid off. I've worked my way up to the x step and am now just continuing to practice release angles, release points, etc. Another main issue is some throws my body will lag behind on the forward motion. I won't get the full weight transfer from my back to front foot and what results are stupid weak hyzers that look awful lol. Don't get me wrong though my game is incredible for the time I've spent on this, I just hold myself to really high standards as an athlete. Plus I'm a scratch ball golfer as well and that probably has a huge part in it as well.

      David MilesDavid Miles5 vuotta sitten
    • Still need help??

      Jordan PopiJordan Popi5 vuotta sitten
  • Ok so I'm a scratch golfer and am just starting to throw discs so I'm very familiar with these mechanics and form but one question i had. Do you transfer you weight forward as soon as your arm starts going forward to throw? Or should your weight shift be the first movement and the the arm/shoulders? I'm having MAJOR issues throwing a disc correctly lol I'm very inexperienced with discs/frisbees.

    David MilesDavid Miles5 vuotta sitten
  • This is the best instructional video to watch! I've watched a lot go videos to improve my game and this gave me that information I was seeking! Good techniques and the towel trick does wonders! It may seem silly but it really helps!!

    Jacob LinkerJacob Linker5 vuotta sitten
  • Super helpful and clear. Thanks guys.

    N1c2k3N1c2k36 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks for the tutorial, really made sense how to throw it!

    MikroFonistiMikroFonisti6 vuotta sitten
  • I wish i´ve seen this couple of months before :( well done, sir!!!

    Petr HouškaPetr Houška6 vuotta sitten
  • Nice addition at the end. I've been trying to figure out why I've been over throwing so much. I've just started playing and I had someone telling me the basic concept to throwing, but every single time I drive or try throwing hard it's releasing from my hand way way too late. I started thinking maybe I was simply gripping it too hard or that instead of trying to let the force of my throw rip it from my grip maybe I need to start purposely releasing the disk at a specific point in my toss, but when I do that I lose all kinds of power and the disk doesn't fly well. Anyways, all of this over thinking was driving me nuts so I went looking for FIstream help to solve my throwing issue.

    c00lhand208c00lhand2086 vuotta sitten
  • Cool vid to think about going back to basics after playing for a bit.

    Eric EngbladeEric Engblade6 vuotta sitten
    • I watched this before the first time I ever played. It is great. I send it to people before their first time.

      Jon BlairJon Blair6 vuotta sitten
  • Some guy on a golf track teached me how to throw, but it was nothing like this :/ Meh, i'm gonna throw like you.

    AttebAtteb6 vuotta sitten
  • May I use this video in a presentation?

    LoraLora6 vuotta sitten
    • You bet!

      Discraft Disc SportsDiscraft Disc Sports6 vuotta sitten
  • i really like this video. my friends have tried coaching me and nothing has reallly worked but i think this is great!!!!

    Tristyn OrienTristyn Orien6 vuotta sitten
  • This video is amazing! I'm a beginner and this really helped me

    Amber E Florida321Amber E Florida3216 vuotta sitten
  • great video

    Garland BeamerGarland Beamer6 vuotta sitten
  • Nope, just stay away from the thought of growing up. Be responsible (well, a little bit at least) but never stop having fun with the game and life itself. Grown ups are boring!

    Scott PapaScott Papa7 vuotta sitten
  • Well, it's either amateur or pro and I haven't played and amateur tourney in....well.....a long time. So Pro it is and darn proud of it! Oh yeah, I know that Gatorade is waiting for the right time to offer me a commercial deal!

    Scott PapaScott Papa7 vuotta sitten
  • damn - I've no chance then - I've always had an elecrtic lawnmower.

    supertosspotsupertosspot7 vuotta sitten
  • Hey! I have grey hair! Should I stay away from myself?

    Jon Ritchings JrJon Ritchings Jr7 vuotta sitten

    Justin RouseJustin Rouse7 vuotta sitten
  • I wonder when the lawnmower analogy came about. When I first started playing I drove with a more fluid smooth motion.. a friend told me to act like I was starting a lawnmower, so I started cracking my elbow as if I was pulling the disc. It's kinda corny but it increased my distance and accuracy and I still think about it when I play. Good teaching tool

    Adam CoyneAdam Coyne7 vuotta sitten
  • 3:19 I beg to differ... I did!

    felix anderssonfelix andersson7 vuotta sitten
  • Just starting out and this vid is very helpful. Thanks for the tips.

    anp907anp9077 vuotta sitten
  • I just started disc golfing with a semi-experienced friend lately, and I am going to try out these techniques later today; they seem sooo much better than what I've been told to do lol.

    Scytherene122190Scytherene1221907 vuotta sitten
  • Yes of course :D

    ISG_rsr2ISG_rsr27 vuotta sitten
  • I want to be such a good thrower i can hunt bird ! with my golf disc =)

    Quaker274Quaker2747 vuotta sitten
  • I just started frolfing and these were some great tips ..I think this will make me improve alot

    dakoder mdakoder m7 vuotta sitten
  • great tips! helped me very much

    chessley yearwoodchessley yearwood7 vuotta sitten
  • Great video thanks!

    Jordan HudsonJordan Hudson7 vuotta sitten
  • awesome vid!!! great tips, i've been playing for 10+ years and haven't seen/heard someone break it down like this, thanks !!

    blackshirts420blackshirts4208 vuotta sitten
  • What disc are you using?

    95rydinBLAZIN95rydinBLAZIN8 vuotta sitten
  • keep the side of the disc thats opposite of where your hand is located pointed slightly up when releasing it, when you get it right it will anhyzer in a S pattern instead of just curving off to the left if you throw right handed.

    UnderpantsniperUnderpantsniper8 vuotta sitten
  • Same problem here,I've heard keep the nose down.(easier said than done)

    JP BrewerJP Brewer8 vuotta sitten
  • Yeah it can be frustrating at first when playing, but you are just developing your throw. That actually takes time until you find your throw that you feel comfortable with. Everyone is different but once you figure it out, all do from there is improve :D

    ISG_rsr2ISG_rsr28 vuotta sitten
  • great vid and very helpful info .. but i like the putter in his hand to teach mostly driving skills

    jasona605jasona6058 vuotta sitten
  • I just recently tried disc golf for the first time and I felt like the frustrated beginner on regular golf course who duffs every shot. I think these tips will help.

    69UM24OSU1269UM24OSU128 vuotta sitten
  • This is truly one of the best videos on driving techniques.

    Shane CollinsShane Collins8 vuotta sitten
  • Fantastic video!!!

    sparkythebuildersparkythebuilder8 vuotta sitten
  • Discraft's video's, including this one, are my warm ups before going out to play serious. If you are like me you will notice a large change in your game if you watch this and others just before going out to play. The little tips are fresh in your head. Thanks for the tips, because of them I am not beating, but competing with low level pro's though I'm pretty new.

    woodystylezzwoodystylezz8 vuotta sitten
  • he's a great teacher!

    Mark SebzdaMark Sebzda8 vuotta sitten
  • Great video

    Gordon MyersGordon Myers8 vuotta sitten
  • I've been playing for about 5-6 years and of late my shots have gotten a little stale, and the scores plateau. Backhand throws never worked because when I needed distance, I hurt my shoulder trying to heave it. This video shows that the elbow is the final pivot point of a whip that you have to learn to generate - this will save my shoulder and improve distance. Thanks Papa

    Steven AhernSteven Ahern8 vuotta sitten
  • This video is 110% accurate. Thanks

    Richard DrewRichard Drew8 vuotta sitten
  • thanks, this helped a lot and i will be buying my first few disks soon

    Jake OstrowskiJake Ostrowski8 vuotta sitten
  • Added to favorites. I can't wait to use these tips on the golf course :)

    John KennedyJohn Kennedy8 vuotta sitten
  • except children

    SwampBewdySwampBewdy8 vuotta sitten
  • Ive been throwing sidearm for the past couple months and I havent been able to throw backhand, until now. Your lawnmower tip helped me out so much. Thanks.

    Dick HeadDick Head8 vuotta sitten
  • Oops I got gasoline all over my mom's table because I put the lawnmower on top of it u_u

    Adrian JamesAdrian James8 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks!

    ensjesseensjesse8 vuotta sitten
  • Buying my first 3 disks tomorrow. Thanks a ton man.

    KringhettoKringhetto8 vuotta sitten
  • I switched from side arm to back hand in under a week because of this video and the people that played back hand that i play with who have been using back hand for years i could throw farther and more accurate within my first week of switching. My max side arm was probably about 350 feet or so and back hand i've gone over 400 feet but i've been using back hand for like 3-4 months now! These tips are great thanks alot.

    2 Tone Udon2 Tone Udon8 vuotta sitten
  • Great video.

    Jeff RajkumarJeff Rajkumar8 vuotta sitten
  • Great tips.

    Benjamin VoBenjamin Vo8 vuotta sitten
  • the footing stuff is a lot like regular golf.

    aaron bertrandaaron bertrand8 vuotta sitten
  • could somebody critique my drive? I'd love suggestions for more distance.

    Jon YoderJon Yoder8 vuotta sitten
  • That very last thing at the end put all doubt away.

    Wildx0Wildx08 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks! can't wait to try these tips on the course today!

    Chris MossChris Moss8 vuotta sitten
  • i think of it as opening a door

    matthew hardmanmatthew hardman8 vuotta sitten
  • WOW! The lawnmower tip makes SO MUCH SENSE! It helped alot. Thanks!

    Michael McGrewMichael McGrew8 vuotta sitten
  • @DVarelatenors didnt even know they made those

    ClimbinguyClimbinguy8 vuotta sitten
  • very well done video!! Where was this 5 years ago when I started playing?!?! lol Everything Scott mentioned was accurate, fun, and explained very well. Its videos like these that really keep the sport's interest and popularity exploding.

    David MillsDavid Mills8 vuotta sitten
  • I actually threw the disc into my left hand once...

    Will DWill D8 vuotta sitten
  • I've been a forehand guy for years. Trying to make the transition to backhand. Was amazed how much this vid helped. Nice job, Coach.

    Rick HolsingerRick Holsinger8 vuotta sitten
  • I've been playing for six months, and this helped improve my throwing significantly. Thanks.

    Adam KarnesAdam Karnes8 vuotta sitten
  • i have an electric lawn mower....fml

    DVarelaTenorsDVarelaTenors8 vuotta sitten
  • @Memmott7 Looks like there's four of them

    Sam WallaceSam Wallace8 vuotta sitten
  • @2002maxum1 Yeah, I want to see me throw too! Well, you may just get that chance as we have done some more filming over the summer and one of the things we shot for was an approach video where I threw a LOT of discs. Depending on what is actually video worthy, you will hopefully be able to see me trying to practice what I preach....heeheehee. Thanks for the kind words and we will keep trying to get more videos out for ya'! Thanks, Papa

    devon42508devon425089 vuotta sitten
  • @Znorps I was back in Michigan at the factory and we did film some more stuff for videos. One of the vids we did work on was a "how to select a disc" video. I can't say for sure what will make the video and what will hit the cutting room floor but it may help. Do you have any specific weight questions (particular style of disc, stability, etc)? If so, then I may be able to answer your questions here. Thanks, Papa

    devon42508devon425089 vuotta sitten
  • scott papa is way better then dave

    MikeyLikesItMikeyLikesIt9 vuotta sitten
  • Whos the douche bag that disliked this??

    jake memmottjake memmott9 vuotta sitten
  • Thank you for the great advice we got motivated

    Bryan ReedBryan Reed9 vuotta sitten
  • This is so helpful!! I am a frolf newbie...and I'm terrible. I'm so excited to get out and try the new techniques!

    tubularminatubularmina9 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks Scott, great tips. Getting ready to head out to a local course and try them all. Next time you do a video though, lets see you throw too : O )

    Dave WertDave Wert9 vuotta sitten
  • Good tips - thanks!

    Dennis BurtonDennis Burton9 vuotta sitten
  • Best basic throwing video ever. Thanks!

    Grant RostadGrant Rostad9 vuotta sitten
  • Scott is the man. I bought some sweet plastic from him at the Beaver State Fling a few weeks ago. He is a super nice dude. I told him I loved his vids and he gave me a free hat with my disc. Cheers Scott.

    Disc Golf NerdDisc Golf Nerd9 vuotta sitten
  • Great video. Answered sooooo many questions I had after trying out my first disc today. Do you have a video explaining the different disc weights, and where you'd want a lighter/heavier disc?

    ZnorpsZnorps9 vuotta sitten
  • Fantastic video, great tips, wish i'd found this sooner.

    FlyveHestFlyveHest9 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks

    23Ronne23Ronne9 vuotta sitten
  • "Nothing ever comes from being stiff" I loled

    chris binghamchris bingham9 vuotta sitten
  • This is very helpful. I am a beginner and never had any real disc training, and its embarassing when I play with friends, since they're on a league. Thank you!

    Katie SchumakerKatie Schumaker9 vuotta sitten
  • @verstehetmich So are you saying to reach forward when I am done or is that what could be causing it? I have been working more on my follow through and it seems to be helping I have also gained a bit more distance with some new discs and a tweak in my throw. Thank you for your help!

    badgerallenbadgerallen9 vuotta sitten
  • @badgerallen it sounds like you are hyper-extending your elbow when you throw. Are you reaching foward when you are done throwing? now, Im not a professional by any means, but try to keep a slight bend in your elbow throughout the throw. you will probably need to re-learn how to throw for a couple holes, but it will save you the cost of surgery down the road. try to get that under control or else you can develop tennis elbow.

    verstehetmichverstehetmich9 vuotta sitten
  • Very nice video. I just picked up the sport 2 weeks ago. Bought 5 discs so far. 3 different drivers, the buzz mid, and a putter. My hardest part myself is distance and keeping it down. This is gonna help out a lot. Thx so much.

    AJ GrillAJ Grill9 vuotta sitten
  • I don't know if I'm just a wimp or if my throw has something to do with it, but sometimes my throwing elbow gets really sore. I think it have something to do with my follow through which i have been trying to correct. Any tips?

    badgerallenbadgerallen9 vuotta sitten
  • I think that this was very helpful as well, i just ordered some Discraft beginner set so i can go out and play with my roommates.

    Quinton WatsonQuinton Watson9 vuotta sitten
  • 1 person thought this was a "ball golf" tutorial

    pappaflypappafly9 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks for all of the nice comments. I am rather shy so this is really making me blush..... As for more, yep, we will be getting more out there for you! Thanks for the request on the hyzer flip, we will try to get into that a little more in the future. Let us know if there is anything else you may have questions on and we will see what else we can do. Later!

    Scott PapaScott Papa9 vuotta sitten
  • @reyno1fan619 Whether a driver throws farther tan a putter is a bit of a trick question...it depends on how you throw it. A driver is certainly designed to throw farther but you need the skill set to make this work. As a person that is just beginning with golf discs, I would suggest starting with a stable midrange (Meteor, Comet, Buzzz SS) as these are designed also to go farther than a putter, but will be easier to control and learn with. Also, much easier to use as a putter.

    Scott PapaScott Papa9 vuotta sitten