DISC GOLF SKINS MATCH | Part 1 | McBeth, Wysocki, Sexton, McMahon

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You're watching the 2019 "Meet The Pros" Disc Golf Skins Match featuring Eagle McMahon, Ricky Wysocki, Paul McBeth, and Nate Sexton playing 24 holes at the iconic DeLaveaga DGC in Santa Cruz, CA!
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Special thanks to PDGA Hall of Famer Tom Schot and his crew for putting this event on since 2007.
FIstream Release Schedule:
Part 2: Next Friday, May 31st
Part 3: Friday, June 7th
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Part 2: Available now at www.patreon.com/jomezpro
Part 3: Next Friday, May 31st
Commentary by BigSexy www.jomezpro.com/bigsexy
Nate "Sexy" Sexton and Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling
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  • Rickys a really genuine dude. Deserves a lot more recognition

    Ron2652Ron2652Uukausi sitten
  • That chick who’s hosting is so cringe

    DrinkingTed3bearDrinkingTed3bearUukausi sitten
  • 21:04 I like Paul even more now

    Caleb SmithCaleb SmithUukausi sitten
  • Rewatching this, the greatest skins match I've seen on video

    frank bennettfrank bennettUukausi sitten
  • Should have ended it with the famous one of a kind " DOUBLE ACE"!!! highlight of the year.

    Fresh AlldayFresh AlldayUukausi sitten
  • “Skins match is very unique in disc golf”. Explains how skins match has been played for decades.

    PisgahmtsPisgahmts2 kuukautta sitten
  • Foreskins 🙊🙊

    cody sadlercody sadler2 kuukautta sitten
  • Why is this one of the greatest things I've seen?! Jomez should do like monthly skin matches.

    Liam SgroLiam Sgro2 kuukautta sitten
  • is it weird i cant throw buzzzes right. i either grip-lock it early release them.

    Sidewalk ShadowsSidewalk Shadows3 kuukautta sitten
  • Anyone else see a deer on hole 2

    Andrew IngramAndrew Ingram4 kuukautta sitten
  • The kid caddying for Ricky is adorable. What a great dude.

    Everett CorderEverett Corder4 kuukautta sitten
  • 0:37 "Each hole is worth 50 dollars per skin" what is a skin? I only have the one skin. Do I need to start collecting more?

    Thomas DershemThomas Dershem5 kuukautta sitten
  • Are we not gonna talk about the out of breath camera man?!?

    Seth RominesSeth Romines5 kuukautta sitten
  • $50 a hole is a joke. I wouldn't have wasted money on the flight out there

    Matthew HoogMatthew Hoog6 kuukautta sitten
  • Jerermy's uses mmm hmmm often to agree. 🧐 excellent

    Maximize FreedomMaximize Freedom7 kuukautta sitten
  • This is great. I bet rickys caddie had a blast.

    Stefan JohanssonStefan Johansson8 kuukautta sitten
  • The lady host is cringely and almost kills sexy Nate Sexton's cool vibe. I'm not just a misogynistic dick. A different lady would be better.

    Jordan kJordan k9 kuukautta sitten
  • Loving it!

    Silvio KrohaSilvio Kroha11 kuukautta sitten
  • If I want a very understable mid range is a discraft esp buzzz a good choice

    Jonathan DickersonJonathan DickersonVuosi sitten
  • Thank god its BigSexy commentary, I saw Avery Jenkins at the start and almost shut it off. He really is terrible.

    j mcj mcVuosi sitten
  • Man, I love watching skins matches. #RUNEVERYTHING

    MaxMaxVuosi sitten
  • This lineup is crazy!

    John KoppJohn KoppVuosi sitten
  • Im pushing 60 years young and i havebeen playing for 18 years i may enter a tournament next year love to all that shoot disc golf ❤🥏💙🥏💛🥏💚🥏

  • I like frisbees!! Thanks for the coverage all. Pick me!!

    Papa RoachPapa RoachVuosi sitten
  • Chicks in sports acting over zealous to be a commentator is mighty annoying

    Nugget DoozyNugget DoozyVuosi sitten
  • The announcer sounds like the joe rogan of disk golf

    Donovan WomackDonovan WomackVuosi sitten
  • She has the biggest dick of anyone in this video

    jjodoin05jjodoin05Vuosi sitten
  • I got a birdie for the first time the other day :)

    川元優希Nsytr0川元優希Nsytr0Vuosi sitten
  • Very sneaky Eagle editing. Right at 4:28 Eagle must have stumbled or forgotten Paul's name because the vid clips right at the moment where he says ricky, nate, and ..-paul. Lol

    Don MDon MVuosi sitten
  • i love they keep doubling up the cash......these guys deserve some cheese!!!!

    bangsdagongbangsdagongVuosi sitten
  • i caught a disc while fly fishing the clackamas river in oregon. i tried to play it. im sooo terrible hard to throw it 100 feet!! these guys are amazing!!!!

    bangsdagongbangsdagongVuosi sitten
  • These guys are all class. Especially Ricky. I’m an instant fan

    CanuckleVilleCanuckleVilleVuosi sitten
  • i'll chip in $20 if she stops making faces

    Seth GoodnightSeth GoodnightVuosi sitten
  • How is this supposed to be similiar golf cause they call a frisbee a putter ?.

    Tyronne JardimTyronne JardimVuosi sitten
  • 4:28..nice jump cut edit there

    Thomas ClevelandThomas ClevelandVuosi sitten
  • Lmao that lady is a female Michael scott. Kinda like holly then I guess

    calebd512calebd512Vuosi sitten
  • Funnest round ive watched in forever

    Curtis HodnettCurtis HodnettVuosi sitten
    • Thanks for watching!

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • Ricky being a great guy with his cady. Much love for that!

    AllnessAllnessVuosi sitten
  • The Big/Sexy commentary works SO well. never change it, Jomez Pro.

    Matthew SaxmanMatthew SaxmanVuosi sitten
  • So fun to watch!

    Keith WilsonKeith WilsonVuosi sitten
  • I didn't think I would feel this way before I started watching, but this is the most entertaining DG I've see in a long time! Love watching the best of the best try to run those 100+ footers!

    Jerry BeckerJerry BeckerVuosi sitten
  • My first pro I ever met was Avery Jenkins at Pineland Farms during a random dubs tournament and I had the privilege to play on the same card best experience of my life then we had lunch! Very humble and nice guy!

    Dominic CollinsDominic CollinsVuosi sitten
  • Anybody have a link the the Gregg barsby roller ace on hole 4??

  • This is SO much fun to watch

    ztremblay21ztremblay21Vuosi sitten
  • Why was barsby not in?

    gavin Deckergavin DeckerVuosi sitten
  • Is this changing FPS when it shows them after the shot?

    Joey CryselJoey CryselVuosi sitten
  • Cool Haus is the shit!

    Dan WurthDan WurthVuosi sitten
  • Could someone explain what a skins match is in more detail please and thank you

    Taylor DanielsTaylor DanielsVuosi sitten
    • There are a few YT vids that do a better job than we can here in the comments 👍

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • I found myself really laughing along with these folks! It’s so great!

    Bryon LittleBryon LittleVuosi sitten
  • Nice seeing these guys in loosey goosey mode!

    Disc TreksDisc TreksVuosi sitten
  • I really enjoy watching these skin matches. Hope to see more !! Genuine fun is great to watch

    Colin PickertColin PickertVuosi sitten
  • Nate should play tournaments like he playing skins!

    Space InvaderSpace InvaderVuosi sitten
  • Love the coverage!!

    Seven On EarthSeven On EarthVuosi sitten
  • Great card!

    Seven On EarthSeven On EarthVuosi sitten
  • I heard that they are thinking about changing the name of this sport to "McSocki".

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • non-dairy ice cream...what a snowflake

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • Zoe's smile would light up a room.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • 21:03 Mint chocolate chip is NOT a flavor. It's a flavor WITH a gross topping on it. Some sick bastard ruined the best flavor of ice cream, PLAIN MINT, by adding a bunch of disgusting bitter tasting dingle berries called "chocolate chips". SICK! You can buy cookie dough banana peanut butter cotton candy cream flavored ice cream, but not PLAIN MOTHERFU**ING MINT! ALL THANKS TO THAT GOD DAMN INFESTATION OF DINGLE BERRY FILTH! Does plaint mint even enter anyone's minds?! NO! Because those chocolate chips control your mind. They've convinced you that their rabid infestation of mint ice cream is normal, because their affects are mind-altering. They're the real puppet masters, and everyone is their servant. Why can't anyone see it? Why won't anyone wake up from the nightmare?

    Lon LonzinskiLon LonzinskiVuosi sitten
  • Wow! It's great seeing the guys smiling and having fun. I think that's what I like the most about these.

    Javaman92Javaman92Vuosi sitten
  • Sexy Beast looking rough with those bags under the eyes =)

    E ZE ZVuosi sitten
    • Fatherhood

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • So its friday? thought part 2 coming out???

    Brian GreenwaldBrian GreenwaldVuosi sitten
    • We're waiting for you on the other side!

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • Ricky appears very genuine, usually he plays for the win but now he seems to play for his caddy.

    Voynich75Voynich75Vuosi sitten
  • Part 2 today what time

    Poker FacePoker FaceVuosi sitten
    • 7p / 4p PST!

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • Alright Paul, good answer, Mint Chip is one of the best. Was hoping someone would say that ^^

    Van DamageVan DamageVuosi sitten
  • Are parts 2 and 3 going to be available to the public anytime soon?

    Trace KingTrace KingVuosi sitten
  • Can we please see the rest of the match...?

    Ant ConnAnt ConnVuosi sitten
  • Excellent content! Jomez always makes great videos...I'm wondering who these 50 idiots are who didn't like the video. Agreed...it's nice to see the players in a casual format, smiling.

    Derek PaitrickDerek PaitrickVuosi sitten
    • Derek Paitrick probably the non patreon members that don’t wanna wait but don’t wanna pay, but it’s all good!

      Chris GomezChris GomezVuosi sitten
  • Really cool that you’re sponsoring CBd. I work in the industry in Denver Colorado, appreciate this

    DoobiejimbobDoobiejimbobVuosi sitten
  • They should have asked why Paul still has TD announce Huntingbeach CA as his home....

    Patrick HarrityPatrick HarrityVuosi sitten
  • surprised there is not a bigger gallery

    Cathy DoeCathy DoeVuosi sitten
  • is that nikko on the cam?

    Travis MackieTravis MackieVuosi sitten
  • amazing.

    IDillon0IDillon0Vuosi sitten
  • When's part 2?

    Austin SmallAustin SmallVuosi sitten
  • Thank you Jomez

    Todd KraussTodd KraussVuosi sitten
  • I foresee a future where Disc Golf is as primetime as Ball Golf---It is far more exciting and just as attended-I was very sad to see that our local sports casts did not include such a major event as The Masters Cup. I did contact them and informed them of this injustice.

    Chandler Automotive RepairChandler Automotive RepairVuosi sitten
    • Chandler Automotive Repair Calling golf “ball golf” is an injustice. Do you ever see “ball golf clubs” for sale? “Ball golf balls”? 😂

      Ryan GutRyan GutVuosi sitten
  • Is there footage of that Barsby ace?

    j hORnj hORnVuosi sitten
  • That little caddy is stoked!

    Donovan LivingstonDonovan LivingstonVuosi sitten
  • Why is part 2 private??

    BadBoyz BasketballBadBoyz BasketballVuosi sitten
    • @JomezPro awesome, thanks!

      BadBoyz BasketballBadBoyz BasketballVuosi sitten
    • Premieres this Friday or you can watch right now on patreon.com/jomezpro

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • After attending this Skins Exhibition Match, my Wife and I plan on coming back every year. Hope to see you there Jomez.

    • We hope to be back too!! Thanks for coming out! 🤝

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • Rick out here having a blast lmao

    samxyxsamxyxVuosi sitten
  • Before tonight I had no idea this was a tradition. Let me say, I'm all for a tradition like this on an every week basis. I'm not sure if I can wait for the next 8 holes. Great job by Jomez!

    Joe StarkJoe StarkVuosi sitten
  • Part 2?! I need more of this. Very entertaining

    Patrick WPatrick WVuosi sitten
    • Available on patreon.com/jomezpro now or coming up here this Friday!

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • This...Is...Awesome! Wish I could play with the pro's in this kind of format because I would have so much fun!

    Mitch LemingMitch LemingVuosi sitten
  • very cool would love to be at one of these.

    Mike SnipesMike SnipesVuosi sitten
  • I never really understood the point of skins matches when I read about them, but now I get it and LOVE IT!

    TardyTheTurtleOGTardyTheTurtleOGVuosi sitten
  • Damn, Rick cleaning up Part 1

    DykloneDykloneVuosi sitten
  • great match, too bad part 2 is only available on patreon :/

    osoto2007osoto2007Vuosi sitten
  • I have been watching your coverage since I started playing but this video convinced me to subscribe to your Patreon. You guys help make disc golf unique and you have helped me become obsessed with the sport.

    Thomas IrelandThomas IrelandVuosi sitten
  • Hole 6, Zoe talking about foreskins (SP?)

    Derek BurnsDerek BurnsVuosi sitten
  • Oh my this is dope . COOL PRIUS!!!🤘🤘🤘

    chris burkechris burkeVuosi sitten
  • Can you guys lower the volume on that intro riff? Blows my ears out every time.

    Federico DesiletsFederico DesiletsVuosi sitten
  • So how much longer do we have to wait for part 2?

    TheWolfsofGreenStreet OriginalTheWolfsofGreenStreet OriginalVuosi sitten
    • JomezPro thank you! If only I would open up my eyes and look!!! 😂😂😂 keep up the great work y'all!

      TheWolfsofGreenStreet OriginalTheWolfsofGreenStreet OriginalVuosi sitten
    • Next Friday! The schedule is in the comments and description. Thanks for watching!

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • Awesome!

    Rinsan CrindleRinsan CrindleVuosi sitten
  • love the video, match ect. Don't like the fact that If I want to see the second part I have to be a patreon. I realize that Jomez needs support to bring us this great coverage but forcing the issue is not right in my opinion

    MATTHEW LaneMATTHEW LaneVuosi sitten
    • Part 2 will be available next Friday. The release schedule is in the description and comments. Thanks for watching!

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • 1:35 Why not make an actual disc of that shape to use for putts and upshots on steep rollaway-prone greens? To decrease rollaways.

    Danny LandrumDanny LandrumVuosi sitten
  • I like Avery live on the course, not having to carry commentary. Relaxed Avery is good Avery.

    Seth HeasleySeth HeasleyVuosi sitten
  • Are we ever going to see part 2 and 3

    Miguel RodriguezMiguel RodriguezVuosi sitten
    • Part 2 Next Friday 👍

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • welp, im gonna go golfing now

    Raumey WilsonRaumey WilsonVuosi sitten
    • Do it!

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • Y'all going to show the Portland open?? I'm waiting

    axelram5510axelram5510Vuosi sitten
    • Yup!

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • Uh where's part 2 what did I miss

    James MeltonJames MeltonVuosi sitten
    • @JomezPro ok thanks man. Good stuff

      James MeltonJames MeltonVuosi sitten
    • Part 2 will be available Next Friday!

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten