DGWT EO2016 Round 1 - Feature Card, Back 9 (McBeth, Allen, Hirsimäki, Rotmeister)

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As the official media partner of the Disc Golf World Tour, The SpinTV is bringing you the play-by-play tournament coverage from the 1st round of the European Open 2016!
Welcome to the back 9 of one of the most challenging disc golf courses in the world, The Beast in Nokia, as we follow the feature card on their first round of the European Open 2016. Our feature card was voted by the fans on Facebook and consists of Paul McBeth (USA), Catrina Allen (USA), Janne Hirsimäki (FIN) and Martin Rotmeister (EST).
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  • They should name #18 "Train Wreck".

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • Oy, what horrible luck for Janne on 14. And then he comes back with that sick drive on 15.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • No idea why a couple of them decided to throw forehand on their second shot (hole 12) Maybe there's a good reason

    Aaron SilvaAaron Silva2 vuotta sitten
  • we need commentary

    IlllIIIlllliiIiIIlllIIIlllliiIiI4 vuotta sitten
  • Hirsimaki had so many bad forehands in a row, was hard to watch

    spliffwizard420spliffwizard4204 vuotta sitten
  • What's the woman doing there?

    filoIIIfiloIII4 vuotta sitten
  • whats with cat playing with the boyz

    wheresbickiwheresbicki4 vuotta sitten
  • somebody has to get catrina a caddy. i dont think i'v ever seen her use one and thats gotta affect her game lugging around a backpack thats probably around 20% her body weight.

    TheGreenMarksmanTheGreenMarksman4 vuotta sitten
  • 2 things .. why doesn't Catrina have a caddy? Also, how many strokes does she give away from what seems like failure to concentrate on putts? Seems like every time I watch her play, she misses at least one from inside 20 ft. Just seems odd for such a great player to make the same mental mistakes that even most MA1 players seem to be able to avoid.

    David MooreDavid Moore4 vuotta sitten
  • oh catrina allen you are my disc golf crush girl.....

    Lance AllenLance Allen4 vuotta sitten
  • what does Paul do with all of his one and done outfits?

    Kyle RogersKyle Rogers4 vuotta sitten
  • Does the disc golf park ad at 34min say "sig-ning" instead of "signing"? 🤔

    WhisperRunnerWhisperRunner4 vuotta sitten
  • Whoever filmed these two videos did an excellent job! Thank you so much.

    Jesse KiefferJesse Kieffer4 vuotta sitten
  • I just want to give Katrina a hug after her bad shots :3

    c0nsci0usnessc0nsci0usness4 vuotta sitten
    • no dry humping after putts

      Lance AllenLance Allen4 vuotta sitten
  • Great efforts from everyone

    Kahuna CazaresKahuna Cazares4 vuotta sitten
  • No commentary = don't have to miss anything when I watch with the volume low anyways while my son sleeps. Thanks Spin!

    Dying2selfDailyDying2selfDaily4 vuotta sitten
    • Dying2selfDaily buy headphones then

      5,000 Subscribers With No Videos5,000 Subscribers With No VideosVuosi sitten
  • no penalty for retee on 16? how does Paul get par there?

    Ross McGlothlinRoss McGlothlin4 vuotta sitten
    • There's a buncr rule on all hazard areas of hole 16. If you throw to hazard, you'll need to re-tee from your previous lie, but there's no penalty.

      The SpinTVThe SpinTV4 vuotta sitten
    • Thats what i was wondering...shoudnt that have been a 5?

      Bobby SwainBobby Swain4 vuotta sitten
  • People, pick what you want. You can't have it all. Do you want fast uploads? Then you're not going to get commentary. You want multiple camera angles and commentary? Then you're not going to get a fast upload. There, I said it. Have y'all ever tried to edit together something to look this professional? Give these guys a break

    Bobby RecherBobby Recher4 vuotta sitten
    • not only that, a request for commentary is a compliment. we want to hear their take on the game.

      IlllIIIlllliiIiIIlllIIIlllliiIiI4 vuotta sitten
    • who cares about fast uploads? just do the commentary.

      IlllIIIlllliiIiIIlllIIIlllliiIiI4 vuotta sitten
  • Great atmosphere for DG...beautiful course

    Bobby SwainBobby Swain4 vuotta sitten
  • Check out the dude in Orange @ 35:31 .... I hope he got a Winner !

    KeenOne BestKeenOne Best4 vuotta sitten
    • hahaha I was actually browsing comments to see if anyone else picked up on that.

      Adam DeBonsAdam DeBons4 vuotta sitten
  • Paul better take some time off and get that knee fixed, you can tell it's fukn up his game, straddle putt ain't happening doode

    pittpaint dpittpaint d4 vuotta sitten
    • Buy some shorts too

      KeenOne BestKeenOne Best4 vuotta sitten
  • Rotmeister looks so much better this 9... course opened up a little and his nerves settled down. That Hirsimaki guy looks, in a good way, like a disc golf cave troll, like in the Lord of the Rings movies. He is so powerful. Hope Paul's knee holds up. Good to see Catrina...she missed a few shorties she normally makes. would like to see more FPO play on this course. it is a beast, but not stupidly long....

    revpgesqreduxrevpgesqredux4 vuotta sitten
    • @Janne Hirsimäki and congratulations on your top 10 finish in the European Open

      revpgesqreduxrevpgesqredux4 vuotta sitten
    • @Janne Hirsimäki you are a great disc golfer... and very fun to watch your powerful style. i have been playing since 1980 and seen many players...keep letting them fly! :)

      revpgesqreduxrevpgesqredux4 vuotta sitten
    • Hahah.. Thanks! :) Haven't heard that before.

      Janne HirsimäkiJanne Hirsimäki4 vuotta sitten
  • What a mess, I hope our next video has a little more competition. Great coverage though! I always hope for commentary.

    Josh PhillipsJosh Phillips4 vuotta sitten
  • Have to say that video quality is brilliant, but to be professional steaming you should at at least have: #1 2 camera angles (you used to have) #2 Commentary (you used to have) Sorry guys, you were the best but ccdg and jomez are doing lot better job than you guys. Just to name few of them. Obviously they ain't at Europe filming and I understand that you do this on short deadline. Still...

    Timo RautiainenTimo Rautiainen4 vuotta sitten
    • Daaaang. This guy...

      Dying2selfDailyDying2selfDaily4 vuotta sitten
  • Does anyone know why Paul is putting straddle like 100% of the time here?

    Brad AhrensBrad Ahrens4 vuotta sitten
    • Man, he's only 25 and he is having problems with his body

      Jesse KiefferJesse Kieffer4 vuotta sitten
    • +Brad Ahrens agreed- this is not his 'A' game

      Josh PhillipsJosh Phillips4 vuotta sitten
    • Word, thanks for the response. Just saw in the recap they mentioned the knee..I had no idea. It did seem like it was affecting his putting, sadly.

      Brad AhrensBrad Ahrens4 vuotta sitten
    • He said his normal stance was bugging his knee and overall limiting his stamina. He mentioned last week I think that he was going to practice straddle more and didnt think it would impact his game otherwise.

      Christopher LoverichChristopher Loverich4 vuotta sitten
  • Fore!

    GastoghGastogh4 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks SpinTV for the great coverage as always. Love the sportsmanship among these ambassadors!

    Andrew FergusonAndrew Ferguson4 vuotta sitten
  • That person in black on 16--moving around in the background during the putts. Tone deaf spectator moment.

    Jeromy CaballeroJeromy Caballero4 vuotta sitten
    • Where is a course Marshall when you need one ?

      KeenOne BestKeenOne Best4 vuotta sitten
  • I assume that the wind really hard to judge at hole 18 because otherwise it looked like they did really poor lines of play.

    Fredrik CarlbomFredrik Carlbom4 vuotta sitten
  • I wish the camera work was to the side of the players, not behind them. They block the view of the shot a majority of the time.

    RicRic4 vuotta sitten
    • not me i have a perfect view of catrina's booty that way

      Lance AllenLance Allen4 vuotta sitten
    • respect your preference, but i like the shot from behind so much better.. the more side view, the more dizzy and annoying it is to watch. also i have always liked the view from the thrower or from the receiver ...just beautiful flight lines... be nice to see more from-the-basket shots on shorter holes/approaches.

      revpgesqreduxrevpgesqredux4 vuotta sitten
    • Players actually truly blocked only a few drives off the tee. When you gain some experience you'll know by mid-flight if the shot is what the player wanted.

      Risto SalonenRisto Salonen4 vuotta sitten
  • Fine, I'll be that guy - Catrina looks super good in this. There. Fine. Also, she would destroy me in a game of match play disc golf.

    nataskaosnataskaos4 vuotta sitten
    • My wife was watching this with me and said, 'Good Lord. Is she wearing any underwear?' Lol

      Jarrod SchrunkJarrod Schrunk4 vuotta sitten
    • second that

      Kyle RogersKyle Rogers4 vuotta sitten
    • probably so, thats what ricky said he does, doesn't practice with one, doesn't play with one

      Tom JonesTom Jones4 vuotta sitten
    • I rarely see her with a caddy. I wonder if she just prefers not to have one.

      nataskaosnataskaos4 vuotta sitten
    • I'm trying to figure out why nobody wanted to caddy for her. It was impressive to see her lay up on 15 and still card the birdie.

      doktarrdoktarr4 vuotta sitten
  • Wow. That shot on 11.

    Ryan ColeRyan Cole4 vuotta sitten
  • how did this video get published 5 mins ago and its already in hd........

    SynapsisSynapsis4 vuotta sitten
    • it was in high demand, so i made it happen! ;)

      GramaldGramald4 vuotta sitten
  • ty ;)

    f4fdeadmeat1f4fdeadmeat14 vuotta sitten
  • this is Rickys tournament! #5inarow

    j hORnj hORn4 vuotta sitten
    • no its lizotte for the win :)

      f4fdeadmeat1f4fdeadmeat14 vuotta sitten