DGWT 2016 European Masters Final Round - Lead Card, Front 9 (Wysocki, McMahon, Nybo, McBeth)

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We're proud to bring you tournament coverage action from the 4th Disc Golf World Tour event and first open division PDGA Major of the year - The 2016 European Masters.
Eagle McMahon carded the course record in round 2, and starts the round 1 stroke back from the hot hand of Ricky Wysocki, while two veterans of these high pressure scenarios - 10x Danish Champion KJ Nybo, and the World #1 Paul McBeth are nipping at their heels.
Jamie Thomas is on the call for the final round lead card, check out what happens on the front 9 at Jarva DiscGolfPark, and come back for the epic finale - exclusively on SpinTV!
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  • That DUDE commercial closeup on the skin is just awful.

    Sue In RaleighSue In RaleighUukausi sitten
  • They couldnt afford a golf set ?

    LumberjackLumberjack4 kuukautta sitten
  • They are going to replace Järva with a graveyard i think

    Jag och min PokémonJag och min Pokémon10 kuukautta sitten
  • love the behind putting angle. wish you show which disc and what shot they are throwing everytime. really nice work!

    J SimoJ SimoVuosi sitten
  • Wonder how many people it took to get eagle's sunglasses off his face for the picture

    AlyjosAlyjos2 vuotta sitten
  • Couldn't blur the gut at 27:30?

    Mike LeimbachMike Leimbach3 vuotta sitten
  • Mcbeast move

    Niila VeteläinenNiila Veteläinen3 vuotta sitten
  • I love that you added the disc selection feature! Thank you. Can you add distance to basket on shots other than drive? That'd be a great addition Imo.

    Mike DuerrMike Duerr3 vuotta sitten
  • Narrator at 0:40 says: the three of these guys have been on the lead card on every world tour tournaments they have played so far including (wysocki, mcbeth, nybo) which is wrong because wysocki did not play in Konopiste. I dont understand what he says next about Sexton replacing wysocki in konopiste??

    Jukka NurmenniemiJukka Nurmenniemi4 vuotta sitten
    • In every DGWT event that Nybo, Wysocki, and McBeth have participated in they have made the lead card, which is factually accurate. Nybo and McBeth have made the lead card at all 4 DGWT events to date (at the time of the video), while Ricky has made it at each of the 3 events he has attended (like you pointed out, minus Konopiste). Sexton instead battled Nybo and McBeth in Konopiste, while Ricky was in Kansas. Sorry for any confusion. I probably could have phrased it a little better.

      James ThomasJames Thomas4 vuotta sitten
  • What is the background song title? Much appreciated

    WesRiddsWesRidds4 vuotta sitten
  • dude...

    Mike DieselMike Diesel4 vuotta sitten
  • A bit uncalled for "showing his inexperience"

    RatsonicRatsonic4 vuotta sitten
    • "...on this course."

      James ThomasJames Thomas4 vuotta sitten
  • love the disc tips

    Conner HeyConner Hey4 vuotta sitten
  • Great coverage, as per the usual. Love the "added feature" of their disc selection. Always interesting to see what the pros throw in certain situations and can be hard to tell if you don't know their bags too well.

    Trevor RenigerTrevor Reniger4 vuotta sitten
  • Avery, I like your commentary. Don't worry about those others. They don't like it, they can turn down their sound.

    Jorey McComasJorey McComas4 vuotta sitten
    • Yep. Different strokes for different folks. I'm delighted to have Avery transition into a media role alongside me. He has things he can improve upon, and so do I. That said, I also very much appreciate and am thankful that people like what I do and want to see me do more.

      James ThomasJames Thomas4 vuotta sitten
  • .much better hearing Jamie over Avery!

    Are FosterAre Foster4 vuotta sitten
  • Love that you occationally inform on what disc they're throwing. Would be cool if this was more consistent tho :)

    MrksgoMrksgo4 vuotta sitten
  • Thank you for the coverage!!! I really like being told what disc they are throwing. Can't wait to see the back 9.

    Jesse KiefferJesse Kieffer4 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks Jamie, and SpinTV. I very much enjoy your commentary, because you are not telling us about what we are seeing on the screen. Great coverage as always. First Class effort.

    Chris DaviesChris Davies4 vuotta sitten
    • We disagree. At least Avery knows the game.

      vJacks stacksvJacks stacks4 vuotta sitten
  • This was a very exciting front 9 but the back 9 seems to be taking forever to be posted. Frustrating.

    Tom DaviesTom Davies4 vuotta sitten
    • +Tom Davies cheers, just fyi, final round halves are released 1 day apart (partially due to commentary, partially for maximizing views), whereas earlier rounds are released altogether so you can stay current during the event...and because typically they don't have commentary so it's faster. :)

      James ThomasJames Thomas4 vuotta sitten
    • +Tom Davies cheers, just fyi, final round halves are released 1 day apart (partially due to commentary, partially for maximizing views), whereas earlier rounds are released altogether so you can stay current during the event...and because typically they don't have commentary so it's faster. :)

      James ThomasJames Thomas4 vuotta sitten
    • 2nd round posted Saturday, final round front 9 posted Monday, final round back 9 posted Tuesday. Three days of waiting altogether. Certainly not terrible, but faster would have been nice. Anyhow, a great tournament and great finish! Thanks for the coverage.

      Tom DaviesTom Davies4 vuotta sitten
    • Released 1 day apart, just like always ;)

      James ThomasJames Thomas4 vuotta sitten
  • You guys still need the equivalent of a play-by-play and a color commentator combo.

    Elle WrenElle Wren4 vuotta sitten
  • back nine..back nine...back nine...back nine lol

    Bobby SwainBobby Swain4 vuotta sitten
  • I hate to say it, but Avery's commentary is just SO SO bad...I cant even watch it. I'm happy to hear Jamie's voice on this one.

    riggs4714riggs47144 vuotta sitten
  • Refreshing not hearing Avery.

    Robert BennerRobert Benner4 vuotta sitten
    • bb3866 great yy

      ryan weststeynryan weststeyn4 vuotta sitten
    • Agreed

      mtp9214mtp92144 vuotta sitten
  • That spit through for KJ on 8 is just ridiculous. Get that man a Mach-X.

    NitronNitron4 vuotta sitten
  • Hole 8 just denying folks.

    HeyitsbaconHeyitsbacon4 vuotta sitten
    • Heyitsbacon to HB bj no ml ml

      ryan weststeynryan weststeyn4 vuotta sitten
  • where is the lead card back 9? I've been looking for it

    Ethan HobbsEthan Hobbs4 vuotta sitten
    • +o mark thanks

      Ethan HobbsEthan Hobbs4 vuotta sitten
    • I tried three times to paste the URL here but it didn't work. It's available if you keep looking.

      MOCMOC4 vuotta sitten
  • can you mute avery in the background?

    L WL W4 vuotta sitten
  • hooray commentary! Thanks Innova!

    Noah RobinsonNoah Robinson4 vuotta sitten
  • I wish Jamie did all their commentary.

    Ben LaphamBen Lapham4 vuotta sitten
    • Jamie, I see the commentary as a small piece of the presentation. Overall its a video about disc golf and so yes I'm sure more people like the video than dislike it. I've never disliked any of Spin TV's videos. I always remember to select thumbs up on every disc golf video you and everyone else puts up whether I like every part of the video or not. My point is the commentary is weak but that isn't a big enough part to make someone dislike the video. So it depends on how you figure the stats. I try to help by making suggestions to utilize silence and the noises of the game play. What you don't say can make what you do say have more impact. Does that make sense? I would be open to furthering the discussion over email. You can tell me why my suggestions aren't worth considering and I can tell you why they are. In the end all I want to do is help disc golf grow. I don't want to rag on you, I'm trying wholeheartedly to help. I'm a bit of a dick naturally so I come off like that. I really appreciate what you and the team do to bring us this footage and the best part is its FREE. Please continue covering these events.

      Ukelay13Ukelay134 vuotta sitten
    • +Ukelay13 heh, it's not that I "only listen to compliments", it's that when you post things like this there's no possible response that facilitates healthy dialogue. You think you're helping me, I think you don't know what you're talking about. I don't feel like having that dead end talk on every video we post, so I mainly just ignore posts like this. I'm not gonna argue with 2 people when 20k are watching it and so many more people like than dislike it. The stats don't align with your suggestions. all of that said, I appreciate sincerely that you care enough about the sport to speak out, and for those reasons I don't censor posts or try to shut anybody up.

      James ThomasJames Thomas4 vuotta sitten
    • Thanks for calling that out, otherwise I would have. I love this little gem "Paul missed that one by just a little bit." Wow thanks Jamie I might not have gotten that. I get the feeling conversations with this guy consist of mostly him talking. I've tried to help but he just doesn't comprehend anything but compliments. Wish we could get some guys covering the world tour events that gave a crap. Nice camera work and film editing!

      Ukelay13Ukelay134 vuotta sitten
    • Be careful what you ask for. Three solid minutes of fill the air with BS at the top. He didn't watch Spin TVs 2nd round coverage: never seen Ricky throw a roller on the mound hole? Ricky birdied it with a roller in round 2. And calling Eagle a rookie? But wait! There's more!

      vJacks stacksvJacks stacks4 vuotta sitten
    • same

      Adam CAdam C4 vuotta sitten
  • Nothing more do I want to see McBeth get back to the dominant state he can be at.

    Devin KinzlerDevin Kinzler4 vuotta sitten
    • Kaisersoze Vanni oppooikklpp

      ryan weststeynryan weststeyn4 vuotta sitten
    • +KinzyYT @ work on 12's. i have to wait til this evening. i may just rewatch the entirety of the round it was so good

      KaisersozeKaisersoze4 vuotta sitten
    • +Kaisersoze the back nine is out right now. It was quite a finish to say the least.

      Devin KinzlerDevin Kinzler4 vuotta sitten
    • +KinzyYT i cannot wait to watch the back nine....what a putting performance

      KaisersozeKaisersoze4 vuotta sitten
    • +Kaisersoze start closing out these tournament W's. He keeps getting 2nd which is outstanding of course but I know he should and can consistently win every tournament.

      Devin KinzlerDevin Kinzler4 vuotta sitten
  • on hole 6. ricky did a roller 2nd round and birdied it 17:45

    Ashton gadeAshton gade4 vuotta sitten
    • no problem just pointing it out. you gotta watch round two! it was really good.

      Ashton gadeAshton gade4 vuotta sitten
    • Thanks for the heads up - I haven't gotten a chance to sit and watch 2nd round yet :)

      James ThomasJames Thomas4 vuotta sitten
  • 23:00... This moment brought to you by Coca Cola.

    Jibbacraft TeamplaysJibbacraft Teamplays4 vuotta sitten
  • Another great video of amazing coverage of a great event with the best players around. Good stuff!! Thank you The Spin TV :)

    Eric BeichEric Beich4 vuotta sitten
  • Poor Eagle > 24:52 Maybe he will complain about these Baskets too

    KeenOne BestKeenOne Best4 vuotta sitten
  • fistream.info/work/videot/idF6q5G4n6LblXU K.J. not standing behind his disc? What's up with that?

    dereko140dereko1404 vuotta sitten
    • Look closely. He marked his lie and is standing behind it. It's in front of his right foot. He even picks the marker up ;)

      SurzXSurzX4 vuotta sitten
  • Man. Awesome stuff. What a shoot-out!

    David LuchettiDavid Luchetti4 vuotta sitten
  • I'd enjoy seeing the disc + weight for all drives and putts. Really gives insight into what the pro might be thinking for the shots and disc selection. :)

    Mitchell PyrtleMitchell Pyrtle4 vuotta sitten
  • I need part 2!

    BrettsProstateBrettsProstate4 vuotta sitten
  • Man, what a great battle!

    Cody WestCody West4 vuotta sitten
  • Love the disc callout feature, very cool!

    SimpleHummanSimpleHumman4 vuotta sitten
    • +vJacks stacks totally, SpinTV sucks. You should tell them that more often. everybody hates them.

      James ThomasJames Thomas4 vuotta sitten
    • Right. Spin it TV. Take a lack of disc call outs and make it a feature.

      vJacks stacksvJacks stacks4 vuotta sitten
  • I'm so happy you're back Jamie, missed you. :)

    MMKMatthewsMMKMatthews4 vuotta sitten
    • Yes he's got the condescending BS line that Spin TV is famous for.

      vJacks stacksvJacks stacks4 vuotta sitten
  • 100 feet out, "Well that's within ricky's range, let's see what he does with it." I lol'd, but you're not wrong.

    Jeb WatsonJeb Watson4 vuotta sitten
  • So hard to not watch until back 9 is released.. gotta be strong!

    mrlucretiamrlucretia4 vuotta sitten
    • +James Thomas wow, putting stars around a word bolds it...I learned something today!

      James ThomasJames Thomas4 vuotta sitten
    • +mrlucretia gotcha, just fyi our schedule for 2016 is to release final round halves on consecutive days. Other round halves are released same day so you can keep up with the tournament as it happens (which is also why they *usually* don't have commentary)

      James ThomasJames Thomas4 vuotta sitten
    • I believe the other majorvids from Järva came out on the same day therefore the hopes where up to get all 18 holes within the same day. Enjoyed it anyway :)

      mrlucretiamrlucretia4 vuotta sitten
    • +mrlucretia the back 9 was released one day after the front 9 just like always

      James ThomasJames Thomas4 vuotta sitten
    • +KeenOne Best this is the longest tease ever from SpinTv.. :(

      mrlucretiamrlucretia4 vuotta sitten
  • It's just incradible seeing these guys playing

    יהודה שנוולדיהודה שנוולד4 vuotta sitten
  • where is Simon?

    SimpleHummanSimpleHumman4 vuotta sitten
    • +TruthAlwaysWins ...how dare you sir🙀

      SimpleHummanSimpleHumman4 vuotta sitten
    • Nursing his injured knee

      Scott BelchakScott Belchak4 vuotta sitten
  • I really love that you started telling us what discs they are throwing. I would really like to see what everyone is throwing off the tee every hole. It would be really great if you could give us a diagram of what discs each player is taking into the round, even just a quick list would be nice to see at the beginning.

    I Love PoolI Love Pool4 vuotta sitten
    • +Henry Lembeck you could but not everyone has one yet and I'm not going to remember what everyone is carrying.

      I Love PoolI Love Pool4 vuotta sitten
    • You can always watch their in the bag vids... i know paul and eagle do that, idk about kj and ricky though

      HenryHenry4 vuotta sitten
  • Really enjoying getting to see what discs the pros are throwing! Would love to have it for every shot.

    PKkingPKking4 vuotta sitten
    • if you watch their 'in the bags' youll know. unless you mean per situational shot, which i agree also

      KaisersozeKaisersoze4 vuotta sitten
    • if you watch their 'in the bags' youll know. unless you mean per situational shot, which i agree also

      KaisersozeKaisersoze4 vuotta sitten
  • Jamie>Avery

    Jonathan HermenegildoJonathan Hermenegildo4 vuotta sitten
    • If you miss Avery that much, just crank your volume. He's always in the background. I think the editors pump in his commentary in the background to mess with us.

      Jake HarrisJake Harris4 vuotta sitten
    • +Corbin I think he is reading to fast for the prompter, the pauses are him waiting for the next line to show up

      I Love PoolI Love Pool4 vuotta sitten