DGM 117- The 2013 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge

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Featuring Day one coverage at Brandywine Creek State Park in Wilmington Delaware. Who will claim the top spot in MPO after round 2? Tune in and find out

  • If you’ve played this course, you know how ridiculous Nikko’s drive on 18 was...maybe 550

    Justin 1Justin 1Uukausi sitten
  • i second the thought about ricky doing a forehand video. he is amazing

    Scott PohlScott Pohl7 vuotta sitten
  • Nikko's attitude resembles a 10 year old child's. He's so unprofessional.

    mitch holleymitch holley7 vuotta sitten
  • Nikko foot faulted on throw after his first 360

    Phantom ChaserPhantom Chaser7 vuotta sitten
  • I wish Ricky would do a forearm tutorial video.

    Ben BBen B7 vuotta sitten
  • Didn't see the Delaware Deucer, Mike Moser, even in the highlights. What's up with that?

    jimbobbillygoatjimbobbillygoat7 vuotta sitten
  • just skip the first 17 minutes or so. your welcome.

    therealmbassytherealmbassy7 vuotta sitten
    • Thank you.

      Michael BlackMichael Black6 vuotta sitten
  • What's the distance to the rock wall?

    The DG BeatThe DG Beat7 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks for sharing your videos!

    He Said She saidHe Said She said7 vuotta sitten
  • Ricky is on fire. And Nikko is just a monster! Great show, gents!

    Chris DaviesChris Davies7 vuotta sitten
  • Just skimmed through the pdga website to find out how this all ends and to stumble across something funny. Last place in woman's open got 80$, but didn't even finish. Man, I got to get my wife into some events like these!

    Conor MontagueConor Montague7 vuotta sitten
  • nikko foot fault 27:24.

    Discgolf_724Discgolf_7247 vuotta sitten
    • Actually he plants behind the disc at release then moves the disc when he pivots on his heal to follow through.

      Ron AlbertRon Albert7 vuotta sitten
    • Yes, but so what? He made a mistake, on very uneven ground, with a bad surface. Yeah, you could warn him on it, but what player always plants their foot correctly on a power shot? Making an error in play isn't cheating, it's making a mistake, and that's why you get warnings on most infractions of the rules. And the current PDGA rules means a player can't even call HIMSELF on a foot fault!

      Chris DaviesChris Davies7 vuotta sitten
  • Yet another awesome show guys. I always look forward to watching these each month and already can't wait for the next episode :D

    Nick BlakehillNick Blakehill7 vuotta sitten
  • Can't believe the duece from Nikko on 18!!!! That 360....

    Awfulwaffle86Awfulwaffle867 vuotta sitten
  • Should've said Nikko was crushing in a 360 for 400 ft uphill shots and making birdies.

    Umesh ChaudhariUmesh Chaudhari7 vuotta sitten
  • Nikko crushing 360 with great accuracy, wow!

    Umesh ChaudhariUmesh Chaudhari7 vuotta sitten
    • this is one of my local courses. nikko was crushing 450+.

      Brian SedBrian Sed7 vuotta sitten
  • Great Job as always Guys

    1MUTANT11MUTANT17 vuotta sitten