CS:GO - G2 Esports vs. Team Liquid [Overpass] Map 2 - Final - ESL Pro League Season 9

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ESL are excited to announce the Groups for Season 9 of the Pro League, using the new format and LAN play. The new seeding system is based on the ESL World Ranking, which assigns points to teams based on their performance at events by also considering various factors of the event itself (number of teams, quality of teams, online and offline performance, and more).
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  • I knew liquid was gonna won they are insane on overpass

    CloserangeCloserange5 kuukautta sitten
  • amaNek looks like logic

    Zarif DaiyaanZarif Daiyaan6 kuukautta sitten
  • kenny s is so cocky like its kinda funny to see

    Shadow GamerShadow Gamer8 kuukautta sitten
  • G2 just sucks.....thank you

    JohnKrzJohnKrz10 kuukautta sitten
  • how do they fall without taking damage? to b bombsite

    LukeenhasLukeenhasVuosi sitten
    • if you keep close to the wall theres a little ramp avoiding fall dmg

      FredPRoduction131FredPRoduction1315 kuukautta sitten
    • Jump into water

      F TF T11 kuukautta sitten
  • This twist player check his Pc please

    Brett keaneBrett keaneVuosi sitten
  • kennyShit, france shit

    Philipp MaßenPhilipp MaßenVuosi sitten
  • bruh... this was the easiest match in csgo history...

    DaniCSDaniCSVuosi sitten
  • KennyS noob

    Lightning calmLightning calmVuosi sitten
  • honestly it’s not kennys fault it’s shox. he was going in to much

    S.I.N.S.I.N.Vuosi sitten
  • Stewie had a lot of blown oportunities on dust 2

    Antonio BatarilovićAntonio BatarilovićVuosi sitten
  • *the awp magician*

    nokotanokotaVuosi sitten
    • You mean S1mple?

      Cuong VuCuong Vu4 kuukautta sitten
  • G2 just got fucking smacked in this game jesus.

    Chris MiltonChris MiltonVuosi sitten
  • I wish kenny could restore his legacy.

    BriaormeadBriaormeadVuosi sitten
  • i was rooting for liquid but its funny that the commentators, as much as they try not to be, are super biased 😂

    Can IdemenCan IdemenVuosi sitten
    • the crowd would kill them if they weren't, I was complaining about it especially on game 1 but sometimes they just do it to please the crowd.

      Chaos KnightChaos KnightVuosi sitten
  • 1:31 - I've noticed JACKZ look down after killing people before, does anyone know why?

    Tommy MuzTommy MuzVuosi sitten
    • Old habit from 1.6 likely that has carried over into a behavior lots of pros pick up. You used to have a spray reset when you got a kill in 1.6 that people would always spray at the end of rounds.

      smackysmackyVuosi sitten
    • hes probably checking his ammo

      Kusuo SaikiKusuo SaikiVuosi sitten
  • 6:05 lol awkward fistpump fail

    Faiq PrasetyaFaiq PrasetyaVuosi sitten
  • Why is this crowd so aggressive?

    Laughing LamaLaughing LamaVuosi sitten
    • White flag

      ChaosdingChaosding5 kuukautta sitten
    • The French.

      Neck VeinNeck VeinVuosi sitten
    • Baguette crowd

      ethan carterethan carterVuosi sitten
  • wtf

    - Aesir_01 -- Aesir_01 -Vuosi sitten
  • What a play... :)

    Sinless DemonSinless DemonVuosi sitten
  • Kennys back and poof kennys gone

    mohammed samsheermohammed samsheerVuosi sitten
  • KennyS couldn’t pull himself together

    Aspect HenryAspect HenryVuosi sitten
  • kennyS LUL

    Mana Futakuchi - FanMana Futakuchi - FanVuosi sitten
  • Noob KennyS

    Chiun KuoChiun KuoVuosi sitten
    • Xizt6ix to be fair, that shit was embarrassing lmao

      ethan carterethan carterVuosi sitten
    • Lmao he calling you out KennyS 1v1

      Michele BoveroMichele BoveroVuosi sitten
    • ?

      - Aesir_01 -- Aesir_01 -Vuosi sitten
  • 0 kills from awp by kennyS....

    Святослав СоляникСвятослав СоляникVuosi sitten
    • yeah im glad he got no kill on awp. look at him, he just mocking elige hahahaha

      Jeremy AlexanderJeremy Alexander2 kuukautta sitten
  • Congrats TL

    Sealof TheLivingSealof TheLivingVuosi sitten
  • Fast upload! Nice job

    profragzprofragzVuosi sitten