Cloud9, signing Es3tag from Astralis and "C9 will win Flashpoint" | Richard Lewis Interviews HenryG

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Richard Lewis sat down with Cloud9's general manager to discuss joining Cloud9, becoming a GM in CSGO, signing Es3tag from Astralis, woxic from Mousesports and Alex from Vitality. They also dived into NA CS:GO's problems, transitioning from commentary and why C9 will win Flashpoint.
01:32 When you decided you were down with commentary?
06:17 The fear of "irrelevence" in esports.
08:48 becoming jaded and ego.
12:10 The closeness in the CSGO talent pool.
13:03 Why a manager?
19:03 Joining C9, the discussion beforehand.
23:23 NA CS Problems
24:54 The Importance of the GM role in esports
26:31 How many players did you approach that you couldn't get?
28:37 Es3tag joining, the price
32:26 Your approach to the job
37:34 Floppy staying at the team
46:48 Branding and content in CSGO
53:14 A behind the scenes documentary
55:25 The lack of side content at tournaments
1:00:16 Cloud9's Competitive debut, pulling out of the 9 to 5 tournament
1:02:34 "I think we will win Flasphoint"
1:04:22 Mehzii will be the best value signing on this team
1:09:20 Are you going to travel with the team?
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Cloud9, signing Es3tag from Astralis and "C9 will win Flashpoint" | Richard Lewis Interviews HenryG

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    • its all good! the interview still great!

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    • As a podcaster I've run into this myself once or twice, so I feel ya. Banging interview anyway. You guys put out killer content.

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  • Hmm. Henryg doing valorant would've been interesting. But I did really like ddk and sgares at first strike.

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  • C9 investing such amount of millions in that roster, is probably biggest money waste in all of sports. They will win nothing.

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  • C9 WilL wiN flAshpOinT!!!

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  • Love Henry and rich combo 《3

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  • 0-2 though

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  • Thought he'd lost his hair from the stress of managing at first

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  • Damn this didn’t age well

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  • Well this aged like milk

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  • We loved your commentary. *sad emoji*

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  • I can't wait to watch Cloud9 go at it, after watching this. Best of luck to Henry and all of the team. And Richard, thank you for the great content!

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  • Seeing how much Henry cares for this team and players really shows what an awsome person he is I really hope this will pay off soon and one day maybe they win a major and bring back the real Cloud9

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  • henry shouldve signed bubzkji

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  • With such a huge budget, you’d think cloud9 could buy HenryG a better mic. Sounds terrible

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  • I can tell HenryG is feeling the pressure from this c9 lineup he built. It's going to be a lot of hate and bad press if they start off bad. Which I don't think is justified, but on the other hand. You can't say you are going to win flashpoint and go out in groups. So there is no excuse not to at least make the playoffs here.

    Jarrod LangfordJarrod Langford2 kuukautta sitten
    • Well Cloud9 got eliminated in group stage for without winning a map. 😂

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  • I’m sorry but this is painful to watch when there’s 20 ads spread out during the duration of the video. Every 3 minutes, there’s an ad-break. Shape up Rivalry because the topics and the interview is interesting Edit; Thanks for fixing the ammount of ads.

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  • Great interview. Thank you for pointing me to Rivalry's channel Richard. Lots to watch!

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  • I really wish the players profile were to be like ropz's.And about the content created around the players , mostly BIG and Astralis are creating that type of content , but it is extremely plain and painful to watch...

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  • Es3tag is probs my favorite player someone who is good but seems underrated

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  • Good stuff from Richard as always x

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  • i fucking beg u when u do another interview MR.HenryG plz dont speak about your years as caster, we all know your story, u told it like 20 times over the past weeks on so many interviews and its getting borring as fuck, we want to hear your side as manager and how u work with c9, not what u did as caster bla bla bla it really dosnt mean shit for the rest of us to hear about random stuff

    Philip sørensenPhilip sørensen2 kuukautta sitten
  • Fair fucks to henry like. Might just tune in to cloud9 games now

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  • very nice episode, excited for C9's debut

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  • This team will struggle in tier 2 forever like just like Godsent

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  • lol @ sounds like creed, where henryG takes on the son of his opponents to mold him into a warrior

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  • comparing C9 with Man Utd probably should be revised at the moment. i know man utd have a good aura around them still but they havent been the same for like 10 years now.

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  • Very enjoyable chat :D

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  • Niko and Hunter almost coming to C9, wouldve loved to hear some more about it :D

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  • HenryG going for the G style haha. Great interview as always. Will be funny to see how "G9" will do in Flashpoint 2!

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  • Early on Henry was pretty vocal about not just picking the best available player but picking the best player for each role. So it's interesting that he is banking on training es3tag into the entry role. There is no doubting his talent but stepping in to entry and going on to win Flashpoint... that would be an accomplishment. Good story line hope it works out for them.

    uncletuftinuncletuftin2 kuukautta sitten
    • Es3tag isn’t really the mouldable one on c9 thatd be like floppy or mezzi

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  • Should have overpayed for jks js

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  • I just hope they do a big result in Flashpoint. If they dont make final at least I will be disappointed.

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  • Great interview despite the audio

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  • After watching yesterday's UCL game, I don't think Henry would be confident in calling c9 CSGO's ManUtd

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  • Really liked Henry’s talking points, excited for the future of C9.

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  • He is right, I am excited af to see Cloud9 play.

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  • Hey I am the fan of Cloud9 now, HenryG did an amazing job so far!!

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  • I think someday folks like Richard will be gone from the scene and content will all dry up and people will look back and wonder why they missed so much when it was right in front of them

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    • @dosH_ won’t happen, they’ve put too much time and effort in whilst being paid jack shit. Now they’ve got the bag they’re just gonna keep doing what they’re doing with the easy, but deserved paycheck

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    • @Bird Watcher I feel that’s in their ballpark of possibilities for the future, we can only watch and see how things unfold

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    • Yeah he bangs out a tonne of quality content. Thorin too.

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  • Comment for algorithm. Interesting Henry has also been handling the ex-players transitions as well as this team. Unreal work ethic.

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  • Is this the Richard Lewis from the good old Richard Lewis - HenryG story where Henry got pissed on?

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  • I wonder who the player was that was almost under contract before Floppy came to his senses

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    • @Faiyaz Murshed Would've been 10x better than their roster now

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    • HenryG wanted to sign hunter and NiKo, that much I know

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  • Big will win Flashpoint, not Cloud 9

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    • Woxic v XANTARES, will be hype

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