BTS (방탄소년단) 'Life Goes On' Official MV

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BTS (방탄소년단) 'Life Goes On' Official MV

Director: Jeon Jung Kook
Assistant Director: Yong Seok Choi, Jihye Yoon (Lumpens)
Photo: Nu Kim
Director of Photography: Hyunwoo Nam (GDW)
Focus Puller: Sangwoo Yun
2nd AC: Eunki Kim
3rd AC: Kyuwon Seo
Gaffer: Choi Doo Soo (DS LIGHT)
Lighting Crew: Jung Yu Jin, Kim Jun O, Lee Seong Min, Kim Sung Wook, Lee Hyunsu
Art Director: Bona Kim, Jinsil Park (MU:E)
Assistant Art Team: Yeri Kang, Minjung Kim (MU:E)
Art-team Manager: ilho Heo (MU:E)
Visual Creative: Nu Kim, Sabinne Cheon, Lee Sun Kyoung, Kim Ga Eun, Cha Yeon Hwa
Artist Management: Kim Shin Gyu, Kim Su Bin, Kim Dae Young, Park Jun Tae, An Da Sol, Ahn Jong Hun, Yun Tae Woong, Lee Seung Byeong, Lee Jung Min, Lee Hyeon Ki

Big Hit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by Big Hit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea.
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  • I'm a Indian,I don't know korean but I can feel this ,becoz language does not matter to feel a song ,this is a very refreshing song,love from India💜💜💜

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  • It has a "spring day" vibe. It's so comforting. Love it :)

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