Brutally Murdering My Family In Minecraft

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mmmmm yes interesting description

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  • You need to download radixcore mod to make comealives mod work

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  • Lynna is my sister's name

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  • What the hell

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  • Thumbnail be like: I BE COOKING THIS CHILD"

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  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • 1:49 Mans got his priorities straight.

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  • 24:17 ow wow, this is a durable baby -boffy 2021

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  • I bet people are going to make Memes of him saying if you don’t have a family you can’t abuse a family

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  • How do you find the mods of this it looks well coded?.

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  • The baby's so cuteeee... he looks just like his father

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  • I feel like youtube knows me to suggest this

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  • Who's more satanical to Minecraft? Her are your choices!!!! 1. Boffy! 2. The all powerful Graystillfuckingplays!

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  • Its kind of weird that 2.7 million people wanted to watch this man murder people brutally

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  • *sounds like ranboo* *acts like technoblade* *uses dialect similar to Wilbur* *laughs like dream* *is perfectly boffy*

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  • Can’t abuse a family without a family am I right -boffy

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  • 3:46 Stalin.

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  • do this again with a full army of sons

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  • 4:56 Fun fact Hier Was neither Tall Had blue eyes Didn’t have blonde hair And was part Jew himself

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  • either you secretly technoblade or your his alter ego from another universe

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  • Read the Title in a bOfFy voice You're welcome

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  • My volume up. When the part where he restarts and said "ThAts mY gIrlfrIend yOu b****!" E

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  • Lol, he sounds like Technoblade.

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  • 0:32 Democrats when a inncoent baby is stripped of its life before it even gets a chance at it

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  • most of that to do list was from family guy

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  • Pov: you remembered dan's Old minecraft survival series(i think) Baby named toby

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  • When I see this video, sWeEt HoMe AlAbAmA

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  • I want start a family just to kill them Boffy-2021

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  • This just awoke a hidden memory from my childhood, holy crap

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  • Bro you as old as me and you got a voice 15x deeper.... Please tell me how I’ll do anything

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  • what is this mod is called?

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  • Everybody gangsta till he kills the doom slayer's rabbit

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  • Tell me what mod this is please

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  • I do what the title says every day just not in minecraft

    Tristan does the weirdest daresTristan does the weirdest dares3 tuntia sitten
  • Make a vid about all of the vid you did while killing animals

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  • There is no way this guy is one year older than me

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  • Imagine only doing this In a game

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  • Haven’t seen a mod in forever

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  • Wow, first villager was an angry woman named Caron with a C. No wonder she was angry.

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  • *start a family and kill them.* Sounds great to me.

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  • Can I go into your sever with a ps4

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  • i just thought she was breathing through her forehead

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  • finally, quality content

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  • Boffy is dating Hitler confirmed

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  • 0:50 instead of “sanitized”, I wouldve preferred “purified”

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  • Attempt to have a child with a man -boffy

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  • Number 6 "having a child with a man" the baby ends up being a boy "well shit lets make more BABEYS"

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  • 0:29 delayed abortion

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  • 18:58 OMG I am crying of hahahah!!

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  • What's that mod ? Called

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  • Um... yes?

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  • What is this mod?

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  • Girlfriends are overrated

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  • Lol just like me I n real life.

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  • This video is so wholesome

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  • The Horrible Massacre Of The Uchia In A Nutshell:

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  • I’ve gotten this video recommended to me 5 times, so I believe it’s time to watch it. Edit: I absolutely loved it

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  • Sometimes I forget that he legally cannot drive without his parents being in the car with him.

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  • if bunny rabbits are good at running, shouldn't they be called runny babbits?

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  • hey boffy i have the perfect game for you to torture people. it's called people playground. have fun. also it's on steam

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  • Nobody: Boffy: I have some children I need to make into corpses

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  • Minecraft clickbait gone wrong.

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  • 2:03 please do

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  • "Your such a good friend" lmfaoooo r.i.p

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  • It's more like unplanned parenthood

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  • I read the title and smiled

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  • Notice the outlaw he sees in the village is named Karen. Everybody watch out, the Karen’s are taking over! There infiltrating Minecraft! There even [removed] oh god what are you doing in my r-

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  • Heres the holy water ᯾᯾𝕙𝕠𝕝𝕪 𝕨𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕣

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  • The “Mnecraft comes alive” mod is a gem at times.

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  • The man across the street: dont be scared I WANNA PLAY WITH YOU

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  • step six is just amazing

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  • I like how he downloaded this mod just to kill his kids

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  • whats this mod called?

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  • “Sanitized” *zooms in on raw beef*

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  • Allot of things have changed from 2015

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  • That is one way to have a abortion center

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  • When you dodge the coat hanger but your doctor says, grabs with coat hanger that you can’t dodge:

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  • Just watched a video I can’t un see

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  • Wait get with your child 😳 💀

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  • 26:08 “I’m officially the worlds worst father, and I couldn’t be more proud.” Sounds like he is enjoying himself

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  • We've been blessed by our lord and savior, Boffy!

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  • If this man is 15 that means he doesn’t post often because he hast to go to high school oh OK that’s cool

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  • Everyone: talking about the video Me: who noticed that he put the first 9 numbers of 100 digits of pi for the name✌️

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  • Wait...dababy burner it will make the babies scream let's gooo

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  • Dang, finally someone with a nice humour.

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  • Fun fact I’m irrelevant

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  • William Afton?!

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  • Diamond dimension memories flooding back in,

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  • Dang I remember when Boffy was at 12k subs now he’s 1.5 mil 😲

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  • How do I gat mods?

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  • this has been on me recomended since it came out, why not give it a try :after video , i wish i never watched this

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  • What mod are you using?

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  • This is what Minecraft is for, doing things you know you can’t do irl

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  • aww that sucks he’s taken

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  • I wanted the link to the mode so that I could fall in love, make them follow me, put the in a cave, have a family and attempt to eat our kids.

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  • does anyone know the mod name? lol

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  • Oh god hes technoblade but not orphans

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  • Unrealated but I got a ad of the song I've got a bone by Dan Bull

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