A different way of looking at nose angle.

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a Nose-up release is really hard to fix but thinking about it a little differently can help. Let me know what you think about this in the comments! Thanks!

  • You always have some good information... thanks for sharing this perspective...I am learning a lot from your videos keep spreading the love of disc golf

    James KamphuisJames Kamphuis4 kuukautta sitten
  • Thank you Danny. Much appreciation for the advise as always.

    Jeremy MooreJeremy Moore4 kuukautta sitten
  • I love that you found a new way of thinking about an old problem. Thank you for your insight.

    tunitcstm03tunitcstm035 kuukautta sitten
  • I am/was a shot putter and discus thrower does blocking play a role in power generation at the end of the throw?

    dubsaloon Mooredubsaloon Moore5 kuukautta sitten
  • angle of attack

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  • Great advice

    Jujitsu MajorsJujitsu Majors5 kuukautta sitten
  • Thank you so much. I was so confused before and did not understand how pros threw it that high when nose up is bad😂 keep up the good work

    Oskar HestenesOskar Hestenes11 kuukautta sitten
  • How far do you throw Danny?

    Lewy BowlingLewy BowlingVuosi sitten
  • Man I'd love to get in that discord

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  • another way to think about it, is if you can see the stamp on the top of the disc after you throw it... it is nose up. If you throw it correctly at any height or angle you should see the smallest possible profile, and you will not see the top of the disc.

    brian agnesbrian agnesVuosi sitten
  • Bell notifications on! keep the content like this coming. hard to find videos that i feel can help me take my DG game to the next level. this was an interesting thing to learn

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  • Its confusing because logically if you reach back farther down you would think it makes the disc nose up because you are following through upwards.

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  • What is danny's discord server

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  • A video on how to throw backhand with actual footage would be awesome @Danny Lindahl

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  • Danny do you have a disc gold discord?

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  • Intersting analysis. I find when I'm throwing downhill shots, I often throw nose up, and it may be in part because I'm trying to reach back high and finish low, but I don't practice it very much. I also find that I tend to yank the shot right on uphill shots even if the teepad is level.

    Chris JacksonChris JacksonVuosi sitten
  • Aw man, yer got rid of the mustachio!! I was just beginning to think you were wicked stylish. (Shouldn't take you 2 guesses why) one of my bestmates struggles with nose-up, only thing keeps him going is that he can putt circles around me. Gonna share this see if he improves with some practice drills.

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  • dope danny, keep it up

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  • Sorry Danny. My wife saw you and immediately asked "no, but seriously, how old is he?" #ripthestach

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  • As usual, a nice vid that gives me something to think about. Getting nose down for me seems to be automatic when I think about putting pressure under my thumb, kind of getting that thumb angle slightly down. When I do that, nose down isn't a problem, and as a bonus, I get more rotation speed on the disc.

    Scot RanneyScot RanneyVuosi sitten
  • Good video, Danny. I miss the 'stache days tho.

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  • Thanks, Danny! That certainly clears up my confusion on the terms.

    John HallJohn HallVuosi sitten
  • I like “differenter”.👏👏🧐

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  • The throw the disc at the ground drill, does work but it's not meant as a long term drill.

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  • Danny, how about a video on old Vs. new technique? fistream.info/work/videot/pLWgosSVa4O2umA

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  • I'm gonna try this out next time I play.

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  • The maharajah of disc golf. XLNT video.

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  • Another good one. I used to throw nose up (relative to the trajectory), on high shots and low shots until I started cocking my wrist down (like pushing down on a handshake) in my grip and through the pull. Cool to see you are doing the same through you're shots as well (I think I got that from a past video of yours?)

    Dom OshanekDom OshanekVuosi sitten
  • I can throw ~325 right now with a flat release. Every time I try to throw higher, the disc seems to stall out at ~270, no matter how much I try to get the nose down relative to trajectory. Any tips?

    lidjunglelidjungleVuosi sitten
    • Practice repeat ⚡

      Ted SellTed Sell2 kuukautta sitten
  • Great video, i am struggling with thus atm, and thanks for all the stuff you put out there, its a great help for understanding what to work with. Something i notice you are doing while throwing is lagging behind with the head rotation. is this something that is generally good to incorporate in a good power throw?

    Anton MossAnton MossVuosi sitten
  • I really enjoyed the video. Maybe you already made a video talking about flight dynamics but I would love to understand the science behind why a rhbh disc fades left and a rhfh disc fades right.

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  • today i played and just happend to try to practise nose down, just arrived home and saw your video, had to laugh a little at the coincidence. anyway, my question would be, if i need to change the grip or just on my wrist in order to get the nose angle right? or does the problem automatically fix itself once i reach back correctly as you describe in the video (could very well be as my reachback is definately too high)

    David BlüherDavid BlüherVuosi sitten
    • I would say you have to maintain 3 things to reduce or get off from nose up. 1. Grip 2. Wrist angle 3. Correct reach back and release

      Mr. WizeguyMr. WizeguyVuosi sitten
  • Its finalllly gone!!!!!! Now i can watch your videos again lmfaoo

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  • Always like your videos. TYVM. The nose angle is relative to the throwing plane AND the relative wind. An exaggerated explanation: you are on a level throwing pad at the top of a steep slope with an uphill wind. If you throw the disk level to your body the disk will soon be flying in an upwind or nose up condition relative to the wind and will balloon as expected. So two factors are primarily at play: the plane on which you release but more so, the relative wind in which the disk is flying. Putting is a great example of this. You release dead straight and level. A gust of head wind changes the lift and you sail over the basket. This is true for any accelerated shape creating pressure differences in a fluid. For disk golf that fluid is usually air. We accelerate the disk by throwing but we release in to movement through the fluid. It is the interaction of an additional factor that effects flight. That being disk design. So a release angle relative to the body or terrain, plus the design of the disk (overstable etc.), plus the movement of the air (fluid) substantially contribute to the dream of the shapes we want and the reality of the shapes we get.

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  • Always appreciate your videos and the timing on this for me is perfect. Keep up the great work!

    Scott ArtzerScott ArtzerVuosi sitten
  • Love it. Thanks! Ugh, nose up. My biggest issue throwing.

    Glenn OliveiraGlenn OliveiraVuosi sitten
  • REALLY shifting to the front leg puts you in the position to release with the "correct" nose angle. It puts your body in a position that allows your arm to release the disc with good nose angle with a lot less thinking and effort in the height of your backswing. Don't worry about anything else. SHIFT TO THE FRONT LEG FULLY BEFORE YOU MOVE YOUR ARM.

    Drake EvansDrake EvansVuosi sitten
  • Thanks for the tip, as I thought it was all in the grip.

    MrSharkphotoMrSharkphotoVuosi sitten
  • I watched this yesterday before playing after a 2 week break of not playing. It helped a lot. A consistent challenge I’m having is throwing up over about a 6 foot incline that levels out. I have either been over rotating my release or throwing nose up. I nailed it on that difficult hole yesterday thanks.

    powersv2powersv2Vuosi sitten
  • Alway great! What brand of totes are you using in the background for discs?

    Simon ShawSimon ShawVuosi sitten
  • So Danny, is not not really possible or just insanely difficult to reach back straight pull straight and release straight?

    djjolly 037djjolly 037Vuosi sitten
  • Nose down, got it.... But , can you talk more about line of drive when trying to throw a high speed driver max distance? How much of an angle should there be between max reach back and your release point on the line of drive. Low to high with nose down but can you demonstrate and discuss in more detail?

    Mario MarelliMario MarelliVuosi sitten
  • This is a question I've had within my own mind for months now and never got a chance to ask it.. thanks so much Danny, your videos are always spot on and a great help!

    Rick DerbyRick DerbyVuosi sitten
  • After thinking about it, I found this pretty useful Danny. An annoying issue that seems to sneak back in all to frequently. Thanks again keep the help 'a comin.

    Curt H.Curt H.Vuosi sitten
  • Love the videos. Hurt my lower back from bad form recently (learning how not to throw moving forward). Becoming more proficient with forehand. Any suggestions for nose down with forehand?

    Ben AndrewsBen AndrewsVuosi sitten
  • This may help understand distance lines: www.dgcoursereview.com/dgr/resources/articles/distancelines.shtml

    seabas22seabas22Vuosi sitten
  • The question is really, how do you throw high af with a nose down angle.

    BrettBrettVuosi sitten
    • Same way when you throw flat, on higher throw you just aim higher or downhill aim lower meaning reach back low to release high or down hill reach back high to release low.

      Mr. WizeguyMr. WizeguyVuosi sitten
    • @Brett newbie crap...lol.. not my words, it was Simon's when he threw some 600ft bombs for us a while back. The whole "nose down" logic is misleading, like Danny's video showed you, it's relative to the angle the disc is flying.

      Dave MunsieDave MunsieVuosi sitten
    • @Dave Munsie bro I didn't ask how to throw a hyzer flip S shot that's some newbie crap lol I want to throw high with my nose down that's how pros get distance. How long you been playing?

      BrettBrettVuosi sitten
    • You don't. The idea is to get the disc to turn over which gives it a more aerodynamic flight and ultimately you still want some stability on the disc so as it slows down it starts to fade back. Research "sky anny" throws.

      Dave MunsieDave MunsieVuosi sitten
  • Good stuff. I've been trying to level out my nose angle, but have trouble even gripping the disc with nose down. Power grip and no pinky power grip still leave the disc pointing a bit up in my hand. Can't seem to bend my wrist down that much... Is it a horrible idea to grip with middle, ring, and pinky, and put the index on top to help push the nose down?

    starwf07starwf07Vuosi sitten
    • @Danny Lindahl Thanks for the feedback. :)

      starwf07starwf07Vuosi sitten
    • Yeah getting the disc nose down in the grip isn't as important as you'd think. The three finger power grip is probably fine even if it's tilted up a little bit.

      Danny LindahlDanny LindahlVuosi sitten
  • Glad the stache is gone 😂

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    • FamBattles lol

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  • Great video Danny, gave me some awesome tips for field day. Been struggling with these exact same issues

    Kyle EngstromKyle EngstromVuosi sitten
  • I've learned more from your vids than any other. I bet it'd be fun as hell to shoot a round with you.

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  • The nose angle is much better without the stache.

    Seth HeasleySeth HeasleyVuosi sitten
    • ^^ gold

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  • 3:09 is the face I make when the teacher says there is extra credit. Great vid though Danny!

    Douglas GeibDouglas GeibVuosi sitten
  • Just got started last month and you’ve made learning the game SO much easier and less frustrating than it would have been. Thanks so much Danny!

    Tony SteinbachTony SteinbachVuosi sitten
  • Think of the nose as the leading edge of the disc...

    tigga1231tigga1231Vuosi sitten
  • I'm a total newbie, having played only for about a month seriously, and your videos have been an immense help. Up until now, I've been solely training my backhand motion, thinking that it is the most important one between it and the forehand. However, after watching your video on how to throw a forehand and taking it to the field I soon discovered that I have been a fool for only relying on my backhand until now. Using your grip I immediately started flicking midranges like the Compass about 270 feet, and with accuracy that quite honestly surprised me. Granted, I can throw a backhand farther already, and I realize that the potential it has over the forehand regarding distance is a lot bigger. But I still have a long way to go with my accuracy using my backhand, and I still struggle to keep my backhands straight and low, something which has made my home course (which consists mostly of very narrow wooded holes) painstakingly difficult to enjoy. It actually started to put me off disc golf a little, but now that I unlocked the power of the forehand (thanks to you!) I will be able to make shots on these holes that were difficult, if not impossible earlier. It will surely help me grow my confidence in my abilities and my discs, which I'm sure will translate into a reliable backhand sooner rather than later. It also almost doubled my repertoire of shots, which instantly made Disc Golf even more fun! Thanks again, and keep on being awesome! P.S : Being a quite competent golfer I absolutely love the technical challenges of disc golf, which in my mind is an equally challenging sport, having to deal with so many different factors like plastics, wind, different types of discs, different types of shots and holes etc. I'm so happy to have found this pastime :).

    SimonniceSimonniceVuosi sitten
  • I love some of the more heavily-produced content you create, but I think the conversational style works well for you here.

    Andrew SandersAndrew SandersVuosi sitten
  • That was a really unfortunate spot to stop the video

    dustmandustmanVuosi sitten
  • What do I need to do with my disc hand/wrist to help keep the nose down? Or is nose up only caused be reach back and release point?

    DDVuosi sitten
    • Flex your wrist down like you're pouring coffee and make sure the disc isn't tilted backwards in your hand. I've got a video on grip and nose down on here!

      Danny LindahlDanny LindahlVuosi sitten
  • Everytime I try to correct my form, by trying to fix my high reachback, every Shot I reach back lower goes on a hyzer angle and I get 0% of Speed on the disc...

    Obsolete DeletionObsolete DeletionVuosi sitten
    • @Danny Lindahl Moving too fast sound 100% like me... I've also tried slowing down, but this effectively kills my timing and my distance gets even worse. It's an endless cycle of bad habits

      Obsolete DeletionObsolete DeletionVuosi sitten
    • Have you tried standing up straighter as you throw? It sounds like you might have a balance issue that's causing your reachback to offset your swing. That's usually from moving too fast and leaning back as you reach back.

      Danny LindahlDanny LindahlVuosi sitten
  • Thank you for the advice, can't wait for next season as i had a shoulder surgery today

    Andreas NyströmAndreas NyströmVuosi sitten
  • This is fantastic to learn. I can't wait to get back out to the course and test this myself. Thanks Danny you give great advice

    Jonathan RoosJonathan RoosVuosi sitten
  • Never stop making videos, you’re the man.

    HvlfwaycrooKHvlfwaycrooKVuosi sitten
  • Always awesome. 😎

    John HernerJohn HernerVuosi sitten
  • I am awful with nose up! Thanks for all the help Danny!

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