2020 DISCRAFT GREAT LAKES OPEN | FINALF9 LEAD | Conrad, Wysocki, Jones, McMahon | Jomez Disc Golf

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Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO lead card's final round 3 at the 2020 Discraft Great Lakes Open (DGLO). Our coverage is brought to you by Discraft and our Patreon Supporters.
Card: James Conrad, Kevin Jones, Eagle McMahon, Ricky Wysocki
Course: Toboggan DGC | Milford, MI
Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling & Paul “Uli” Ulibarri
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  • I seen lacastro on there.

    The CynicThe Cynic10 tuntia sitten
  • This course needs out of bounds.

    The CynicThe Cynic10 tuntia sitten
  • Why would you roll it on 9. There rollers wer landing 25 yards away then going into the woods. If you can land that close then you can lay it up.

    The CynicThe Cynic10 tuntia sitten
  • The double follow flight on hole 5 shows an amazing comparison of two great lines to take.

    Two TsTwo Ts3 päivää sitten
  • Big Sexy Berry⁉️ I REALLY hope Jomez plays with the idea of the ³ of you commentating together‼️

    Jason CookJason Cook6 päivää sitten
  • That Follow Flight comparison was *chef’s kiss*

    Nastier NateNastier NateUukausi sitten
  • Kevin Jones needs better shoes.

    G TG TUukausi sitten
  • Uli and Jerm are a great team. Jomez keeps me coming back by keeping it humorous, while still giving all the respect to the sport and athletes.

    Rockin BoBokkinRockin BoBokkin2 kuukautta sitten
  • Ok so KJUSA just be falling 8:38. Here and then that ACE at MVP. I would hate to see one of those falls break something, need some better traction.

    Aaron GalvanAaron Galvan2 kuukautta sitten
  • So hole 6 why disc golf needs smaller baskets for pros. Or it gets a little gimmicky. Eagle pipes a perfect drive and gets the same score as Rick and James. Not saying their shots weren't amazing. But there is no penalty for missing drives. These guys can throw shots like no other. But if a tap-in (eagle's birdie) constantly has a make percentage as 'top putting pros' 30 footers, then you're not really rewarding the drives.

    Christian FarleyChristian Farley2 kuukautta sitten
  • Take a drink every time you hear "circle's edge"

    414pancake414pancake2 kuukautta sitten
  • Whoever disliked this can't flick a disc

    justin hicksjustin hicks2 kuukautta sitten
  • Did noone hear the sound effect on Kevin’s put for hole 3?🤣

    NorwayFlippersNorwayFlippers2 kuukautta sitten
  • Ok, my man Eagle finally looking like he's over 15yrs old

    jayfrancelfjayfrancelf3 kuukautta sitten
  • Where can I get Conrad’s floral polo?

    dsmith9690dsmith96903 kuukautta sitten
  • Ninja with important places to be. Lol

    Cory LedgerwoodCory Ledgerwood3 kuukautta sitten
  • Kevin Jones is the most uninteresting player ever.💁🏼‍♂️

    earth shaped earther • 13 years agoearth shaped earther • 13 years ago3 kuukautta sitten
  • I want to double like this, Really good commentating!

    earth shaped earther • 13 years agoearth shaped earther • 13 years ago3 kuukautta sitten
  • Eagle honestly has the potential to be the best disc golfer in history

    Falco9589Falco95893 kuukautta sitten
  • little einsteins

    frederick edgefrederick edge3 kuukautta sitten
  • 34:52 - man, even dogs love disc golf, apparently

    Graham EntwistleGraham Entwistle3 kuukautta sitten
  • I am so disillusioned about putting now. Go outside and expect to make every putt within 100 ft. Annnnnnd miss, at 20 ft

    Travis MurrantTravis Murrant3 kuukautta sitten
  • My favorite event that has been going on for a long time is the Dogwood Crosstown Classic near Raleigh, NC! It is one of the longest running PDGA events at 37 years.

    Andrew HorneAndrew Horne3 kuukautta sitten
  • Where do I get the shirt that James Conrad is wearing? It is awesome!!!

    Dean LangenhahnDean Langenhahn3 kuukautta sitten
  • Hole 4 James behind the tree. I don't understand the rule where you can move back toward the teepad as far as you want. Would that have come into effect w/ James???????

    filoIIIfiloIII3 kuukautta sitten
  • "he can't hear me" hahahah

    leibnizleibniz3 kuukautta sitten
  • Is JoMez loading videos in anything other than FIstream? I am trying to use YT less, so Patreon, LBRY, Vimeo? Something else?

    Christopher FairChristopher Fair3 kuukautta sitten
  • What in world is Ricky thinking on hole 5?? He is losing strokes to players throwing forehand.

    Jason VandeventerJason Vandeventer3 kuukautta sitten
  • Uli is terrible on the mic. Him and Jerm do not have any connection whatsoever. It’s dry humor from Uli and awkward responses from jerm.

    420sourpurps1420sourpurps13 kuukautta sitten
  • Ricky Wysocki is the Phil Mickelson of Disc Golf.

    Matthew FossumMatthew Fossum3 kuukautta sitten
  • 33:49 when the lead card boys are fixing to drop the hottest album of 2020

    Sam ClarkSam Clark3 kuukautta sitten
  • Uli just sounds like a complete jerk most of the time.

    Kyle HendersonKyle Henderson3 kuukautta sitten
  • We miss big sexy commentary 😭

    EDG Disc golfEDG Disc golf3 kuukautta sitten
  • What’s with the fake laugh of the one?? Why is someone like that even commentating?? Db

    PsykoProductionPsykoProduction3 kuukautta sitten
  • Uli might be the most relatable commentator on all these Jomez videos. He and Jerm both, really.

    Chris JacksonChris Jackson3 kuukautta sitten
  • Conrad is such a bellend with his warmups swings...😂

    lockodonislockodonis3 kuukautta sitten
  • Where is mcbeth?

    Tom BobekTom Bobek3 kuukautta sitten
  • 24:44 What's the ruling on the 1-2" Ricky's right foot moves before the disc goes in? It's not the foot behind the lie, so do we assume that he gave himself cushion?

    Tom HTom H3 kuukautta sitten
    • @Tom H I think he’s fine.

      Disc Golf BrosDisc Golf Bros3 kuukautta sitten
    • Disc Golf Bros The mini is in front of the left foot, but the right foot needs to stay behind too. It moves forward ... the question is how do we tell if it moved too much?

      Tom HTom H3 kuukautta sitten
    • He’s using a mini.

      Disc Golf BrosDisc Golf Bros3 kuukautta sitten
  • the commentary audio is very delayed in almost all of your videos

    Umesh BagleUmesh Bagle3 kuukautta sitten
  • The Trash Bag Valkyrie 🤣🤣🤣

    James StampflyJames Stampfly3 kuukautta sitten
  • Where’s McBest?...

    Steve UrkelSteve Urkel3 kuukautta sitten
  • Conrad will compete for a World Championship when he learns the forehand. You just have to have it in today’s game.

    Randall MadisonRandall Madison3 kuukautta sitten
  • lets goooooooo

    Daelin SoundDaelin Sound3 kuukautta sitten
  • sounds like germ hates this guy

    Zachary HatinaZachary Hatina3 kuukautta sitten
  • Well now I need a new video. Jerm, Uli, and Sexton's top 5 series. Each persons choice for top putter, distance player, scramble player, crazy shots, dream team, etc.

    Cody McGheeCody McGhee3 kuukautta sitten
  • syria

    sara daviessara davies3 kuukautta sitten
  • Paul is my favorite commentator hahaha this man's timing is genius

    Josef SchneiderJosef Schneider3 kuukautta sitten
  • The only place James Conrad is going is a protest.

    creativecreative3 kuukautta sitten
  • 24:43 was that not a foot fault?

    Christopher ParksChristopher Parks3 kuukautta sitten
    • As long as both feet stay behind the mini, he can do whatever he wants.

      Disc Golf BrosDisc Golf Bros3 kuukautta sitten
    • Disc Golf Bros I was talking about his right foot moving forward, and I know it’s not by much but is that considered not maintaining balance in the circle?

      Christopher ParksChristopher Parks3 kuukautta sitten
    • He was using a mini.

      Disc Golf BrosDisc Golf Bros3 kuukautta sitten
  • But it's "gif" not "jiff" 👀

    DeadMilitiaDeadMilitia3 kuukautta sitten
  • i'd say that uli commentary has grown with him displaying more comfort and confidence. good combo and awesome coverage overall

    pizza4lifepizza4life3 kuukautta sitten
  • ... He just got tackled by NOTHING... so funny!!!😂😂😂

    Peter BundgaardPeter Bundgaard3 kuukautta sitten
  • Kevin's spike hyzer approach to 5 has the best odds of not kicking down the hill, because the disc is coming down rather than still going up.

    Darryl DaughertyDarryl Daugherty3 kuukautta sitten
  • The swallowing of the water....Did not know I was going to get to watch Disc Golf and a sensory video at the same time.

    Scott FairchildScott Fairchild3 kuukautta sitten
  • kevin with the foot fault at 8:45

    Van DamageVan Damage3 kuukautta sitten
  • My favorite event is the Par Infinity All Hallows’ Heave! 33 consecutive years!

    Texas GreenTexas Green3 kuukautta sitten
  • Did anyone else hear that "Safri Duo - Played a live" beat at 36:20 lmao

    nxnsensenxnsense3 kuukautta sitten
  • Why is KJUSA mic'd up? Is he doing something special for Prodigy?

    Donovan LivingstonDonovan Livingston3 kuukautta sitten
  • I love that Ricky ran up to greet the fans in the previous round. Just don't tell the Michigan Governor or she'll have him thrown in prison.

    Evil RobotEvil Robot3 kuukautta sitten
  • Jeremy, I’m sure you are a great guy, but damn. So much ego. Give the players more credit and stop being pedantic about your fellow-commentator’s comments.

    fonjohnfonjohn3 kuukautta sitten
  • 29:14 I never see anything but praise for you in the comments, Uli. Relax

    ArbitrageArbitrage3 kuukautta sitten
  • OMG Rochester RFDO getting a shoutout! NICE! Thanks BIG JERM!

    Chris BullChris Bull3 kuukautta sitten
  • A beast*

    Dwayne CreekDwayne Creek3 kuukautta sitten
  • He's still abusive I'm not trying to hate just saying that he takes way too long

    Dwayne CreekDwayne Creek3 kuukautta sitten
    • You get 30 seconds.

      Disc Golf BrosDisc Golf Bros3 kuukautta sitten
  • Go back to every episode that James Conrad throws off the tee skipped 10 seconds and then he'll actually throw

    Dwayne CreekDwayne Creek3 kuukautta sitten
  • Why can you every time you see James Conrad skip 10 seconds and then he's throw s

    Dwayne CreekDwayne Creek3 kuukautta sitten
  • Why is the commentary a little behind suddenly?😊

    I Love Animated MoviesI Love Animated Movies3 kuukautta sitten
  • “Same stupid spot as always” had me and my wife dying 😂

    Daniel ChathamDaniel Chatham4 kuukautta sitten
  • Conrad on hole 1 just nominated himself for “Slomez” of the year.

    SurgeSurge4 kuukautta sitten
  • Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open has been around a long time.

    Dave HumesDave Humes4 kuukautta sitten
  • My ears are bleeding from big jerm saying jiff...

    Benedict John SantosBenedict John Santos4 kuukautta sitten
  • I love Big Bari Commentary, but I also love Nate! Bring is "Big Sexy Bari Commentary!" It would be much cooler if you did!

    James EvansJames Evans4 kuukautta sitten
  • Hole 6 was *phenomenal*

    NANA4 kuukautta sitten
  • 5:19 🔁 38:38 🔁 Replay buttons for a shocking catch & a shocking spitout.

    NANA4 kuukautta sitten
  • He sticks the landing! What a great 360!

    Leslie CanoLeslie Cano4 kuukautta sitten
  • What a card!

    NANA4 kuukautta sitten
  • Kevin was a kicker wasn't he?

    facemashfacemash4 kuukautta sitten
  • Great coverage! Idk if my computer was freaking out or what, but the audio for the commentary seemed to be a few seconds behind, just wanted to point it out in case no one had brought it up. Keep it up bros

    KalenKalen4 kuukautta sitten
  • got confused for a second, you guys changeed up the thumbnail format for round 3... gotta love it! Ps. I feel like its ben forever since i seen mcbeth on jomez

    FiveOhSixFiveOhSix4 kuukautta sitten
  • Come on Eagle!

    eggstueggstu4 kuukautta sitten
  • What was jerm talking about when he said “that was kinda rude” on hole 8 during the long haired guys putt.

    Jesse BenavidesJesse Benavides4 kuukautta sitten
    • jakestar77 haha, thanks! I love their commentary but that one totally went over my head. Based on his angry look to his right after I I thought maybe someone said something or made a noise during his putt

      Jesse BenavidesJesse Benavides3 kuukautta sitten
    • @jesse Benavides He was talking to the basket. 😂 For spitting out the putt!

      jakestar77jakestar774 kuukautta sitten
  • M.V.P. I think been re named 3 times.

    Leon PuzonLeon Puzon4 kuukautta sitten
  • Y'all act like you never put on the clothes your girlfriend picked out for you!!!!

    Leon PuzonLeon Puzon4 kuukautta sitten
  • Did he just call a GIF a JIF

    Dakota TurnerDakota Turner4 kuukautta sitten
  • I need that shirt James.

    Zach CartwrightZach Cartwright4 kuukautta sitten
  • How do these guys not have poison ivy all over their body???

    La QuintanaLa Quintana4 kuukautta sitten
  • Uli is such a great commentator. A great mix of comedy and professionalism.

    Scott GoPreScott GoPre4 kuukautta sitten
  • F*ck ya!!! Eagle throws a shout out to Wim Hof during his victory speech. Evolution 2020. It's about the breath dummies ; )

    Peter MobiusPeter Mobius4 kuukautta sitten
  • I dont know if youtube is having a glitch but the audio seems 2-3 seconds behind, already tried refreshing

    Hunter BinderHunter Binder4 kuukautta sitten
    • Only on some holes though, weird

      Hunter BinderHunter Binder4 kuukautta sitten
  • Love this coverage!

    Barcelona Disc GolfBarcelona Disc Golf4 kuukautta sitten
  • nick hyde memorial because of who it's for and also it's my home course. sucks they redesigned the course and then nhm became a B tier ;(

    marshie1337marshie13374 kuukautta sitten
  • why isnt McBeth playing this ?

    LowlifeLowlife4 kuukautta sitten
  • Wow Conrad slomez at 5:15

    EricEric4 kuukautta sitten
  • I love how Ricky always has a girl screaming when he makes a putt , personal cheerleader

    grimreefergrimreefer4 kuukautta sitten
  • Eagle playing air guitar at fistream.info/work/videot/qNCcstPJlYStlmA

    Ethan CosgroveEthan Cosgrove4 kuukautta sitten
  • Commentary is getting a little cringe lol

    Gohawks88Gohawks884 kuukautta sitten
  • Can we get a Trash Bag Stamped Valkyrie please?

    Stewart BowersStewart Bowers4 kuukautta sitten
  • JoMezPro, thank you for the quality content, commentary, and coverage. Fantastic!

    Graham JenningsGraham Jennings4 kuukautta sitten
  • I like Jeremy, but someone needs to talk to him until Nate gets back

    MastashakeMastashake4 kuukautta sitten
  • Its good to see Ricky kicking ass

    Brandon GizowskiBrandon Gizowski4 kuukautta sitten