2019 World Championships • Mixed Doubles • Kristin Tattar • Silver Latt • Cat Allen • Austin Hannum

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2019 World Championships Mixed Doubles
Round 2 • Full Round
Featuring: Kristin Tattar & Silver Latt, Catrina Allen & Austin Hannum
Commentary: Simon Lizotte and The Disc Golf Guy
Camera & Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Northwood Park, Morton IL
Date: Saturday, August 10, 2019
Our teams consisting of one male and one female move into the second and final round on Saturday afternoon as they are hunting down a Pro Worlds Mixed Doubles Championship title. Catrina Allen and Austin Hannum shot -10 during the modified best shot in the first round and they were matched by the Estonian Team of Kristin Tattar and Silver Latt.
Second round will also be at Northwood but it's an alternate format. Here the women will throw the tee shots from the even numbered holes while the men throw the tee shots on the odd numbered holes. Once the tee shot is thrown, they alternate the following shots with their partner until the hole is complete. You will never see a competitor throw twice in a row on the same hole is another way to remember it.
I did NOT film the first round of this event. In fact, I was not contracted to film this at all but I enjoy going out and capturing the conclusion each year which is why I was there. I hope you can enjoy some bonus footage which was released during the COVID-19 quarantine of Spring 2020. Thank you to Simon Lizotte for agreeing to join me on commentary with essentially zero notice as well.
If you wish to look at the event's FULL RESULTS you can click here:
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  • this was fun to watch

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  • Great Job Terry. I got to meet Kristin for the first time during this worlds. I was honored to get to film her near Ace. I was happy to see this footage.

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  • Great coverage!

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  • One of the most fun disc golf coverages. I so appreciate you Terry and all that you do for the world of DG.

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  • Thanks for the bonus footage!

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  • Nice

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  • Thank you for the bonus coverage Terry and for the shout out. You’re awesome!

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  • Definitely enjoyed watching a different format/take on Northwood! Even with the rough shots, they made it look fairly easy.

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  • Thx for the coverage Terry.....enoyed

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  • Thediscgolfguy gets me through another essential day at the office. Thanks!!

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    • That's what I'm here for and stay safe out there.

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  • What are these peoples ratings? They're throwing like 600 rated players.

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  • I got my first turkey ever yesterday 3/29/20 at sunset in Rocky mount NC holes 15 ,16 ,17 yayy

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    • I love it! Nice work.

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  • I love your coverage DGG you rock Hi Simon

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  • I have played nine rounds in five days in tough wood courses which are not real long but man you gotta play smart or you can get over quick Lovin some disc golf lately my games coming around I been playing for one year and I am under par almost every round now I love this game

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  • Dudes got a cannon but you need touch and finesse also in these here woods yall

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  • Terry, you are the only one that seems to cover the women the most, and I thank you for that. Great bonus coverage. I didn't even know that mixed doubles existed. Awesome. Keep up the great work.

    Jim YoungJim Young7 kuukautta sitten
  • Terry Miller digging deep and keeping the new content trickling 🧡🥏🧡 thank you so much for little doses of joy, it means mucho these days. My mom, who I am quarantining with, also really appreciates all the FPO coverage. She’s not huge into sports, so it’s an easier sell if it’s women’s sports. Be well, Terry and thanks again.

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  • Veronica and I were a couple of the only spectators at this event. We're the couple one can see at the treeline watching hole 18 teeoff shots. We followed our local pro and his partner (Rich Klein and Lydia Lyons) on round 1, then mixed it up for round 2. We got a disc signed by lots of pros, including Makoubu and his partner in Japanese! There was a storm the night before, so you can hear chainsaw running and clearing passages. Weather was high humidity but mid 70s to low 80s temp. Pretty unusual temperature for central Illinois in August, which lasted through week until Friday. Many changes were made to the course before Worlds, including abandoning Blue layout holes 1-3, and cutting new fairways for 10-15. Tee signs had just gone up within a couple weeks prior, and there were no signs on baskets pointing toward next tee. The creek thrown over on hole 12 runs along a major cliff just to the left of the fairway most of the way up to basket. The meadow/grove of holes 6-9 has many abandoned teepads from past course layouts. Hole 9 follows a banked curve of old railroad.

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  • I loved the post match inveriew! Also, the more I see of Calvin, the more I get why so many people like him. Such a personality :)

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  • Would definitely love to see more mixed doubles rounds! Thank you for the great footage!

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  • Butterfly landing on Kristins back at 00:56

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  • discgolfguy has been churning out some vids lately! great watching

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    • Time to release some bonus footage that wasn't contracted just like this piece! I'm on it man - #stayTuned

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  • Free disc please just started and loving it

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  • Very nice coverage. Nice to not see the same thing all the time.

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    • There is a beauty in seeing a serious event that's NOT just singles right? I completely agree as that's what we normally film and release but I was loving this round (aside from their struggles of course).

      thediscgolfguythediscgolfguy7 kuukautta sitten
  • 23 mins in Simon asks does the difficulty make a course a good course. I say no not exactly, it's an expert level course. What makes a course a good course is how well it's mantained, accurate signs, nice tee boxes and baskets. This course does have those things so yes it's a good course, but it's an expert course so a novice player probably won't have much fun, and I'd like to see a course difficulty as well as a "nicest" rating system put in for players so new players could find easier courses to play at so they dont go to a expert level course because it has a good rating "nicest", and well seasoned players can find more difficult courses to continue challenging themselves and further developing their skills. Phew that was a lot thanks for reading all this do you agree

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  • Cool to see mixed doubles tackle this course.

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  • excellent cinematography and commentary by you Simon im so digging this good job by the gents and ladies thank you so much

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  • He may be Silver, but that forehand is gold 👌

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    • #HeyOh - I like that one. PS - I might steal that for future commentary.

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  • Terry, I don't know you, but your content lately has been Amazing! Totally keeping me (closer to) sane in these whacky times! Simon's commentary of an unseen round was priceless! -Thanks!

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  • Best interview ever 😍

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    • Just like that, you're eligible to win. Thanks for playing along!

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  • Thanks for posting this video! Running out of disc golf to watch. Got anymore hidden gems?

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    • Umm, a ton of them in fact. #StayTuned

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  • Great coverage. Northwood is so much fun and love seeing the best in the world makes shots that are unreal!

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  • 1 hot goose 😂 nice work Terry! Thanks for the great bonus coverage!

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  • great vid

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  • Psst... Terry, fix the date of the event in the description. This was August of 2019, right?

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    • Good call. Thanks.

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  • Was this an historic match?

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  • Thank you Terry. That looked hot but fun. Stay safe.

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  • Thanks for

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    • You're

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  • New to the game and soaking up all the great disc golf content.

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  • Terry "were in January 2020!" Simon "were actually in March Terry not January"

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    • Yeah - shows how much I was out of it last night!

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  • Nice. Love the format.

    Nick VNick V7 kuukautta sitten
  • I want nothing to do with this course if it's that tough. Loved the comment, "great way to lose a friend".

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  • Awesome! Thanks Terry!

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  • Thanks Terry 👍❤️😎

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  • Great outfit Madison

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  • Thank you so much Terry. Great work as always. I hope you and your family are well. When are you going to have your daughter do the commentary?

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  • I played this format once last year at an unsanctioned tournament. Two rounds alternating shot, then a final round of best shot, all the same day. It's brutal. Alternating shot makes it so you don't get into a rhythm. Tests your ability to get along with your partner too

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  • Sad to see such four great players have a less good day! Hole 16 par 4!!!???

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    • A few struggles to get the round started, that's for sure. Let's hope they pick it up ;)

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  • Some of those putts were on point; i like it :P

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  • Simon i'm just saying....Eagle in a skirt and a wig...you guys i mean um guy and "girl" would crush lol. J/k but with eagle's side arm he could crush here.

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  • Thanks for keeping the content coming Terry! Been stuck at home for a month now with no disc golf allowed here in Colorado. Love this course too!

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  • We need a forehand tutorial from Mr. Latt. Wow! Thanks Tear-Bear!

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  • Great coverage Terry! Grats to Madison and Zach on the win.

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  • So happy to have you dropping content in this time of need! Thanks terry!

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  • Awesome course. This is world class. What other tournament coverage of this course is there?

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    • 2019 Worlds had the mixed doubles at Northwood on Saturday, then FPO Tuesday and Thursday, and MPO on Wednesday and Friday. There is only lead card FPO coverage, but 4(!) cards coverage of MPO. See Jomez, Central Coast, GK Productions, and ParSave Productions (if I'm remebering correctly). Hopefully with the course upgrade from Blue to Gold layout, Ledgestone Insurance Open will have MPO at Northwood and Eureka. Past coverage of the LIO usually has had FPO on Northwood (Morton, IL) and Sunset Hills (golf course in Pekin), but the MPO has only played at Eureka Lake temp course.

      Dwight DenzerDwight Denzer7 kuukautta sitten
  • You Go T Dogg.... great commentary partner!!!!

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  • Oh, this is a pleasant surprise. Bonus coverage!

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  • Thank you Terry for keeping us entertained

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  • So many metal hitts! The putts were so close almost every time if not in!

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  • Great video, love watching mixed doubles. Thanks for the coverage.

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  • Why are trees?

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  • Terry, Im not so worried about a disc or anything like that. I just hope that you and yours are doing well and staying sane. Hopefully we'll get to see you out at Ledgestone this year. Life's a garden, dig it!

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  • this course looks great!

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  • I love getting to see these alternate format rounds. Thanks for the great coverage, Terry. I really enjoyed you and Simon on commentary.

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  • Thank you Mr Miller. Zack and Madison would have been a blast to watch.

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  • Don't miss the line : )

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  • Great coverage and commentary!

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  • Terry wishes it was still January. Anyone else notice butterfly land on Kristin just after throwing hole 2? Being an illinois resident, this course is in my top 3 in state. Wish they mowed grass year round but that was just done prior to worlds.

    brian6speedbrian6speed8 kuukautta sitten
    • Yeah - shows how much I'm in the loop. I was thinking about re-starting it since it was such an early mistake but figured I'd just push forward. I'm allowed one mistake per month and I had to get this month's in before we get to April :) Funny - I DID notice the butterfly as well!

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  • I wish we got the opportunity to see silver play more. Dudes forehand is insane

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    • That last drive by him was insane.

      Michael Collier Jr.Michael Collier Jr.5 kuukautta sitten
    • Yeah, I'm so in love with his form. Smooth and clean.

      David PerssonDavid Persson7 kuukautta sitten
    • I mean ... if someone wants to bring me to more international events, I'd be glad to cover him more! Ok - let's get past COVID-19 first then I'm ready to travel again!

      thediscgolfguythediscgolfguy8 kuukautta sitten
  • Yeah!

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  • Awesome video Terry...This is my first mixed doubles match that I ever watched..I appreciate you and Simon doing the comms for this video.

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  • Bonus footage or not, any coverage on the other game formats is much appreciated!

    Sammy00Sammy008 kuukautta sitten
    • @thediscgolfguy Please post the putting competition. Would think that most people don't know that Worlds even has such a thing, nor what the format would be. Have heard in various commentaries that somebody had previously won the title, but not what that actually meant. So enlighten us!

      Dwight DenzerDwight Denzer7 kuukautta sitten
    • I followed ONE group of the putting competition the next day. It included Gregg Barsby, Josh Anthon and George Smith. It moves a little slow but I'm wondering if people would want to watch it if I posted it in the next few days. Also - I got most of the long throws from the distance competition which was posted a few months ago.

      thediscgolfguythediscgolfguy8 kuukautta sitten
  • Watching this with AdBlock turned off. I appreciate the coverage THAT much.

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  • The trees don't care who's throwing. They stand in the way for everybody.

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    • #SillyTrees

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  • Wow did not expect to wake up to some Kristin Tattar action today! Thank you Terry!

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    • @thediscgolfguy I think I love you!

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    • Well - as you wake up over the next month or so I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by a bunch of bonus disc golf coverage I'll be releasing!

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