2019 USDGC | R3F9 | Conrad, Gibson, Dickerson, Russell

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You're watching Disc Golf tournament coverage of Moving Day Round 3 at the 2019 United States Disc Golf Championship. Our coverage is brought to you by JomezPro Patreon Supporters and the PDGA.
James Conrad
Drew Gibson
Chris Dickerson
Alex Russell
BigSexy Commentary:
Nate "Sexy" Sexton & Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling
Winthrop Gold DGC | Rock Hill, SC
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  • You know it’s gonna be a good day when there is a quad follow flight on the first hole

    GH Disc_GolfGH Disc_GolfVuosi sitten
    • You know it's gonna be a good day when my friend and I make the background of the quadruple follow flight on the first hole.

      Theron HobbsTheron HobbsVuosi sitten
  • Im here because 2020 coverage releases two weeks after the event. Good to see spectators and no masks.

    Jack HarenJack HarenUukausi sitten
  • The production quality on Jomez is ridiculous.

    Sean LaCretaSean LaCreta4 kuukautta sitten
  • Hot take, I really dislike mozzarella city. Objectively my opinion doesn't really matter, as I'll more than likely never rise to the quality of play to compete in the USDGC. However, it just feels REALLY gimmicky, almost like it belongs on a putt putt course. Sure it simulates smaller trees around the basket, similar to those found at other course on the tour, but it feels too synthetic to me.

    Thomas MorganThomas Morgan6 kuukautta sitten
  • A quad follow flight of the the star frame putts would be fun to see, following the first set of quads from the pad. Pretty AWESOME to see actually! (maybe this could be a thing whenever a quad follow flight presents itself, followed by a quad star frame finish?)

    Cody GarnerCody Garner10 kuukautta sitten
  • I guess the only way to get my name on Jomez coverage is to be a Patreon member! Totally worth it

    Tyler BruceTyler Bruce11 kuukautta sitten
  • Great players great all around but can we discuss how he’s never eaten a Reese’s cup?!?

    Max ManheimMax Manheim11 kuukautta sitten
  • Forget the disc golfing am I to understand that Sexton has never played mortal Kombat or had a Reese's cup? Dude wtf

    DiscoMunkeyDiscoMunkeyVuosi sitten
  • Whenever I see Alex Russell play, he just looks like a random dude that wandered out to the course that day, and I love it. I don't know what it is. He certainly plays like he belongs though!

    RalefordRalefordVuosi sitten
  • "I don't even know what his arms are made of... it can't be the same stuff my arms of made of." - Nate talking about Drew's drive on hole 3 (10:57).

    krjackson3krjackson3Vuosi sitten
  • Good stuff, fellas.

    Javier RodriguezJavier RodriguezVuosi sitten
  • I like little more than to come home from work and find that I have about 6 Jomez videos to watch!! You guys rock!!

    ebblakeebblakeVuosi sitten
  • Conrad's fan...love it!!

    ebblakeebblakeVuosi sitten
  • Love the coverage wish there was mph and distance carry would be amazing

    Ray LeeRay LeeVuosi sitten
  • Watching Dickerson Hole 3: Noooooooooooooooo! Watching Dickerson Hole 4: Yeeeeeesssssss!!!!

    Michael McCormickMichael McCormickVuosi sitten
  • Quad follow flight starframe to start the day. That was awesome! Loving this channel since I’ve found it just recently. I used to play DG almost every day a few years ago. I got pretty damn good and then my job took over any and all free time I had so unfortunately I’m unable to play at all anymore. Although, watching these videos is killing me and I’m dying to get back on the course out here in City Park, New Orleans. I haven’t been to that course in awhile but there were some pretty great improvements made toward the end of my time playing. I’m sure it has become a pretty nice course for what we have to offer as far as land being available and fit for a decent course layout. Gotta get back out there.

    Matt AlexanderMatt AlexanderVuosi sitten
  • What did drew throw off the tee on hole 3??

    Kelly PerryKelly PerryVuosi sitten
  • I'll be 65 in a couple months, and I have some demands: 1. Follow flights on every throw. 2. Free disc for every Jomez video I watch. 3. Madison Walker.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • What did Drew throw from the tee on hole 3? It almost looks like an MVP disc.

    James OrrellJames OrrellVuosi sitten
    • I think he’s got a bag show vlog planned soon. Hopefully it’s still in there!

      Jay PennJay Penn7 kuukautta sitten
    • I thought so too. I wanna know what it was cuz that's my jam!

      Kelly PerryKelly PerryVuosi sitten
  • I'm sure it's not feasible, but it sure would look great if they painted the OB areas a different color. With hole 9 (three beans) there are a ton of stakes and it's hard to tell which parts are ok.

    joeyfhjoeyfhVuosi sitten
  • Closest thing is a chalant just a nonchalant

    James SegerbergJames SegerbergVuosi sitten
  • My grandmother made the meanest "bean-nutbutter cups". Cheers, grammy! Miss you. Btw, can you send me the recipe in a dream or something? I know some guys who need to try them!

    Michael BoardmanMichael BoardmanVuosi sitten
  • Nate has never played Mortal Kombat nor ate a Reese's? This man needs to get out there and live!

    Baysinger's Disc Golf ChannelBaysinger's Disc Golf ChannelVuosi sitten
    • @Kelly Perry I did! Definitely looked pink with a black rim! :o

      Baysinger's Disc Golf ChannelBaysinger's Disc Golf ChannelVuosi sitten
    • Dis u see what drew threw off hole 3s tee? Looks like our flavor

      Kelly PerryKelly PerryVuosi sitten
  • BigSexy is a great commentator duo!

    snowbjornesnowbjorneVuosi sitten
  • Champion ThunderTeebird

    12eman1212eman12Vuosi sitten
  • I live for commentary from the peerless pair: Poppa Nate & the Tall Tower.

    N. Dwight BarnetteN. Dwight BarnetteVuosi sitten
    • N. Dwight Barnette 😂😂😂😱

      Infamous gaming clipsInfamous gaming clipsVuosi sitten
  • Can we take a moment and talk about how Nate has never had a Reese's cup?

    Matthew AllenMatthew AllenVuosi sitten
  • Limestone laser is great.

    Alan ThayerAlan ThayerVuosi sitten
  • I think "He's got peanuts on his mind" is a broadcasting phrase best left aside.

    Axel McLeodAxel McLeodVuosi sitten
  • not sure how I feel about the mandatory shots. It almost feels like you are playing croquet and not disc golf.

    ScubaTal Professional House BowlerScubaTal Professional House BowlerVuosi sitten
  • Thank you!

    ryan haggertyryan haggertyVuosi sitten
  • Big Sexy with the subtle jabs at McBeth with all the « make moves » talk?

    SaturdayMorningGamerSaturdayMorningGamerVuosi sitten
  • Just excellent coverage and graphics... also, loving the commentary by Jeremy "Peanut Bean" Koling and Nate "Jelly Nut" Sexton

    BantenBantenVuosi sitten
  • Man this is addicting

    TowelieTowelieVuosi sitten
  • I’m sure that the weather was gorgeous there for the 4th round. I live in Columbia and it was in the 70’s and gorgeous here on Saturday. On a side note, all 3 rounds have been great to watch and love seeing all the players in SC, my home state!

    Paul MoneyPaul MoneyVuosi sitten
  • Alex throws a lot of bosses, because he is the boss!

    JiusoniumJiusoniumVuosi sitten
  • Jeremy: is 3x350=1000? 😂

    Juha LiljaJuha LiljaVuosi sitten
    • 25' foot comeback putt. 350+350+350= 1050. What are you missing?

      Jeremy KolingJeremy KolingVuosi sitten
    • @James Turner why put extra effort if you can throw 3x333' 😉

      Juha LiljaJuha LiljaVuosi sitten
    • @Juha Lilja You would end up 24' long and have a 24' come back putt.')

      James TurnerJames TurnerVuosi sitten
    • @Jeremy Koling Didn't you say that if you throw 3 times 350' and then your left with a 25' putt?

      Juha LiljaJuha LiljaVuosi sitten
    • 1050. The hole is 1026 I believe

      Jeremy KolingJeremy KolingVuosi sitten
  • Jomez is that pure dope

    jayrighzjayrighzVuosi sitten
  • First hole; quadruple flight lines. Y'all's commentary make me feel... ❤

    Alex PetersAlex PetersVuosi sitten
  • JOMEZ Pro is great. Great commentary, awesome coverage of tournaments. Love the new score cards. Keep up the good work

    Chad ArnoldChad ArnoldVuosi sitten
  • James Conrad, the god of putters. Jeez! Looking forward to seeing him in the final round.

    Jakub ŠenkeříkJakub ŠenkeříkVuosi sitten
  • Reese’s for the win!

    Mike MayMike MayVuosi sitten
  • Great work, as usual. Alex and this group showing lead card motivation! He's in the zone 🔥 Thanks Jomez!

    Michael BrisbaneMichael BrisbaneVuosi sitten
  • Alex russell!

    David JacksonDavid JacksonVuosi sitten
  • It's not advisable to make three bean chili with jelly beans.

    Alex LueckeAlex LueckeVuosi sitten
  • Big Sexy: You guys look so professional with your little ear-pieces in and the tablet and shiny table, and beautiful background.... stepping it up and making the DG look commercialized. Love me some JomezPro... the past present and future of disc golf

    Tyler BruceTyler BruceVuosi sitten
  • Thank you for showing proper dress and respect Drew. In my opinion we must enforce a better dress code. This is the largest event in the World. The players MUST look better.

    stretchwithstretchwithVuosi sitten
  • It's like the Innova marketing team is doing the commentary.

    Phil JohnsonPhil JohnsonVuosi sitten
  • Limestone laser !!!

    Jeff AbercrombieJeff AbercrombieVuosi sitten
  • Anyone else cringe when people say "reesees" instead of "reesis" (reeses).

    Chris SadberryChris SadberryVuosi sitten
    • Scrolled to find this comment haahaha

      Josef SchneiderJosef SchneiderVuosi sitten
  • Tomorrow we'll be seeing McBeth back on the leader board...

    DG4GDG4GVuosi sitten
  • I love the way Alex looks down his disc before throwing his forehand right to where he wants it almost every time. We need to start calling him the sidearm surgeon

    Jake EllisJake EllisVuosi sitten
  • I love this jomez coverage

    SteveSteveVuosi sitten
  • Ahhh....I've been waiting for this. Lol jomez have by far the best coverage and commentary. Great job guys!

    Ricky LeeRicky LeeVuosi sitten
  • Hole #1 Fireworks: October 4th of July!

    James SJames SVuosi sitten
  • It's cool getting to se these guys in person. The JomezPro crew is great and they work hard to give us this great coverage. Running around after every shot to make sure they have the best angle to get the next player's shot. Kudos to Jomez

    Shizaam8Shizaam8Vuosi sitten
  • Wow Alex can really throw some forehands

    kool akool aVuosi sitten
  • Anybody else realize how fast James' beard grew back?

    Mark MetzgerMark MetzgerVuosi sitten
    • I believe it grew back on the third day! 😉

      Matt McCabeMatt McCabeVuosi sitten
  • Watching Chris and James play hole 5, the way that they did, made me happy 🤓

    Joseph SchroederJoseph SchroederVuosi sitten
  • This is WAAAAAYYY moor exciting than the lead card was!!! What the heck did Russel eat for breakfast, and where can I get some???

    docv73docv73Vuosi sitten
  • Just seems odd to me that this a major Innova sponsored event, the lead card all Innova, small gallery, no Ricky and Paul show, it is still great golf, I love James, but something is not right. IMHO

    Marty SmithMarty SmithVuosi sitten
    • Ricky has Lyme disease. Paul isnt Innova anymore...

      Ryan SimpsonRyan SimpsonVuosi sitten
  • I'm loving the clips back to the booth. It's good to see the BigSexy faces to the BigSexy voices 😉

    Jacob LaFreniereJacob LaFreniereVuosi sitten
  • 23:52 Perfect par save --> Thanks to JomezPro and The Patreons

    Kasper AndersenKasper AndersenVuosi sitten
  • Can someone please make a thunder tee bird stamp ??? 😂😂😂 id buy 10 of them

    thecadencroythecadencroyVuosi sitten
  • James Conrad should just start throwing the old Gazelle discs. He looks like one every time he runs down his putts. I think Conrad will win it this year.

    Dean LisonbeeDean LisonbeeVuosi sitten
  • Just made some US Triple Bean Champion Chili.

    The FerchThe FerchVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage as always! I'm sure I'm probably in the minority, but I hate the leaderboard check in, kinda spoils the lead card coverage. I do like that it's always after hole 8, so I know to turn it down and look away lol

    Dan PowellDan PowellVuosi sitten
  • Jack is in Tekken not Mortal Combat but it's an ok mistake to make

    Jona LeeJona LeeVuosi sitten
    • @Jeremy Koling Didnt know that one, my mistake. Jack in Tekken has also robotic arms

      Jona LeeJona LeeVuosi sitten
    • Jax Briggs is from Mortal Kombat

      Jeremy KolingJeremy KolingVuosi sitten
  • So glad to see Sexton up there on the leader board!

    J. ClarkJ. ClarkVuosi sitten
  • Can I have a definition for "twener putt" - Nate Sexton might need to be added to the disc golf dictionary

    nick borionick borioVuosi sitten
  • I love this sport!

    Some HippieSome HippieVuosi sitten
  • Gimme the cheese sticks, but don’t hit the cheese sticks

    Ryan MclaughlinRyan MclaughlinVuosi sitten
  • I love the stories and comments about the discs. It's pretty special to get commentary from the players' peers.

    Ralph DenverRalph DenverVuosi sitten
  • Love the flag between Nate and Jerm. Show some pride and welcome all at the same time.

    Elijah SmithElijah SmithVuosi sitten
  • Thank you Jomez for doing this! It's amazing to be able to watch!

    Brandon KingBrandon KingVuosi sitten

    alfredo bocardoalfredo bocardoVuosi sitten
  • Wooooo Magenta!

    Yair RazinYair RazinVuosi sitten
  • Gotta love Conrad's proud putting prance

    StreetWalkingCheetahStreetWalkingCheetahVuosi sitten
  • Fine afternoon for some super stat Saturdays

    jarred marquesjarred marquesVuosi sitten
  • Sitting in the parking lot at devens disc golf in devens ma. Smoking a L watching this,before I play. My life is amazing.

    whitesmoke hidingwhitesmoke hidingVuosi sitten
  • Jax reference... 🤯

    Christopher Evan HolmquistChristopher Evan HolmquistVuosi sitten
  • Alex Russell is my hero.

    Carl MarksCarl MarksVuosi sitten
    • I know now why you said this . . . he is now my hero as well. 😀

      PutterParker33PutterParker33Vuosi sitten
  • Come on Alex! Love seeing a fellow NW Washingtonian on Jomez!! 🤘🏻

    kenny wheelerkenny wheelerVuosi sitten
  • Someone get Nate a damn reeses

    Tyler CarlinTyler CarlinVuosi sitten
  • "......metal arms." Lol. Love Big Sexy commentary!

    Ickey ShufflinIckey ShufflinVuosi sitten
  • 26:30 "James hasn't noticed the bamboo." 😂🤣 I love you it!! You guys are the best!!

    JoosuaPuuJoosuaPuuVuosi sitten
    • @OG BOBBYJOHNSON 😀 Yeah it's "I love it", "I love you guys" and "You guys are great" compressed into two sentences.

      JoosuaPuuJoosuaPuuVuosi sitten
    • JoosuaPuu I love you it?

  • Give me all the follow flights!

    Jasper CarrasqueirasJasper CarrasqueirasVuosi sitten
  • James conrad will finish -28 to win the us championship

    Devon Haag22Devon Haag22Vuosi sitten
    • Even after a bad hole at the end he played well this one I always root for him if he is in contention also 🤖🐔 (no spoilers in sports)

      hyserbombhyserbombVuosi sitten
  • James to replace mcbeth. cant wait. Dudes a savage, basically tought me my jump putt

    Jacob Harrington -CoCorKillerJacob Harrington -CoCorKillerVuosi sitten
    • James is my jump putt spirit animal as well

      JJBudinskiJJBudinskiVuosi sitten
  • Wait...Sexton has never had a Reeses Peanut Buttur Cup!?

    Theron YTheron YVuosi sitten
  • Oooo magenta!

    Jimmy KlonowskiJimmy KlonowskiVuosi sitten
  • I'm to sick to play my weekly, Sunday stableford. I'll have to watch golf instead.

    Eel HeadEel HeadVuosi sitten
  • 👍 Albert is going to win from the chase :D

    perssekyllperssekyllVuosi sitten
  • McBeth not even going to cash as hell freezes over.

    zen babaloozen babalooVuosi sitten
    • he don't need to cash, he was paid plenty to take a dive!! Discraft can't win at a Innova sponsored event, just saying!

      Marty SmithMarty SmithVuosi sitten
  • Loving the Limestone Laser callback.

    thingamarobthingamarobVuosi sitten
  • wash out the nasty spintv taste with some hot fresh jomez

    andristicandristicVuosi sitten
    • Spin TV's commentary had been great, especially with the legend Ken Climo's Bob Ross style. However, I would have preferred the course design commentary to have been in a separate video rather than interrupting the coverage. That turned an interesting subject into an annoyance.

      Jeff WellsJeff WellsVuosi sitten
  • Heck ya jomez and big sexy best coverage in the game

    Jerre MerchantJerre MerchantVuosi sitten
  • Just had to pause to say, god i miss Mortal Kombat and Tekken.

    agnehamnagnehamnVuosi sitten
  • Next level for @JomezPro would be for the hole preview flights to line the OB or hazard electronically so we can see the landing zones better! Kinda like we see the follow flights. I am always amazed by this quality coverage!!!

    Tyler DordanTyler DordanVuosi sitten
    • That would be awesome for these holes with just random sticks as OB lines. Kinda disappointed in the course creators themselves that Jomez even has to consider adding digital OB lines to make them visible. Just my opinion tho.

      Abroad In ThailandAbroad In ThailandVuosi sitten
  • 😎

    Greg mdGreg mdVuosi sitten