2019 USDGC - Lead Card Final Round, Front 9 (Conrad, McMahon, Queen, Tamm)

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You are watching an epic Final Round Lead Card coverage of the 2019 United States Disc Golf Championship on a beautiful but treacherous Winthrop Arena at Rock Hill, South Carolina!
This is the Final Round Front 9 Coverage of the Lead Card featuring:
James Conrad - instagram.com/james_conrad_iii/
Eagle McMahon - instagram.com/eagle_wmcm/
Nathan Queen - instagram.com/nqueen_68286/
Albert Tamm - instagram.com/alberttamm/

Commentary by Jamie Thomas and Ken "The Champ" Climo
Produced by The Spin TV
Made possible by Innova Discs
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  • Thank You so much for tuning in to our 2019 USDGC Lead Card Coverage

    The SpinTVThe SpinTVVuosi sitten
    • Thanks for the "Climo" change. Nice to hear knowledgeable commentary about the course, instead of avery prattling on about whatever. THANK YOU

      Kevin UptegraftKevin UptegraftVuosi sitten
    • Climo commentary is amazing!

      mscudde2mscudde2Vuosi sitten
    • We need more Climo!

      jamalydudejamalydudeVuosi sitten
    • Thank you guys so much for the coverage. Ken Climo is a true distinct gentleman. He makes it feel like we are watching golf. I think he is the best disc golf announcer yet. His partner does a great job as well

      pali dintopali dintoVuosi sitten
    • The back 9 should be fun if trainwrecks are your thing.

      zen babaloozen babalooVuosi sitten
  • I wish jomez did the lead card :(

    RandolFPVRandolFPV4 kuukautta sitten
  • jomez is so much better lol hope the get the lead card next time

    chris rymerchris rymer5 kuukautta sitten
  • Watching too learn from them for summer 2020 James is good Paul Mcbeth beast

    Karin GoodmanKarin Goodman5 kuukautta sitten
  • I think the more formal style of announcing by Ken Climo is beautiful and would serve the sport well.

    Neil RankinNeil Rankin6 kuukautta sitten
  • This is so boring

    Unusually_Large_TesticlesUnusually_Large_Testicles8 kuukautta sitten
  • Doesn’t sound anything like Bob Ross. And jomez is better. Shit, central coast is better.

    Dalton BarrettDalton Barrett8 kuukautta sitten
  • 25:29 why is there a Florida flag if it is in South Carolina?

    Darryl HDarryl H10 kuukautta sitten
  • I was at the worlds when part of the wall fell in 04. Had the privilege of playing a round during the week was very challenging as I hadn’t been playing very long then

    Chuck MorrisChuck Morris10 kuukautta sitten
  • The coverage was great, except the Duvalls speaking every round. Having them talk about an embarrassing course design like it's Maple Hill was a little too cringe. Really hoping they hear all the negative feedback and remove the gimmicky aspects like the mozzarella sticks.

    Garrett RussellGarrett Russell10 kuukautta sitten
  • Amazing to get Bob Ross to do the color commentary

    leonnights19leonnights19Vuosi sitten
  • Many KIndness to America and all it"s Goodness and Disc Goler Folk. . plays like Ground hogs day . I would guess that Ken and Jamie would want/need a break from repeating themselves for days straight. I w0uld like to hear from so many other players in the field and it seems to be a pretty narrow slice of voices who can commentate. I would like to Hear new perspectives every round I LOve 'm all just want More perspecives. after K and J give me there scoop I dont need to hear it 3 more times Love Y'all Keep Slaying it1!!

    fuzzylosophyfuzzylosophyVuosi sitten
  • Meh compared to Jomez. Wish they had the lead card last round.

    Joshua LittleJoshua LittleVuosi sitten
  • Wow.. What an interesting intro. Don't know what to say....hmmm... Interesting.. Not sure what to think.. Anybody?

    jfoster2488jfoster2488Vuosi sitten
  • That intro is fucking epic! Hahaha then Ken Climo starts talking

    I DunnoI DunnoVuosi sitten
  • End of hole 7, J.T. talking about James, "he hasnt started sliding the wrong way quite yet..."

    Elijah MartinElijah MartinVuosi sitten
  • Albert Tamm - Getting called a big strong guy by the Champ. What an honor!

    Christophe SmithChristophe SmithVuosi sitten
  • it aint jomez but i guess it will do

    CooperECooperEVuosi sitten
  • Don't be on the mic again please.

    Murt BacklinMurt BacklinVuosi sitten
  • Hole 8. Hypothetically if Nathan’s Disc would have hit Eagles Disc hard enough that it got on edge and rolled down the hill what is the rule on that?

    Michael McCormickMichael McCormickVuosi sitten
  • always use your off hand to for punchstrations.

    yojimboliferowyojimboliferowVuosi sitten
  • exciting play, great coverage, the commentary is nap worthy. Not bad but no energy...

    Jason HumphreyJason HumphreyVuosi sitten
  • I'm guessing this will be an unpopular opinion, but I think this course is crap. All gimmicks. Give me a natural course without man made barriers and natural OBs instead of simply calling things OB that there is no reason for.

    TristanandIsoltTristanandIsoltVuosi sitten
  • Great stuff! Thanks a lot!

    Some HippieSome HippieVuosi sitten
  • Ground 1 Eagle 0

    Martin RiggsMartin RiggsVuosi sitten
  • Jesus christ... i thought bob ross was dead... then I heard this commentary. WHATS UP BOB ROSS!!! You still painting homey!!!

    Cultured PunkCultured PunkVuosi sitten
  • Jomez is three times better.

    Stuart GrayStuart GrayVuosi sitten
  • Love the commentary. Can we lose the hole by hole course designer commentary after R1 though. It's getting really tedious skipping it on _every_ hole.

    Adam GainsleyAdam GainsleyVuosi sitten
    • To be clear - I really love having the course design commentary on round 1. It's just the subsequent videos where it'd be nice to skip it.

      Adam GainsleyAdam GainsleyVuosi sitten
  • Wow, breaking your hand by punching the ground is just frelling dumb.

    orion khanorion khanVuosi sitten
  • The speak is still muffled and over produced. Too bad you didn't get jomez pro to do it for ya.....

    EnoEnoVuosi sitten
  • putting andrew on the screen was a terrible decision. He exudes the unprofessional look DG gets the reputation of. My wife who only knows disc golf through coverage I watch exclaimed, "WTF is this guy' and laughed.

    Billy Jack O'TooleBilly Jack O'TooleVuosi sitten
  • Fast forwarding through the “Slowvalls” describing the holes got so annoying.

    m barnm barnVuosi sitten
  • Champ’s voice is so deep and soothing my 15 month daughter fell asleep listening to this

    Jona LeeJona LeeVuosi sitten
  • FUN FACT - If Eagle wasn't a VEGAN he would have never hurt his hand punching something soft lol. #VeganHands

    Tony MacDonaldTony MacDonaldVuosi sitten
  • Climo is doing a great impression of Gregg Barsby doing a Climo impression.

    Backhand OksanenBackhand OksanenVuosi sitten
  • Really can't get behind the "golf" type commentary. Puts me to sleep every time. Great course but the commentary could use a bit of emotion. just a bit.

    Chris HartChris HartVuosi sitten
  • Did Jomez lose the bid to show the lead card?

    magma_man007magma_man007Vuosi sitten
  • 27:51 Couldn't keep a straight face for that line, omg

    SpiderWaffleSpiderWaffleVuosi sitten
  • Bro that narrators voice got me feeling some type a way but idk what lol

    Mitch TrubiskyMitch TrubiskyVuosi sitten
  • I was so surprised by this coverage! I thought Jomez were the only ones producing quality content nowadays but I have to say this was actually more professional than even them! The commentary was refreshing and flowed great! Definitely keep fighting for these lead card spots and you’ll find yourself growing fast!

    Aaron SAaron SVuosi sitten
    • MK212074 I’ve been watching disc golf for many years. I started way back when CCDG was the only good option and loved their content for a long time. Then I moved over to JOMEZ and watched them evolve into what they are now. I said this coverage was more professional, but I wouldn’t say necessarily more enjoyable. It just has some elements that remind me of professional sports coverage. In my opinion, however, the quirky and creative aspect that JOMEZ has brought to the sport is what makes it awesome. I was just impressed with this style as well that’s all.

      Aaron SAaron SVuosi sitten
    • @MK212074 because they gave someone a compliment on the quality of their work?

      Jake IversonJake IversonVuosi sitten
    • how to know someone just started watching disc golf this year

      MK212074MK212074Vuosi sitten
    • Jomez is better bro

      Brandon MooreBrandon MooreVuosi sitten
    • Jomez still has better coverage.. but I liked some of the "follow cam" shots they did here, both are great !

      Jordan FehrJordan FehrVuosi sitten
  • Is this real?

    E SE SVuosi sitten
  • Thank you spintv! Overall, this weekend and coverage is like a second christmas, definitely better than worlds because of tradition and consistency at the same place. Also, thank you volunteers!!! Disc golf is headed in the right direction as long as course development matches the growth of the sport. Stay connected and in tune with your local parks departments people! Eventually I hope the top 100+ can make an honest living throwing the disc. Thanks again!

    Skyler SnookSkyler SnookVuosi sitten
    • Skyler Snook Thank you!

      The SpinTVThe SpinTVVuosi sitten
  • Innova: Let jomez pro do the production for the lead card. From the boring, awkward, and unenthusiastic commentary, to the stilted animations, this broadcast is a shameful example of how good talent can be left out by corporate nepotism.

    Bryan DelgadoBryan DelgadoVuosi sitten
  • Kind of a meh round. Nobody going for anything. Just safe play and not a lot of excitement. Not a fan of that bean hole at all.

    agetori77agetori77Vuosi sitten
  • Kenny is so good at announcing.

    Nasser RihanNasser RihanVuosi sitten
  • That intro 🔥🔥

    R HathR HathVuosi sitten
  • Excellent professional coverage, thanks so much!

    Drew WalterDrew WalterVuosi sitten
    • Drew Walter Thanks you for watching!

      The SpinTVThe SpinTVVuosi sitten
  • I wish you guys would update us on the chase card during the commentary. Because lead card is blowing it and I have a feeling someone from chase card is in first place through 9. It would be nice to know. You have to remember, most of us watching this coverage have no idea who won or what happened. I pretend I'm watching it live when I see these coverages on youtube.

    KT420ishKT420ishVuosi sitten
  • Here's a thought. Eat a cheeseburger every once in a while and perhaps you won't be so frail that punching grass breaks your hand.

    Ham SandwichHam SandwichVuosi sitten
  • So sick of hearing about Eagle's hand, let it go already, obviously it is affecting his play so let's not ponder on ever hole whether it's affecting his play.

    Dan PowellDan PowellVuosi sitten
  • Never up never in .. a ball golf adage? Did golf cups used to be in trees? I've never seen one that wasn't in the ground.

    vJacks stacksvJacks stacksVuosi sitten
  • Wow. This was really fantastic coverage.

    Benjamin EricBenjamin EricVuosi sitten
    • Thank You!

      The SpinTVThe SpinTVVuosi sitten
  • Wait.....Eagle really fractured his hand when he punched the ground?!? Maybe next time he'll take Champ's advice and use his non throwing hand to punch the ground.....

    Kyle KnoblauchKyle KnoblauchVuosi sitten
  • Bob Ross with the call, love to hear it!

    Tyler HenkeTyler HenkeVuosi sitten
  • Climo has a great voice for commentary, and his insight into the game is unmatched! Well done gentlemen!

    Brian ReardonBrian ReardonVuosi sitten
    • No for fault calls?

      jfoster2488jfoster2488Vuosi sitten
  • is this Bob Ross or Ken Climo?

    david beckerdavid beckerVuosi sitten
  • Wow spin tv really stepped it up. Thank you guys for making my weekend and for bringing one of the best coverages of disc golf out there. You guys and JOMEZ PRO really have this sport dialed in on know how to draw people in. Thanks again cant wait to watch the rest of the first round then off to watch #2. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

    disc crusherdisc crusherVuosi sitten
    • @The SpinTV i cant say enough good things about what great disc golf coverage you guys always bring. Every year it gets better and better. Thanks again.

      disc crusherdisc crusherVuosi sitten
    • disc crusher Thank you for your kind words 🙏

      The SpinTVThe SpinTVVuosi sitten
  • why did the champ whisper on hole 5? great coverage though!

    CanadianMagicCanadianMagicVuosi sitten
  • Horrible commentary, not the masters

    Michael DMichael DVuosi sitten
  • Apparently, the glasses didn't make Eagle any smarter.

    Joe VegasJoe VegasVuosi sitten
    • ? He needs glasses he's not wearing them for show......

      Kyle StoevsandKyle StoevsandVuosi sitten
  • So good to see Albert Tamm on the lead card, final day. Thanks a lot, SpinTV!

    Chris DaviesChris DaviesVuosi sitten
  • The intro is so epic!

    Joey MankoskiJoey MankoskiVuosi sitten
    • Joey Mankoski Thank you! We wanted to hype this round up 🙌🏼

      The SpinTVThe SpinTVVuosi sitten
  • Hole 3’s an awesome idea. But it’s a little too much. No one played it aggressively all week. Maybe if it was later in the round. But 3 holes in, no one’s trying that. They need to make either it a par 3, and just eliminate the first shot. A 350-400 foot left-to-right shot through those trees would get some action. Or eliminate the mando, move the basket a few feet and make the whole golf green a hazard (and the bunker OB?) a 750 foot par 4 with OB that tight to the basket would be awesome.

    Matt SnyderMatt SnyderVuosi sitten
  • Jump to the start 3:35

    Derrick JeffressDerrick JeffressVuosi sitten
  • SpinTV 13:07 "Eagle injured his hand during round 3. He is playing with a fractured hand, and limited shot options." Little bit of white washing history there. Eagle punched the ground during round 3. Most sports the player would loose their sponsorship immediately over that shenanigan.

    Benjamin LeBlancBenjamin LeBlancVuosi sitten
    • @Buccaneers9755 has eagle done "a bunch of shit".... what's ur point?

      Kyle StoevsandKyle StoevsandVuosi sitten
    • Yep, that's what did Antonio Brown in. All the crap he did stacked up, but when he punched the ground and broke his pinky THAT'S when teams said "enough!"

      Buccaneers9755Buccaneers9755Vuosi sitten
    • Yeah wtf are u talking about... yeah discmania let eagle go a top three player in the game.... good idea man.. you r very smart.

      Kyle StoevsandKyle StoevsandVuosi sitten
    • Benjamin LeBlanc “would lose their sponsorship immediately” What planet do you live on?

      Matt SnyderMatt SnyderVuosi sitten
  • The coverage itself isn’t bad but the color correction was horrible. James’ shirt changed colors multiple times every hole. Your blue levels fluctuated way too many times.

    Seth YeanoplosSeth YeanoplosVuosi sitten
  • Would much rather have the course overview as a separate video than interleaved with the tournament coverage.

    Alex LueckeAlex LueckeVuosi sitten
  • he actually hurt his hand? lol

    Justin RJustin RVuosi sitten
  • This camera work and the way they film the player reaction is such a subtle thing but makes it feel like you are right there with the players.

    Patrick MackeyPatrick MackeyVuosi sitten
  • Can't watch because the rewind, ff, and pause buttons will not remove themselves from YT screen. Samsung Android device.... 1st time ever having this issue on this device while watching YT videos

    backyardstrummerbackyardstrummerVuosi sitten
    • backyardstrummer sounds like a you problem

      Matt SnyderMatt SnyderVuosi sitten
  • Va in the building, Conrad is THE man!

    wayfast27wayfast27Vuosi sitten
  • Great round, good coverage. Def not big sexy tho

    shaw weenshaw weenVuosi sitten
  • Love KC's vocab. When was the last time you heard the word dastardly used in a sentence?

    Matthew BarberMatthew BarberVuosi sitten
    • I've heard a word that rhymes with it quite often

      Last firstLast firstVuosi sitten
  • Nathan Queen vs. Tyler Labine?

    DamienDamienVuosi sitten
  • What happened to Eagles hand?

    LordThreeLordThreeVuosi sitten
    • Matthew Owen ok I saw that.... it didn’t look hard enough to break a pinky. I guess it’s because he’s a vegan.

      LordThreeLordThreeVuosi sitten
    • Punched the ground (hard) after a missed putt on 16 in round 3...

      Matthew OwenMatthew OwenVuosi sitten
  • I didn't know Leonard Cohen is alive and casted disc golf

    DFF wormiDFF wormiVuosi sitten
  • Too many ads, sorry

    David MadlDavid MadlVuosi sitten
  • Epic intro, keep up the good work!

    ODBODBVuosi sitten
  • Love the coverage, but the golf announcer voice stuff needs to go.

    Seth HeasleySeth HeasleyVuosi sitten
  • Who narrated that intro tho?! Optimus prime? Love it! 😂

    Austin ZambranoAustin ZambranoVuosi sitten
    • Sounded like a hired gun. There are voiceover websites where you send scripts and they send back a voice over recording

      Ryan VanderburgRyan VanderburgVuosi sitten
    • Austin Zambrano | i know right 😂😂😂

      Brian McNayBrian McNayVuosi sitten
  • The static noise in the audio makes this almost unwatchable.

    Alex CaslerAlex CaslerVuosi sitten
  • Iron Leaf!

    vanavolga11vanavolga11Vuosi sitten
  • Let's get it!

    JordyJordyVuosi sitten
  • I’m new to disc golf. Who is the commentator that talks like Bob Ross? I’m just waiting for him to say, “happy little trees...”

    Paul PPaul PVuosi sitten
    • That's 12-time world champion Ken Climo

      fproskfproskVuosi sitten
  • simon did get to the hole 5 basket in 2 air shots.

    wacky295wacky295Vuosi sitten
  • Anyone else think Climo sounds like Bob Ross?

    John DornJohn DornVuosi sitten
  • sounds like Jamie has gotten a lot more comfortable doing commentary. Sounds more natural and not forced. Great production improvements as well. Bravo spinTV.

    Eric BurgmeierEric BurgmeierVuosi sitten
  • Eagle that is the dumbest shit ive ever seen. You need to keep your head cool. Youre my fav but you have anger issues to sort out. You still have manymanymany years of disc golf ahead of you. You have enough skill to be a champ. Its in your head.

    MazaMazaVuosi sitten
  • Ken Climo should start doing audio books. I really enjoyed his commentary; His knowledge of the sport is just on another level compared to everyone else. On a previous video, he mentioned that someone should have pitched up with the putter upside down on 18. I can see how he won so many championships with that level of shot selection.

    Russell EmersonRussell EmersonVuosi sitten
  • Where is Jomezpro?!!

    Dylan TrenumDylan TrenumVuosi sitten
  • Andrew, certainly has a face for radio. The obese Grizzly Adams look is like the millennials signature. Seriously consider salad.🙄

    Pot DragonPot DragonVuosi sitten
    • Lol why don't u post a photo of yourself on the Internet for us all to make fun of? Who cares how he looks? I'm confused

      Kyle StoevsandKyle StoevsandVuosi sitten
    • Pot Dragon who tf is andrew

      jamalydudejamalydudeVuosi sitten
  • My feedback on the commentators: very american, both with very deep bass in their voice and a certain level of steady slow rhythm in their commentating. Reminds me of baseball commentators. I bet americans are very accustumed to this kind of commentating, but to me, it is very sleepy and boring. It would be more interesting to listen to commentators with a higher emphasis on the emotions of the competition, and with more insights to players strategies, rather than "empty" speech about the course or players histories. Just my two cents, hopefully I can give you my perspective.

    L kL kVuosi sitten
  • 19:51 high quality filming

    andristicandristicVuosi sitten
  • Watched this on mute because of the annoying static and commentator thats not Ken.

    David ThomasDavid ThomasVuosi sitten
  • Nice to see Ellen made the lead card.

    Brian HBrian HVuosi sitten
  • With respect & thanks for the coverage, a lot could be learned by emulating Jomez's coverage. Too much padding, too much wasted time off the top. Get to the competition, enough with the dramatic music & review of last year. Get to it.

    Pete MillsPete MillsVuosi sitten
    • “everything but the Jomez model sucks”

      MK212074MK212074Vuosi sitten
    • Pete Mills with respect and thanks for your opinion, watch literally any other televised sport and you’ll understand why what they’re doing is significant.

      Matt SnyderMatt SnyderVuosi sitten
  • Oh Jess. Boxer fracture from hitting the grassy ground👀

    KimballVisionKimballVisionVuosi sitten
    • For sure. At least he used his elbow in, I believe Portland.

      KimballVisionKimballVisionVuosi sitten
    • Lots of clay down there. Makes for a really hard ground you expect.

      Shiza ChicoShiza ChicoVuosi sitten
  • Climo is the best announcer. I feel like I am watching golf when he comments

    pali dintopali dintoVuosi sitten
    • ASMR

      MastashakeMastashakeVuosi sitten
    • The sniffs are irritating.

      vJacks stacksvJacks stacksVuosi sitten
    • The Champ was one of the first to play the game as he were playing ball golf professionally, not just tossing around frisbees for fun.

      Stephen DanielsStephen DanielsVuosi sitten
    • It’s almost like you’re watching golf

      JesterianJesterianVuosi sitten
  • Yalls tournament coverage has been EXCELLENT! Very professional and very well edited and I love the commentary with the Champ, a champ of all things. Great job Spin!

    Dustin EggersDustin EggersVuosi sitten
  • Good for the sport to have more intentional players at the top of tournaments that are located in the states.

    • GUNSHYKILLER you mean international? Lol

      TheRcManiac77TheRcManiac777 kuukautta sitten